Mark Field MP

For any cunters who have been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, this is the fella who forcibly ejected a dopey Greenpeace “activist” from an formal dinner at the Mansion House on Thursday evening in order to prevent said fuckwit from approaching the top table and spewing forth a load of eco-bile to the assembled throng.

He has since come in for a great deal of flak from the leftie/feminazi/ecotwat brigade because he apparently used “excessive force” in so doing. Utter bollocks. Jesus H, if anyone was listening to that fucking daft bint Fogarty on LBC this afternoon, you’ll know what I’m on about here…..

He’s a bit of a hero really, so why, I hear you ask, is he a cunt?


Nominated by Ghee The Witches

Mark Field is certainly NOT a cunt. He did what any decent person would have done when demonstators stormed the Mansion House to potentially threaten life and limb of the eminent people present.

Even the security guards – where the fuck were they incidentally? – said he grappled the demonstrator in question exactly as they had been trained to do.

No, Field’s behaviour was in no way cuntish – but the actions of the Foreign Office in suspending him was cuntish in the extreme. And who is the Foreign Secretary? Why, none other than potential PM Jeremy Cunt – sorry, Hunt – who has just proved to all and sundry that he’s more than a wee bit weak and wobbly.

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

74 thoughts on “Mark Field MP

  1. I believe the decision to suspend him was taken by Mavis herself, making a cunt of herself again while she’s still got time.

    • I wonder how many more Mavis noms there will be before the demented old harpie actually fucks off ? Or is she pulling Resignation In Name Only ?

      I agree with the cunting – he WAS indeed a cunt for apologising for his actions. And as Pedantic very rightly asked, where t f were the “security guards” ? These twatterati shouldn’t have been anywhere near the top table, and waving their moboles around all over the shop…very eco !!?

      I might say “What’s this cuntry coming to?”, but sadly I think we all know the answer. Gross cuntitude is upon us.

    • Correct Freddie.

      Fucking useless hunchback – STILL turning everything she touches to SHIT.

      God knows what sort of damage she’ll wreak before July 22nd.

      A month is a long time in the premiership of Queen Midas in reverse May.

      • Yeah, some cunt should get Mavis by the scruff of the neck and throw her arse out of Downing Street.
        Fucking bitch.

  2. If you’re going to be fired/suspended for dealing with a potential threat in the proper (as said by security guards) way, you may as well in future lamp them to the floor & stamp on their smug faces.

  3. Totally agree with the cunting.

    What he did was completely justified on my opinion. She should not have been there and he used reasonable force to eject her.

    No need to apologise.

    What the fuck is happening to this country?

  4. A WIMMIN: What do we want?
    WIMMIN: Equal rights!
    A WIMMIN: When do we want it?
    WIMMIN: Right after we’ve had doors opened for us, seats given up for us on public transport, preferential treatment at work including wimmin’s problems and more days off but at least equal pay, cheaper car insurance, told we’re beautiful every day but also really, you know like, intelligent because that’s more important, ACKchully, earlier pension starting, all the lead screen roles on tv and film and to be able to punch and kick men but not to be punched or kicked back because we’re feminine.


    Should’ve grabbed her by the fanny and hoisted her out.

    • Well cunted El Capitan. You are absolutely correct about “equality” and those stupid “Baby on Board” badges. I’m an old fashioned chap and will always give up a seat for those in need. But, fuck me, do they want equality or not? Equality means fucking standing there while I sit. If I stand and offer my seat, it’s not fucking equality is it?
      Make your minds up cunts.

  5. Fuck me, if a bunch of fucking vegan hippies can get into a posh dinner, with all sorts of important cunts in attendance, where the fuck were the peacefuls? What’s the point of building a crappy bomb in your kitchen when you can just stroll in there with a machete and decapitate cunts like Hammond and Carney?
    Come on Abdul, stop raping those underage girls and get your fucking finger out.

  6. Absolutely nuts what this bloke is going through It’s not long ago the lefties were telling anyone who would listen they were in fear of their lives.Been a Corbyn convention they would be putting this bloke up for a medal.

  7. The cunts complaining about this are the same cunts who complain if a civic-minded man goes and mows the grass in the local park because the council hasn’t got the cash. Oh no! We can’t have society doing things for themselves it must be left to the appropriate authorities. Fuck off it’s our country you cunts we don’t need to wait from permission from condescending bureaucrats to do the right fucking thing!

  8. Spot on cunting.
    This proves, to me that Sargon was right not to apologise for his original Jess Phillips joke as the moment Mark Field apologised the beeb had one of her mates on saying that he has admitted he was wrong by apologising and that her friend was very shaken up by the incident.
    These people are extremists, history suggests that pandering to cunts like this will eventually end badly.
    Well done to Mark Field, he acted well within reason in my opinion. I know I would have been tempted to restrain the bitch on the floor until the old bill turned up.

