Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Violent lefties.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the good old plastic skinheads the antifarts.

These fucking cowards should have the motto “only in a crowd”

The latest action, as reported in the Daily Snail, is the PSC violently intimidating Jewish shop owners, with one daft cunt even commending old Adolf the Bastard himself.

These utter cunts make my blood boil. I’m not Jewish, but I know some Jewish business owners, and what Israel does or doesn’t do isn’t their fucking fault. The ones I know are generally savvy business men that buy and sell what sells and makes them a few quid, paying their fair dues in tax along the way and giving an eye watering amount of their profits away to charities (and not the popular ones with their expensive offices in London and millionaire trustees, but local hospices and individuals who have had a shit start and gone off the rails. Regardless of religeous or other affiliations).

But it’s ok for these cunts to get violent and more worryingly than that, it now appears to be ok to be violent towards Jews.
Night of the long knives???

I wonder if Channel 4’s holy-jokes will compiment its far right anti Islamist gang with a far left anti Semitic one to balance out its indoctination of the youth? I thought not! Utter lopsided cunts!

These far left bully boys need a lesson in history and fast. I suggest the World at War series whilst strapped to a Clockwork Orange desk chair with their eyeballs exposed and all 16 or so episodes with no eye drops.

I bet they all drive Audis and fucking VWs too the cunts. No doubt a VW van that looks like it’s been pimped with a gift card from Halfords.

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29 thoughts on “Palestine Solidarity Campaign

  1. And will there be any condemnation of this wirh the trendy lefties?

    Of course not.

    Antisemitism is becoming the norm but a tolerance towards it is more disturbing than the cunts who perpetrate it.

  2. The same bunch of cunts every time………pro EU, gay , tranny, save the fucking planet, kill Trump, kill Boris, kill the Jews etc etc.
    By the way, today is June 23rd, 3 fucking years since THE day. No nearer to being out of that cunt organisation than we were then.
    Think about that.
    As we clearly don’t live in a democracy why don’t we unleash the riot police on these Jew baiters and batter the fuck out of them? Let’s stop pretending.

  3. Utter f@gs…..
    They love to make out that they’re tough, ready to “crack some fascist skulls” or “claim some Nazi scalps”, and I bet Hugo, Rupert and Tabatha think they look really tough and scary with theur stupid masks on, but when it does come down to violence they always get battered unless they outnumber their opponents at least 10 to 1.

    I saw a clip recently, can’t remember from where but there were a load of antifa yelling at Britain first.
    Britain first was made up of fairly stocky gentlemen with shaved heads and tatoos…. the type that you wouldn’t really want to get into a fight with. Well I wouldn’t anyway.
    Then the camera turned to antifa. There were 2 of the most soft looking eton types with proper posh accents yelling “you are lucky you are not over here, we would beat the shit out if you”. It was pathetic. They were obviously hiding behind the police when they shouted it and I can only imagine what they would’ve done if the police had just fucked off and left them to it.
    Probably tears and cries of “poor me, I’m an innocent victim”.
    Its like if Julian clairy stood in front of you singing “you’re gonna get your fucking head kicked in”.
    They’re just not scary.
    Fucking pussy whipped soy boys and bulldyke pug faced lesbian cunts one and all.

    The pigs should stop defending them and let them stand on their own two feet. If you’re going to start fights with people then you have to face the consequences.

    …..I hope they start on me one day. I could do with a good laugh.

    • According to the police’s own statistics, it’s Unite Against Fascism and affiliates that cause violence more often than any of the ‘far-right’ organisations

      I once put this to the bellend in charge of the UAF via Twitter and asked whether using violence for political ends was more fascist than holding an unfashionable opinion on immigration.


  4. The PSC especially the Scottish branch, is riddled with anti Jewish hatred, and surprise, surprise, Jezbollah Cuntbyn is a patron and has been for years.

    They had a march in London recently and were joined by members of the far-right. So when it comes to Jew-hatred, the far left and far right have no qualms about uniting as one. The only difference is that the fascist left try to hide their hatred behind a load of euphemisms.

    If they were so concerned for palestinian rights, they would do the following:
    Call out the systemic corruption of hamas and the palestinian authority, including the theft of approx $15 billion worth of foreign aid, which they use to line their own pockets, and to buy weapons, instead of using it to improve the lives of their own people.
    Call out Syria, Lebanon and Jordan for keeping them in camps for the past seventy years, not allowing them proper housing, jobs, education, integration or citizenship – that’s real apartheid – ask any palestinian who lives in a lebanese camp.

    PSC are not really concerned about palestinians anyway, like most of these groups, they just use them as a convenient vehicle to express their own underlying anti Jewish hatred.

  5. Apologies Blimpo, could not resist this on today’s news.

    German politician’s murder raises spectre of far-right attacks

    Walter Lübcke knew how it felt to receive death threats. A senior politician from Angela Merkel’s CDU party in Hesse, the 65-year-old was well known in the region for his liberal attitude towards people seeking asylum.

