Doug Gurr

Doug Gurr, UK manager of Amazon.Dot.Cunt. This previously unknown mini-Cunt nobody has just opened his cake-hole and made an attempt at joining the ranks of Mega Cuntdom.
“Amazon’s UK boss has warned the Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, that Britain would face “civil unrest” within weeks of a no-deal Brexit” (Times,23/07/18)
Fucking slave driving cunt, scared that Amazon.Dot.Cunt.might run out of an endless supply of cheap labour and have to pay its human drones a half decent wage.Jesus the Gobal Elitists must be shitting bricks to drag out a cunt called Gurr as its latest scaremonger Fuck off back to the USA if you dont like it you cunt and take your shitty jobs with you.Cunt..

Nominated by CuntsR-Us

I want to nominate Doug Gurr for a cunting. Gurr is the UK head of Amazon, and recently issued the dire warning that a no deal Brexit would lead to civil unrest in the UK within two weeks of us leaving. As project fear is once again ramping up its dire predictions of doom and gloom should May finally grow a pair of balls and tell those sneering, unelected, arrogant, incompetent dickweeds in Brussels to shove the EU and go with WTO rules, this gem from Gurr has to be far and away the most ridiculous and pathetic.

63% of ‘young’ voters, the 18-24 year olds, couldn’t even be bothered to go out and vote, how the fuck are they going to work up the will to engage in a riot? And what of the rest of the whingeing cunts who desperately want us to remain enslaved to the EU? How would that soppy bunch of left wing twats go about rioting? We’re hardly talking Brixton or Toxteth here. Perhaps they’d hurl petrol bombs, only instead of petrol, they’d use organic coconut water. I can imagine lots of tofu and organic avocado and egg and cress sandwiches being launched too.

Given the procession of freaks and weirdos who’ve been photographed at numerous pro-EU demonstrations, I bet there’ll even be a bunch of trannies wielding dildos. Yes, these snivelling traitors will really bring the UK to its knees and make us reconsider our decision to leave the EU, won’t they?

Doug Gurr, you intellectual pygmy. You shit stirring sack of monkey vomit. If you want to do something useful, get your boss, Bezos, to pay Amazon’s fair share of tax in the UK. Otherwise, shut the fuck up, you cunt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Amazon uses Victorian working conditions and relies on workers from the poorer EU countries who have little choice but to put up with these conditions. Brexit will fuck them up. Relocation to the 4th Reich is not really an option for their distribution. They will have to use 21st century working conditions after Brexit. That is a result. The cunts.

  2. Yeah, cutting off their supply of piss poor cheap labour will cost them money and that makes them cry. Of course they’ll still be stinking rich but that’s not good enough for rich cunts…..they’re not happy until they’ve stolen the very last penny out of your pocket.
    Project Scare the Plebs is definitely being stepped up……I haven’t heard about fucking Grenfell for about two weeks at least!

  3. Gurr.
    He looks like a character from Monty Python.
    He sounds like a character from The Beano.
    The noise your dog makes when you take its food away.

    What a Gurr-reat big cunt.

  4. I know Remainers are as dim as a glow-worms armpit, but even they should notice that it is very rich men like this motherfucker, Blair, Branson, Mandelson, Soros and the alleged woman Gina Miller, who constantly witter on about the *dangers*. But dangers to whom? well people like those cunts who enjoy the slavedom of minimum wage for other people. They are probably scared shitless they will have to pay full whack for their cleaners.

  5. I’m tired of all these remoaner cunts.

    Quite frankly, I wish they would all off themselves over the apparent despair they have about Brexit.

    Fuck them.

    • They’re just enemies of democracy and free speech. If they vote had been to remain then you wouldn’t have seen thousands of leavers out protesting and rioting in the streets because we didn’t get our way. We have better things to do than these benefit leaches and trust fund cunt remoaners. And I don’t view myself as the centre of the universe so should therefore get everything I want.

  6. Think he’s a bit confused. There will be civil unrest, but only if we don’t leave.

    Honestly, you’re a rotting used up corporate douche. You may be stinking filthy and rich, but you’re not omniscient you daft cunt.

