Julian Assange (5)

Julian Assange is a whinging soppy faced cunt…

He looks like Alexander Armstrong in a wig and has been arrested by the Met Police on a warrant presented by Westminster Council citing he is a shite stirring cuntox. He has been sat in the Ecuador Embassy in London since 2012 hiding from prosecution for sexual assault in Sweden….fucking 2012…!! Six fucking years unwillingly listening to Spanish speaking visa applications and eating guinea pig. Even the Ecuadorians are fucked off with the shite stirring twat and have off’d him with a leak of their own.

Nominated by Daz Wud

Assange is a CUNT of the highest order. I have seen him interviewed a few times and he won’t let anyone get a word in, nor will he answer a question without going off on some meaningless diatribe. He may as well have been speaking a foreign language, so little did it make sense.

Then there is the fact that he was publishing thousands of stolen documents. Handling stolen goods was still a crime, the last time I checked.

If it was someone who had stolen thousands of documents from Britain we would damn well want him locked up too. Like them or loathe them, the Americans are our greatest allies and supporters. This cunt has stolen from them so we should put him on the next flight to America.

Nominated by Robin Bastard

Extradition of Julian Assange, a strategic annalist Marmite Wikileaks man, from the Equador Embassy. Some may view this as just rewards, others as him being made a scapegoat for exposing the corruption of the powerful. Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno states he abused the hospitality of the embassy. Others believe that this is the consequence of wiki leaks exposing this president & his family of corruption, perjury & money laundering. Wiki leak revealed gruesome war crimes against civilians & prisoners. Assange has been branded as a selfish narcissistic, or is he just some one with a human conscience. Is his extradition justified as some may approve, or is this the UK government just a plaything for the US goverment to demonize him, and straight jacket journalists. Chelsea Manning who initially leaked the files to Julian Assange has now been sentenced once again for refusing to reveal details against Julian Assange. Will the UK government surrender and extradite him to the US. Will he receive a fair trial, or will they add on many other charges. My own greatest fear is that whatever anyone may believe, this is a further dark day for free speech, as with our own Tommy Robinson. Our government states ” No one is above the law.” Unless you are a political NIMBY with erectile or hormone dysfunction.

Your thoughts on this please.

Nominated by Lostsheep

Jeremy Corbyn and Julian Assange.

I know Cunt Corbyn is cunted on this site quite a bit. However he’s like a gift that just keeps on giving.

So that cowardly streak of piss who was holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy has finally been booted out for basically being a giant cunt and subsequently arrested.

Rightly so too.

Even if you can sympathise with his expose on the shit the US military has been doing for years. He still broke the law obtaining the damaging evidence. So like any other citizen on the fucking planet he should face the justice system of the country he stole top secret information from.
Is he above the justice system ?
Is he more important than anyone else ?
Fuck no.
However our commie pal Corbyn seems to think so. Apparently the UK Government should block any attempts from the US requesting extradition.
Well sorry Jezza. Unfortunately they have a completely legal right to have him extradited to face the justice system of their country. It’s basic fucking law. How the fuck don’t you know this as leader of the opposition? Your stupidity is actually terrifying.
Even if the UK did block any attempt of extradition it would cause our nation to be embroiled in a diplomatic tussle with the world’s only superpower. Sounds like a cracking strategy there. Furthermore I believe the UN would back the US due to, I say again, their LEGITIMATE RIGHT to put the cunt on trial.
Assange should stop being a snivelling cowardly prick and face the consequences of his actions.

Fucking beta males the both of em.

Nominated by Cuntoxed

138 thoughts on “Julian Assange (5)

  1. The cunt wouldn’t clean up his cat’s shit which pissed off everyone else in the embassy. Serves the selfish entitled twat right if he ends up in a maximum security jail in Texas.

    • Skateboarding round the embassy, leaving the cooker on, hes a fucking crank! Pissed the Ecuadorians right off! He used to look like a clean shaven corpse, when did he turn into jethro tulls aqualung? Daft albino cunt

  2. The Swedes should have him and after they have finished let the Yanks have him.
    Corbyn’s default position is anti US/UK, so this just confirms my opinion that Assange should eventually face justice in the USA after his alleged sex crimes have been investigated.
    Corbyn’s support is the kiss of death.

  3. PS
    I notice Assange’s celeb support has just about disappeared after they realised what a cunt he is.

    • More likely it is the loss of their contributions towards bail money of £1/4 million which has concentrated their minds. For many of them, the amount would be insignificant but others found themselves losing money they thought would be secure. All fuckin’ leftie sympathisers.

