Thieving relatives

Cunty relatives who steal from the elderly
I’d like to nominate my own aunt for a cunting. I cant give names as it is now a police matter, but said aunt has managed to steal a massive amount of money from her mother-My Nan. The conniving evil piece of shit has been drawing out my Nan’s life savings for the best part of 4 years, and that is as much as the family have researched to date. My grandparents worked hard all their lives to be comfortable in old age. My Nan was the daughter of a WW1 soldier and all of her 3 brothers served in WW2. My grandad’s family were all killed when a bomb blew up their house during the blitz, while he was at sea in the Navy, coming home an orphan and with no surviving relatives. This foul fucking woman knows all this and has continued to take advantage of my elderly Gran, all the while making out she is caring for her. Any time me or anyone else have had any suspicions she has lied and manipulated us into believing that she is doing her a favour looking after her, even though the fat cunt has lived, rent free for her whole pathetic life. My Nan is so upset and confused by everything, it is heart breaking. in a nut shell, she has covered herself, pleading the martyr, all the while robbing her blind. She is a fat, useless, ugly cunt and my last words on this earth to her were ‘ I hope you go to jail, and the biggest bull dyke in there takes a shine to you, and rams her fist into your fetid cunt every morning, noon and night.’

Nominated by QueenCuntBitch

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  1. Sounds like my own mother. Evil bitch that only keeps blood relatives around if they can turn her a profit. Or just otherwise plays vulture or badgers my father (their long-divorced) for MORE fucking money because she’s a useless parasite who can’t keep a remotely decent job or stick to a budget.

  2. What annoys me so much about disgusting cases like this is how often the criminal is given a hearts and flowers defence (“My client endured a harsh childhood….. difficulties with drugs…….fell in with a bad crowd … post natal depression, PMT” etc etc), so that the judge gives them a suspended sentence, is made to pay (if they can) a victim surcharge of £250. I doubt they even pay it.

    • Very true. The perpetrator is often pitied as the victim if they just blame their crimes on some kind of addiction… gambling, drugs…
      I don’t consider addiction to be a genuine excuse being a theiving cunt so they get no sympathy from me.
      They should have to work inside until they he paid the money back, there must be some kind of job that can be transferred to prisons so that they can pay rent and reparations to the victims. I think in Americans have the cunts stamping number plates….

  3. Call me a sexist cunt, but it always seems to be a lady fucking over the family like that. Admittedly my known tales are small in number but it always involves a woman being a cunt.

  4. Yep, this is vile. Totally disgusting.

    On a very similar note, my cousin’s nan had to endure this avaricious shite when she was still alive and breathing. She was in a care home and sat crying, whilst sitting inbetween her son and daughter, as they shouted at each other, arguing about both the will and which one of them was entitled to the carer’s benefits (when their Mum was alive and living in a fucking care home)

    The majority of that family are an entire pack of insensitive, fishwife, council estate chav cunts who never gave a shite about their mother.

    When my own Nan died, her sister was up her flat like a fly on shit, rooted around the house for any GOOD CLOTHING that she could take, took her jewellery too (when my Mum had been told by my Nan that she wanted her to have her engagement and wedding ring when she passed away….and my Mum only ever would have liked those for sentimental reasons) and fucked off like Lady fucking Muck with her loot in a swag bag over her shoulder, fucking greedy bitch.

    To this day my Mum is fuming as her cousin’s now have precious memories that my Mum, her sister and brother should have rightly kept. Some people are just bloodsucking, greedy golddiggers, even people you think would never do that.

    Let them all fucking die a slow, painful death. GRABBING CUNTS.

  5. An unedifying story indeed Queen. The individual concerned has fully earned this cunting by the sound of it. Hope it helped to get it off your chest.

  6. My Dad disowned every member of his family (several brothers and sisters) on the day my Grandad was buried for similar reasons. Mainly his death was seen as an opportunity to take.

    I couldn’t pick any of his side out from a line-up of one person.

    My Mam’s side are very close and any meither or deaths seen as an opportunity to give.

    I like to believe in the best of people but some are just cunts, it’s in their nature, as my recent good nature was repaid with cuntitude (that tale already nominated for a future cunting).

    Not one to warm the Xmas heartstrings is it QueenCuntBitch?

    For shame!

  7. On the flip side, my god-mother, who was an absolute fucking harridan of a woman, lived up the road from us and suffered from M.S. Of course I don’t wish that on anyone but she saw it as licence to treat every one like shit on her shoe, one of those people being my wonderful mum, a woman who helped her out for zero thanks for the best part of 20 years, despite my god-mother being related to us on my fathers side (he absolutely hated her and had nothing to do with the twat).
    After continual abuse from her to my mother and comments of “you’re only helping me to get your hands on my money” being a weekly occurrence, my Mum finally snapped and told the obese cunt to fuck off and never contact her again after the fetid whore commented that my brothers new fiance was common and hideous to look at. My mum knew full well that me and my brother were the main inheritors to the woman’s will and her actions effectively cut us off, but I’ve never been more proud of her for standing up for us. She had never gone there in an attempt to garner favours or money, but to do what she believed was right, look after a family member who was in ill health.
    Just goes to show that some people see money as an opportunity to manipulate and abuse those closest to them. Fuck them all, kindness should never be mistaken for weakness.

  8. I have nothing to do with any of my relatives,and the Cunts’ll be in for one final unpleasant surprise when they see the will and discover what I’ve done.

    Fuck them.