    I do use amazon. It is cheaper and less of a ballache than driving to a local hub of shops, inevitably frequented by cunts and dregs, paying out the arse for a parking spot barely wide enough for my tiny car, and then finding all my items are not in bloody stock anyway. But christ sake.. you have more than enough money and marketshare you cunts. Shut up and give your workers 21st century pay and conditions.

    • They do give workers 21st century conditions – they treat them like fucking robots, I know.

  7. Well he has convinced me.
    Add his views to the sandwich and au pair shortage then I have been forced to rethink.
    Project fear and the usual Remoaner arguments all seem to hinge on one thing:-
    It will be difficult to leave.
    So we stay in because it is difficult otherwise.
    It is difficult to leave Sky but that is no reason to stay with the grasping cunts. I expect our forebears found fighting the Krauts and Japs difficult.
    Getting out of North Korea is difficult.

    So, fuck it. Stay in because it is difficult to leave.

    • Leaving may result in him having to spend half an afternoon amending his beloved excel spreadsheets. He’ll still get to go golfing though.

      That’s simply too difficult. I concede, let’s remain.

    • I am reminded of that speech by Kennedy :

      “We choose to go to the moon; not because it is easy but because it is difficult”

      Brexit is difficult so let’s just do it to prove we can.

  8. Civil unrest eh?

    Maybe that would be no bad thing to finally show this government and all the cunts in Cuntminster that we’re totally fed up of their incompetence in all aspects of governing, being continually told (lied to) that having swathes of UK towns and cities resembling 3rd world shitholes is such a great thing, and that there’s no money to arrest terrorists and raping scum – but there’s plenty of money for a “hurt feelings” squad trawling TwitFace, etc., to stifle free speech against their on-message bullshit!

    We could also let it be known that – as the majority – we’re fucking fed up of having cow-tow and dance around on eggshells where minority and fringe groups are concerned. It’s about time they started considering the majority again!

    I don’t give a fuck if some bomb-makers mother is a bit peeved that we’re not going to step in to prevent their cunt murdering offspring from visiting the electric chair in the States.

    Spending millions on keeping NHS wards open is more important to me than pissing it away on totally pointless “gender neutral” NHS forms just because some mentally deluded twat can’t make their mind up if they have a kebab or a hotdog downstairs.

    And guess what Cuntminster? The majority feel exactly the same way!

    So start to care more about the majority and less about the hurt feelings of minority bomb-makers and deviant fringe cunts otherwise there will be civil unrest – unrest directed at YOU cunts!

    And I bet most of the military and lower ranked police feel the same way too!

    You can only hide behind Cresida’s strap-on for so long!

    Take heed Cuntminster, take heed.

    • Get ready fellow cunters, interesting times are a coming (if I can get past the HSE risk assesment, Transgender Diversity mission approval protocol, minority inclusion practice and guidence levels 1-89, EU inclusive trade rules article 7 para 4 [a to q] retention of source statement, Carbon impact statement { UN mandate 2016 excluding China , India, USA},Willy the weasles birthday, sorry something the grand kids left behind. National ethnographic diversity, gender and self identifying orders EU directive 1998/24. ad infinitum and so on)
      Joking aside the only way things will change is if some arse gets kicked. Every “peaceful option” of change has been denied us, even when the majority who bothered to vote win cos there are more of them we still get shit on. The day after the eu referendem the pathetic example of democracy we had in this country died and was buried. We brave speakers out now inhabit a post democratic environment and that means money, ideology and general cuntishness rule. Let us hope enough are ready to carry the torch.
      A family saying “Ingnore Elephant in room for too long up to neck in shit in no time”

  9. I have the growing impression that even Remainers are losing patience with the ever more preposterous scare tactics used by the Remoaner establishment.

    A tipping point is close to being reached where the British people, regardless of how they voted in the Referendum, are beginning to think “Fuck you privileged cunts and your deferential, cap doffing James O’Shithead Lord Haw Haws – we’ve had e-fucking-nuff! Stop dragging your heels, and if you’re unwilling to negotiate a proper Brexit for us then bring on NO DEAL – we’d rather die on our feet than to live on our knees!”

    Hitler couldn’t destroy us and neither will being independent of the 4th Reich. Besides, this country could do with a good cull. That which doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger.

