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Julian Assange is a whinging soppy faced cunt…

He looks like Alexander Armstrong in a wig and has been arrested by the Met Police on a warrant presented by Westminster Council citing he is a shite stirring cuntox. He has been sat in the Ecuador Embassy in London since 2012 hiding from prosecution for sexual assault in Sweden….fucking 2012…!! Six fucking years unwillingly listening to Spanish speaking visa applications and eating guinea pig. Even the Ecuadorians are fucked off with the shite stirring twat and have off’d him with a leak of their own.

Nominated by Daz Wud

Assange is a CUNT of the highest order. I have seen him interviewed a few times and he won’t let anyone get a word in, nor will he answer a question without going off on some meaningless diatribe. He may as well have been speaking a foreign language, so little did it make sense.

Then there is the fact that he was publishing thousands of stolen documents. Handling stolen goods was still a crime, the last time I checked.

If it was someone who had stolen thousands of documents from Britain we would damn well want him locked up too. Like them or loathe them, the Americans are our greatest allies and supporters. This cunt has stolen from them so we should put him on the next flight to America.

Nominated by Robin Bastard

Extradition of Julian Assange, a strategic annalist Marmite Wikileaks man, from the Equador Embassy. Some may view this as just rewards, others as him being made a scapegoat for exposing the corruption of the powerful. Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno states he abused the hospitality of the embassy. Others believe that this is the consequence of wiki leaks exposing this president & his family of corruption, perjury & money laundering. Wiki leak revealed gruesome war crimes against civilians & prisoners. Assange has been branded as a selfish narcissistic, or is he just some one with a human conscience. Is his extradition justified as some may approve, or is this the UK government just a plaything for the US goverment to demonize him, and straight jacket journalists. Chelsea Manning who initially leaked the files to Julian Assange has now been sentenced once again for refusing to reveal details against Julian Assange. Will the UK government surrender and extradite him to the US. Will he receive a fair trial, or will they add on many other charges. My own greatest fear is that whatever anyone may believe, this is a further dark day for free speech, as with our own Tommy Robinson. Our government states ” No one is above the law.” Unless you are a political NIMBY with erectile or hormone dysfunction.

Your thoughts on this please.

Nominated by Lostsheep

Jeremy Corbyn and Julian Assange.

I know Cunt Corbyn is cunted on this site quite a bit. However he’s like a gift that just keeps on giving.

So that cowardly streak of piss who was holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy has finally been booted out for basically being a giant cunt and subsequently arrested.

Rightly so too.

Even if you can sympathise with his expose on the shit the US military has been doing for years. He still broke the law obtaining the damaging evidence. So like any other citizen on the fucking planet he should face the justice system of the country he stole top secret information from.
Is he above the justice system ?
Is he more important than anyone else ?
Fuck no.
However our commie pal Corbyn seems to think so. Apparently the UK Government should block any attempts from the US requesting extradition.
Well sorry Jezza. Unfortunately they have a completely legal right to have him extradited to face the justice system of their country. It’s basic fucking law. How the fuck don’t you know this as leader of the opposition? Your stupidity is actually terrifying.
Even if the UK did block any attempt of extradition it would cause our nation to be embroiled in a diplomatic tussle with the world’s only superpower. Sounds like a cracking strategy there. Furthermore I believe the UN would back the US due to, I say again, their LEGITIMATE RIGHT to put the cunt on trial.
Assange should stop being a snivelling cowardly prick and face the consequences of his actions.

Fucking beta males the both of em.

Nominated by Cuntoxed

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  1. All your comments made for some interesting thoughts on both side’s of the coin. Whether or not you believe his extradition from the embassy was too costly & long overdue, or the result of the Ecuadorian president, and our own government placating the US demands, my own biggest fears are the dangerous precedent this sets for every investigating Journalist in the world. The lefty’s seek only power through their false thin skinned like ticking judgements & I detest them … “for they know what they do.” My main concern was the very dark road this may lead to. The rest is white noise, though the recent remarks made from the British judge are paramount to abuse. I honestly believe that Wiki leaks came about through the failure of journalists world wide who stand for nothing except their corporal political donors. Assange is Australian, Assange is white. Image the outcry if he was not. Imagine every other criminal human rights do gooder farting and charging over this. I’m not an accedemic, I’m not a political genius. I’m just someone so deeply worried as you all are about the Britain we once knew, and the Britain we leave to our loved ones.

    • This case doesn’t set any precedents at all for investigative journalism. It does make a very clear point regarding the basic rule of law: Thou shall not steal. Bradley Manning, and that other traitorous cunt Edward Snowden, were in positions of trust, and they violated that trust in the worst way possible, by stealing all the information that was the property of their employers.

      How would you like it if all of your private information was laid bare for all the public to see. Would you like the whole British and international public to know all your bank details, all the things you’ve ever written, supposedly anonymously, on websites like this? You wouldn’t. You’d be properly pissed off, and rightly so,

      Your main concern is the dark road this will lead to. What dark road? We will be exactly where we were before. By releasing such damaging material well, they may well be the beacons of free speech, but they also make the world a more dangerous place. That is the dark road, and it is curtesy of people like Assange.

      You also say we should imagine the outcry if Assange wasn’t white. Are you seriously suggesting there hasn’t been any outcry already? People hate him because he is an obnoxious, stealing cunt. It really is that simple.

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