Diane Abbott (8)

Diane Abbott – for the 103rd time

Touch orf the old tooth ache so went to bed early with a nice hot single malt toddy to listen to the wireless orn me old cuntphone. Managed to pick up what in my day was the old Home Service but is now some fandangle orn FM where there was much wind bagging aboit the demise orf Amber Dudd re the Bum’s Rush Fiasco. End orf political career, will come again, actually a nice woman loyally enacting a policy she disagrees with ect ect. Honourable thing to do, so sorry ect ect. If not support at least respect from across a broad spectrum orf the body politic thinking “Fuck me, there but for the Grace orf God go I”. General agreement Home Office = Tough Gig. Avoid.

Listening on an ear piece, getting pleasantly drunk and drowsy then Diane Abbott comes orn the line on a mobile pouring into me lug what recalled the old pre-war perfume “Black Poison” punctuated by breathy snorts orf derision. Bugger me to think old Corbyn features must have listened to that every night. Point is Politics is rough trade but every so orften (usually on the death orf a career) it reaches a little higher and displays magnanimity, the Best of British. Not so Ms Abbott who contrives to look and sound like an over inflated deflated black balloon. A neat trick. Sanctimonious and vindictive, she both claimed and demolished the moral high ground orn behalf orf the Windrush Generation. In full toss she had to be reminded that the Honourable Lady was not herself orf the Win Gen. Ah but her parents were which allowed her to claim full virtue signalling rights. Did she feel any sympathy for Amber Rudd? Rasp orf breathy silence.
Have had much to do with the Wind Genners over the years and some classic cunts amongst them granted but apart from that, a fine body orf people. We have much to learn from them. Where would Blighty be without Northern Soul, Ska and de white yoot talkin’ like de bruvvers? Paradoxically they alone are keeping alive the Queen’s English. If you want to hear Shakespeare classically spoken then you cast Afro-Caribbean. The wireless is colour blind so as a rule orf thumb any spoken voice that has depth and rhythm is likely to have its roots in the Wind Gen. Ironically many orf them are now considered to sound too posh to broadcast in this Pawhnd Shop Blighty. They can teach us much aboit forgiveness (apart from the aforementioned cunts)

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke


52 thoughts on “Diane Abbott (8)

  1. One cunter recently commented that the Hackney Hippo’s teeth were reminiscent of those of a catch on TV’s River Monsters. That gem has stuck with me since.

    I suspect those gnarly teeth have purpose; now not only does she scoff da flesh from da chiggun legs and wings. I bet her fat ass crunches up dem chiggun bones as well.

    A frightful, virtue-signalling, nylon-bewigged swamp donkey.

  2. A masterful cunting Sir Limply, of a rabid racist rottweiler with the intellect of a freshly laid street turd.
    Cunt? Certainly, a big black greasy one.

  3. So basically Sir Limply, you’re saying that Diane Abbott is a thick, useless, racist cunt?

    Well you’re leaning against an open door there as far as I’m concerned.

    The thing is most MPs are truly fucking dreadful in everything they do. Rudd had to carry the can for basically what was an IT fuck-up with the Windrush fiasco (probably due to some flake 20-something coder thinking that anything before the 90’s was pre-history).

    The main difference between a Rudd and an Abbott (or Lammy or Khan for that matter) is that even when they are truly fucking useless – and let’s face it Abbott has had some pearlers both in the waycist and mathematical departments – then they revert to full Ali ‘G’ mode and claim the assault on their uselessness “…is cos I is black, no?”

    No, it’s cos you is useless, yes!

    To imagine that this cunt could be in power on the front bench in 3yrs (along with McDonnell) really fills me with fear.

    • If that merry band of terrorist sympathisers get in then the country’s gonna go bankrupt. Maybe then their idiot supporters will finally stop crowing about how brilliant the cunts are but I doubt it.

  4. Only 8 cuntings? Surely that can’t be right for someone of her ilk. Vile, racist, bigoted cow.

    • That’s what I thought.
      I expected her cuntitude to be well into double figures by now.

      Unfortunately I’m sure there’ll be more to come from the cunt yet.

    • To be honest Gentlemen, I sometimes feel like a Head teacher having the same naughty children paraded before me every day.
      If every cunting about certain individuals was published the site would become rather boring and repetitive.

  5. There’s no cure for being this cretinous. It’s as if Labour are persevering with a kind of pernicious, permanent April Fool just to see how stupid voters are.

