Jeremy Corbyn (14)

Jeremy Corbyn

Hasn’t this cunt been cunted enough?


This scruffy self-serving tramp constantly opposes everything to do with Brexit in an attempt to force a general election.
At a time when we all need to stand shoulder to shoulder and tell the EU to get fucked, this joke of a man thinks of nothing except how to further his nefarious political career.

He doesn’t care about Britain in the slightest, and why his supporters can’t see that he’s nothing more than a power hungry dumb oaf, eager to sell all of us into slavery to maintain his workshy followers is beyond me. That said, his supporters vote for the likes of Abbott and Lammy so no, the blinkered fuckwits never will see.

I’d like to punch this motherfucker so hard in the gob his grandmother would feel it.


Nominated by Duke of Cuntshire

45 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn (14)

  1. You just cant believe a word Catweazle says. Today it is reported that he says that he will continue Brexit if he wins a snap election. But does he really believe the New Labour/Blairite//Magledbum pansies would let him?. Even IF they did Adonis would still piss all over it. Already rent a gob bender Wes Streeting a know nothing young backbencher has had a hissy fit.

    My guess is he would “renegotiate” just like Major and Cameron did and accept any weak as piss “concessions” as a major breakthrough. In any case the EU would dig in more knowing that they had yet another lightweight to bully.

    Perhaps he believes the shit he comes out with, perhaps he would just say anything to become the next PM, but I would treat anything he said with a large dose of salt.

    If Labour did win next time there would be the biggest fight between the Corbynites and the Blairite nancy boys – it would be handbags at dawn every day for the next 5 years. Don’t risk it.

    • That’s because even Catweazle doesn’t believe what he says…..because he’s just so pig-shit thick and clueless to comprehend the issues that he can’t make up his mind.

      Christ what an imbecile. Drunker’s security guards will have escorted him out of EU central and back to the nearest night shelter before he scarcely lands in the country.

    • Nobody in their right mind would support May. Far less Corbyn.

      Two sides of the same useless coin.

      “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

  2. If he wants to be the next PM, he’s certifiable. The next premiership will be such an ongoing clusterfuck, echoing down the ages, that I could almost, but not quite, wish that Blair were back to take the blame for it.

    Give the man his due, though (no, RTC, I know how you feel, no need for you to), keeping aloof, enigmatic and apparently clueless while the Tories tear each other apart is exactly what Sun-Tzu, Bismarck and Machiavelli would have wanted.

    • He lacks the imagination or brains to do anything else.

      Suspect the electorate have the measure of the man though. No-one could be so far behind May in the polls otherwise.

  3. Having been a staunch advocate for a so called ‘hard brexit’ which as it happens was the only one on offer I regret to announce I’ve had my head turned and would now like a People’s Vote in order to reverse the original decision.

    Ive listened to hours and hours of debates, arguments, statistics, you name it and never been swayed but then up pop the ‘Breunion Boys’ and well, that’s me turned.

      • Awesome isn’t it Duke!

        I think it’s fair to say they haven’t quite grasped why 17.4m people voted as they did.

        God loves a trier though, apparently……

        Top respect for eating a kebab at 7pm btw!

    • What a crock of shit; unable to watch more than 1/2 before brain fazed. Well done Cunty for being brave enough to watch such shit. I hope you have not been traumatised the lyrics bad enough but the fucking jerkoffs performing, hells bells a stiff one is required.

    • The video needs to forensically analysed, there has to be subliminal messaging in there.
      Luckily I closed my eyes in time so I am unaffected.

  4. Evening Cuntflap.

    Wonder how many Cunters will twig your cryptic coupling re: hanging & Brexit…

    • What would be worse, hanging or a corbyn government,
      i must admit I didnt know that capital punishment was a red card from the EU.
      How about shipping out failed asylum seekers to countries where they would killed or tortured, that has to be sending off in anyones book.

  5. Lip reading experts have confirmed that what Jeremy Corbyn actually said was “release the drones”

  6. An absolute thundercunt.

    In bed with the IRA in the 1980s and 1990s.

    He doesn’t even have the balls to stand up and admit calling Mrs May a stupid woman and defend it against being sexist/misogynistic (it wouldn’t be sexist/misandrist if a woman had called a male PM a stupid man).

    And politically he’s up there with that other thundercunt Nicola Sturgeon.