    • Hear hear Dick,
      2 Brothers who live in the same town and I wouldnt piss down their throats if their lungs were on fire. Too long a bitter story to recant on here.
      My Grandfather – a survivor of the Somme, joined the Police when he left the Army and finished his working life as Station manager at a local railway station that was axed by Beaching.
      He spent his money on buying 3 houses next door to one another. He had one child (my Father) and one stepdaughter. The houses became wedding presents for my Father and Aunt. Time rolled on – Dad died when I was 7 and my mother married again. My Grandparents were stunned at Dad dying – their only son. I was brought up by them and lived with them till they died – Granddad first. Never at that time did I worry myself about wills and probate shit having always been told my Grandparents house was mine when they died. Grandma died and I joined the Royal Navy. I came home on first leave and just walked in to my Grandmas house – to be told by my cousins wife (the fat hog – now gladly dead as a dodo) that I couldnt stay as it wasnt my house – my cunt of an auntie having passed on the house to my cousin. I wasnt too fussed then, wouldnt go near my mothers for anything so I stayed at my best mates house in the area for the Summer.
      I returned to the Navy and served my 9. I left with fuck all apart from a kitbag – a grip and a one way ticket. I took the train to Dover – traveled to Calais, on to Paris and ended up at Fort de Nogent, the recruitment and selection centre for the Foreign Legion. Having left the Navy I was fit as a fiddle and about 10 stone wet through. A very long story cut short I left after serving my contract of 5 years and headed home, determined to find out what had happened in the intervening years to the houses my Granddad purchased and who the fuck was in them.
      My mother and stepfather lived in one – the end of that one was mum died and the cunt of her husband fucked off down South with another woman with >£200k in his pocket having sold my Dads house. House 2 – my cunt of an aunt lived in it till she popped her clogs and left the house to the greedy cunt of a cousin who was living in my Grandparents house.
      Another long story cut short – my greedy cunt of an aunt had cajoled my Grandmother (now on pure morphine suffering the latter stages of cancer) into leaving the 2 houses to her in her will on the pretext that it would make sense to avoid death duties. Duly signed by the family lawyer and all stitched up. I only found out all this when I questioned the will and ordered a probate to be carried out. The solicitor who took it on told me that indeed there was coercion and my Aunt had hornswaggled my Grandma into signing the houses over and hid her last will and testimony. Only after a court order to produce the will did the shenanigans of my greedy twisted cunt of an Aunts abhorrent actions came to light.
      I was advised by my that this was not an uncommon act and if I wished to challenge it, it would cost in legal fees a ton of money. I let it be after that. In the end of the 3 houses that my Grandfather bought not a single blood relative now resides in them.
      I saw my cousin out with his whale of a (now dead) wife and I did a pretty stupid thing. I confronted him and the whole story was tipped out in a late night drinking den ending up with him, 2 of his mates, a bouncer and one policeman suffering from a wide variety of injuries from torn muscles to broken jaws and noses. I escaped jail by the skin of my teeth, the judge having taken in to account my previous good character in the forces and the facts about how I ended up twatting a bunch of cunts whilst dunk.
      A long and sorry tale Mr Fiddler but he who laughs last laughs louder. They will get theirs – I just wont be around to see it. Relatives??? Fuck the lot of them.

      • Evening Cunto.

        Good Post,as always.

        My family have spent the last two generations squabbling over property and assets which were left in trust. Unfortunately for my family members who expect to inherit when I die, the trust dies with me. I am free to dispose of it’s assets as I see fit,and I’m quite determined that they’ll receive nothing. They seem to believe that when push comes to shove, I’ll put my own blood first….they’re wrong. I have nothing but contempt for most of them,and total indifference towards the rest. My only regret is that I won’t be around to witness the fallout when they discover just what I’ve done with “their” inheritance.

        Fuck them.

      • The trouble for me would be,with it still being a trust,they could make things tricky. They couldn’t actually stop me,but could make things both difficult and expensive. Better that they think that if they just leave me well alone,I’ll do the “decent” thing by them.
        The less they know the better. No point showing my hand too early.

        Evening, Mr. Cuntflap

      • I love a good news story Dick.

        May you outlive Methuselah but on the off-chance, any chance of getting your brief to snapshot the cunts’ faces when they hear the news and have it printed in the local press as well as on here?

        Fucking priceless!

  9. Suspect I’ve been fucked over in the matter of inheritance on more than one occasion: not worth worrying about as never banked on getting anything (knowing the relative responsible) Anything I have left at the end will be going to rescue horses and/or greyhounds.

  10. There’s a few things I could say about my sister on this subject but I don’t even want to think about her. On the other hand, one of the neighbours died recently and there have been relatives visiting, or sniffing round more like, who I’ve never even seen before, and I’ve lived in the same house for nearly twenty years.
    These sort of people are so obvious, and they disgust me.

  11. Looking at the stories here it is funny that the sight of green turns people into cunts.

    My own mother (now 17 days from 82) is struggling with mild dementia and I have the misfortune (ie the same phone call everyday) of dealing with the finances. In the meantime, my sister charged with the task of finding a suitable retirement flat for the old dear came up with the idea that that should buy a £1m house for her (she lives in a shithole) with a tiny annex for my mom.

    Thankfully enough marbles were left in mom (together with a torpedo from me) to kill that idea on its feet and, no surprise, attentive daughter has suddenly become less so.

    The money grabbing fucking disgusts me – I would really rather the whole estate is left to the cats home.

  12. I have an uncle who turns up at my grandparents house trying to get the elderly pair with dementia to sign paperwork giving him power of attorney and snooping around the house,this is the cunt who is the first through the door when someone dies like supermarket trolley dash or putting stickers on things with the imortal words I covert this.
    This vulture is the family joke for this sort of thing an utter treble cunt..

  13. Seen the same here. Girlfriends ex husbands dad.
    Her ex is a batty boy but apparently his Dad was a sound chap.
    The sister though was systematically draining her Dads account whilst claiming carer benefit.
    Vile toad bitch

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