    • Also, the celebricunts would not have taken kindly to the leaking of their idol Crooked Kilary’s emails.

      • The support from Bronald Blumpf seems to have disappeared too, Mr I know nothing of wikileaks either has dementia or has forgotten how assange supported him during the elections or one of his billionaire donors is paying him to keep quiet due to conflicted interests

  4. Reading between the lines, it looks as if Assange was asked politely to leave a week or two before he was forcibly removed; upon which he held a dirty protest. Which is the action of a cunt, although his sanity can’t have been improved by his (voluntary) confinement. It also looks as if the Yanks leaned on Moreno, although they can’t have needed to lean very hard.

    Assange has broken UK law by jumping bail, and should stand trial here for that. His lawyers have challenged the applicability of that charge without success.

    While he has been charged in the US for an offence which has nothing to do with publishing, and everything to do with obtaining, state secrets, extradition proceedings are not yet in train for this or the headlined revival of the Swedes in the alleged rape case. The Swedes should take priority: the offence carries a longer maximum, and is therefore deemed the more serious charge. The Swedes are also claiming 800,000 Euros from Assange for his court costs to date. They could probably extradite him for that too, if he runs true to form, and objects to paying up.

    I hope the Swedes extradite him: if found guilty and after doing his time, the Yanks can take it from there. But the Yanks almost certainly want to ask him some questions about his selective release of emails bearing on Hillary Clinton, and it may be that their enthusiasm and diplomatic weight will carry the day. Either way, the cunt will no longer be in the UK or in any sense our concern and we can all get back to fucking up Brexit.

    It is only a shame that Tony Blair hasn’t done any dateraping in Sweden…his personality is eerily similar to Assange’s.

    • “upon which he held a dirty protest”

      Is that the protest where he allegedly smeared the walls with his shit? lol haha honestly I don’t believe it, the Ecuador embassy should post the shit pics or I’ll assume it didn’t happen

      “It is only a shame that Tony Blair hasn’t done any dateraping in Sweden…his personality is eerily similar to Assange”

      Its sad we can’t charge Blair for waar crimes, treason and forced diversity but we can imprison assange for exposing war crimes seems fair I guess

      • Perhaps I would be more sympathetic to Assange if he had managed to document Blair’s war crimes, as a real journalist might, instead of releasing everything he got his hands on in the hope that some of it would damage someone.

        The shit allegation – take it or leave it. As you say, without evidence it’s not compelling. And the Assange Fan Club would insist on photos taken personally by Catweazel and the shit collected and verified as to DNA content by Pamela Anderson before conceding that their hero was a bit of a cunt.

      • To expose government/ military corruption is good but the way he’s done it is a crime. He’s fucked himself.

      • “Smeared the walls with his own shit?”….My Uncle Eric was massively in to that….not doing it himself I hasten to add, just trawling through thousands of images and videos on line it would appear by his internet browser history…..

  5. The Donald loves a bit of wheeling and dealing so he can have Assange but only if he takes the remaining ISIS ‘Beatles’, Jihadi Jack, Shamima Begum and any kids she has rustled up. We’ll fast track extradition and tell Corbyn, Flabbott and the rest of the placard waving cunts who lionise him to fuck off.

    • Can we not insist that he takes May, Corbyn and circa 500 MPs as well? I’m sure he can find room for them somewhere.

  6. Bit conflicted with this one. If the cunt has indeed broken laws which hurt others (sexual assault charge in Sweden being an example), then yes he’s got what’s coming to him. On the other hand, shining a light on the underhand/illegal/corrupt actions of nation states which seek to limit/reduce the freedoms of its citizens, then he’s done us all a solid.

    Trouble is, he’ll be used as an example to us plebs along the lines of ‘don’t get cocky with authority….shut it and do as you’re told….we know best and if you dare talk back….well look what happened to Julian Assange’. THAT’S a problem we should take seriously.

    I’ll say this though, he must have known this day would come sooner or later and so far, he and his legal team seem unprepared and don’t seem to have a strategy to fight back. Still, early days so we’ll see how this plays out.

    • Point is, the USG isn’t charging him with publishing, but conspiracy to crack a password into one of its secret networks. Which puts him in the same area as someone doing the same thing for a foreign government. The act itself is illegal, whatever the motive.

      The USG’s current concern isn’t the indiscipline of its aircrew in killing unarmed civilians gratuitously (“shit happens”, and who for a moment imagined that murderous rednecks didn’t join the US forces?) but the shitstorm surrounding Trump’s election and its implications for (a) foreign relations and (b) the Constitution.
      I’m not even sure they want to put Assange away so much as to ask him some very searching questions and collect a few more names if they can. Psychologically, he’s a flake, and this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Once they’ve got him.