  7. This guy fucked Diane Abbott, crazy cunt. He then showed people naked photos of Di……evil cunt. You just can’t unsee that kind of horror

  8. I need everyone to stop what they’re doing at look at the fucking abomination on BBC1 right now. Many things have happened since 1978, the fall of communism, the world wide web, fuck knows how many wars in the Middle East and the BBC actually creating less convincing animated rabbits than the original Watership Down. What an absolute pile of shit!
    I want to scream in my kids faces that they need to turn this embarrassment off and never to mention this horrific experience again. I knew this was going to be shit and I have been proven painfully right.

  9. If he was to be asked whether he has ever been to a Labour Party conference, his initial knee jerk reaction would probably be a denial, followed by a “spokesperson” claiming that he only met with some Labour members to promote peace and prosperity for all on a non-partisan basis.

    Of course, it’s what I would expect from such a paragon of cuntitude.

  10. Corbyn is indeed a cunt – But then so is this “arse up’ards” latest post at the top gobshite. Now I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to get the comments in order and scroll upwards for the next comment – except when there are replies, which then go downwards, then I have to return to scrolling back up to read the next post. For Fuck’s Sake – which silly cunt thought this was a great idea ? Maximum respect to all Admins for their great work but Jesus fucking Christ – this idea is a fucking disaster.

    • Have to agree Seymour…

      As I approach my fourth year as an ISAC regular I hope I’m not being presumptuous by considering myself part of the furniture, but this upside down format change doesn’t help the flow of the thread.

      I’m not complaining and I think I speak for all the regulars when I say what a fantastic job the mods do.
      We are grateful….

      • Voting is currently taking place on which format you prefer – check out the note at top-right of the HOME page.

    • Awwwe that’s a shame.

      I actually quite liked Paddy. I think he became a bit of a twat in his later years but to be fair to him he was a proper hard bastard.

      Not only was he a Marine but he was a member of the SBS which apparently is a level above the SAS.

      I read his autobiography a few years back and it turns out he was a member of the team that mastered the technique of exiting a submarine via the torpedo tubes.

      Sounds straight forward but apparently it’s incredibly dangerous and many died trying it.

      Oh well.

      • Take your points Cunty… but imo he was an incredibly smug arch Remoaner who’s condescending manner hacked me off big time. Ok, maybe he got worse in his later years, but as a politician you’d be hard pressed to get a cigarette paper between him and that dissembling cunt Cable.

      • You’ll get no argument from me RTC.

        Pants down represents a real dichotomy where I’m concerned.

        One of the UK’s most elite soldiers who’s probably seen and done things that most of us would never want to venture near.

        Spent time as a diplomat promoting the UK’s interests over seas (which is probably where the cuntitide started to sneak in) then became the leader of a Europhile Political Party.

        Regardless of my differing political views I was always of the opinion that his background gave him some insight to the temperature on the street.

        How my illusions were shattered when he offered to eat his hat.

      • I think ultimately that’s where I lost my respect for him.

        Having served in the SBS I’d have thought a hat would have been seen as a decent meal.

        Shattered dreams…..

  11. I’m firmly of the opinion that Corbyn has passed his peak and is being exposed for what he is.

    I thought Ivan Lewis summed it up well in his letter of resignation…..

    “It is for others to determine whether you are anti semitic, but what is absolutely clear is that you and Seumas Milne do not believe in the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in their own state. This is different to your view on the right to self-determination for every other minority community… To compound this, all too often you have been unwilling to condemn those whose hatred of Israel becomes Jew hatred…

    “Your long standing preferences are for the values of Putin’s Russia and the Islamist fundamentalism of Iran. It is no wonder that so many British people are uncomfortable at the prospect of you becoming Prime Minister…”

    I fucking despise this cunt and wish the worst type of diseases on him.

    I was a teenager in the ‘80s and was very aware of the so called ‘troubles’ in NI.

    Quite a few of my mates joined the army and were posted to NI, they would tell you stories that never made the MSM and made you realise things were far beyond so called ‘troubles’ it was a fucking war.

    Just after the IRA tried to assassinate Thatcher at the Brighton Grand Hotel this bastard cunt entertained Gerry Adams in the House of Commons.

    The cunt says he was trying to broker peace yet there was no liaison with the other side, no follow up, just ‘solidarity’ with a terrorist organisation that had just tried to assassinate the PM.

    I find it astounding that this piece of shits past seems to be overlooked so easily and brushed off as if it was nothing really.

    People have such short memories.

    The cunt is a traitor and once a traitor always a traitor.

  12. Fuck me ! Paddy Ashdown dodges Dead Pool.
    Slippery cunt .
    Come on Vince, time to play follow me former leader.
    Good evening.

