65 thoughts on “BBC Planespotting Live (yes, really)

  1. Fuck that, try ‘Dinghy Spotting Live’, on the spectrum anoraks can line up on the Kent coast and report the latest enrichers on their way to Blighty.

    • “…and welcome.to the 4.15 Dinghy-spotting from the BBC, Live from Folkestone.

      We see Abdul & chums in the Algerian team are clearly in the lead but are being heavily challenged by G’Dooga and chums on a raft only meant to take four people for the Nigerian team. It looks like Abdul is going to make it first ….but wait….what’s this….? it’s a late entry from Farshid and the Iranian team on a piece of plastic and they’ve already passed the Ukrainians on surfboards and Albanians on jet skis. The Kurds have slipped back and….this is incredible, Farshid is neck and neck with G’dooga. It looks like they’re going for first place but…what’s this…Abdul is throwing his brand new trainers at Farshid. It’s neck and neck….it could be a photo finish…. aaaaand it’s all over. Let’s have a look at the results.

      Yes, we can confirm that they’re ALL fucking Benefit winners.

      Join us next week for EU President bingo.

      • You’ve missed your calling in life Captain. You would be a natural replacement for John McCrirrick or Gary Vinegar if you fancy a 2 million a year salary.
        It could all lead to being Jurgen Klopp’s eventual replacement.

      • You’re kindness itself, Blunty. What a piece of cake Gary Linecunt’s job would be.

  2. A shit waste of time. I watched 3 minutes of it the other evening. In that time I saw an Peter Snow, an ethnic and someone in a wheelchair. The ethnic was pleasant enough but a total retard. The guy in the wheelchair said nothing of any interest. Snow rambled and waved his arms. PC credentials were established. Some aeroplanes landed. Fuck off.

    • I saw a bit of this by accident yesterday. Peter Snow looking like he’d forgot his way to the day centre,that shifty twat Andi Peters and a person that looked like Arthur Mullard in drag. I called the other half in to have a look and he said “fuck me,talk about the Ugly Bug Ball!”

  3. Would have been better with more knowledgeable presenters. Should have resurrected Raymond Baxter.

  4. The odd people at the beeb wake up every morning with their clipboard and feel absolutely fantastic about themselves and holier than holy.
    Naga on breakfast.tick. Have a go at Trump.tick. Announce we cant leave without a deal because it’ll be a catastrophe.tick. Tell us all Jeremy will give free everything to the many unlike the Tory toffs.tick. And on it goes.
    Sad fucking twots.

  5. I must admit that I’ve taken up plane-spotting. Since reading about that Kunta Kinte who so rudely dropped in uninvited on that lad who was sunbathing in London, I gaze hopefully up whenever I hear a plane in the hope that I’m going to see some UmBongo frantically flapping his arms as he plummets towards Earth…hopefully I’ll have the shotgun to hand and may be able to bag him while he’s still “on the wing”.

    Fuck Off.

      • I won’t let on that he was frozen,like that “Hunter” that crept up on the sleeping lion and shot it…I’ll still be the envy of the Hunting Set…even the thrill of a good fox-hunt chase wouldn’t be able to match the satisfaction of bagging a free-falling Dark Key.

      • And you can always fill the crater he makes, when he lands, with water and use it as a paddling pool for the peasants in the warm weather.

      • I wouldn’t forget to put a nice rustic ducking stool there for the comfort of munters.

    • Not too sure they are in season Sir Richard, shouldn’t you wait until the glorious 12th?

    • I’m underneath some sort of flight path and been hoping to cultivate a frozen minority corpse free fall bombing run spotting hobby but regrettably I’ve seen fuck all of the freeloading ballast
      Selfish CUNTS

    • How about a new ‘live action from Westminster’ game show.

      2 ‘J Harvey Oswald’ type disgruntled voters get to go head to head – both put in the Bell Tower of Big Ben, given a bolt-action rifle, a box of cartridges and 2 minutes on the clock…
      ACTION…how many treacherous liars can you rid the country of before the buzzer.

      The winner gets a £100,000 lottery cheque, a victory parade through PalMal, an fully restored 1960’s Morris Minor, a cottage in Chipping Sodbury & a lifetimes supply of pork scratchings.

