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The Labour Party.  This once noble institutition was set up in 1900 to champion the rights of the poor working class. To fight the power of the millowners and the landed gentry.  This was a time when to be poor meant to have nothing and to be poor meant to be ill and have nothing and no support.  Up untill about 1989 this party fought for the poor . It is now stands for a random collection of minority interest groups ….disconnected from the people it was set up to represent.  But yet people still vote for this shit?

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  1. All the Starking Panleys , Drink It In Di Congos and Booshka Booshkas vote for these Labour scum…. Cunts like Burnham and Corbyn crawl around migrant jacksie because it gets them on the gravy train and is beneficial to both sets of cunts… They also have an unhealthy obsession with the transbender ‘community’…. That rancid thing that masquerades as Labour’s ‘Women’s Officer’ being a laughable (but sickening) case in point…

    Michael Foot’s grave must be worn out from spinning….

  2. There is currently no party that represents the white working class. Where’s the equality and fairness in that?

    • And anyone who even claims to represent the white working class will automatically be labeled ‘racist’ and ‘far right’ by psychotic swivel eyed leftist cunts…

  3. For the same reason I voted for ‘THERESA MAY’S conservatives’ at the last election – Just to keep the other side out.

    • #MeToo MZ.

      We live in a marginal constituency so are obliged to vote Tory to keep Labour out. Tories held the seat in 2015 but Labour won in 2017 thanks to May’s dismal campaign and suicidal manifesto, seemingly custom written to get up the noses of swing voters.

  4. Two quotes by the famous….

    “If voting changed anything, they wouldn’t let us do it”….

    “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything”….

    • The first quote I believe has in fact been misattributed to both Mark Twain and Emma Goldman. If I recall correctly, I believe it was actually first seen to be said in an newspaper article regarding the inherent bullshit of democratic voting, back in the 70’s some when.

      It’s hard to imagine such a thing could have been written and published though, given the content of today’s publication. It really does feel like we have long passed the point of no return now.

    • “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything”….

      Particularly if you live in Peterborough. That’s all gone quiet hasn’t it?

  5. They want more of my hard earned wonga to pay for stuff that I would not pay a penny for. None of this will benefit the majority of the UK…..just the “can’t do, won’t do” slackers, asylum seekers, non binary lgbt rainbow folk, Palestinians, Venezuelans, Owen Fuckin Jones and Telephone Sanitisers.

    • There is an engineering design contractor in Reading full up of the world’s shit and many Venezuelans. They pay them piss money so they don’t have to pay the Brits a decent wage. Cunts.

      • Ah, Kunt Winslet… Another one who crawls around the slippery joe ronce arses of Allen and Polanski… She’s a fucking cunt…

  6. They’re all cunts, all the parties, all the members. It’s just a question of voting for the least cuntiest.

  7. I have to agree, I was bought up by two labour party supporting parents, (they were also into CND, but very against drugs).
    I have to say I was surprised at the speed they bought shares after denationalization, Laughed at my grandmothers GWR house.
    In fact everything about them was Tory which struck me as odd as the big tory bloke up the road lived like Brian Good.
    Later in life I had the opportunity to work with former socialists in a former socialist country and all I can say is the difference between the two is that socialists burp, fart, and urinate more publicly to prove their peasant upbringing .
    they were cunts.

    • As I’ve stated before on this esteemed website, my Dad was until recently a lifetime Labour voter. They could do no wrong.
      But when The Empress Maggon had the great council house selloff he was in there like a dog after hot chips.
      Sine Corbyn became labour “leader” (pfft!) he hasn’t bothered to vote at all as he’d “never heard of him” and he cannot bring himself to vote for anyone else, even UKIP or the Brexit Party.
      Indoctrinated from a very young age…

    • All the “socialists” I know are all richer than me, and have multiple houses they rent to the exact type Mr b.liar brought in. Cunts.