  13. The snowflake cunts who boycott Israeli goods but scream about drones stopping their planes taking off, I have bad news for you! The device used at Gatwick to thwart the threat was made in Israel! Boo hoon ,Israel haters…

  14. Aye old Paddy Pantsdown casts off his mortal coil.

    They reckon they come in 3’s, deaths, don’t they. Could it be Steptoe and Appeaser Maybot?

    Alas, knowing cunters luck, it’ll be Voldemort Cable and that Spock looking, bean-flicker, Green Party cunt!

    Mind you I’d meat Death halfway if he picked Sourberries and Cuntosaurus Clarke!


    • Don’t waste a good deathy nomination.. that senile remoaner Heseltine should absolutely be in there, he’s well past his best before!

  15. And in other news…

    High street retailers crying about “Super Saturday” being a flop.

    No doubt lamestream media will blame Brexit, however the truth is that – unless you are mentally retarded – high street shopping, any time of year, is a fucking hateful chore!

    I get my 3 for £5 Champion Ales + nibbles for TV at the Coop of a weekend (well it is next door), everything else is Amazon Prime free next day delivery.

    If I wanted to smell stale piss (courtesy of the homeless and piss-heads) each time I went in and out of a door I’d visit the local geriatrics ward!

    Shopping is a cunt!

    Christmas is a cunt!

    Bah humbug!

    Where’s me beer!


    P.S. I know this is off-topic but speaking of stale piss smelling old farts it seemed appropriate somehow.

  16. Ipswich man jailed after failing to recover clients’ £25million missing savings

    An alleged fraudster accused of ripping off hundreds of pensioners has been jailed after he failed to help former clients track down a missing £25 million.

    They had been enticed into entrusting their money to his Universal Wealth Preservation Trust by claims it could avoid their heirs’ inheritance being swallowed by care home fees and the taxman.

    No criminal charges have been brought, but he is now facing 27 damages claims from families amidst what lawyers say is “cogent evidence” of a “massive fraud”.

    In breach of his duties as a trustee, Mr Long – of Arundel, Sussex – is accused of using clients’ money to prop up his businesses and transferring millions abroad, where they have disappeared.

    Despite claiming now to have little more than the clothes on his back and a push bike, the 52-year-old is alleged to own valuable properties in Mexico.

    As part of the claims, he was ordered to provide information to help track down the missing money so that his former clients can try to get it back.

    And after failing to do all that he was ordered, he has now been jailed.

    “The claimants want to know what has happened to the very substantial sums of money that they entrusted to Mr Long and his colleagues,” she said.

    Mr Long ran several companies under the Universal Wealth umbrella, which held seminars at which potential clients were advised how to maximise their heirs’ inheritance

    He also suffers from mental health difficulties, having attempted suicide earlier this year, which might have caused “forgetfulness” about assets in Mexico, she told the judge.


    Hardly a fucking deterrent is it. And with good behaviour he will serve only 4 months.

    Thought crime was not supposed to pay? Mind you, may make people think twice about trying to avoid paying potential care home fees.

  17. Great header picture. Sugar is a cunt alright, but the poem he wrote accompanying the picture ain’t bad:

    Jeremy Corbyn, a bit of a scruff

    Asked what he could do to come over less rough

    His fashion advisers worked on his new look

    And a fifty quid Matalan suit’s all it took

    Jeremy Corbyn, a stud of a man
A playboy was he with his lover Diane

    She’d get into bed wearing only her blusher
And lie back with Jezza just thinking of Russia

    Jeremy Corbyn, on Royals not keen

    You won’t find him singing to God Save The Queen

    No Cenotaph bowing for this bitter man

    If elected he’d call for a monarchy ban

    Jeremy Corbyn, says many a critic

    Is a dangerous fool who is anti-Semitic
He often says “I’m not a Jew-hating man”

    “I’m just a big Hamas and Hezbollah fan”

    Jeremy Corbyn, an Arsenal man

    Supporting the team with his Islington clan

    He cheers the left winger when he goes along

    And ‘Come on you Reds’ is his favourite song

    Jeremy Corbyn, a yesterday man
The worst Labour leader since records began

    Though his party is coughing and spluttering and dying
Old Jeremy Corbyn’s red flag is still flying

  18. I remember Sugar when he was flogging crap record-deck covers round the Edgware Road, then really shitty ‘hifi’ . Takes a cunt to know a cunt. He;’s as much a cunt as Corbyn, I, as a cunt myself, assure you.

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