    Psh. The breathtaking arrogance of this Cunt.

  6. Even I’m better at maths than her, and I only got a C at foundation level in my GCSEs. HOW BAD DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO BE WORSE AT MATHS THAN I AM?

  7. Let’s face it, if the Flabbot hadn’t got her legs open all those years ago she would never come within a hundred miles of the front bench of any party. I’ve no idea why Jezzer thinks he still owes the bitch for sucking his little winkle but he obviously does. He must have cunts in his earole every day telling him to sack the hopeless, embarrassing cow but, if he was going to do that he would have done it yonks ago.
    The Flabbopotomus, in all her glory, is here to stay. When Catweazle falls she falls with him. With this pair of cunts as the Opposition the Hunchback can happily sell us down the river to our European friends. It’s a fucking shambles.

    • “With this pair of cunts as the Opposition the Hunchback can happily sell us down the river to our European friends.”

      That’s it in a nutshell. Suits the Tories, suits Labour, suits the EU. Suits everyone except the British people.

  8. Off subject of the fragrant miss Abbot for a minute.
    Apparently customs options proposed will cost £20 billion or so, according to HMRC chief John Thomson. Leaving aside where this cunt is based, the point I picked up on is that he said he had 1100 civil servants working this out. How fucking Mickey Mouse must at least 1000 of those jobs be? How can it take so many to come up with a carefully worked out speculation? How fucking overstaffed is HMRC if 1100 can be employed this way?
    What a bunch of timeserving cunts.

  9. I raised a couple of pigs once for eating. Very tasty they were too. When I see Dianne I’m always reminded of those piglets. They were greedy,obstinate,untrustworthy but possessed an inbred cunning that really was impressive. However there were some crucial differences, the piglets smelled fairly sweet and possessed loins that I couldn’t wait to bury my face in…the juice dribbling down my chin,the stubbly hairs.the salty tang….but enough of Diane,the pigs were tasty too.

  10. I hope your fang is better, Sir L. But we must be grateful to it for that classical deconstructive cunting of the mistress of cunt, the Cherie Blair of the Left, Andrew Neill’s secret love, and professional passive aggressor.

    And for the footnote on Eng. Lang. Had always assumed that Shakespearean English was best preserved in the (white) Southern US, but maybe you have a point. Hard to say with the debasement of our current ‘received pronunciation*’, which is now very nearly indistinguishable from posh 1940’s American, though it never used to be. Check out an old recording or two and see if you agree…

    Certainly agree on Windrush Gen 1. If all our immigrants were Windrush #1, I’m not sure ISAC would be necessary. As you say, fine body of people.

    *ie not wot da yoof in da hood is talkin, innit.

    • Afterthought. Cunters are wondering why Flabbott remains on public display. It’s very simple. No party in its right mind would want to win the next election and take responsibility for a country over its ears in debt, whose public services have collapsed and which produces nothing of value to anyone. Simples.

      • Good point – a bit like how the Tories tried to lose the last election. But that would require intelligence and imagination, qualities I am yet to observe in even one Labour frontbencher…

      • I’m not so sure…

        This cuntry now seems so stuffed to the gunwales with the terminally confused, weak and incontinent; I fear that Liebore could knowingly and deliberately be voted in.

        They would probably have a cabinet reshuffle, and Flabbott would get a post more suited to her (polished-turd) shining intellect, considering her Cambridge degree…

        Minister for Educashun. Innit ??

  11. Abbott has perfected the art of interview stalling. Repeating the question several times and speaking v…e…r…y s…l…o…w…l…y to eat up time without saying much.

    A white hating racist, a kids in private school hypocrite, devoid of any mental arithmetic and all round cunt.

    If Steptoe and the female silver back ever take the reins, it’s goodnight nurse for Britain….

    • Nurse has already put out the bedside light, placed pennies on the patient’s eyes, and padded silently back to the coffee machine.

    • Even at 12 words an hour she’d manage to say something contradictory, meaningless, utter bullshit or any combination of the 3.

    • She sounds just like Dudley Moore in the “Mother” sketch…”You buried it, you buried it, you buried it…”

      Masturbating to Elgar’s 1st Symphony…

      A fave piece of mine, but a little “slow-paced” for the pleasure in question.
      I’d recommend Mahler’s 6th !

  12. The bitch may be seen as a joke now – like a thick Socialist version of Boris Johnson, but maybe that’s just a cover, cos there’s nothing funny about the way she conducted herself in the past.