  8. Fuckng hell

    Yes labour are cunts

    Cameroon 2 goals down and crying wacism.
    One of the dirty bitches gobbed on an England players arm
    Fucking elbow to the face, again yellow card should have been a RED


    • Have you noticed how the bitchiness of the woman’s game is reflected in the commentary and after match discussion? When joining in with the wimmin, Dion Dublin sounds like on old woman!

      • He wants to keep his job 😂

        Some of the scenes reminded me of how chimps behave when there is a lion close by….

    • I’d make a point of going to the side and getting that arm washed with soap and water. You can catch ebola from spit.

  9. There will always be people who vote for the Labour party because of what it’s supposed to represent, just as there will always be those who vote Conservative because they want to imagine themselves as being part of the elite. Even with a cretin like Boris Johnson in charge.

  10. The Labour Party stopped being about the working class the moment Tony Blair became PM, and that was accentuated when Gordon Brown took over as he was more concerned with things outside the UK. And now the fiasco of Jeremy Corbyn being accidentally elected as leader, through the undemocratic process of allowing any Tom, Dick or Abu pay £3 to vote for the new leader, has split the Labour party, and their supporters into two factions. On one side you’ve got the champagne socialists and opportunists. And on the other side you’ve got an amalgam of left-wing extremists; bleeding-heart Liberals, anarchists, PC fascists who seem hellbent on shutting down free speech, anti-Semites, frustrated Communists, and white flag waving misfits who’d NEVER defend this country. The working class have been demonised and shat on and don’t have a voice anymore.
    And Labour’s plan now is to bankrupt Britain within 18 months and then blame it all on Brexit, at which point the pound will be worthless and we will be forced to join the EUro and remain in the EU with a renewed vigour for full integration. The EU want Labour to win the next GE because if they do, it’s full steam ahead with the superstate, whereas Boris Johnson as PM likely means that the EU will have to reform.

      • Spot on.

        Reform is a word that is not, never has been, and NEVER will be in the EU’s vocabulary. Because the whole point of aforementioned stinking cuuuunt org is federal Europe, full steam ahead.

        I say we need a superheated steam manifold, and stick the usual culprits on it.

    • The only way BJ would be able to do anything is if he fired most of the Cabinet and told the backbenchers to back him or fuck off and I, for one, don’t believe he has the balls for that.

      • Besides, you can be sure the Establishment has more than enough dirt on him to keep him on a tight lead….

      • Are there any more of the bumblecunts offspring out there? I saw a picture of Helen Macintyre, a mistress from ten years ago, not bad old bean. Boris looks ridiculous but has punched well above his weight in the shagging stakes.

      • I think the conservatives are labouring under a false premise. They keep saying Bojo will win round Labour and floating voters, but in his first hustings yesterday he mainly spoke about corporation tax and other high-flown fiscal matters. Very little for the *ordinary* voter. That said he is probably a slightly better bet than that wimp Jeremy Hunt, who looks and sounds as if he was shat out by Philip Hammond in a Westminster shit house.

      • They both performed dismally Mr Boggs. It should have been Raab and Leadsom on that stage yesterday.

        I fear the Tories have blown it big time (yet again). Instead of wanting to get this country out of the shit they seem to be expending all their time and energy trying to pass on the poison chalice to Commie Corbyn and his nth rate Marxist dummkopfs.

      • Boris the Turk was a good looking Aryan type in his younger days,platinum blonde, slim and handsome but now he looks like any fat old cunt whose eaten all the pies

    • I have long predicted the long term plan was Greek financial ruin via Corbin then a hapless EU bail out by the EU, meaning we signing up to to the euro currency with no room for negotiations. Cunts. I said all this on a previous cunting but nobody took any notice then….

  11. Labour are fucked as are the Tories. Their fudge of the EU issue has haemorrhaged votes to the Lib Dumbs and Sir Nigel’s mob. It looks like Labour will possibly go full on remoan just as the Tories are pretending to be leave all of a sudden.
    October 31st my arse…….we all know it ain’t happening.
    There will always be cunts who will vote Labour/Tory because their dad did and their dad before them, but the rest of us will be dividing along leave/remoan lines.
    These cunts will pay the price for 3 years of trying to dodge a black and white issue.
    Never forgive, never forget.

