Magid Magid

Lord Mayor Magid Magid.

No that’s not a euphemism. That’s the actual cunting title and name of the big boss cunt in charge of Sheffield these days.

There’s various things wrong with this cunt that could be discussed. Such as the Metro branding him ‘Britains coolest mayor’. The fact he’s only 28.. like how the bloody hell is that even possible, what possible experience could this trendy tryhard possibly have!? The fact he was so dignified and truely British that he swore and spoke like the reject that he clearly is during his mayor inaugural speech. Or the fact he referred to Trumps Muslim ban as ‘racist’. Which brings me to the main thrust of this particular cuntflap, before I get too side tracked and vapourize my own piss,

The Lawd of Sheffield, innit’, has decreed that Trump is banned from visiting the city when he comes over here to visit.

He also has a degree in Marine Biology. A great use of our taxes he has been and inevitably will be.

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53 thoughts on “Magid Magid

  1. He looks like Mr T with his mayoral bling. The other candidates must have been a right shower of cunts for this tool to get voted in.

    • Shame it isn’t the real Mr T, chasing snowflakes around in an armoured car yelling “get some nuts, you soft cunty fools”

    • Probably the rest of the candidates were either not under 30 or not *of colour*. Innit…

  2. 2018 has truly been the year where cunts are clamouring for the prestigious ISAC CotY award. There can be no other explanation for a mayor – an ACTUAL fucking mayor – to be voted in who acts like this fucking clown, complete with right-on wankery to volume 11 and a fucking cringeworthy Mr. T starter kit.

    What is it about the City of Steel welcoming massive political cuntitude into office? Why are supposedly no-nonsense stout Northerners putting up with this fucking Will.I.Am cunt tribute act? Stupid fucking idiots.

    This antagonising bastard deserves nothing less than a Private Pyle soap-in-sock mass beating, the abominable cuntlord fuckhead.

    • Remember, it’s a bit university city. So it’s likely been infiltrated by soft millennial poofs from Londonistan and the like.

      • Yeah, it’s called a typo. It happens sometimes. One of the rules is you don’t cunt the cunters and if you don’t feel able to abide by that rule, then you’re welcome to leave.

      • Sorry, didn’t know you’d take it that way. Fear I’ve been a bit of a cunt. My apologies to all.

      • By the way, the irony of misspelling ‘surely’ whilst criticising me for a typo isn’t lost on me.

      • Well, being a grammar cunt certainly increases your chances of a banning Oswald. So by all means, please continue.

  3. The focus of this cunting must surely be the cunts of Sheffield who voted this treacle tart into office! I mean ffs, what sane individual would want to elect a turd.

    • I live in Sheffield and we don’t get to vote for the mayor.
      This cunt is the son of an asylum seeker and does not represent the majority of local people.

  4. Fuck’s sake, these camel jockeys seem to be slowly taking over our institutions.

    It won’t be too long before we get our first transbender, lezzie-licker, cockwobbling, Boris-type becoming mayor of some shithole town oop North, in order to placate the libtards!

    • Nail on head Mr C, nail on head. The system seems to encourage apathy in those of voting age. You vote and no matter if you get the majority the cunts do whatever they want. Direct action will soon be the only way to convince the cunts that we pay your fucking wages and therefore are entitled to take priority over some cunting ideology if we are in the majority. As an aside mps on some committee have come to the conclusion that items on social media are undermining our democracy and so google et al should be legally responsible for the lies and differing views. In other words the articles in question do not fit lefty libtard views and the poor wee bastards can not control the output of such sites so shut down one of the only ways we can get an alternative to the shit we have showered on us every minute of every day.

    • Winston S. Churchill:

      “The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.”


      “Democracy is the worst form of government… except for all the others.”

  5. The once great city of Sheffield now has a Somali, Green Party, Mayor. I don’t know which bit is worse.
    Doomed, we’re all fucking doomed.

  6. I wouldn’t blame the electorate, I’d blame the piss poor, corrupt, lying politicians who have continually let down and lied to them for decades .
    You’re right about voting, but who the fuck for ?

  7. He’s the inevitability of what happens when voting population A is replaced by voting population B…. The evidence is all around which is why I truly don’t understand why any politician of any political persuasion from population A can support replacing A with B.
    There’s nothing in it for them….

    • Also, when you have total spastics who think it’s funny or cool to vote for a name like boaty Mcboatface, nonsense like this bellend winning a vote is inevitable. The internet truly has shown how many twats there are, and has empowered them beyond belief. Cunts.