    To paraphrase the afore mentioned diminutive Austrian corporal’s Scorched Earth Directive to Albert Speer:

    “If Brexit is lost, the nation will also perish. This fate is inevitable. There is no necessity to take into consideration the basis which the people will need to continue a most primitive existence. On the contrary, it will be better to destroy things ourselves because this nation will have proved to be the weaker one and the future will belong solely to the stronger European Union (Germany). Besides, those who remain after the battle are only the inferior ones, for the good ones will have been killed.”

  10. I wish that we never had the Brexit referendum.

    I no longer believe that the Brexit that we are going to get, be it a “no deal” Brexit or a May-light version will be a good thing for this country. I was keen enough when we were promised the best of both worlds,but as reality bites,it is becoming more and more obvious that we stand to lose out substantially.

    I’d have been delighted if the politicians had delivered the Brexit that was promised…but they haven’t,wont and can’t. I don’t believe that there ever was any intention of delivering “The People’s” Brexit. It was all very well Johnson, Farage and his cohorts promising Eden on a silver platter,but I believe that they were as appalled as Cameron and Osborne when they realised just what had happened.
    Brexit was a pipe-dream…the brexit which looms on the horizon will not be the Land of Milk and Honey which was dangled by a bunch of self-serving politicians who never for a moment believed that they might actually have to implement it.
    Although it pains me to say it, I no longer believe in “Brexit”. I don’t think that there’ll be another referendum,or a no-deal Brexit. I think that we will either sign up to a conditional surrender Brexit or an extended consultation period. Neither will be a ” win” for the UK.
    Big business will not allow a “no-deal” Brexit, and make no mistake, they will have the final say,indeed I believe that they have been driving the government position ever since the referendum result was revealed.

    I’m aware that most people will level the charge at me of “Defeatist”…they’re probably right. However, I believe in facing reality. We are not going to get the Brexit of Farage/ Gove/ Johnson, perhaps it’s better to accept that we have been lied to and betrayed,but refusing to accept the inevitable wont get us out of the mess that we are now in.

    Hindsight is a hell of a gift, but I personally would have voted Remain if I knew just what the end result of “Leave” actually looks like it’s going to involve.

    • It’s my guilty secret that despite voting leave I always knew they would fudge it, that we would get shafted one way or the other anyway. The game is rigged and the country was fucked well before the turn of the millennium.

      But it’s been great pissing in all the remainers skimmed milk cereal every day for the past two years. At least I get to smile before we implode.

    • I see your point, Dick. Being a Brit abroad I have no skin in the game as such. But I remain hopeful the British sense of fair play will prevail and we’ll reach a point of “Oh fuck this shit – that’s it!”

      Brexit was always going to be as ugly, convoluted, damaging, difficult, you-name-it because that’s what the EU has purposefully set out to do. It’s a blatant form of deterrent to other member states to not try it themselves. The EU want to use the phrase, “You had a vote and want to leave too? Look what happened to the UK!”. For me, the challenge of leaving has been exacerbated by the weak, unprepared and directionless management of the process by the UK government. If Thatch had been in charge, this shit would not have happened.

      For the UK for stand up for itself and announce to all and sundry “listen up arse holes, this is how this game gets played” will require a change of leadership and/or a general election. May and her followers have fallen into the trap set for them by the EU. The EUcrats must be pissing themselves at how easy it’s been to get the UK to chase its own tail and balls it up so badly. Cunts.

    • @ Dick Fiddler

      Sadly I am in agreement with you. Even before the vote I predicted this, or something similar would ensue if Leave won the day. Never thought it would be as bad or protracted as things have turned out though…

      I wrote this to a friend on the eve of polling: “I have reluctantly decided to vote Remain, not because I believe we should be IN but because I have zero faith in our so called leaders to make anything but a total hash of independence or the future stewardship of a nation crushed under the weight of career politicians and successive governments in hock to big business and who lie pathologically to their gullible, infantilised citizenry.”

      Believe we should now leave with No Deal.

