Spotify need cunting for the appalling way it is treating it’s minor artists.

I have 14 albums on Spotify and they pay me royalties every time a track is streamed. They don’t pay a fortune but it keeps me in beer money and it’s a nice little earner. That is when they actually pay me.

Seems that Spotify have been avoiding paying the big boys – people like Neil Young – who make a fortune from their music. Recently Spotify were ordered to pay out £83.5 million to songwriters who they weren’t paying properly. Music publisher Wixen has also issued a suit for $1.6 billion for what it describes as ‘willful infringement’ of copyright. Two other parties are also suing Spotify. Read all about it here.

So how does this effect me? Well, Spotify pay royalties around 2 months in arrears which, to be fair, is quicker than most of the other music streaming services. But then they get sued and incur fines, settlements and big legal bills. When this happens, they adjust their cash flow by not paying out on time. So I received fuck all last month. It’s happened before and I expect I will get paid. Eventually.

So because the little guys like me get screwed so that rich music stars can make even more money, I say Spotify is a cunt.

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  1. I thought it was a forum for acne suffering snowflakes?

    While I don’t know about Spotify I am familiar – as a supplier of services to bigger companies – of how payments from the big boys dries up when their cash flow is affected.

    I remember once being 11wks in arrears (because their cash flow was fucked) and by that time I was into my Corporation Tax and that qtrs VAT buffer.

    Luckily I knew that I would get paid but it always pissed me off that I was put to the back of the payment queue because I was in a direct supplier relationship with them while others got paid via their intermediaries. Especially as most of them were useless cunts and I grafted my nuts off including doing many hours of unpaid but necessary overtime (because of said useless cunts being useless).

    Had I not been paid though the ramifications of that would’ve been crippling.

    That’s the thing because they are so rich and big they don’t appreciate the fact that a lot of folk depend on those monies as a source of regular income.

    Mores to the point, they don’t care.

    And for that Spotify (like all non-paying corporate giants) are cunts!

    Keep the songs rolling Chas! ☺

  2. What’s your artist name? I’ll add you to my work background mix that plays every day. They are cunts, wholly agreed!

    • Its not just spotify that are cunts Chas its all the thieving fuckers that pay royalties of £.00000000000001 per view to guys like you,the EUSSR showed what a cunt it is by recently ruling in favour of Cunttube in the class action brought against by struggling artists.Fucking Cunts the lot of em.

  3. Typical of these fatcat (or fatcunt?) so-called ‘online music giants’… They’ll fuck over lesser known artists without a thought, yet they crawl to the big name ‘stars’, no matter how crap, greedy, bullying, or obnoxious they are….

    Not so long ago Apple (for once!) did something half decent for their customers and offered a free three month iTunes trial – but little Titless Taylor Swift wasn’t happy about it. The skeletal and talent free slattern refused permission for her latest piece of musical torture (her ‘1989’ album) to be downloaded or streamed during this free trial.
    Her reason for this? ‘Three months is a long time to go without bring paid…’ It is a long time for people who do proper jobs and have families to support and homes to maintain. It is, however, fuck all to some spoilt tart who has millions in the bank and makes more in a week than some will earn in a lifetime and who has a rich dad anyway (why do you think she became so famous?)…. I wouldn’t mind if she was anything special musically. (or otherwise, come to that)… I know The Beatles Apple and the Jobs Apple have had some run-ins, but Taylor fucking Swift?! Of course Apple capitulated and publicly kissed Tay Tay’s bony little arse, when they should have told her to fuck off… Taylor Swift is a talentess, tightarsed, titless, mercenary cunt.

  4. I know damn-all about it, but from what you say it’s the big-name greedy cunts, their parasitical agents and their expensive lawyers who deserve an equal cunting. Hereby provisionally cunted. The cunts.

    On the bright side, Carillion was into this practice of keeping its suppliers and contractors short, and look what happened to them.

    “Slow rises worth by poverty oppressed” as true today as in Goldsmith’s time.

  5. All the big names get away with it… The Stones back catalogue (remastered for CD in 2002 and with releases as recent as this year) makes millions every year… Abkco obviously get a big cut (they unfortunately own the rights) and Mick and Keef get a big whack… But the estate of Brian Jones (I think his sister gets it) gets about 20 grand a year from the Stones 60s legacy… There are some unskilled workers and even eurotrash drug dealers who get more than that these days…. I bet Bill, Charlie, and Mick Taylor get next to fuck all off it too…. Once a great band, now a brand and corporate monster… They should rework their unofficial title and call themselves ‘The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Cunts In The World!’….

    • Jagger was always a tight fisted cunt. They used to use American studios at night to avoid paying for them. (cant remember where I read that) Jones’s problem, or his estate if you like, is that he couldn’t write songs, and that, along with publishing is where the money is.
      I suspect you are right about Bill, Charlie and Mick Taylor. It took decades for Ronnie Wood to get anything like a fair crack. Bill fucked them off years ago anyway.
      Rock & Roll cunts indeed.