  12. The Labour Party, “for the many not the few” (presumably meaning cunts) is so full of cunts it’s a job to know where to start. Socialist anti-capitalist Cuntbyn for instance, Champion of the Working Class, has an estimated net wealth of £3 million. That would confuse thick-as-pig shit Diane Abbot as she probably doesn’t know what a million is let alone how many noughts are in it. And then there’s John McDonnell, Cuntbyn’s puppeteer and surely the most dangerous man in the UK, who had this to say in 2003: “It’s about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table. The peace we have now is due to the action of the IRA.” Yes, that’s right, the IRA brought peace to the UK. What a fucking cunt.

  13. The danger posed to the UK if a Marxist government is elected is beyond fucking scary.

    We would make Hugo Chavez look like Alan Sugar.

    Marxism is fundamental ly flawed. It can never do what it is supposed to.

    McDonnel, a man who quotes Mao Tsedung at the dispatch box. Corbyn, a man who takes tea with terrorists and Diane Abbott who can not add up. Emily Thornburg, who castigates her own constituency members who fly the union flag and Dawn Butler…

    New Labour?
    For the many, not the Jew

  14. One of Blair’s biggest shits is back in the country giving his views again – David Nancy Miliband. He thinks we must have a second referendum. I think he ought to fuck off back to America and mind his own sodding business (which is all about making money for himself and charity).

    Labour’s problem is that they are now just spare dick at a wedding. At one time their MPs at least had worked for a living. The pile of cunt they have now just went to university, then into soft jobs – or they are there not because they have brains – people like Lammy and Jess Phillips are as thick as frozen elephant shit. If you are a mincer or a bender or BAME or tranny Labour will welcome you. If you are not in one of these groups, even more so if you are white working class, don’t offend Fatarse Thornberry by supporting them – her dislike of men, like the stance taken by Jess Phillips , means that you are not welcome. Labour is of no practical use to those it was set up for.

    • Even when the party had people from a working background, they were usually trade union cunts, who in my experience have always been shop steward either because they were shit at their real job, or a bone idle shirker cunt, and both type of cunt seem to be ideal candidates for the Labour Party.

      • “The Working Class can kiss my arse,

        I’ve got the Foreman’s job at last”

        (to the tune of the red flag)

      • Your bang on the money there kid! Before going into business for myself i worked for a large firm and grafted like fuck as did most lads on a nightshift, the management took the piss, so i became shop steward, turns out i was a bit of a natural (opiniated, aggressive, bolshy) and the union took a interest, asked me to join the labour party (refused) and sent me on all expenses training courses where i met other shop stewards, mostly all talk, lazy, greedy cunts, corrupt as fuck! This was a massive wake up call, started to see things as they really was, cant be trusted both the labour party and most trade unionists.

  15. I have seen many Labour parties come and go. They always leave the country nearly broke on their way out. Is it a scorched earth policy ? not really, in later years this ridiculous party throws money at any group that will vote the cunts in. They have burnt their bridges with the Jewish community and now open their arms to the much larger population of Peacefuls unemployed masses and freak minorities. The thing about Corbyn and co is that they think by bleeding the rich and handing it out to a bankrupt social services it will all work out fine. NO, you have to create wealth before you can distribute it you cunts otherwise the economy will collapse, Something the Labour party just don’t seem to get. Their naivety is fucking jaw dropping.

    • you could be right, with a comfortable majority that does not vote it makes sense to look at the fringe.
      however both parties have done this to the extent that the non voting majority is now voting.
      Garage all the way for me and Winston if he could be bothered to live again

  16. How can you trust the judgement of a bloke who fucks the Flabbot and brags about it?

    Ok, let’s be fair, we’ve all done things when we were young and are now ashamed of.
    But why, donkeys years later, would you feel obligated to give an important job to a fucking idiot just because she sucked your winkle 40 years ago?
    If anyone can make any sense of that i’d like to hear it.