      • I honestly don’t believe that No Deal is even on the table. The people may have voted for “Brexit” but it’ll be big business who’ll decide what Brexit we get. They mainly seem to be desperate to avoid a No Deal. Both European and UK businesses appear to be determined that we won’t leave under a no-deal scenario……perhaps they’re right and the damage to the economy really would be too high a price to pay.

      • Right or wrong, the cunts in Parliament (both houses) are going to have to pay. Bigly. It’ll make the public reaction to the expenses scandal appear like a walk in the park!


      • But they wont,will they? For all our bluster and ill-feeling,come a general election we’ll crawl along and vote for whichever party….”At least they’re better than the other bunch. Got to keep that lot out,etc..”
        We’re British,we’re not,on the whole,given to violent protest, so we’ll bitch and moan and make the best of it.

      • I feel it’s different this time… not necessarily in a violence sense – as you say, that’s not the British way… more likely an unprecedented fragmentation of the traditional parties, a lot of high profile cunts are going to lose their seats next time around… like what happened to the LibDumbs ^10…

        Who those seats will be won by is the £million question. UKIP Mk.II? Left /Right labels are past their sell by date. I’ve never known a time when both major parties, and especially their front benches, have been held in such equal public contempt.

        As an esteemed fellow Cunter once said: Fuck them.

      • I also failed to foresee the subsequent treachery of so many of our fellow citizens… as if the incompetence of our ruling elite wasn’t enough!

      • All part of the plan to get Catweazle into #10, crash the economy in a communist orgy of waste and cuntiness and remove any lingering vestige of Englishness.

      • I suspect that we are in for decades of minority government in the UK – perhaps not a bad thing. You have 2 Labour parties and 2 Conservative parties. Each hate their leaders or their preferred future PM, they can agree on fuck all.#

        All I hope is that the LibDem moherfuckers get thrashed and they are replaced by UKIP MPs and that the Pansy Blairites versus the Corbynites finally stop persecuting the likes of Kate Hoy and Frank Field because, unlike the majority of them, they have principles and keep to them.

    • I can see your POV, Dick. But my hope was slightly different: that given a fair wind (admittedly unlikely) to get out on reasonable terms, the necessity of pulling ourselves together and reorganising the country to operate once more as a sovereign nation, with planning for this starting at Day 1 after the referendum, would have been recognised by at least a few of our leaders. Yes, there would have been an economic downturn, and yes it would have taken time to dig our way out of the hole…but the future would have been worth it.

      Well, that didn’t happen. Instead the usual suspects have frightened the politicians into thinking solely in terms of abolishing national borders for the freer flow of money into the suspects’ pockets, and that is obviously incompatible with all but the very smallest of tweaks to our EU status. And the population remains uninformed, apathetic, and inclined to think that what goes on on Love Island is more important than any of that political stuff. So I was wrong.

      I’m unashamed about supporting Brexit, and continuing to support any moves to detach ourselves from any global oligopoly, make our own policies and bring back the Gods of the Copybook Headings. I may be a loser, but I am not a graceful loser.

      The dire warnings of civil unrest if Brexit goes ahead/does not go ahead are exaggerated. I wish they weren’t. It would demonstrate that the backbone of this country had not developed osteoporosis. As it is, we will continue to shed our powers of self-determination, our people will become ever more the slave workforce of people who make money out of owning money and we will finally and comprehensively and in a word be fucked.

      Expecting our establishment to implement an antiestablishment maneouvre was absurd, obviously. That, even without hindsight: we’d seen what happened to attempts by other countries to sidestep Brussels. But the message had to be sent, and it had to be tried through the democratic process first.

      I remain a leaver.

    • Let’s cut through the bull shit and take it all down to simple maths. If I give my neighbour £100 and he gives me £50 back then I must be better off keeping the £100.

      Extend that by the neighbour spending your £50 and giving you the stuff he bought whether you want the stuff or not.

      Brexit is about keeping the £100 and deciding what to spend it on. How the hell can we be worse off? Makes no sense.

  11. Yet another reminder of why I now go out of my way to not shop at Amazon.

    Started as a great idea with book bargains galore. Then expanded to other areas of media. Then kept expanding to the point where it’s too big for its boots. At the point where a global brand evades more tax than the GDP of many countries, it’s time for them to STFU and stop meddling in the affairs of state. Cunts.

