Susie Goodall

Susie Goodall

Who? Well this is the silly little rich bint that chose to sail round the fuckin world courtesy of Daddy’s money.

Very predictably, her make up bag fell overboard and she screamed SOS

As a result her rescue becomes international news, and a tanker the size of Wales has to find her and haul her on board.

If you are bored luv, get yourself a fuckin proper job, or a man, and stick to sailing a dinghy at the weekend.

Fuck me.

Nominated by Mrpoopants

13 thoughts on “Susie Goodall

  1. If women spent a bit more time and energy on keeping fit for their husbands and doing the housework,they wouldn’t get into these pickles. Of course,she could be a Lezza, in which case I’d just leave the daft tart bobbing around in the ocean.

    Unlucky for her that she’s not a Darkie trying to get to Britain,a fleet of do-gooding wanker-craft would be straight there ready with the keys to a Council house and the number of a free taxi to take her to the benefits-office.

    Fuck her.

  2. What’s going on with the world’s sharks today?

    Not one “fugee” bitten in half in the entire Med and doss cunts like this fucking around in their environment go unscathed.

    Useless shark cunts!

    • Millennial sharks have become snowflakes with a load of disorders and allergies and all that bollocks

      Plus it would be racist for sharks to eat refugees these days.

      • Good point. Recent research has shown that Great White Sharks especially, have very quickly learned that fugee meat tastes like the scrapings from Flabbott’s knickers, hence they steer clear of such shit. Smart and complex creatures.

  3. I’d be only too glad to have my makeup bag fall overboard.

    Most of it I have had since Bananarama were atop of the charts. It would probably pollute the sea worse than a dumping of fucking crude oil, the poor marine life. (Somewhere in Cape Horn would be a tuna wearing my ‘Berry Rose’ lippy…..probably make its day)

    It must be nice to be a monied cunt, with nowt better to worry about than competing in some ’round the world’ boating shite.

    If she had to do a proper day’s work she would ‘keel’ over…….get it? Keel?

    Oh dear. Never mind. I’ll get my coat.


  4. I’ve long had a thing for Public School/Oxford-educated, posh horseh girls with plummy accents because I’ve heard that they love it in the arse……….. that being said, even if said posh girl didn’t have a plummy accent, it wouldn’t be long before she was gargling my plums in her gob.

    • Too true. The posh bitches are always the biggest sluts. Not that I have a problem with that or anything, merely an observation.

  5. Spoilt cunt who needs to learn to sail before going on this type of venture. I see she was able to keep twattering during her ordeal. Meanwhile, a vessel has to be diverted to rescue her.

    You see this kind of cunt in the Scottish mountains. Some dead 21 year old cunt being described as an “experienced climber”. Fuck off. Experience comes with years of mountaineering. Cunts.

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