Netta Barzilai

Dear cunters

What can I say but check out this total and utter CUNT. The story says it all. But what will be fucking worse is how every LGBTCUNT will be lapping this up.

Might as well get down the bookies and win yourself a few quid to take away the pain of the world fucking ending cos if the fucking right on snowflakes don’t lap this up to see it’s sorry arse to victory then fuck me.


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A Right Cunting for Netta and Toy.

Never watched the Euro non-vision song contest last night. Was out at a club listening and dancing to some good ole rocknrole by a three piece, live band. Great night.
Got up late this afternoon and decided to see who won last night’s Euro travesty, in the vain hope that a half decent song might have triumphed.
On screen, the winner, Netta immediately assaulted my senses and for one orrible moment I thought I was still in bed suffering from a beer induced, trance nightmare, but worse than that was the jolting realisation that I was awake and this ghastly vision was for real.
Netta an obese and hideous parody of mini-mouse mated to a puff ball Bjork, shrilled, leered and bounced across the screen backed by a bunch of bean flicking, rug munchers, all on about – – – what? Totally unintelligible vocals that I couldn’t make sense of, so I had a look at the lyrics to this visual desecration. What a load of fucking virtue signalling insanity. I wont insult our good brethren and sisterdom here by repeating all of those mangled lyrics, that could have been penned by a schizoid, crack addict of thirteen, but here is one line,
“Look at me I’m a beautiful creature” !!! No, you are a fat Cunt with no musical ability that has jumped on the already creaking bandwagon of, right-on lovies.
Apparently the virtue signallers say that, – – – “on “Toy,” Netta sings about the awakening of social justice and empowerment of all people”.
No, its’ a fat Cunt’s extravagant whinge about how unfuckable she is and it’s all a “silly boys” fault, for not loving her, period.


41 thoughts on “Netta Barzilai

  1. Jesus h Christ!!!
    It’s a pig in a wig!
    I couldn’t give a flying fuck what she or her sympathetic sycophantic mates have to say about absolutely anything…….
    Fuckin human detritus!!

  2. Haven’t heard it, don’t want to hear it and the thing in the photo looks batshit insane.

    Well cunted.

  3. I thought I copped sight of this swamp donkey the other day; excavating shingle down the beach. It wasn’t until I adjusted my eyesight that I realised it was actually a bulldozer.

    • Must be two because thought I saw her in the Thames, on second glance I realized it was a tugboat

  4. Fuck me,she certainly looks like she knows how to illegally occupy a pie shop.

  5. We had people over the night this shit was on, and one of the cunts wanted it on. I was hoping to take the cheese grater to my eyeballs but I was at the back of the queue.

    If the rest of Europe thinks this is music then they’re welcome to it.

    Fat Bjork looky likely….

  6. In days gone bye this thing would have been harpooned, drag aboard a ship, drained and used to light a city!! ……,

  7. So much easier to brainwash morons into protecting your failings and your laziness to lose weight and attack people who see through your bullshit than to change yourself, cos we are all entitled to be what the feck we want in the name of diversity

  8. More sleb status by virtue of box-ticking rather than talent. That’s the way it is these days.

    You can be pretty fucking useless at your chosen vocation (MP, acting, singer, “talent” spot, you name it) and you can be fucking dreadful at it but still get lorded over if you tick the right gender/ethnic/religion boxes.

    And anyone who dares call one of these talentless or useless cunts a “talentless or useless cunt” then you’re decried as some form of “ist” or “phobic”.

    Thing is everyone knows that cunts like this are shite in reality but their group-think mantra prevents them from saying so for fear of being excluded and/or ostracised from some virtual virtue-signalling gang online.

    You sad digital sheep cunts!

  9. Aah, Israel…that well-known European country…presumably p@kis will be included next year. Paraguay too.

      • No shit?!?! Just name it Cuntovision since any ol’ cunt can land a spot. What a fuckin joke.

      • Us criminal sheepshaggers have no business anywhere near yurovision. We have our own regional competition, which is thrashing Samos, Kiribati and Pitcairn fucking Island in the pacific zone World Cup qualifiers

  10. Feck me i hate modern life and the snow flake mentality how the fuck did we allow the sissyfication of a whole generation, and now i find out that British Athletics has an offical yoghurt !!!

    • @Civy

      I hear ya! Christ Almighty these libtard mutants are breeding like the fucking vermin they truly are. Where these creatures are concerned British Athletics should be sponsoring fucking d-Con!


      Mo Farah promoting? One look at this piggish cunt and Mia Farrow should be promoting…ala Rosemary’s Baby.

  11. Well, as next year’s competition will be in Israel we could hope that Hamas blows this gay wankfest into eternity. That would make me laugh.
    However the Israelis, not being soft as shit, tend not to invite their enemies through the front door and equip them with everything they need to destroy their society. We need to bring it back to London if we want the shit blown out of it.

  12. I’m appalled by all these weight-ist, size-ist and shape-ist remarks. Shame on you. Don’t you know that fat is where it’s at? Fat is the new thin.
    And Israel has every right to apply to be a member of Europe. If you lived in the middle east surrounded by camel jockeys, wouldn’t you want your country to do the same? Let’s do the right thing and show support for fat Israelis.

  13. Where the fuck do you find these cunts? No fucking idea who or what this is but looks like a sack of shit tied in the middle.

  14. Seems a Dutch broadcaster did a parody of the act, and the Israeli embassy complained, formally – though not about the offence hypothetically caused to the, er, singer, obviously. Seems it skated too near the ultimate edge of shock horror by criticising Israel’s policy. Which, as we all know is…ok, B’nai Brith, I’ll go quietly.

    Reckon it was beyond parody, anyway.

  15. Aren’t we lucky!
    We don’t get that shit in Canada.
    Dick Fiddler’s comments reminded me that we used to call them Pie-Eaters back in Liverpool . Another description was “a ten strapper” for the number of stiffeners in her girdle.
    Now they’re “women of substance”
    Bring back those good old days

  16. This is what we get for supporting the terrorist funded state of israel!, a fat kosher pig who wears a japanese outfit yet somehow gets a free pass on cultural appropriation explain that one to me cunters?

    btw last time I checked israel is in the middle east not in fucking europe what the hell happened there?

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