      • The thing with Brian was he would come up with a defining or distinctive part of a song (his marimba part on ‘Under My Thumb’, the sitar melody for ‘Paint It Black’, Mellortron on ‘2000 Light Years’ and ‘We Love You’ and the piano and recorder parts on ‘Ruby Tuesday’) and Mick and Keith (and Loog Oldham) would not give him a writers (or even an arrangers) credit…. ‘Under My Thumb without his marimba bit would just be run of the mill, and Jagger actually based his lyrics/vocals to ‘Paint It Black’ on the sitar scale Jones came up with… Mick Taylor was also screwed over by Jagger, when Taylor contributed to tracks like ‘Sway’ and ‘Moonlight Mile’… Jagger is a massive cunt….

  6. I can’t be arsed to make a account at spotify and their premium membership just sounds like a gym membership to me, hence I would never use it, the only perk seems like no advertisements and album sales

    I will just buy and pinch my music I really like those freemp3 type sites but they go down all the time

  7. Totally off topic, but…

    Judge names 5 teenagers who killed victim in Waltham Cross.
    Oddly, 2 of them have the surname Mohamed, or deviation of… Shoe-ins for future HSBC / Nationwide ads, in case the current cunt gets offed.

    So unfair and waaaaaycist, not a single whitey involved in this crime.

    Another thumbs up for cuntural divershity.

    If I had a full bottle in front of me, I’d be on it. Sadly, I have to wait til Thursday.
    Creme de Cassis (on offer at Sainsbury’s, if you like it, 1/2 litre of Gabriel Boudier (Dijon) in fridge, but it’s going on ice cream.
    Keith Floyd had it on “local authority” that it is also put in red wine (not just white or champagne) … I believed him, and it tastes pd good. He also put brandy in Coq ua Vin. More than alright by me.
    My Ma (may Dog rot her soul, wherever she may be) used to put red Dubonnet in beef stew. That was her best cooking…

    • Oh dear, another blow for the architectural industry. Surely a miscarriage of justice ?
      There was a news article about Stabistan gangs the other day .The daft darkie cunts were wearing chimp masks, oh the fucking irony. Keep bumping each other off, thick cunts.

  8. I understand the point you’re making Chas and agree it’s cuntish that you get screwed this way. I hope your funds arrive soon.

    For me though the bigger cunt is that music is available to download at all. As an avid collector and rabid music fan, I want to own something tangible that I can play. I want to read liner notes and know who produced the music, who played on it, what instruments they used, where it was recorded, mixed and mastered, copyright year, published year, the record label and last but not least, some lyrics would be nice too. I also like to enjoy the artwork as for me, it’s an integral part of the overall package – if it’s been done well anyway. Not just the front and back covers either. The middle of vinyl albums and singles can be very creative and might have a photo or design not seen in any other part of that release’s marketing. Same with CDs. Picture discs, different coloured discs, limited editions with special edits, etc. Downloading a track doesn’t give you any of that. It’s part of the instant gratification culture which is so pervasive these days.

    There are some I’m sure who would say that doesn’t matter and that music is only about what it sounds like. Nonsense! This is why this stuff matters. For example…..

    I have bought albums based purely on the interesting cover art. It hasn’t always worked I’ll be honest, but I discovered Killing Joke through this method. A result of which was that amazing band sold a ton more albums, CDs, singles, concert tickets, T-shirts, etc. I might hear a song by a band that I really like. For many, many years now, I don’t buy the single I buy the album so I can hear what else they have to offer. That method alone probably accounts for 75% of my collection through acquiring artists’ entire back catalogues. Some record labels specialise in certain types of music. I’ve bought a CD by an artist on a certain label only to discover other bands on the same label are as good or even better. I’ve bought albums where I’ve really liked the guitar player’s performance, so I’ve collected other albums they’ve also played on. The release year is important too especially in these times of anniversary editions, deluxe editions, box set editions, etc. Some re-masters are fantastic and some are crappy. If how music sounds is important to you, then you’ll want to hear it the way the artist intended. Which brings me onto my last point. A lot of downloaded music is compressed which means it loses some dynamic range. The file you end up with does not represent what the artist intended or recorded. Plus downloading one song off an album of 12 songs is an insult to the artist. An album is a body of work intended to be listened to as a whole. Running order is important as the album might tell a story or have several songs which have a connected theme. Nobody buys just one chapter of a novel. They buy the whole book otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

    Still, as I always say, there are two types of music consumer. Those to hear music and those who listen to it. There is a difference.

    • Have to agree about the info, art and notes on album covers. However, modern pop music is bland shite written by algorithms and performed by talentless autotuned cunts to a programmed backing. Nothing to see there, so ideal for download to some vacant cunt’s tablet.

  9. I’m an old cunt and can’t get my head around paying for something I can’t physically hold like iTunes and Spotify. To me it devalues music, makes it much more disposable. There was nothing better than sitting at the back of the bus with the latest king Crimson or Pink Floyd LP pawing over the sleeve notes and the art work. This streaming bollocks has sanitised music.
    It’s a load of wank .

    • I’m the same, Fenton… I used to buy records by the shedload… The 12 inch New Order singles and Stone Roses records (that always came with a Squire art print) were a big deal to me… I still have every Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays, and Stone Roses 12 inch that ever came out… And, as you say, the albums… I got an original copy of ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’ for a tenner off a stall on Church Street, Manchester in 1986… It was like a precious artifact to me… The round sleeve that folded out with all the artwork, the pink ‘Immediate’ label, and the sound (mono) was great… Kids today no fuck all about such joys….

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