“Jihadi Jack”

I would nominate that odious idiot “Jihadi Jack” for a right royal cunting. A useless snowflake spaz who decides one lunchtime for whatever fucking reason to become a peaceful. Not only that, the soft fucker decides to go to Syria to do peaceful things with other peaceful people aka ISIS. This muppet is the biggest wanker in recent history, and his exploits read like something from the old Commando Comics. He was able to speak on the radio in secret from his prison cell ( load of shite ) and gave a detailed 10 minute interview whilst his Kurdish Captors allegedly knew nothing.

Another bullshit bonanza, having escaped from ISIS three times, they ISIS had warned they would kill him.! ( I think they would have done that at the time of his first capture ) This fucking moron wants us to believe that he fell out with ISIS following a disagreement over their policy, and that is when he decided to leave. If you fall out with ISIS, then you usually fall out into a little trench in which you are then buried. This fucking fantasist is now whining that the British Government should intervene and have him released, and returned to the UK. Like fuck! You went you cunt, you fucking well rot there!

His parents are busy trying to put pressure on the Foreign Office to come up with a rescue plan. They describe this fucking idiot as a kind caring soul ( in ISIS !!! ) and it would not surprise me in the least if they now come out with the usual “mental health ” issues we are becoming so used to.Like all people who leave to fight for ISIS, whether they are white black or fucking blue, they can all lie upon the bed that THEY made, and fucking rot in the fucking shithole that they chose to fight for. Jihadi Jack and all his BRISH mates…..fuck off!

Nominated by Asimplearsehole.

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