  17. Corbyn and McDonald are two of the most dangerous people in politics at the moment it’s our duty to keep them out of office As an ex Para I hate the fucking Labour Party with a vengeance after how they treated us in Helmand Province

    • I find McDonald deeply sinister. I bet he has ways of making people talk. His most awful torture would be making dissidents watch an endless film loop of Corbyn’s close up penetration shagging The Flabbot. Lots of hair and smeg oh god what have I become to even think of that ? 🤮

      • George, give this character some more detail. I hate people who brush things off with the flippant comment of “get over it”.

      • Not worth the effort mate freedom of speech “as long as blokes like me die for the privilege” He’d be the first to run off in time of conflict

      • Cunts like you don’t know the half of what we went through in Helmand Province Yes we volunteered for the Army we did our job and did it with great courage but no thanks to the Labour Party no ammunition,no meddi vac out of date rations Wanked out worn out kit Labour never honoured the covenant they sent us into harms way and could not have cared less Probably while you were laid in bed sleeping

      • I remember tight fisted Gordon Brown Savour of the Worlds Economy better Would not let us have any equipment and wanted to fight a War on the cheap Fucking New Labour New Danger

      • Hoon was Blair’s Defence Secretary, a right dodgy sociopathic cunt. Played a sinister part in the “suicide” of Dr David Kelly. Another one who should be tried for war crimes. He’s kept his head down ever since, hoping to be forgotten no doubt.

      • I wouldn’t have been stupid enough to join the armed forces in the first place. And we didn’t have to join the septic tanks in their pointless war.

      • That sounds about right scumbags like you crawl under a stone when any fighting has to be done Do me a favour and fuck off and play with your dolls you fool

  18. The people’s flag is deepest red
    It shrouded oft our martyred dead
    And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold
    Their hearts’ blood dyed to every fold

    Then raise the scarlet standard high
    Beneath it’s folds we’ll live and die
    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here

    It waved above our infant might
    When all ahead seemed dark as night
    It witnessed many a deed and vow
    We must not change it’s color now

    Then raise the scarlet standard high
    Beneath it’s folds we’ll live and die
    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here

    It well recalls the triumphs past
    It gives the hope of peace at last
    The banner bright the symbol plain
    Of human right and human gain

    Then raise the scarlet standard high
    Beneath it’s folds we’ll live and die
    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here

    It suits today the meek and base
    Whose minds are fixed on pelf and place
    To cringe beneath the rich man’s frown
    And haul that sacred emblem down

    Then raise the scarlet standard high
    Beneath it’s folds we’ll live and die
    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here

    With heads uncovered swear we all
    To bare it onward till we fall
    Come dungeons dark or gallows grim
    This song shall be our parting hymn

    Then raise the scarlet standard high
    Beneath it’s folds we’ll live and die
    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer
    We’ll keep the red flag flying here

      • Walked umungst them mate, seen the interrogation cells in “private residential houses” a nice cellar with a padded steel door, yep been there seen it, even stopped a “Democrat” from beating a fith columnist with a telicom cable, (about 2″ wide, fuck knows how many core”) but it was his old job in the old system, so crack on in the new.

      • Yes, Lord Benny but I’m still waiting for you to tell us what happened with the rumble between you and the two Croatians! You started off, but never told us!

      • Yep me Red Flag Flying Here what a fucking laugh most of them are pacifists

      • Apart from the vote we’ve already had of course…

        Good evening Number Six

      • Evening Mr B.

        The first vote didn’t count. “The people” didn’t know what they were voting for. 😂

        Number Two sends his regards.

  19. Cuntbyn, McDonnell, Lammy, Butler, Dangleberry, Flabbott the Hutt, Hilary ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ Benn. Fucking enough already…!