      • Good post, Komodo. I’ll say this though, there is already a precedent set for not extraditing to the US, people who have been involved in US computer shenanigans. Gary McKinnon ring a bell? That cunt claimed the bullshit Asberger Syndrome as his reason he wouldn’t get a fair trial. Who blocked the US from getting that cunt’s arse on a plane to Yankland? Yep, Treason May. You couldn’t make it up.

      • McKinnon’s extradition was blocked by Nanny but at whose request? Clue. You have detained a person capable of hacking into “secure” US military and NASA computer systems. Do you (a) buy him a ticket to Disneyland, California? (b) buy him a ticket to the Bolshoi ballet, Moscow? (c) buy him a ticket for the Great Wall of China tour? or (d) change his name and house him in a flat in Cheltenham?
        Answers on a postcard to ‘C’ c/o Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Typists’ Pool, London.

  7. From where did the cunt get a cat? Did he arrive with it seven years ago or did he entice some poor stray bastard with little slivers of poached hamster? Is it being extradited too? I think it should be. 99 years FedMax banged up 24/7 with his moggy sounds about right.

  8. Also, it’s open to question as to whether Assange himself covertly obtained sensitive information or whether his ‘crime’ was merely aiding the publication of it, having been handed the information by third parties.

    If Assange is to be tried and possibly convicted of crimes which are on the books now, then it follows that the criminal acts Wikileaks exposed should mean those actors should also face trial. Expect to see George W, B.lair and Hillary in the dock any time soon? Nah, me neither. One rule for the little guy, another for the rich/connected/powerful.

  9. Don’t care what this Aussie cunt has done or not done or what happens to the wanker. He’s a foreigner and has cost us a shitload of money already. Kick his arse out and forget about the cunt. There’s a few million more fuckers who could go with him.

    • Re: ‘shitload of money’, I blame our profligate authorities.

      The cunt didn’t warrant a 24 hour round the clock armed guard. Complete waste of police resources. Highly trained armed officers who could otherwise have been deployed keeping the streets safe gunning down terrorist scum like Anjem Choudary and aspiring architects.

      A couple of plain clothes constables equipped with tasers, one at the front, one round the back, would have been more than sufficient to keep tabs on a narcissistic flake like Assange.

      • You are forgetting perhaps that his supporters are numerous, and sufficiently unemployed and organised to gather if asked to help him run for it.

      • One can only presume he didn’t ask then. The police ended their costly 24-hour guard of the embassy in October 2015, placing the building under covert surveillance instead.

      • Which probably cost them something too. Just a guess, they rented a room in a prime property opposite and got patched into his comms. Releasing the beat officers whose absence elsewhere you were lamenting…

  10. As much as I thoroughly detest this vile person, (and, as one of the people who nominated him, I probably despise him about as much as I despise Theresa fucking May), lets spare a thought for that bunch of cunts known as the Ecuadorean Embassy. This Aussie cunt had nothing whatsoever to do with Ecuador and they still gave him sanctuary and allowed him to evade justice for seven years.

    Interfering Ecuadorean cunts. Grrrrrrrrr.

    • That’s actually a really good point, Robin. Makes you wonder how the Ecuadorean Ambassador can’t be charged as an accessory for knowingly hiding a ‘criminal’. Assange could have no legal basis for diplomatic immunity. Also makes you wonder why Assange didn’t leg it to the Australian Embassy. Strange that.

  11. Something narcissistic and whiffy about this cunt. He looks like a fucking Pound Shop Santa.
    Sorry for not replying to a couple of Esteemed Cunters on the Ice Cream topic. Out in the English countryside this week end and the signal is a bit hit and miss.
    Good afternoon.

    • Afternoon Jack. Enjoy the countryside, mate.

      One of my favourite views is the rolling South Downs just north of Lewes in East Sussex. I miss that, plus a sausage roll and a pint of Harveys Best (brewed in Lewes no less). Ahhhhhh…..Yankland can get on your tits from time to time, today being one of those days.

      • Most beautiful place I have ever visited without doubt is Yellowstone National Park.

        Preferred the visit in the Summer. Green and lush compared to the Autumn (or as you would say THE FALL).

        As you would also say AWESOME.

      • That’s awesome, Willie. 😉

        Good win today, but it was Hudds after all. Moura’s goals were all beautifully taken. Shame Llorente doesn’t know where the goal is or it could have been 6 or 7.