  8. I had to Google him to check it wasn’t a joke. Is he a muzzie as well? I want to laugh about it but I’m struggling to see the funny side, positions of authority are supposed to be backed up with some experience, humility and serious attitude to their work….not some silly, immigrant blowhard who’s barely out of his university nappies. Fuck me, I know there’s plenty of numb cunts in this country these days, but I thought us Northerners had less of them.

    • Same. I couldn’t quite believe it and was sure the Metro newspaper was just running a usual bullshit story.

      Alas, he really is the OG of Sheffield blud. Yeee!

    • Refugees? Glad to see his priorities. I’m surprised Jacob Rees-Mogg got through that reply without keeping his fingers crossed. A good measure of a person’s cuntitude is to count how often they say *basically* and *community*. He can’t even put his cap on the right way round. Cunt!

      • Haven’t seen you here before, so I’m assuming you’re new. If so, welcome to one of the last true free speech places on the internet.

  9. A benchmark cunting. Other wet-behind-the-ears cunts holding offices well beyond their ability and understanding will hopefully follow.

    The degree in marine biology is no doubt essential for pond life.

  10. I remember driving to Sheffield to get some specialist steel for a particular job that needed making. I was confident in those days that no-one else on the planet was more capable than the people of Sheffield.
    What the fuck has happened when some stupid looking foreign cunt gets to destroy yet another part of British heritage?
    No-one should be allowed to stand for any office at all unless they’ve been here for many generations and all of them have been on their best behaviour.
    I wouldn’t even allow them to vote. If they want to live in Britain at all, they should be happy the way Britons decide the place is run.

  11. I’m all for democracy, but surely we should give the Queen the power to just say no when such a massive cunt as this gets into a public office.

    • She’d certainly be a busy old biddy, Jack.She can work her way down. First her own family of unelected,interfering dolts,on to the Government,on to The Lords,on to local government…..all the way down to busybody parish councillors .
      Give the old trout something to do between eating cucumber sandwiches and going to the races.

  12. At least he doesn’t seem to take himself as seriously as most Mayors. Bunch of pompous old Farts and/or corrupt, self-serving criminals.
    Fuck the lot of them.

    • He’d make a excellent Prime Minister… in comparison to May and Corbyn that is.

      Morning Dick. Having anything nice for dinner tonight?

      • Good Morning RTC…I’m having 2 Fray Bentos tinned pies,cannonball peas and brown sauce. I plan to wash this Epicurean delight down with several pints of Dog’s Nose, and for pudding, a bottle of Bushmills.
        A feast to savour, I’m sure you agree.

      • 2 Fray Bentos tinned pies? Fuck me – bet you’re also a 3 Shredded Wheat man for breakfast! I’m more a 4.5 litre mixing bowl full of porridge man myself.

        Have to confess I do envy you – especially the Dog’s Nose & Bushmills, with me (for my sins) being a teetotaller…

        It’s Spag-Boll with chilled tap water for me (cider for the wife) tonight, followed by sticky pudding cake and loads of custard.

        Bon appetit!

  13. His name sounds like a character from one of those old children’s TV shows like Rainbow or The Magic Roundabout.

    • Fuck me OC at 36 remembering an albeit old Rainbow makes me feel a right old cunt.

  14. Don’t know how much further this country can sink. With racist cunts like this voted in I suspect quite a lot further.

    • Oh Willie I think we are in for a veeeeery slow and painful decline that has only just started.

  15. Britain’s coolest mayor?! Typical of those Metro scum…. This is a very childish and leftist rag that isn’t fit to wipe my arse on… All their printed letters are either people complaining about Southern Rail or (wait for it) Brexit or Big Don…. These Metro cunts also always try and get every American they interview to slag off Trump by prompting them (most of the thick Hollywood bubbleheads do, but some don’t)… No surprise that these Metro cunts favour a peaceful anti-white piece of turd like Magid… Also no surprise that Metro is free…. They’d have to give it away, because no (sane) fucker would ever pay for such steaming shite….

  16. His name is a corruption of Turgid Turdbit. Essentially an overblown, bloated piece of lumped faeces.

    Yet another diverse shoo in by some progressive, lentil-worshipping local cuntcil wallahs. His policies are somewhat limited to campaigning against government policy of not letting in non EU refugees en-masse.

    Cunt says all this bollocks now but won’t give a skinny shit shortly, as he will guaranteed be up to his big black balls in brown envelopes and cuntcil funded whores and gin.

  17. I think you have missed out the fact that this Somalian freeloading ponce appeared in a reality tv show.
    That counts for a lot these days….ask the President of the United States.

  18. Is that thing round his neck full of explosive and ball bearings? Enquiring minds, etc.

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