      The loser gets 20 to life in a secure Psychiatric unit, forced to watch the ‘one’ show.

      I’d put that on series link !

  6. I’d watch it if they got their cameras out somewhere along the North Korean / Chinese border….

    • I’ve never seen the point of that, MMCM. Cartridges aren’t cheap,you can’t eat what you shoot,and,of course, there’s no sport in shooting an inanimate object….no thrill,no blood,no glory,no chase.

  7. Plane spotting is easy, just look up. If you want a challenge try playing Spot the White Person in Tower Hamlets. Doubt the beeb would broadcast it mind.

  8. A farmer on the Army Ranges near me got sick of the low-flying jets screaming over his lambing shed so climbed up and painted,in massive letters, “FUCK OFF BIGGLES” across the roof.
    Had to get back up a few days later and paint it out because,apparently,the RAF lads took to going to the trouble of diverting to get a good close look at his instruction to them.

  9. More riveting entertainment from the BBC . Imagine all those lovely foreigners flying in, to replace the “far right white supremacists” who are always complaining about their shitty programmes.

  10. Fuck me. I’d genuinely not heard of this pile of cunt so had to do cursory search on’t t’internet.

    Only a publicly funded not for profit monolith could dream up and commission such a pile of cunt.

    And just to reinforce its cunt credentials this pile of shite is co-hosted by Andi (with an i) Peter’s.

    I can’t help but think Andi may well bat for the other side, it’s just a hunch……

    Whatever just think how many ‘brownie points’ Peter Snow
    will earn at his brothers next dinner party, ‘hey Jon, I’ve got a black friend and he’s quite possibly gay’.

    Beat that Jonny boy.

  11. Let’s hope they mistakenly go spotting on a live RAF bombing range and one of the new F-35b Stealth pilots gets a bit trigger happy with a paveway guided bomb and blows the useless BBC tossers all the way up in the air to land in their dream state of Brussels or Jihadistan. BBC = cunts.

  12. What planes?

    I thought they’d all been grounded due to ‘Climate Change Emergency’.

    • Yes RTCP that’s the reason for the new runway. So the planes can be grounded. Awful cunts.

      • Caroline Lucas has probably commandeered them all on endless global mercy missions lecturing plebs on carbon footprints.

        “🎶 Up above the streets and houses, Rainbow climbing hi-ghh…”

    • Surprised that the totally right on bbc is airing a program about plane spotting when aircraft are such blatant instigators of total global extinction. This is a fact as many wise and worthy slebs say so and they should know cos they spend most of their fairy dust lives flying around in them and they are not using electric ones.
      I am somewhat surprised that members of extinction rebellion or whatever they are called have not set up a hot air biogas generating plant in the BBC’s managers luxury car park.

  13. While we’re on planes can we spare a thought for my Malaysian mate, who told his wife he was booked on flight MH370 and has been holed up in his girlfriend’s house ever since….

  14. During the two minutes I watched Andi Peters came over all Larry Grayson when Peter Snow mentioned a Fokker.

    • Andi Peters the campest black guy next to Ru Paul?…. Yeah hes a bandit.

  15. I wonder how much this heap of shit cost.And poor granny can go and get fucked.

  16. That hot weather… Sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish market last night…. Surprised the BBC haven’t used that as a programme idea yet…

  17. I don’t want to see 20,000 extra coppers on UK streets. Why not? Because 19000 of these will have to be “ethnically diverse”
    A bad situation would be made worse.

    • Dwarf cops would be ace!
      But see what you mean. Never seen a chinky copper?
      Oh ducky! Chase me!

      • Go to San Francisco where Bruce Lee cops, security guards and bouncers are ten a Euro. Almost half the population is Asian so they fit in. I don’t think it is PC thing to promote ethnic minorities. Fat slob “Irish” cops are still thick on the ground in Boston and New York though.

      • Really? Wow. Chinaman coppers!
        Id get in trouble for staring.
        Did a job in manchester for a elderly chinese couple, shed been in chinese opera, apparently opera is massive in china? And she had worked with Bruce Lees parents, showed me photos,
        Bruce got his start in chinese opera before becoming a kung fu icon.

    • But Copper is naturally a brownish colour. Im surprised the effniks haven’t spotted this blindingly obvious oversight and sued for historic misrepresentation.