      • Local team Ipswich, who today were relegated into the third tier of the Football League for the first time in 62 years.

        Back in the late 70’s/early 80’s Ipswich had a fantastic team and fantastic manager.

        Now they have neither.

      • That’s a shame about Ipswich, Willie.

        Still remember Arnold Muhren stroking the ball around midfield and Paul Mariner knocking ’em in for fun.

        RTC is right about Bobby Robson. Total Ledge.

      • Evening IY.

        Tbh, I know nuffink abaaaat football, but was born and bred in Ipswich before moving to Portmeirion…

        I wonder what’s happened to Assange’s cat?


      • Good afternoon Mr. Yank. I’ve had a really good pork pie from a shop that was crammed with mouth watering comestibles.
        Currently washing down a delicious homemade curry with Bishops Finger ( Nuns Delight ).
        Oh it’s such a perfect day !!

      • First Robin and now you, Jack. Christ – I can’t catch a break. Time to head to the airport me thinks. 😉

        Have a great weekend, you lucky sod. 🙂

      • Were you the original Prisoner RTC? Couldn’t find a reply on you 7.47 post.

      • Whose side are you on BSC?

        I am not a number, I am a free creampuff!


      • Travel north IY and you will reach the Lake District. There, you will not only experience the most beautiful countryside in England but also the best beer when you try a pint of Wainwright’s bitter.

      • Greetings Blunty old chap. Good call on the Lake District. I have visited and really enjoyed everything about it. Last time must have been 2003 or 2004. Had a boat ride on Lake Windermere, pints everywhere we stopped and loved Grasmere. Discovered the ginger shop there. So quaint and completely wonderful. We order a bunch of stuff from them every Christmas. It’s not Christmas for us unless there are ginger treats all the way from Grasmere.

        Can’t say I had a pint of Wainwright’s or not. I do miss proper English beer though. We get a few offerings over here, but you can’t beat a proper pub.

        Thanks for mentioning The Lakes though. Brought back some very happy memories. Cheers – IY.

  12. How interesting! I live just a few miles from Lewes. Absolutely beautiful area. We’ve toured large parts of America and love it, but there’s nowhere quite as lovely as the Downs.

    You’re right about the Harvey’s Best too – quite lovely on a sunny afternoon.

    • Robin: I hate you now. 🙂 Gasping for a Harv right now.

      Tell me you don’t live in Ringmer. What is up with that traffic calming min-roundabout crap. Jeez! The Green Man is not a bad visit. Can’t think of the name of the pub at the other end of the village. Never been in there. Had a bit of a reputation in my day.

      Best part of the year in Octoberish through January (I think) when they make Harveys Old Ale. Oh my – heaven in a glass.

      Good to know there’s a fellow East Sussex lad here on ISAC. Next time you’re downing a Harv, think of me. Cheers – IY.

      • No, not Ringmer. My brother in law works there and has told me some strange tales about the locals! But then he lives near Uckfield so I have my suspicions about him!

        We’re just over the county line in West Sussex, but are regular visitors to Lewes. Had lunch there just a couple of weeks ago in Bill’s. Great service, great food too. A bit noisy but then I am an old fart so anything over 10 decibels tends to piss me off! It was right across the street from the Harveys brewery too (just to make you really jealous!).

  13. I have no real in depth knowledge but the résumé I saw on RT about what he had exposed was, forgive the word, arresting. I don’t know if he put people ‘in the field’ at risk. I am suspicious of that argument. Some reporter said he was like ‘Marmite’. I am more on his side than governments.

    • What I liked about it was the fact it was so the release of the documents was so unfocused, both the Left and the Right were embarrassed. Like here they are-make up your own mind. If the Swedish charge is a ‘set up’ then jumping bail could be seen as legitimate. I think I heard Bradley Manning wouldn’t release the documents if they weren’t ALL to be published. I kind of liked that too. Maybe wrong on that. Maybe wrong on how much jeopardy people were put in. I don’t know what to think of him as a person. He has annoying voice, creepy manner certainly.

      But I like RT.and their point about him is that journalists Newspapers in America are in the pocket of the government. They are downright STOPPING journalists trying to uncover wrong doing. For example the Manning stuff was offered to the Washington Post.

      • The Judge at this recent hearing described him as a Narcissist. How could he make such a determination from seeing him in a court for 20 minutes.

      • I hope you’re not so naive as to think RT is an impartial source of information Miles. Not when it’s funded by Putin’s kleptocratic anti West Government … Keep your crap-detector turned up to 11.

    • I share your scepticism Miles. And tend to align with Lostsheep’s part of the nomination.

      • Watch out RT nearly choked on my sandwich, tipped my coffee over there. You’ll have to signal that you’re going to agree with me next time. Maybe a thumbs up emoji at the start. Very dangerous stuff this posting lark.

        One more thought; The Judge at his hearing described him as a Narcissist. How could he make such a determination after spending half an hour with him in a court. Sounded odd to me.

      • Me too, Miles. Since when is it a judge’s place to start passing personal opinion on anyone who comes before them. Sounded to me like the establishment piling it on because it gives them a little limelight in their otherwise miserable pathetic lives.

      • Not unknown for Judges to display blatant bias in favour of the establishment. Plenty of precedent. Check out Jeremy Thorpe’s whitewash of a trial for example.

  14. If the cunt has charges to answer in Sweden just fuck him off over there and then he isnt our problem any more.

    As I understand it he is an Australian citizen so not our problem even if the extradition requests are rejected, he can fuck off back down under.

    Goodbye to a pointless drain on our police resources.


  15. Further to my recent comments on here when the news broke, I would add that the nub re Assange is the doubt that he would get a fair trial in the Land of the Free.

    Were this to be assured, then even his most staunch supporters could not reasonably oppose his extradition. However there are too many recent examples to the contrary for any certainty, quite apart from the small matter of the death penalty still extant from sea to shining sea.

    Lacking real expertise in international law perhaps, and knowing even less about the specifics of Assange’s pedigree, I largely fail to see why this is significantly a UK issue. I’m aware of the diplomatic relationship between UK and US perhaps better than many, and recognise its current (and some would argue historic) fragility. However, last time I looked Mr Assange was an Aussie.

    Certainly HMG must avoid being seen to be the poodle of the US (even if we are), and we should handle this hot potato as briefly and cautiously as possible. To mix my metaphors, he’s not our beef.

  16. Assange is a cunt but so is the USA. “Americans are our greatest allies and supporters”. Oh really? Like when they loaned us 50 clapped out destroyers in exchange for land rights in British territories. Like when they invaded Grenada without letting Maggie know beforehand. Like when they declined to acknowledge the right of the Falklands to determine their British sovereignty because they thought UK would lose. Like when they treated UK intelligence services as complete cunts for decades after Philby et al. Like when they bullied UK into leasing bits of Suffolk to store their nuclear weapons and jets. Like when they demanded Bliar support their invasion of Iraq. Fucking Yanks. With friends like them who needs enemies? Get real Robin. They would fuck us over any time it suited them.

    • The so-called ‘Special Relationship’ between the US and Britain is just lip service by the political cunts of the day. Blair and Major to Obama and Clinton all cunts.

      “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests”
      Henry Kissinger.

    • Hey Fim: I cannot speak for the entire Yankland population, but having lived here for close on 2 decades I can tell you this…..

      When it comes to the ‘special relationship’ the party which considers it “special” and being “in” with the other is the UK. The Yanks don’t get a stiffy about their relationship with the UK. That’s how it seems to me. The Yanks will do what the Yanks will do. If that happens to align with the thoughts/wishes of the UK, it’s a happy coincidence and that’s about it. The last time there seemed genuine collusion and a mutual respect/world strategy was with Reagan/Thatcher. That was a long time ago now.

    • Fimbrations,

      Like when they sent their troops to help us in two world wars we may very well have lost without them. Like when they have helped us out in countless ways you are not aware of (but I assure you, they have).
      For sure, they have their own interests, and why should they not?, but they are still our greatest ally. And this obnoxious Aussie cunt stole from them. He belongs in gaol.

      • The Yanks only dropped their policy of neutrality in 1941 after the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor.

      • And your point is? If they hadn’t joined in, either we would have lost or it would have gone on for a hell of a lot longer, and Europe would now be dominated by Russia. And who the hell would want that?

      • “Perhaps Russia”.
        Fucking hell. A more facetious reply than I have ever seen. Can you possibly imagine the state of Europe and the world in general if Russia hadn’t been prevented from advancing further? Without the help of the Americans Europe would have been fucked.

        Think what happened in Salisbury was bad? The cold war was a walk in the park compared to what would have happened.

      • My point is they didn’t join in for our benefit, as you seemed to imply Robin.

      • RTC,

        You are, of course, quite right. The Americans didn’t join in just to help us out. Self-interest has always been their primary motivation.

        Doesn’t change the fact that without their intervention most of Europe would probably be speaking Russian now.

      • You asked the question. Of course the answer is facetious, as in jesting. But not sarcastic. Europe would have been fucked? You mean Germany and France (the first doesn’t pay a fair share of the NATO bill, the second is not even a member) haven’t done as good a job as the Russians could have done? That’s debatable.

      • Thanks RTC you said it for me. Not forgetting that the ‘help’ in WW1 came when the real fighting was over and the Yanks wanted in on the post-war carve up with an eye for business opportunities. Oh, and the Anglo-American loan which UK only managed to repay (with interest) in 2006 whilst the greenback was being poured into Germany and Italy under the Marshall Plan. Best friends and allies my arse.

      • Fimbrations,
        You would seriously want to live in a Europe dominated by Russia? You go on about the freedom of speech and information that Assange and his fellow cunts bring to the world, but I can absolutely guarantee that if He did that to Russia he would not be alive now.

        Wow. Just wow,

      • Also, since when was France not a member of NATO? Have they left without telling anyone?

      • In February 1959, France withdrew its Mediterranean Fleet from NATO command, and later banned the stationing of foreign nuclear weapons on French soil. … In 1966, all French armed forces were removed from NATO’s integrated military command, and all non-French NATO troops were asked to leave France.
        Further, please specify, precisely, where on this forum I have “gone on about freedom of speech and information ……etc”
        Take a day off RB. You’re PMT is showing.

      • Fimbrations,
        My apologies, you haven’t gone on about freedom of speech etc. I was wrong in that assertion.

        That said, are you seriously quoting something that happened 53 years ago to prove that France is no longer a member of NATO? Really?

      • Fimbrations,
        I don’t know if you’ll read this as it is in amongst about 75,000 other posts, but I have re-read this and am quite annoyed with myself for my over reaction to your comment about Russia, which was, quite clearly, a joke. I apologise accordingly.

        I herby nominate myself for being a cunt.

  17. When you’re regarded as a cunt by Ecuadorians, you gotta be some kind of cunt.

    • Its like Theresa May being told what to do by the likes of Malta and Cyprus….oh wait…

  18. Never liked this cunt, he’s in it for the glory, nothing else. Full blown narcissistic prick. And, all the information released has meant fuck all. Most of the incidents these leaks refer to are just the same old shit that has gone on forever, they just needed sexing up for them to be remotely interesting to the general public, who are mostly thick. I bet if you asked 100 people what were the biggest revelations to come out of wikileaks, 99 of them will not have a clue, 1 of them will ask ‘what is wikileaks’
    Fuck him, dirty protest? Should have made the cunt lick it up.

  19. Although I’ve never seen even a clip of it, I believe his writing on Downton Abbey was very good.

  20. Then again Bush n Blair are both doing well for themselves ain’t they? The cunt who leaked the documents got a pardon.

    If he has a case to answer so be it but when Blair is walking free this cunt is a side dish.

    Then there’s the D notices on the elite paedo rings in the echelons of power.

    So this Australian cunt is way down the list of people who need to be brought to justice in my eyes.

    I hope he held some shit back he can at least take a few real cunts down with him.

  21. Daz, you’re completely right. He does look like a menacing Alexander Armstrong. Perhaps it was his Armstrong type voice belting out in the embassy bathroom that led to his eviction. Either way, they’re both a pair of pointless bastards.

  22. Why are people losing their shit over what the US ,military get up to? The CIA / MI6 are unofficially taking cunts out all the time. This I know because I had some unofficial involvement and I don’t have any regrets. People die, so fucking what? Collateral damage of 20 to 1 is acceptable, move on. Fucking hell.

    • I think because the helicopter film is the ONLY thing to emerge from Wikileaks which the general public has heard of and thinks it can engage with. The general public appears to be unaware that war is always a vile occupation, and no senior heads ever roll when ‘exposures’ take place. Also that shooting up random unidentified civilians and recording the details – secretly or not – is not considered best military practice by the US.

  23. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think, (apologies) that this cunt who I really wish would just fucking contract Ebola or lick the door handle at Sergei Skripals house or something, made his name by exposing the ‘truth’ and believed those implicated in his ‘exposés’ should face justice.

    In doing so he was accused of crimes in Sweden and hacking into and or obtaining highly confidential US military secrets and distributing them to the public.


    Maybe he should just try to stand for Parliament in the U.K., they love hypocrites and lites there, they even welcome convicted criminals.

  24. I know this is off topic but I’m after visibility, so apologies ! Let’s get the Maybot out now!

    I need five signatures to get this petition live and try to force May into another confidence vote – will you sign it?

    Click this link to sign the petition:

    My petition:

    The Prime Minister must allow an further Vote of Confidence in her leadership

    It is clear that since the Prime Minister survived a vote of no confidence by the Parliamentary party that she has acted in a high handed manner and broken the promises set out in her manifesto.

    The Withdrawal Agreement has been overwhelmingly rejected three times by Parliament. This clearly demonstrates that the Prime Minister’s strategy for Brexit does not enjoy the support of the majority either in the House of Commons or her own party. She must seek approval of her continued leadership and should this vote go against her, she should resign immediately

    • What an utter, fucking HYPOCRITE!!

      He feels at liberty to publish any and all stolen documents he can get his hands on, but when someone releases official documents about him he goes all cry-baby.

      If I didn’t already hate this wanker, this would have confirmed what a cunt he is.

  25. Impressive cunting. I’ve never heard of a single one of the four cunts who nominated the cunting though. 🤔

      • This has just set me to ask something that I’ve wondered for a while.

        How long did people read this site before making their first comment? I didn’t last more than a couple of days before I had to have my say. I also wonder if there are people who read and yet never comment.

        Not important, I know. Just genuinely curious.

      • I only discovered this site a few weeks ago. It occured to me how much I detested that smarmy cunt Keir Starmer, and I wondered if anybody else thought so too, so I went on Google and put the following in the search bar: “Keir Starmer is a cunt”!!!!

        The rest, as they say, is history.

        Love this site, just about the only place I can go to to really say what’s on my mind. My wife already calls me Victor Meldrew, so I had to look somewhere else!

      • I’ve been following ISAC, for a good 12 months Mr F, but I only started posting on it in last 6 weeks/2 months.

    • I’ve been a member for over a year now, and regularly post comments. Latest …12, 11, 8, 7, 6, 5,2….etc.. etc. This was only my second nomination. Maybe get your facts right next time TITS, though it’s an easy mistake to make I guess. I’ve never heard of you either.

      • No offence was intended, it was just odd to have a quarto-cunting by four cunters who aren’t as prominent on here as Dick Fiddler or Komodo etc.

      • An unusually high proportion of ‘nominators’ have never commented on anything… including their own nominations.

        Very strange.

        Perhaps they are regular known Cunters nominating under assumed IDs for some reason…

      • I think they are “plants” from GCHQ just stirring the pot. The longer I spend on this site finds me slowly morphing in to a right wing conspiracy theorist.

      • @bluntspeakingcunt

        You are, of course, quite correct. We all live in Cheltenham, creating chaos across the cybersphere on behalf of her majesty’s government.

        Also – the moon landings were faked, and 9/11 was actually caused by the American government.

        Go and have a lie down, pull a blanket over yourself, and have a nice cup of cocoa. There there.

      • The earth is flat, isn’t it? At, least, that’s what they told us at GCHQ.

  26. A little something to help everyone ease the piss-pressure afore bed……..

    “John Bercow ABANDONS plans to resign as Speaker by Tory remainer MPs and pledges to stay on so he can ‘kill off Brexit’
    John Bercow abandoned plans to resign as Speaker, friends have told MoS
    Mr Bercow was persuaded to stay on by anti-Brexit Tory MPs, they claimed
    The Speaker has infuriated No 10 by calling unhelpful amendments and trying to block MPs from voting on her deal more than once”

    Fuck Off.

    • I hope Bercow dies with his cock up Grieves arse.

      Fuck off and eat shite.

      I’m off to listen to some more Jazz

  27. I can’t believe I am going to write this!

    In fairness to Bercow (I know, I know), he did cite a law that was created when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and blocked the Maybot from bringing her shitty, cunty fucking useless deal to Parliament AGAIN! With the total impasse in Parliament the only logical avenue left is no-deal. Unfortunately the deceitful cunt applied for yet another extension, so it was May who blocked Brexit, despite her claims to be pursuing it.

    At least Bercow tried!

    • He only cites these precedents and laws when it suits his purpose, i.e. scuppering Brexit.

      The point is he’s supposed to be impartial but he’s not.

      • I don’t for one minute believe you are really that naive.

        He is a Conservative MP for Buckingham. How the hell could anybody ever really believe he is impartial? How can the Speaker of the House possibly be impartial when he is a standing MP for one of the parties in paliament?

      • God I despise the stunted little wanker and his ghastly tart of a missus.
        Hardly searing political insight I know but I’m too smashed to manage anything more thoughtful.
        Beer is good…

      • He may be a conservative mp but he seems to be biased towards labour.
        But his biased towards thwarting Brexit, is total and like many MPs from across the house, they have stopped pretending, to implement the will of the people.
        Most of them are lying cunts, and now the media is in full flow, blaming the small band of Tories who want to deliver Brexit which we voted for, as the reason it’s not being delivered.
        Boris Johnson will be the next cunt to betray people.

      • Despite what I wrote, I hate Bercow as much as everyone else in the country.

        However, who has the power to take us out of the EU? May.
        Who keeps asking for extensions, ensuring we stay in the EU? May.

        An undeniable fact.

        Bercow is a cunt, for sure, but he is not the one preventing our departure from the EU, May is.

      • I agree RB, but I sincerely believe that there has been collusion between many people and organisations, to arrive at where we are with Brexit.
        And all of it, orchestrated and facilitated by that hunchback cunt, and the people she has appointed.
        She is another one who has stopped pretending to want to deliver on her many promises, to deliver on the result of the referendum. But she’s PM and I don’t think she’ll ever face the kind of retribution, she deserves for the lies.

      • The cunt man of alcatraz,

        I agree completely, and I also agree about Boris Johnson. My personal belief is that our failure to leave the EU is down to that smarmy cunt Michael Gove. If he had not withdrawn his support for Johnson, Boris would have become leader of the Conservative party and he would definitely have got us out.

        Then he would have proved what a useless, self serving cunt he really is. But at least we would be free of Tusk, Juncker and Barnier.

      • I also believe, as has been said on here by other cunters, the way Andrea Leadsom was stitched up by the press, I wonder how many people who thought Maycunt was the best candidate, think that now.
        Sickening as it is, around where I live labour flyers are appearing in windows, I know it’s for local elections, but I fear it will be repeated in a GE.

      • I detest Boris Johnson. I will buy everyone in the pub a drink the day that I hear about him and his Eton bum-boy Cameron croaking…hopefully there’ll be pictures of their final moments that I can wank over.

      • Death by Erotic Autoasphyxiation perhaps.
        While wearing ladies underwear and with a tangerine up the bum.
        Humiliating and hilarious… 😁

      • @ RB

        Naivety doesn’t come into it. The role of the Speaker is to be impartial.

        Past Speakers have more or less fulfilled that remit. Speaker Bercunt has not.

        Although nominally a Conservative, he is biased toward Labour and blatantly anti-Brexit. Make of that what you will.

      • PS: Johnson would have been rubbish. You’re naive if you imagine otherwise.

        Our failure to leave the EU is down to the fact that 75% of the House of Commons is Remain, 90% of the Lords is Remain, as is the Civil Service and the MSM.

        With useless Treasoner May, Olly Robbins and the EU calling the shots, Brexit never stood a chance.

      • But naivety does come into it. You talk about the speaker being impartial as though you believe it is something which actually will happen, when he is a) a conservative, and b) a career politician with his own motivations.

        Also, we are going to be leaving the EU on 29th March 2019. I know this is also a fact because the prime minister said it 108 times.

        Meanwhile, back here in the real world………..

      • FFS Robin! I didn’t say the Speaker was impartial, I said HIS ROLE is to be impartial. Got it now?

        And if you think our failure to leave the EU is down to Michael Gove… that’s naivety on steroids.

      • Yes, you said his role is to be impartial. i.e. the role of the speaker is to be impartial. I could not agree more.
        HOWEVER. The speaker of the house is a sitting MP for one of the parties in parliament. On which planet do you really think that person is ever going to be 100% impartial? Get real.

      • Love him or loathe him, I have no doubt that Boris would have got us out of the EU. That he has not been able to do so is down to the absolute treachery of Gove.

        Would he have been a great prime minister in other respects? Probably not, but he couldn’t possibly have done a worse job than May.

      • It’s you who needs to “get real” if you think Boris Johnson “would definitely have got us out.” 🤣

      • Agree – no one could have done a worse job than May.

        Although she could not have done a better job for the EU!

      • I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on good old Boris.

        We do seem to share a common dislike of the Maybot though (along with at least 64 million other people!).

      • I don’t dislike the Maybot… my feelings go FAR deeper than that. In just 3 years she’s done more to undermine and diminish this country than Tony B. Liar did in all 10 years of his premiership.

        She is Queen Midas in reverse – everything she touches turns to shit.

  28. Bercow is a fucking disgrace.
    Having said that, he slots in nicely with all the rest of the scum in this Parliament.

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