Riona O’Connor

“I just LOVE still breastfeeding my 4-year old… idea whose child this greedy fucker is though”…

Riona O’Connor – yet another attention seeker who revealed her joy at being able to breastfeed her 4-year-old. She took to her Facebook page which boasts 120,000 followers this week, to pay tribute to her son’s birthday.
The ‘blogger and comedian’, who is also mother to four-month-old boy Ruairi, shared a picture as she fed the youngster, admitting that extended breastfeeding had given her ‘pride and joy I didn’t think was possible.’
The picture showed her beaming happily as she breastfed her son at an outside cafe. Captioning the snap, Riona wrote: ‘He’s four today. I’m so in love with and proud of everything he is. I’m so proud of what he’s made me become. I never thought that when the midwife first laid him on my breast that I would still be doing this for years later.’
She remembered: ‘I was innocent and clueless and fully prepared for it not to work out. The biggest surprise was that it did and that it’s given me a sense of pride and joy I didn’t think was possible.’

You have to feel sorry for the kid who will be probably be mercilessly bullied at school because of his self obsessed fool of a mother.

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  1. I’m fed up with these in-your-face attention seeking cunts who just cannot stop spouting on about their “joy”, their unwanted fucking opinions, having their snotty nosed offspring pushed in our faces, the whole gamut of utter wankrified cuntritude.

    At least (for now) we’ve been spared the now ritual amongst arty cunts, “gender neutral” SHITE & how the four year old expressed concerns about Trump, BREXIT, Boris, Climate Change, trans rights & how Corbyn will make the world a fairer place for the fucking polar bears & “Palestine” an’ refooooooojeeezz welcome et-fucking-cetera.

    One more thing, this fashion for showing your “Irishness” giving kids names that sound nothing like they’re spelled… So “ethnic”, so “culturally aware”, so fucking cuntish as to make you want to stick your fingers down your throat and bring up a week’s worth of lunches.

    How’s it spelled Rauiri, Rqhglghlmmmnui, and pronounced Stephen. Hey look at me and how Irish I am, how fashionable, how fucking predictable.

    And HEY, it’s my right to flop my tits out in public ‘cos I’m a slebbriteee an’ famous an’ MEEEEE an’ ITS MY RIGHT an’ if you say anything yet a waaayyyycist an’ a bigot an’ a phone an’ alt-right.

    An’ FUCK OFF out of our faces and back to well deserved obscurity with your offspring latched on like a fucking lamprey.

    Nowt but a look at me, Me, MEEEEE, narcissistic, self-entitled, up themselve, holier than thou pain on the arse whole no one would give a second look she for your virtue-signalling about having a four year old superglued to her tit for all to see to show how “motherly” and “empowered” you are.

    Completely FUCKED OFF with these unwanted, vacuous media whores pushed in our faces 24/7/365 by the media pimps filling our existences with vacuous trivia to draw attention away from the attempts to royally screw us and the country.

    You boring, self obsessed CUNTS. To borrow a tied and tested pearl of wisdom from one of our more esteemed philosophical contributors’-

    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Hit the nail on the head SA, Unfortunately I don’t see the end to all this madness…not for a long time anyways. Only when the human race has exhausted all avenues of attention seeking may we get some normality.

      • The worst manifestations of this shit are the genuinely fascist oxymoronic Antifa THE most violent, scapegoating, censorious bunch of cunts I have ever seen. These brain-dead, face masked, NPCs will allow nothing but their own opinions and views, preaching “tolerance” and “peace” while violently beating and injuring people to prove how peaceful and non-violent they are. CUNTS to a person

  2. The kid will either end up in prison, killing someone, killing himself, or all three… A Norman Bates in the making…

    I tell you now: women and social media combined will spell the destruction of the civilised world…

  3. It seems to me that each generation breeds an inferior one. As fucked up and useless as that stupid woman is, can you imagine how fucked up and useless the brat is going to be? The west is truly fucked.

  4. 120,000 sad empty cunts following this non-entity who is famous for fuck all apart from having a four year old hanging off her tits. Neither funny nor “entertaining” but like so many are “famous” for their number of soshull meeeejah followers that attracts more sad, empty “followers” who need to be on the bandwagon, any bandwagon just as long at it’s a big bandwagon even if the content is empty. It’s all about the numbers, the size of the crowd, as the old show was called, “Never mind the quality, feel the width”

  5. These women make me vomit.

    I think this is less about what they think is good for their child and more about the fact that THEY do not want to stop breast feeding, either because they get some sick satisfaction out of it, or because they do not want to accept the fact that their child is not a baby anymore. It is like they are desperately trying to cling on for dear life to ‘the baby stage’, pathetic arseholes.

    Just because they think that breastfeeding is perfectly normal and natural, they seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that not all of us do and not all of us want to see their swinging, spaniel’s ears tits and gigantic nipples in public with some fucking huge, school age child hanging off of them. GROSS.

    Newsflash cunts: it is NOT normal to be still breastfeeding a 4-year old. It is irresponsible and very abnormal actually. It also sets them up for all kinds of ridicule….

    ….oh but, no, because it is ‘natural’, we should all just shut up and accept it.

    • Think you’ve got it there, NC. Also, might there be an element of endorphin addiction? A physical feelgood factor? “Spaniel’s ears”…oh, yas.

  6. Also, check out the look on that kids face. He looks like he’s enjoying it a bit too much. Fuck knows what he’s doing with his left hand…..

    • Somewhere, it seems, there are photos of a foetus having a tug in utero.
      I should like to point out that it’s NOT in the Hubbard family album. Even L Ron might’ve drawn the line at that.

  7. Knew one like this, though not so offensively upfront (I like that) about it. Did it until her kid was 5-6, and he turned out, as you’d expect, a Grade A spoiled shit too. Japanese literary trope: “Mother of the sagging breasts” – her to a T. But at least she didn’t put her weirdness on public display.

  8. Many moons ago I was walking in town, I caught sight of a lady whom was quite ample upstairs. She was dressed provocatively hardly anything on. I couldn’t help but notice. She got the hump.
    “Oi! Stop looking at my tits!”
    Not a lot cheeses me off but I took umbrage to that remark.
    I said “excuse me, but if you don’t want people looking, don’t dress the shop window!”

    For flip sake. If you do something to provoke attention then expect people to look.

  9. She trully is a prized specimen of a total cunt. poor poor kid. Even if i was straight, she would be the very last pair of tits that i would even look at never mind suck.
    Hold on while i puke for 30 mins. Aweful.

  10. Jesus Christ is there no end to the vain ignorant cunts shat out into this world? She’s doing what women have biologically evolved to do and thinks in her case it makes her somehow more special than other people. What an utterly narcissistic cunt.

  11. You know what I’m fed up with her type. No more friendly advice or visits to the mental health nurse – she needs to be fucking killed end of.

  12. 4 years old and still sucking on his mothers hooters ?… dear cunting Christ, what is the world coming to ?

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