    For example, speaking in 1984, Flabbott said that Ireland:

    “is our struggle – every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us. A defeat in Northern Ireland would be a defeat indeed.”

    She then went on to say:

    “Though I was born here in London, I couldn’t identify as British. Anyone who comes from a former colony knows the troops always have to come out.”

    Referring to Northern Ireland as an “enclave of white supremacist ideologies,” she then railed against Labour’s official policy of seeking Unionist consent, saying:

    “Should we have waited to win the consent of the white racists in Zimbabwe?”

    In 2010, on the ‘This Week’ sofa, Flabbottomus stated:

    “West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children.”

    She made the remark to explain her hypocritical decision to send her son to a fee-paying school after previously condemning private sector education.

    Andrew Neil responded: “So black mums love their kids more than white mums, do they?”


    Neil then went on to ask: “Supposing Michael [Portillo] said white mums will go to the wall for their children? Why did you say that, isn’t it a racist remark?”

    Apparently the bloated overgrown slug had nothing further to say.

    Two further beauties while I’m at it:

    “White people love to play divide and rule”


    “Finish blue-eyed nurses aren’t suitable to look after Black people”. 

    And the cunt has the gall to whinge about online abuse?!

    Live by the race card, die by Facefuck & Twatter.

    Check out the This Week clip below:


  13. I just can’t get over the fact that the old crusty hippie stuck his love pipe into this disgusting wretch of a creature. The hell was he thinking.

  14. Maybe a cunting is overdue for Margaret Thatcher’s mass closure of lunatic asylums?

    • She did it so that having a load of loonies roaming the streets would make Sir Sheath Joseph look “normal”

  15. I posted this on the Lily Allen thread but we’ve moved on so in case anyone missed it. She has just a posted a photograph of her vagina on Twitter. I post without comment just thought you all should know, I haven’t looked myself. 😛

  16. A fine cunting Sir Limply Stoke,
    I am sick of Dianne and Lammy acting as if they are the speakers for black people. Due to current affairs like Windrush etc I can’t help but feel that these cunts (Lammy and Abbot) are milking it too much and using it to further their own careers.
    Dianne is a cunt, and a hypocrite, sending her children to a private school and then saying Carribean women go to the wall for their kids…what a cunt and an embarrassment. I bet 90% of her cuntstituents can’t afford private school and as for Lammy… What a cunt also, he definitely has designs on the top job. The cunt has recently been whinging abaaaaaht Oxford Universitues lack of Black and minority students. These kind of cunts wouldn’t be happy if the whole of Oxford University was black. It reminds me of the LGTBQC+ people… They get equality and then want to go after institutions like the LGTBQC+ did with the Church etc until they the ‘Oppressed’ become the Oppresors. They can all fuck off. Total cunts who have never had it so good yet want to moan and protest about everything. What will they do when they run out of things to protest about. The cunts.

    • Of course they’re using it to further their careers, or as us ordinary folk say, to ‘fatten up their already bloated wallets and pension pots, you hypocritical vacuous cunts!’.

      The sad thing is their will be plenty of black folk who trust and believe these two duplicitous turds really care about black people, or that they dislike whites, are secretly superior, or whatever. The fact is neither of these two cunts give a shit about black people. Or white people. Or anyone, except perhaps their financial adviser and lawyer, and maybe Colonel Sanders.

      That’s why they’re ‘career politicians’. Self serving hypocritical fucknuts who care only for money.

  17. True Cuntflap, the Flabbott is all about rights of minorities, the same tired patronising left-wing dogma of perceived racism, austerity and any other right-on bandwagon going. Anything which requires some actual substance and hard facts like police numbers and funding is a complete car crash as proven in the GE run up.

    Moses on a pedalo, how the fuck has this smear of shite been elected to Parliament and held onto her seat for 30 years?

  18. The three day week was Heath’s idea. Last time I checked he identified as Tory.

  19. Speaking of arse-ugly, thick as shit bitches that Soubry traitor is on Question Time tonight.
    Fucking slag. Fucking scrubber.

    • She’s a proper sour faced cunt. If she was a Brexiteer and negotiating the EU would give in and run a mile. What a cunt she is going against the plebs in her constituency. The cunt.

    • Why does she get so many slots on the show. Always talks way too long and his a grimace like she’s perpetually smelling burnt dog shit.

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