The race card

Libfucks who constantly play the racist card are cunts….
Doesn’t matter what the issue is (I’d say ‘discussion’, but snowflakes are incapable of discussion), but leftist turds always use the race card against absolutely anyone who disagrees with them on anything… Don’t want a black James Bond? Racist! Want the police to get tougher on London’s gangscum? Racist! Think those shitty sandfilth grooming gangs have it far too easy? Racist! Don’t want your local town becoming like some ex-Soviet or Eastern Bloc shithole? Racist! Want out of the EU snakepit? Racist! Don’t agree with Lily Mong? Racist! Think Lammy is a colossal cunt? Racist! Know Abbott is a useless fat cunt? Racist!Don’t like Obama? Racist! Had white mice as pets when you were a kid? Racist! Prefer fruit salad sweets to black jacks? Racist! Think Beyonce’s singing is shit? Racist! Want to bring standing back at football matches? Racist! Seriously, there are now lickarse fuckcunts who are trying to scupper the standing at Premier League games campaign because they say if people stand up it will trigger ‘racism’… Some cunt of an MP told the Commons he has ‘reservations’ about safe standing because there could be a ‘real danger of racist abuse’… Trouble with these cunts is they think when they squeal ‘racist’ or ‘racism’ people or groups will either shut up, back down, or apologise… Well, fuck that and fuck them… Let’s hope the football supporters who want standing back at top level games refuse to budge and give these snowflake SJW fannies the (online, of course) kicking that they so richly deserve…

Nominated By Norman

52 thoughts on “The race card

  1. A decent cunting and well overdue.

    Just a shame a picture of Patrick “Remain-though-I-reside-in-Brooklyn” Steward was used as he is a U.S. Enterprise-sized cuntbucket.

  2. Breaking news, cunters: utter psycho bitch Lavinia Woodward has had the appeal against her suspended sentence rejected, effectively scuppering her choice of career as a surgeon. Observing pictures of her, she has the dead eyes of a prostitute and one hopes she will end up as a high-class whore servicing rich arabs until one, inevitably, throws a beaker of acid in her face.

    • Woodward is yet another sinister psychotic poisonous snake with tits… Just like that other cunt, Amanda Knox… Didn’t buy that she was innocent and I still don’t…

  3. And here is what happened when a BBC news employee got married recently…

    Vicar: Do you…
    BBC cunt: Grenfell!
    Vicar: Take this woman…
    BBC cunt: Grenfell!
    Vicar: To be your lawful….
    BBC cunt: Grenfell!
    Vicar: Wedded…
    BBC cunt: Grenfell!
    BBC cunt: Racist! Diversity! Grenfell!

    • Haha that gave me a good chuckle. Reminded me of a parrot – which is what most of these snowflake cunts sound like these days.

    • You forgot: “WOMEN”!

      Every now and they they love to bleat on about women to prove what great feminists they are, despite all the rapes that they commit, orchestrate and cover up…
      I’ve been watching some beebistan while I’m waiting for my sky to be installed and pretty much every advert seems to be about grenfel or some feminist shite.

  4. I used to work with a woman who is Asian. Pretty much top of the ladder in terms of management, yet did she walk the talk? Did she fuck. And when any sane person made a comment about her ability and her very questionable practices, she indubitably played the racist card. To the point of bullying. I hated working with her; thank god I’m recently retired as she would have had the full treatment by now and I would be probably locked up, instead of enjoying doing sweet fuck all except looking after my very aged parents, listening to great music and reading exceptional literature.

    Last I heard she was playing the race card against the police. My piss boileth over just thinking about her rancid doings. If I had a gun……..

    • It’s university and the media teaching these cunts that they’re entitled to something from the white man and his society…
      All they’re entitled to is a fuckin size 12 up the ring, the cunts.
      Just hope one day someone takes that race card off her and shoves it up her arse..

  5. To right Norman here’s a picture to bring a tear to your nostalgic eye
    I’m a pompey fan but don’t go much anymore. But miss the old standing days even through the dark days of the fourth division the atmosphere was epic. Came to old Trafford to see us play you guys in a league Cup match when I was working up in Bury and love the banter with the Man Utd fans me and my mate had tickets in the lower left hand part of the Bobby Charlton stand loved it when Pompey scored me and my mate went mad and no locals wanted to kill us after the game they just send how well we had played and it was a good draw. Happy Days.

  6. Another thing libfucktards really don’t get is that the more THEY whine on about waycism, the greater the danger is in an upsurge of the genuine thing.
    I say “the genuine thing” as their waycism is just attention-seeking, virtue-semaphoring fantasy.

  7. A good response whenever someone does this is to ask how assuming people have no responsibility or free will because of their race is any better than the more overt forms of racism. Just watch the retards squirm.

  8. Oh, I should add – these people are themselves the real racists by bringing race into everything. What’s that old Morgan Freeman quote about defeating racism by not talking about it? The race a person was born with and has no ability to control (besides Michael Jackson and his plastic surgery) really shouldn’t matter yet it does to these authoritarian cunts.