    • Read ‘The Store’ by James Patterson, I think you’ll find it strangely familiar.

      • You can also buy the book at places other than Amazon.

        PS I never said that….shhhhhhhhhhhh

      • I love a good used paperback myself. So I’m a regular at

        I read the synopsis and it sounds like a cracking read. Thanks again for the tip, moggs.
        Cheers – IY.

  12. Still, at least this greedy, grasping rich cunt has got “civil unrest” on his mind even if he’s got the wrong reason for the anger and the wrong bunch of cunts who are going to deliver it.
    To be fair you can’t expect the cunt to know what’s going on, stuck in that gated mansion of his counting up his tax free money.

    Burn baby burn!!

  13. I wonder if he gets all confused when he’s having a bit of hows your father with the missus. When she’s shouting “gurrrrrr” he won’t know whether she’s shouting his name or voicing her frustration and displeasure.

  14. Now here is a thermonuclear cunt and a total mong…. How the bugger can Man United possibly have a friendly with Liverpool?! No doubt the “United till I die” fancunts and spazmotrons in Michigan will join in with “You’ll Never Walk Alone” Modern football is a ship full of shitheads and thundering cunt trumpets…

    • I know crazy isn’t it, seems to be a yearly thing now, it won’t be long before a Liverpool-United league game is played in the States.

      Anyway always enjoyable to see United get smashed

  15. Interesting opinion from Gurr, that leaving will trigger unrest. Unclear whether this will be based on the declining employment opportunities allegedly to be the result of Brexit…worth pointing out that retail sector employment fell by 2.8% in the last quarter, largely due to online distributors like…,.Amazon.

    Physician, heal thy fucking self.

  16. A possibly perfect cunters evening:
    Mrs Cunt Engine is out, I have cheap Asda port, a bag of chashews and Dirty Harry on blu-ray.
    Fucking bliss..
    Hope you guys are having a pleasant evening?

    • Indeed, and thank you. Prawn aloo & runner bean mishali chez Komodo, bottle of IPA, there’s never been a Mrs. Komodo and some serious cunting being cunted. Condition green.

      • In Dirty Harry, it turns out that there’s a lack of authenticity in the filmmakers’ depiction of early ’70s San Franciso – I saw two gentlemen mincing along, clearly as bent as a 9-bob note.
        I mean – how ridiculous.
        In San Franciso.

      • Castro District 1981. Wandered into a gay bar unawares…

        That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

      • I would just like to say that my reply was to Mr. Cunt Engines post and not the one from RTC, who ‘accidentally ‘ walks into gay bars.

  17. Gurr should fuck off and pay his workers a fair wage instead of treating them like cattle in Victorian working conditions.

  18. There seems to be a certain amount of defeatism on here this evening. Of course the Establishment have been working from the morning of June 24th 2016 to convince us we made a major mistake. Firstly we were thick, knuckle dragging racist cunts who didn’t know what we’re voting for. We had been brainwashed by a bunch of cunts who were working with a quarter of the budget of the EU lovers. It has been nothing but abuse and fear on a daily basis. If cunts on here are succumbing to this shit then we are truly fucked but everybody has to make their own decision. I want you to imagine this :
    Imagine the day they tell us that we’re staying in the fucking EU because THEY say it’s too difficult to leave. Imagine on the same day they tell us the date when we are converting to the Euro so get rid of your pounds now you cunts. ( yeah , that’s gonna happen, trust me )
    Then imagine some big room in some posh London hotel where you and I wouldn’t be
    allowed through the door because we’re not rich and not foreign skivvies.
    Imagine that room full of cunts like Blair, Major, Randy Mandy, Campbell, Branson, Soubry, Lady fucking Nugee, Suckdick, O’Shithead, Lineker etc all with big grins on their faces, slapping each other on the back while quaffing the very best champagne that money can buy. ( paid for by us by the way)
    Still want to give up and bend over?