  20. Well i’ve finished for the day. I’ve lost count of my deletions……,is it 3 or 4?
    I can’t be arsed on a Sunday. 🇬🇧

  21. Proud to be working class. What bollocks. I think by the age of 10 i realised that there was no fucking pride in renting a Croydon slum, while Dad, full of stories about how he cut classes to go fishing with a 40 pack, and ending up as labourer in builders yard because ‘there is nothing wrong with being working class,. What a wanker, there is everything wrong with it and I’m so grateful that I’m not. He’s dead now. He would probably say ‘there’s nothing wrong with being dead.

  22. Some scum from anarchists group Class War had a little protest outside the infamous Boris flat this afternoon. It was only a couple of crusties, including that fucking spastic Ian Bone, gobby workshy twat. Had it been my abode, they would have had a bucket of cold piss thrown over them, and be told to be thankful for it, as my first choice was petrol. I fucking despise anarchists. Always misfits who are in need of a wash, looking a day away from rickets, and fucking lazy as fuck. If they had a shred of intelligence, they would realise that if anarchy did break out, they would be relieved of anything of value so easily, by any determined child over the age of twelve. Cunts.

    • Is his full name Ian Bone-Idle?
      Strange how anarchists have recently started protesting in support of what actually amounts to BIGGER government.
      Thick, gormless twats….

    • Its amazing how a change of glasses and a haircut makes him out to be less of a treasonless cunt he was a couple of years ago when he wanted Corbin out.

      Of course, the BBC have forgotten that. Cunts.

  23. Evening RT.

    You know I am beginning to think there are some racists on here. I just have this funny feeling after watching the interview with ‘Jihadi Jack’ on Sky News. He said he wanted to come ‘home’ just like Shamima Begum. He acknowledged he said he was ‘alright’ with suicide bombings. He rather jokingingly said ‘he wouldn’t want to blow people up’ when he got back. So I’ve jumped onto Isac to see what everybody was saying…and there’s no Nominations, nothing said in the differing threads. But there was a ‘feeding frenzy’ with the Shammima Begum nomination. The posts running over a 130. But he’s said exactly the same as her…

  24. I didn’t know Andy Murray had a metal hip? In that case, I can’t wait to see him playing singles again. I’d sit at the side of the court with a fuckin’ giant magnet. Could you imagine the commentary:-

    “Murray is being pulled all over the court by his opponent. I’m not sure how long he can sustain being run in to the ground like this.”
    The whimpering cunt.

    • The sour faced cunt will carry on playing until Mater the Dictator says otherwise….

  25. Mrs Stroker will watch most sports when shown on TV.

    She tuned in to the England vs Cameroon game earlier today.

    “Why is women’s football rubbish” she asked.

      • Well, they say it’s Wimmin’s Football… But that ‘Lionesses’ vs Cameroon game actually looked more like that bar scene from the first Star Wars film… This ‘World Cup’ has had more TV monsters than the Muppet Show and Doctor Who combined…

      • And I bet Phil Nev crapped himself when he saw those grunting and rampaging Cameroon ‘women’ (well, technically)… He’s got it bad enough with those peroxide mingers that he manages… The poor daft cunt will need counselling after this joke of a tournament… No wonder he’s upset (always was a soft cunt, mind)….

      • If I was very,very wealthy I would offer a $50 million winner takes all one off match between the Men and Women World “Soccer” Champions,beamed live around the World.The ensuing humiliation would set back the wimmins game at least 100 years.The bookies would set the handicap cap at +16 for the fannies and theyd still lose.I reckon if the men went for it a score of 25-0 wouldnt be out of the question.

      • You need to pit the fannies against the boys U16 team – it’ll still be 6-0

  26. It’s not Labour.
    And it’s not a Party. It’s a bunch of squabbling opportunists.

    See also: ‘Conservative’

  27. As with everything regarding New Labour, Socialist Labour or what ever they are now calling themselves.Before voting for them Always Always Check The Small Print.

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