    • Agree – race or colour is not the problem, it’s CULTURE.

      PC libtard culture, Umbongo culture, Snowflake culture, Peaceful culture… it’s hard to say which gets up my nose the worst these days. Racist fuckwits.

    • Reminds me of a debate I watched a couple of weeks ago about political correctness between Jordan Peterson, Stephen fry, some lefty bimbo New York Times journalist and some black guy called Dyson.
      It was a fucking shambles…
      The NY Times airhead said nothing of any substance whatsoever, Peterson just talked about the radical left but Stephen fry ruled the debate with some great points about how political correctness is tosh.
      The black guy, Dyson, just went on and on and on and on and on about slavery and white privilege… from a highly priveliged multi millionaire …. what a cunt.
      He even called Peterson a “mean angry white man”…. wonder what he would’ve said if Peterson had called him a mean angry black man.
      Racist cunts that sling racism around, then pull the race card out every time someone else mentioned race are the worst kind of cunts and deserve to be racially abused with extreme prejudice.

      • Stephen Fry is one of an increasingly dwindling number of left wingers I respect. Man sure knows what he’s talking about – shame he doesn’t do QI anymore.

    • This was perfectly summed up recently when some professionally offended Snowflake cunt took to Twatter to call out the ‘racial stereotyping’ of the Man U player Lakaku.

      For those who may not know him he’s a fucking monster, big, strong and has an eye for goal.

      The chant goes, ‘he’s our Belgium genius, he’s got a 24 inch penis….scoring all the goals his bell end is by his toes’

      Offended snowflake twatter mob found offence in this chant saying it was outrageous as he was being ‘racially sterotyped’ The inference being black guys all have big cocks.

      The response was class. ‘I wasn’t aware people from Belgium were known to have big knobs or are you judging him by his skin colour’.


  9. I once had three horses on good odds on a race card at Gossie Park!

    • We should go to to Kelso races, ASA. I’ll pick you up at Hexham,we’l have a beer or two at The Grapes and then stop at The Carters in Jed before heading to the races. The Bay Horse at Woodburn on the way back and finish off at the Dyvels in Corbridge….If all else fails and we haven’t managed to huff anyone, we’ll go to The Newcastle Arms followed by The Perry,and I’ll shout abuse at any Cunt who we don’t like the look of.Although,to be fair, I think we’ll be OK if we stick to The Borders pubs..I was in The Turks Heed at Rothbury last week,it’s all been done out,but still canny.
      Still miss the North- East ASA?

      • Dreadfully so Dick ! The South has been very good to me.., ..but….

      • PS. Is the Highlander still open near Shafto Crag ? I went out with a young barmaid from there many years ago. You can’t beat a shag in hot cowshit !

      • Highlander still open, just along from The Wagon. We used to play darts over there,.Forty odd miles to play a game of darts then a pub crawl back.

      • I’m jealous! My happiest days……
        The pubs in Cambridgeshire are all too civilized for games and merriment. I don’t recall any round here having a dart board. Everyone seems to sit with a pint and twiddle with these meeja things. Miserable fuckers!

  10. “Social Mobility” the neo-liberal term for “Positive Discrimination”.

    “Social Mobility” was an aspirational trait of poor and working class families of all backgrounds.

    Now “Social Mobility” only applies to the “culturally enriched” whether they want it forced upon them or not.

    I watched an interesting interview with NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley last week where he said it would be better if black people focused more on getting a good education and respecting one another than continually playing the victim card and killing one another.

    A noble gesture you would have thought, right?

    Apparently not. Apparently Barklay is a racist by proxy who is just working for “the man”. Which is also the default victimhood response of neo-liberals of all races who’d rather point the finger, belly-ache and moan about how unfair society is waiting for the next handout/leg up as opposed to trying to better themselves and improving their own lot!

    But of course to do that takes some effort whereas belly-aching and bleating about fuck all takes no effort other than a few thumb presses on a thick-phone.

    Bone idle, want summat for nowt, cunts!

    • Afua Hirsch on Daily Politics this morning STILL banging on about Nelson & Churchill being racist and how blacks will never get anywhere in an institutionally racist Britain unless whites face up to the fact that they’re all racist scum and…

      • I don’t know why she doesn’t just go back to Ghana if we’re all such cunts.

      • You know why DTS – she likes all the privileges and perks of living here despite hating all of us. Just another leech taking advantage because she knows she would have fuck all if she went back to Ghana – dumb bitch ought to be more grateful.

      • Yea next time she moans about colonialism someone should remind her that she’s living off the profits…
        She’s such a principled person.

      • Nelson probably was racist. Everyone was back then. As I’ve said before this is the fucking problem with judging historical figures by our current moral standards. Morals change just as they will change again in the ensuing generations – that’s the nature of progress. For a so called progressive you’d think she would understand that.

      • I am quite sure she does understand that. But because it doesn’t fit with her racist, shit stirring agenda she simply chooses to ignore it.

      • Exactly. Standards and morals change , although I’d guess even people in 1000000 years wills still think Afua Hirsch is an utter cunt

  11. The white snowflakes who “identify” as being black need to be put down. Look down slightly and you’ll see you’re the same colour as Cravendale milk. What cunts.