    • I was against this fucking euro shite in 75 and I’m still against it today. I voted leave and would do so again. I’ve never understood why it was such a good idea to jump into bed with our traditional enemies. Trust the French and the Germans at your peril. The likes of Mandelson, Juncker, Barnier and Blair absolutely sicken me, I’d have the cunts lined up and shot. The EU is turning Europe into a fucking big ant colony, where the privileged few live off the backs of the many. I don’t give a fuck about the difficulties we may or may not face upon leaving, but we need to be away from these euro fucks as soon as, and we stand or fall as an independent nation and people. Nothing and no one will convince me otherwise.
      Fuck them.

    • No Freddie I don’t – but how would you suggest we go about getting BOTH major parties to do a U turn and enact a proper Brexit instead?

      It’s already past the point of redemption isn’t it?

      What to do yeah
      I really don’t know
      I really don’t know what to do
      What to do yeah…

      (Rolling Stones 1966)

  19. I think People associated with Project fear and full on remainers want to drag the Nation to its knees just so they can say we told you so. We have a good chance of making Blighty a great country with good trade deals around the world, but oh no, these cunts cannot bear to let that happen , these fuckers would rather cut there noses to spite there faces than let Brexit become a success.

    • This cunt Gurr, do you pronounce his name like a bear growling ? Gurrrrrr ? Surely he made that name up ?

      • His parents (immigrants from the Republic of Cuntia) were Mr and Mrs Gurrlzblaus. I think that should answer your question.

  20. Off subject but Over the last few days, I have been mulling over the important questions posed by the drug overdose of Demi Lovato.
    Top of the list is: Who the fuck is Demi Lovato ?

    • Nobody knows and nobody cares……Er……unless you are under 25 and spend 24 hours a day staring at a screen.
      Just like that American bitch who’s gig was attacked by the peacefuls in Manchester. Nobody I know had ever heard of her but she managed to draw 20,000 people on a weekday night in Manchester.
      It’s a good job i’m not a Jihadi assassin……I wouldn’t have a clue where the easy targets are.
      However, I think I would be smart enough to leave the politicians alone………no chance of getting near any of those cunts. Too much security there…….all paid for by you and me. I wonder how many of those bastards have any peacefuls in their security team?

  21. Just had my last day at work.Cunting coming I promise but need a few days to settle into my job and get my head together.My last day was emotionally draining to the point that I cried when I left both because of what I was leaving and also that I was leaving.The job was hell but the people I left are profoundly gifted incredibly skilled kind compassionate loving and downright incredible and I feel profoundly honoured to have worked with them.Hence I am completely trapped In a mixed state of relief and sadness bordering on sorrow.Such paradoxical emotions both leave me feeling a sense of numbness.All I know is that I took a very difficult job and did it to the best of my ability for nearly 11 months under the worst of circumstances and despite it all managed to leave with a tear filled smile on my face with still a sense I had left making a difference to those I tried to help.Leaving was always the right decision.I was under constant physical threat but again I feel a somewhat surprising sense of loss.

    Disclaimer:As I have no intention of returning I worked in a highly specialist mental hospital.

    The CQC and the company I worked for are counts of the highest order that history will rightly view with disgust and disdain.To fail vulnerable people even with a set of brilliant/skilled teams as was the case in my setting takes some ducking doing. the care system for the vulnerable is nothing short of cruel and sadistic due to level of neglect and the abdication of responsibility.

    I may be done with my job but the fears the sights the smells the injustice and the frustations I witnessed will haunt my dreams until the day I die.And I have a new job tomorrow night to get my head together for.

    • Congratulations on your escape, Shaun. A crying shame that talented and devoted staff, as well as the patients, are being so comprehensively failed by a near-criminal system – and that goes for less critical areas of health too. But you’ve done the right thing. Don’t look back!

  22. I found the only way to do my job without going insane was to stop caring.Even though I was a carer.

  23. In the job I dealt with the bad the mad and the evil.The bad and the evil deserve prison and the mad deserve proper care and support.

  24. From your experience are ‘evil’ people simply evil or are they mad? And even if they are simply evil shouldn’t we consider ourselves lucky that we are not like them?

    • Mad people can do evil things but without insight.The bad use the system to avoid responsibility for what they do.The evil ones have insight and pre meditate what they do.The truly mad ones are driven by primal instinct with no knowledge or reasoning behind what they are doing.The evil ones behave in a calculated manner

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