    • Absolutely right, the fucking bitch only made an issue of it 3 years after he tweeted it to promote her own profile, according to the brummy slag she has had a lot worse things said about her.

      I just hope i am 6 feet under before someone one like Phillips becomes a PM….. what a shit country it would be, lost forever!

      • If I fail to meet my maker by the day Jess Phillips or Corbyn gets in to power then I’m moving to fucking Bucharest, it must be empty by now.

      • As must be most of the cities around the world – they’re all fucking here, and not only that, they’re all in fuckign London. Cunts.

    • I have to disagree with you here, I hope the pussies win, i watched the fucking savages in one of the group games, one of the fucking cameroon bitches tried to take an opponents head off with a flying kick…. when you watch in slow motion the fucking spear chucking bitch had malice and intent in her eyes, the fucking useless ref should had her off but only a yellow.
      Wimminz footy might be bollocks but I would support the England team every time, especially against fucking savages!

      I would add, there are two girls in the germany team who are worthy of supporting even against england, nothing to do with football!

      I hope england kick cameroon of the park back to the shit hole they came from!

      • The thought of the hubris and the BBC banging on about football coming home is too much to bear. At the risk of sounding Scottish – ‘Anyone but England!’

      • No need to worry about that, ‘Sir’ Andy Murray (Cunt) is back on the scene, fucking media are wanking all over his comeback. Never did like this twat.
        I would be surprised if England even make it to the final but it would a funny if our national mens game is taken over by a bunch of girls…. hilarious
        I can understand someone Scotish or Welsh not wanting England to win however as an English man I would support Scotland or Wales over a team of spear chuckers!

      • I would support Scotland, just becuase it makes their mens team look like an even bigger bunch of cunts.

  9. He should have just sat there, an shouted “she’s got a gun!”, and hoped that would have woken the useless cunts who were supposedly providing security. Now, he has half the country saying “if he grabbed me by the throat…”, which didn’t happen, but it has been distorted by gutter press and social media, instead of the truth, being him grabbing some tiresome harpies by the scruff and chucking her out, which is what their security should have done.

  10. Anyone know where this dumb bitch lives?
    Let’s bowl round to her gaff and storm in and see how she fucking likes it.

    From what I can gather this country is doing more than most to reduce its carbon footprint so maybe this fuckwit should go elsewhere and protest in China, India or the like….

    As for Field, who I’d never heard of until last week…..give the cunt a medal….

    • She has been involved in several past “activities” JR. Boarding a whaling vessel and was arrested at the extinction rebellion gig. Screeching little cunts like her never get to the places where protestation would result in either death or a long incarceration – much safer to make your way into town from the squat and fuck up ordinary peoples lives. BTW she lives in some unpronounceable town in Wales (no, not that one – the other one) which for me is good enough reason to hate the cunt without being an SJW or an eco warrior. Would have loved to have seen her gatecrash a do with Putin present. Her clunge would have resembled a Somme trench.

  11. A woman cases problems on an incoming aeroplane and they send two RAF Typhoon planes out causing a sonic boom.

    A woman cases problems gatecrashing a private event and is eased out but the sonic boom is by pc fuckwits.

  12. Boris Johnson should give ‘explanation’ for home row

    International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said it would be “easier” for Boris Johnson to “just give an explanation” about the row recorded at his home.

    What does a domestic argument have to do with the leadership of the country FFS?

    • Johnson handled the matter very poorly. It doesn’t bode well for the future.

      • Don’t know what you’re worried about. This country is already fucked and if we had 300 years we’d still be where we are with Brexit. Having BoJo in charge just means more interesting headlines and soundbites.

      • What me worry? It’s true I’m disappointed the Tories haven’t had the sense to choose someone with a modicüm of competence and vision this time around, but what can you do?

        Btw: my default position is to worry.

      • I’m not even disappointed. I’m long past believing that politicians (at least in this country) are capable of any modicum of competence even if they had the desire, but that is clearly absent. They all seem to be in it only for what they can get out of it, and we can all fuck off.

    • I thought they’d recorded me and Lady Cuntingdon by mistake. Sounds like the paggas we’ve had over the years.

    • Fox is a Jeremy Cuntite, never gave an adequate explanation of what he was doing with Adam Werritty in 2009-11, and had to resign. Then oiled his way back into government. Fox’s motive for leaving the EU is to sell us out to the US.