  18. I can’t see that Peters has ever announced any penchant for poovery, but if it barks like a dog etc.

    Snow is the token, right-on, leftie, dribbling geriatric cunt. Pity one of the craft doesn’t land with its nosecone planted firmly in his arsehole. The cunt.

    • I am guessing that if it does, your little piccie of Kenneth going ‘ooooo’ will be rather appropriate. 😁

    • Peters isnt exactly joe frazier is he?
      Black guy tend not to smile for photos, never mind jazz hands and heel kicks!
      Think its a banker hes scent of lavender….

      • In moderation.
        Either the common word for those of small stature of slang word for someone from china.
        Punk night on sky arts, Iggy,Ramones,
        Pistols, xray spex, clash… Im off!
        Night fellas!

    • Tremendously well put sir
      It would make my summer if all these BBC gravy train commies got themselves hoovered up into a jumbo jets engines
      Try spotting that you fucking CUNTS

  19. Planespotting?
    Are there any Lancasters, perhaps heading en masse towards the Continent?
    All pilots repeatedly shouting the correct Dambusters call sign, to boil Flabbott and Lammy piss… 😀

    • These Lancasters were going to bomb Nazis not Germans. Most Germans were Green party, trans inclusive vegans.

      • ……..and the Poles. They had no idea what was going on in those extermination camps right on their doorsteps. The Nazis (not Germans) were just burning chickens for some reason, which accounted for the overpowering smell.

        Still, all friends now. The Poles, the most anti Semitic cunts on the planet are welcome in our country. Hard working, tax paying citizens who have provided a huge boost to the sportswear industry.

  20. April 8th 2019 Telegraph headline:

    Racist Jon Snow to be investigated by Ofcom over ‘so many white people’ comment at pro-Brexit protest.

    Nearly four months later has that actually happened, and if so what was the outcome?

    Or has it simply gone away?

    • Have uncovered the following.

      From Ofcom dated 28th June 2019

      Thank your request for information about Channel 4 News with Jon Snow. This was received by Ofcom on 5th June and it has been considered under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

      You asked: What has happened to on Snow “so many white people comment” investigation? Has anything been decided? What is the progress so far? Why is it taking so long?

      I can confirm that this investigation is ongoing, and whilst we aim to complete investigations within 50 working days, this my take longer depending on the complexity of the issues involved. Once we have completed the investigation, the outcome will be published in the Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin.

      Well as 50 working days have now clearly passed this must be considered by Ofcom to be a highly complex investigation.

      How is Ofcom funded? By the Anti Brexit Government, and the Anti Brexit News channels.

      So controlled by Remoaners and kicked into the long grass as we all suspected it would be.

      Ofcom. Pathetic cunts.

    • Odd considering he married some Zimbabwean sheboon called Precious Lunga???

  21. Ooooh Admin I see what you mean.

    Brevity I’m in its finest form – you are right I could have waxed lyrical about the cuntishness of this program. I also forgot to mention the Transgendered pilot who was adding his (deep voiced) opinion on various landings and take offs.

    I like planes but apart from the so obviously rehearsed 1 minute intro this was truly car crash tv. A great subject marred by the determination to satisfy the BBC tick all boxes remit.


  22. Plane spotting ??

    Look – THERE’s one ! – over your shoulder you dozy old cunt.

    • Lol… now I’d love to see the aftermath in the back of his keks as a Typhoon fighter streaks up behind him at 200ft and the air explodes in a thunderous cacophony as it pass over his shoulder… turns from camera… stiff legged walk… sound man manages to capture the squelching… much leakage.

  23. Er… people going to airports to watch aircraft are so fascinating as to require us to watch a programme about people going to airports to watch aircraft? Must pitch an idea of mine to the D-G, then. A programme about people watching programmes about people going to airports to watch aircraft. Working title: “Entertainment eats its own excreta”.

    Presumably people going to airports to watch aircraft are the new people going to rural wastelands to watch indistinguishable small brown birds from a long way away?

    If I wanted to watch people going to airports to watch aircraft I’d go to a fucking airport and watch them. Bin the box, cunters. You know it makes sense.

  24. Pathetic BBC best bet is fuck it off and don’t watch it.Our favourite pastime at the moment with all this good weather is Fanny Watching beats plane spotting anytime.

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