    His stance earned him respect and admiration during the refugee crisis, but it also made him the target of a hate campaign.

    And, investigators believe, it may have cost him his life.

    When a country’s people have to listen to the continual lies of the despised unelected bully boy cunts of the undemocratic European Union and their faithful servants, forced to accept the highly dangerous and deeply flawed mass immigration masterplan they vehemently despise favouring those who do not belong and then for their troubles are quite wrongly being discriminated against, insulted and belittled by being called far right extremists they will ultimately have no other option but to take matters into their own hands.

    • IMHO, Lubcke deserved it. I think he said “Germans who do not agree with our enlightened immigration policies are free to leave Germany.” Silly arse.
      Can you imagine what a lot of Krauts must’ve felt like, their grandfathers / gt. grandfathers having fought in the war…??

      Merkel, stupid perished old douchebag, looks as if she’s being having regular “injections” from Dr. Mengele

      • Yes, he did say that.

        How deeply insulting to the citizens of Germany.

        Auf Wiedersehen Dummkopf.

      • I’m still waiting for the Hun cozzers or military to make their move on the Cuntenfuhrer Merkel and her gang of peaceful arselickers…

    • Hijack away Mr Stoker, I love it.
      Personally, I like having a giggle at the images chosen by admin for the noms and scan through all the comments for news, so I’m a big fan of hijacked noms.

      Judging by how high some of these nomination pages climb up the greasy google pages, I reckon ISAC has a huge reach, far more than the number of us that regularly vent, so consider it more of a true Public Service to share such wisdom.

  6. Excellent Cunting.

    Do you think John Snow will look at the picture to this thread and say: “I’ve never seen so many white people”?

    This bunch of anti-semites spew their hate almost unchallenged whilst daddy deals with Jewish Financial advisors, business backers, Lawyers etc to earn his fortune so the runt of his litter can afford their bullshit lifestyle.

    Simple solution with the people of “Palestine,” not prepared to be open and tolerant in your “own land” then perhaps other groups may not be so accommodating of you in their land.

    • The palestinians are universally despised by the rest of the arab world. It seems that only the west, particularly Europe, has this weird love affair with them.
      Interesting also isn’t it, that whilst Jordan occupied the ‘west bank’ and east Jerusalem for almost 20 years prior to 1967, not a single attempt was made by the arab occupiers, the arab league, or the international community, to establish a state for the palestinians on that territory, with east Jerusalem as the capital. Shows how much they care for them.

  7. I urge these protesters to get a one way ticket to Israel and protest to your hearts content. You’ll find plenty of Jewish shop owners there to harass and plenty of muslim prisoners to show solidarity with in your prison cell.

  8. The prime minister of Malaysia recently cracked a “joke ” at cambridge university, if you substituted the word jew, for black or mouse limb you’d be nicked.

  9. What the fuck is Big Don on? Sanctions against Iran? They’ve been trying that since the 80s when that loony who wanted to kill Salman Thingy was in charge… Hasn’t kept the crazy fuckers in line, has it?… Now the cunts are building nukes… Ronnie Reagan should have flattened the dump years ago and there would be nowhere and no one to cause such trouble now… Iran are like the Krauts… Always causing trouble in some shape or form…

    • Agreed, Iran have been nothing but aggro for the last 40 years.

    • Saddam would have done the job for free years ago, if he’d been given the chance. He was a very misunderstood individual with the ultimate aim of working towards World peace!

      • To be fair to Saddam, he was an unmitigated cunt but he kept all the over cunts in that shit region in line. Removing him was retarded.

    • Though I’m no fan of any theocratic state regardless of whichever silly hat their clerics wear, if the Iranians wanted nukes they’d just buy some second hand ones off the Chinese like the Stanley’s have done.

  10. Even though I’m not one myself, I’d much rather have the Chosen as neighbours than slimeys or botherfolk. It’s just that obvious, ask yourself the same.

  11. A spot on and worthy cunting. These counts are anti- semetic and extreme left fanatics. Friends of Jezbolla no doubt?

    Fuck off.

  12. Palestine? Never heard of it as a country to be honest. If anyone wants to support that shithole maybe they should denounce Hamas the goat tickling terrorist scum that runs the place

  13. The former chair was a dyke who invited over a terrorist cleric, Raed Salah, who openly calls for dykes to be stoned to death.

    Funny: She went back in the closet when she brought him over…

    These cunts call Israel’s protection of LGBT rights as pinkwashing This is to say that by promoting Israel as a welcoming tourist destination for poofs, it throws people off the scent of the treatment of Arabs in the West Bank.

    Oh yes, I am looking forward to the next slut walk in Nablus….

  14. Scratch one of these cunts and I’ll bet you’ll find the SWP lurking there. The set-up of the placards gives a hint…

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