  13. Mark Field should not have apologised, he was in the right and did what any normal person would have done.

    When you watch the incident the greenpeace bitch is stuck in a table cul de sac so she ‘runs’ round to try to get to the front passed Mark Field, she was moving with ‘intent’ to do what, well who knows…. Pepper spray, some form of chemical ‘stink bomb’ to make the room evacuate, milk shake…..

    The fucking media and the weak snowflake politicians say he used excessive force, fuck off he got a grip and marched her out.
    Excessive force is knocking her to the ground and kicking the fuck out of her, in fact that would have been better because it would send a message to the eco warriors, protest if you like but in a public space, not a private function.

  14. Pedantic Cunt – I’m not sure you completely understand the original cunting.

  15. If he felt treated by her actions appropriately… Storming an event she wasn’t invited to… He could claim assault against her as he was fearful of her actions and he took steps which could well be seen as proportionate to stop her….

    If she was a bloke, the thrower out would be a hero….
    If it had a gun, likewise….
    Equality my arse…..

    I fucking hate hippies and Greenpeace have always been cunts…
    Oh, and wimmin are the new Nazi Party…

  16. Bozza should tell the Grauniad and their servile on the spot pet grass to fuck off and die… Me and Mrs N had a bit of row the other week… Nothing to get hung about, as the Beatles sang, and couples do have them from time to time, usually about something trivial…. It has fuck all to do with his leadership campaign… It’s just another show of dirty tricks from the ‘tolerant’ left… Is their no straw they won’t clutch at?…. Cunts…. Dirty cunts…

      • You’ll have to fix your spellcheck, Mogs.

        It’s ‘ackney. Home to savages and wild dinosaurs, e.g. the Flabbotasaurus Rex, a predator so unpleasant it will eat anything and everything (whilst playing the race card).

      • More like ‘ackneh where I’m from, home to Jim, the washing machine salesman, aka cunt.

  17. Lets face it, he didnt have time to think. He acted on instinct, and really, quite bravely. She could have had anything up to and including a bomb. Why the fuck he needed to apologise, its such a shame.
    I bet she doesnt get done for anything.

  18. I being a gentleman, would of grabbed her by the hair and scull dragged her out of the place, once launched outside placed a size 10 firmly between her teeth,, apologise like fuck.

    Get to fuck

  19. Take all these fuckin’ environmental protesters over to Hong Kong and show them what it means to protest in a serious, dignified, meaningful and non childish way. Unlike you professional protesters, these people are protesting over democracy and basic human rights, something you could not possibly begin to understand. Join in if you like but you’d all be shittin’ yourselves on the first baton charge.

  20. I am sick of these entitled middle class fucking climate-change layabouts. This woman is a ‘rabbit fur knitter’ from Wales. I didn’t make that up. Give me fucking strength.

    • This is really odd. I remember at the time, the woman’s name was released and I found out who she was. Now try Googling about the incident and you’ll find nothing about her. I reckon she’s being protected because of past ‘form.’ I know she was arrested at the London demos, she was born in Wigan of all places, lives in mid-Wales and spends all her time protesting in London. A professional protester if I’ve ever seen one with a carbon footprint the size of Flabott’s arse.

      • Not too difficult, she’s named in a Sun report about a dozen rows down a Google search, Janet Barker, rabbit lover and, seemingly, a professional protester and shit stirrer.

      • There is a real conflict here which should be exploited. Some of these weirdos think ‘fur’ is green whereas others think ‘fur’ is murder. I’d like to see this last lot set up a demo outside this harpy’s house protesting about her rabbit knitting to disrupt her ‘business’ in the way she’s disrupted thousands of Londoner’s businesses. Come to think of it, should probably wouldn’t be ‘home’ in both senses of the word.

  21. ‘’she’ not should! Whoever invented predictive text is the biggest khunt, sorry cunt in the world.

  22. Hunt the cunt would just be another Maybot. Only with even less charisma.

  23. Women can’t handle equal treatment.

    If the demonstrator had been a man and the MP a woman….

  24. I caught Sheila Fogarty on Friday afternoon, she had the Minister down as an opportunist delighting in the chance to exact violence on a female climate protester.

    What a twisted vindictive bitch Sheila is, the guy firmly ejected the woman, nothing more.

    What a crock of shit story about nothing

  25. Why is every fucker now traumatised or frightened by every slight real or imagined, the cunts seem to have a list of terms that they use to ramp everything up. I’m so pissed off I cant think of any.

  26. Obviously this climate change bitch is a remoaner. (same mind set) The irony is that Hammond and Carney are remoaners as is this Field cunt.
    Libtards fighting among themselves, I fucking love it.
    There’s a lot more where this comes from.

  27. Personally I have no problem with what he did the daft bint broke into a meeting and got what she deserved

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