    • The self appointed guardians of privilege have shifted the goalposts yet again. Now there is ‘light skinned privilege’ with Asians and black people with lighter skin tones likely to be more successful than those with darker ones , the cult of victimhood is growing evermore niche. Black & White Cunt, check your privilege!

  12. The quickest and easiest way to stop all of this bleating and whining about racism is to deport anyone who’s parents or grandparents where not born in this country before 1946.

    There you go.

    Fixed it for you. 😀

  13. My dad was a cunt.

    When I was a little boy back during the turbulence of the 1960s here in America, my dad would read the evening paper and watch the TV news. The state of affairs infuriated him. Inevitably he’d have enough and put down the paper, snap of the TV and tell me…

    “If you think things are bad now just wait ’till the women and the n****rs start running the world.

    The old man was a cunt. But he was prophetic.

    Obama…Jesse Jackson…Al Sharpton…Ta-Neshi Coates…not to mention Hillary…Maxine Waters…Nancy Pelosi….#MeFuckingToo and on and on! Here in the states the list of race baiting cunts and the libtard cunts who pander to them is fucking endless.

    (Apologies to Cunters of the fairer sex and those with enhanced melatonin levels. My Love was a schvartze and she had no time for race baiting bullshit.)

    🍉. 🍌. 🎱. ♠

    • Great post General…but,

      Didn’t you previously state you were: “conceived in a laboratory in Brazil…raised by a single mother in Argentina.”?

      Not telling porkies I hope General…

  14. Vaz, Abbott and Khunt play the race cards so often that Waddingtons may soon have to make them their own special packs.


  15. “He who lies artistically treads closer to the truth than ever he knows”. – Fritz Leiber from “Adept’s Gambit.”. 📖

    Back to my dad…he thought Manson and all of his “family” should be hung from a tree by their balls until they rotted and fell off. 😱

    Consider yourself lucky Ruff. 😶

    (But what about the women of the Manson family? 🤔)

    • The above is a reply to Ruff. I posted it in the wrong place.


      • The Manson women General? Or “chicks” as we called them.

        Would suggest a damn good rogering – no holes barred – three times a day… until they’re past their fuck by date. That should suffice. And might please your dad too, who knows…

        PS: I’m not a vindictive cove.

        (Nice Fritz Leiber quote, btw.)

  16. The only way to cope with “multiculturalism” as I do, living in north London, is to exercise mindfulness and unconscious bias. Thus I try to prevent my piss vaporizing on a daily basis. After all, we’re all God’s creatures, live n let live and all that. However, not a day goes by when I don’t witness antisocial blambo/peaceful/polski behaviour. And so my piss boileth over every waking moment.

    Also, could someone give me directions to the government department where these cunts are issued with their M-class Mercedes, Audis and Beemers. No whiteys are seen to own them, so could it be possible my neighbours are all tax dodging, drug dealing cunts? Discuss.

    • Try Yorkshire mate, just as I’ve done. Bit strange coming to a new place but they’re lovely people and they don’t call it gods own county for no reason.
      It’s great to be around “my own” but I still watch titans tv and keep in touch with my black mates, but to be fair it’s not my black brothers I’m trying to get away from…. they’re ok. They integrated.

      I should probably go to bed…. I’m so langared…
      Autospell man… enemy and saviour …

  17. Squaddies fighting post war colonial wars, against savage peacefuls were mostly racist… anybody would be with bullets
    whistling past their ears.Most of these lads were conscripted for
    two years aged 18 & dumped in some hell hole to fight for their
    country. From experience most of these things are not easily
    forgotten no matter what the two faced leaders of our country try
    & tell us how we should think……cunts the lot of them.

  18. Wow! Thank you, Richard, for the field promotion. It would really enhance the pension….. It’s great to be on the strength of ISAC; it keeps me sane.

  19. I wouldn’t mind but the cunts can never make their minds up.

    Stop and search = racist , so pressure brought on the police to stop it.

    Predictably once stopped the number of black on black deaths rockets and surprise surprise the police are racist in not helping the silly cunts to avoid murdering one another.

    You can’t have it both ways

    Also on the James Bond point, have they never considered the point that James Bond is a white character.

    Maybe I should start a petition. Let’s remake Roots and have Hugh Grant play Kunte Kinte or maybe reboot Shaft with Hugh Jackman in the lead role. I bet that would be popular.

  20. Colonel Cunt, you truly deserve every penny. And after doing your 22 year’s serving Queen and CUNTry, the big payday when you leave will be well earned. But wait, your a Colonel now, so you can do several more year’s if you choose. More money in the bank, squire. Bless you, and may your god go with you.

  21. I’m back from a shopping trip at local supermarket, so unconscious bias is a bit fragile at the moment. Now I see a blambo family having a BBQ on a balcony in breach of building regulations. So, if you hear of a Grenfell-style fire in north London you’ll know why. Such a shame in this tight knit community of architects and brain surgeons. Nice knowing y”all.

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