The Grenfell Tower Inquiry

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Bugger me switch on me telly and every channel wall to wall with mendacious silence and hushed respect. M’Learned Friends talking very slowly (out of respect surely, not to drag out every syllable for as long as humanly possible to maximise their exorbitant fees). This is the Victims Statement part of the Inquiry which will go on for TWO WEEKS. Double bugger me.
The causation of the whole inferno fiasco is as plain as a pike staff in me humble opinion, dear old bribery and corruption within the building industry. Have spent many years navigating that paddy infested swamp which is fuelled by the back hander. Not just for the cunts that award contracts but at every level from Architects and Planning to Building Control to the dodgy Councillors on Committee and our upstanding MPs to the pig shit thick paddy that pours the concrete. Payola all round. Nice if you can get it.
We all knew about the in flammability of aluminium decades ago. Under the right conditions – plenty of oxygen and high enough temperatures – thin skins of ali will go like fuck. Certain WWII aircraft were notorious for their pilot toasting abilities if they got going eg Spitfire. Worth remembering that the Hindenburg airship had ali structure and ali dope on its fabric. That was toasty.
Problem is in the early 2000s all the sensible building controls that Yours Truly spent many years avoiding were all swept away and replaced by…well nothing really…and your health and well being placed in the honest hands of your sweet heart Developer. The industry entered a new era of control by market forces and self regulation. Whoopee.
Good News is we need no longer worry if our drains have been installed the right war round, our foundations our deep enough, the reinforcement is in the right place and has enough concrete cover and our insulation is non-flammable. Simple put we are all fucked in a post 80s building (70s not too clever either) so London Blitz spirit and get plenty of insurance…ah except the insurance game is just as fucked and crooked if not more so. Note to cunters if you have to make a claim go directly to the insurance assessor through your own claims manager and have large wads of used £20 notes available. You know it makes sense.

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62 thoughts on “The Grenfell Tower Inquiry

  1. I’m certainly no Grenfell hand-wringer,as far as I’m concerned most of the sponging Cunts shouldn’t have even been here. However ,there remains the fact that a rush by “Big Business” to screw every penny down, allied to a council mindset of “Save,Save, Save” has resulted in this tragedy.
    Now we again have the position of the taxpayer picking up the tab for business shortcuts. In a way I think of this as akin to Carillion or Philip Green walking away and leaving the taxpayer to foot the bill.
    Too many businesses are being allowed to gorge on the tit of public money and yet are not held accountable when the shit hits the fan. It verges on the corrupt. If this tower block hadn’t been full of immigrants,but instead say Army Families and some firm had been allowed to cut corners which had resulted in the same outcome, there really would,and should,have been Hell to pay.
    Fair enough not sympathising with a bunch of sponging,grabby immigrants,but I hope that this inquiry also looks at just who was going to pocket the money saved by going down the cheapest route.

    Fuck them.

    • I’m wondering when Price Waterhouse Cooper and the rest are going to be revealed with their ugly beaked heads gorging in the guts of collective corpse. Private enterprise may be one thing, but private enterprise making vast profits from an apparently unlimited supply of public money is quite another. And that’s what we’ve got.

      There is so much to cunt here –
      Consultants who don’t look at the problems they are hired, but unqualified to solve.
      Auditors who nod dodgy accounts through.
      Layers of management concerned only with eliminating the productive strata below…in the interests of efficiency.
      Cosmetic obsessions – the cladding was added to make the tower look nice for the poshos.
      Et ad infinitum cetera.

      And the emotional orgy of Victim Statement Fortnight begins to look almost trivially cuntable.

    • Good post Dick,
      The only winners will be the lawyers – they are crowding round Grenfell grotto like the vultures in the Jungle Book – doing fuck all apart from make their cases as sad and tear jerking as possible. The country in the 60’s had fucking hundreds of these types of flats built – full of asbestos and dodgy fittings – its a balance of risk game. Ford built a vehicle in the US (cant remember what it was called) that on a rear impact the petrol tank exploded. Ford made the decision to not attempt a recall and figured that the few who were fried would accept a couple of million $$ in compo. The building trade is and was much the same. Its about getting stuff done, making brass and moving on. If some cunt hadn’t left his appliance in a dodgy state none of this would have seen the light of day. I don’t know a council or state owned tender that wont go for cheapest first. As long as the bean counters can save brass its business as usual. As for Grenfell great point about the Army families and had it happened to them things would have been very different, only the blambos wouldn’t have turned out in support – look at how some of them are facing charges for events that happened 30 or 40 years ago. Not many lawyers queuing up to offer their services. As for the blambos in Kensington and Chelsea – I have searched far and wide for a fuck to give and I am bereft of them. Sad? Sick? Maybe – but I couldn’t care less.

      • It does indeed reming me of some atrocious rail disaster years ago – outside Paddington, I think, where a tv programme actually analysed all the different privatised companies being sued. What a fucking nightmare.
        And then, predictably, the legal expenditure, the sheer volume of Sues, Grabbits and Runnes making MILLIONS out of other people’s agony.
        Utter bastards.

  2. Cheapside St……19 Firefighters died saving others……forgotten

    Ronan Point 3 dead…………forgotten

    Piper Alpha 187 dead………….forgotten

    I could go on, there are lots more examples

    Grenfell…..You will never be allowed to forget

    • Piper Alpha defo NOT forgotten up in Scotty.

      But I agree, in the all-inclusive MSM picture of things – forgotten.

      BBC News – Move along, please, there’s nothing to see/hear…

      • Apologies-NOT in Scotland.! There is a memorial to Piper Alpha in Aberdeen I believe, I haven’t seen it, but I understand it was raised from public subscriptions.
        I fired off this post in anger, as Grenfell is now an ideological racial and political issue disproportionate to most of the tragedy’s that went before. I agree very much with Dick Fiddlers post ( above ). Grenfell is however, elevated to a prominent status because of race, and by fuck it will be milked mercilessly.
        I did not include other examples which were either equally appalling, or even surpassed Grenfull. Scotland has suffered some of the most appalling fire tradgedy’s and these ( sadly ) left victims without compensation. I cite the James Heriot fire in particular, where the escape doors were padlocked and the burned bodies were recovered behind locked and barred doors. No Cunt went to jail for that either. Sorry for the long post but I sense that you like me has a memory and a respect for these awful events. Cheers

      • … and let’s not forget a civilian and a few military Chinook Helicopter disasters !!!

      • You’d have thought Grenfell was bigger than 9/11, the way it’s been portrayed and exploited!

        An unholy alliance of racist, virtue signalling cunts, career politicians, Media, and money grubbing scumbags of every persuasion.

      • Radio 4’s grief whoring of Grenfell has been an utter disgrace.

      • I was listening to a chap on the radio, A columnist for some newspaper,
        He was talking about surrogate grief and the fact it became fashionable after the death of Lady Di (fucking unfortunate name as it came about)and that the grief is more of a fashion statement and has no emotional depth, almost perhaps like the victorian era after the death of Prince Albert.
        I just cannot see the importance of looking at the irelivant it is a very simple cut and dried situation of who the fuck is responsible for the point of ignition.

  3. Grenfell is a tragedy and there are lots who bear the guilt but none will suffer the consequences. They never do. The stupidity of allowing flammable cladding, corrupt greedy builders, incompetent councils and officials, planners, architects, Fire service procedures and government regulators. These cunts will no more get their comeuppance than the bankers did or incompetent and corrupt directors and auditors of big business pissing away pensions and jobs.
    Tragedy apart, it has been hijacked by lefty racist scum seeking to blame the Tories and somehow the PM for it. Institutional racism as that pig Abbot said. I would have liked that explained but no challenge was forthcoming as is the norm nowadays when racism is shrieked.
    So a question. Why do atrocities like Manchester call for peace, love and candles while Grenfell calls for anger and recrimination against racist Britain? Cunts.

    • EXACTLY.
      I was thinking the same thing.
      “They won’t divide us”
      “Hope not hate”
      “Don’t look back in anger”
      …or does that only apply when English people are killed?

    • Some deeply stupid cunt commenting on the Manchester atrocity stated that the terrorists attempt to divide us has failed. Now the fact is the terrorists have no intention of dividing ‘us’ whoever the fuck ‘us’ are. They simply want to kill us. Do you fucking get that you thick sentimental snowflake cunt? They want to kill us.

  4. there was a chap on Newsnight the other night who lived in Grenfell Tower, he ran a campaign warning that the Tower was a disaster waiting to happen. an email he sent to the council was shown. in it he actually stated ‘ it seems to be that a huge fire in the Tower will be needed before anything is done. say no more.

  5. Someone will carry the can for this…..they need to throw somebody to the mob.
    Of course it will be some poor cunt at the bottom of the food chain, it always is.
    The posh cunts with the big suits will just walk away. That’s how justice works.

  6. More corrupt cunts at the top fleecing everyone below them to get as much as they can.
    They’ve made a fortune by cutting corners and using cheap materials.
    Now some more upper middle class cunts are gonna earn millions from the “enquiry”.

    It’s just going to be a big expensive pantomime of virtue signalling that’ll last years, cost millions and amount to FUCK ALL.

    Wonder how many cunts actually go to prison for this?
    My guess is none.

    I do feel sorry for the grenfell cunts and I hope whoever’s responsible goes to prison for a long, long time, but there’s no escaping the fact that if we weren’t bringing in hundreds of thousands of people every year, we wouldn’t even need to be paying through the nose for cunting tower blocks anyway.

    • One responsible person is unfortunately dead –

      Since the mid-1980s, English building regulations have been based on what is known as a ‘performance-based’ system. This means that rather than setting out prescriptive rules or lists of banned materials, the regulations outline broad outcomes which buildings must achieve. It is then, theoretically, up to the industry to decide how to meet these standards.

      This change, introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1985, swept away 306 pages of building regulations and replaced them with just 24.

      The link goes into considerable detail on the dodging which took place around even the reduced regulations.

      • She was a Cunt alright. Blair idolised her. Took us into Iraq hoping it would be his ‘Falklands’. Cunts.

      • All too depressingly familiar Komodo. Good link. Been there done that but in the ’60s when this type of construction started coming in we all knew we were building problems for the future. Throw it up as cheap and as quick as poss and on to the next one. Social responsibility? Fuck that and get the boxes ticked. Forget what was learned over two thousand years of building.Go for the money.

      • Once upon a time, I was considering retraining as a pharmacist.
        I well remember Thatcher’s highly responsible idea of taking the pressure off GPs by getting pharmacists to diagnose.

        We might just as well stuff Wetminster full of clueless, treacherous retards.

        Oh, wait a minute…

      • Some sort of food specialist…

        I believe she had a job at Walls’, trying to work out the max amount of compressed air that could be whacked into “Cream of Cornish” to make it go further. About the sum total of her industry experience, allegedly…

        That’s fine and dandy by me – Walls’ Cream of Cornish was bright yellow shite, and I would sooner eat (compressed) air, it tastes better.

      • MSc studying Langmuir-Blodgett films – roughly, very thin solid scum on a liquid surface. There’s a parallel with her Cabinet there somewhere.

  7. What if like to know is what happened to the ