Ripped trousers

A blanket nomination for anyone who wears ripped trousers.

It used to be the preserve of stupid teenage girls. Now it’s commonplace. You can see why clueless dopey teenagers might want to wear something that looks like it came from a rubbish tip, as in their immature minds, they are looking ‘cool’, but you’d think that adults would have more sense – or maybe I’m just being a cunt for thinking that.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

25 thoughts on “Ripped trousers

  1. Been around for ages always comes back into fashion, as a teen wore em myself thinking i looked like one of the Ramones who started this look, i didnt! This is for kids and now any daft cunt who will follow like a sheep. Be original! First on your street to wear blackface! Or moari full facial tattoo, lead not follow! Try it, and let me know how you get on, are people copying you? Like a tribe of minstrels, all blacked up and ready to party!!

    • No fashion is ever new, it’s always been done before. I first saw this ripped jeans thing become a trend when I worked in Manchester in 1965.

    • Worse is a middle age cunt wearing skinny jeans! Ought to be a law against it! Looks fucking mad, grow old and accept it your not in ‘the strokes’ your 45yrs old! Pistol whippings all round

    • 🎶
      Beat on the brat
      Beat on the brat
      Beat on the brat with a baseball bat
      Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh-oh 🎶

  2. Ripped trousers epitomise gross stupidity. His,on earth, does wearing a torn garment make you look good?

    Utter shit cunt bollocks.

    Good afternoon.

  3. I’m with you 100% on this. Whenever I see anyone in trousers like this I automatically look around nervously to see if there is an angry wolf lurking nearby, planning on attacking me next and ruining my perfectly washed and pressed trousers.

    The old one rip across the knee didn’t really bother me, I used to think it just added to the “very well worn and slightly worn out” look. Nowadays there are more holes and rips than there is material.

    This has nothing to do with fashion, and everything to do with making every effort possible to look like a cunt.

  4. Ripped jeans, on an adult, send the message “I am a dozy slave to fashion, even it makes me look like a silly cunt”.

    Far worse are those men’s trousers that aren’t quite trousers and aren’t quite shorts, reaching just below the knee. Almost always worn with an England football shirt and a pair of flip flops or training shoes with invisible socks. Fat German men seem to love them as well – no idea why.

    Chav cunts.

    Bring back baggy jeans and cap-sleeve T-shirts, No6 King Size and 16-hole Doc Martens. Timeless, elegant, classy.

  5. Even when the ripped look was considered ‘in’, I thought you looked like a tramp wearing clothing in such a state of disrepair. I’ve never tried to look in or cool, so who am I to judge?

    Since we’re on the subject of jeans and such, what about the cunts who wear their jeans with the waistband practically around their knees? How do they even stay up? What the fuck is that about? Absolute cunts.

    • It originated in the states amongst de black crims, who when arrested and put in a cell, are relieved of their belts in case of suicide attempts. Standard protocol. It makes their wastebands slip to the knees. Innit.

      • Ah, ta for the intel Paul. Did not know that.

        Must say though, taking away their belts seems like a wasted opportunity for some cost savings. If you know what I mean. Innit.

  6. For the ease of access this haute couture [sic] affords I cannot agree, Mystic Maven.

    Obviously, rather like leggings (or indeed any public exposure of any kind) the style is best avoided by fat birds with bingo wings and muffin tops.

    • Indeed, all munters should be kept out of the public eye (or I might take offense, pretending to be a flaky cunt).
      I find Cadburys (an arse and a half…) visually disgusting – puts me right off my chips!

  7. I went shopping with the wife the other day (I know, I know) and noticed these stupid things on sale in M and S. What I wondered is, are the cuts reinforced around the edges in some way to prevent further tearing? They wouldn’t last long if they aren’t I would’ve thought.

    • Had the same thought, Ron. Although I wasn’t in M&S obviously. I also wondered if there’s a length of rip that’s ‘cool’, but if it’s too long does it cross the line from ‘cool’ to just ‘a rip’? Does sewing it back up a little count? Much confusion. Best stay well clear.

    • Keeps tailors and clothing repair shops in business 😉 (if there are any left, that is)

  8. Imagine Diane Abbott in a pair? Actually,no. I am just about to eat.
    Saw my postie today. He said that I had not had a special delivery for sometime. I said the boyfriend was out shopping so he was welcome to give me one. He ran off! Fucking homophobic cunt.

    • Flabbott???Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
      They’d have to re-model a fucking barrage balloon.

    • Remember the good old days before 1967 when the only thing postmen had to worry about was being bitten by dogs?

  9. Extending the fashion for wearing holes, i.e. the absence of material, to its limit, we will see numpties queuing in M&S and other fashion outlets to pay top price for, well, nothing. Here are your 100% holed jeans miss. That’ll be £80 please. Reminds me of the children’s song the king is in the altogether. Danny Kaye?

  10. Sorry but Ripped Trousers ? I’ve never seen any legwear other than Jeans being sported by the “fashionable” types. Can you imagine anyone wearing ripped Corduroys ? Ripped Crimplene ?

    Be off with you !

  11. I wear ripped trousers because I am poor. They go with my ripped and skidded pants.

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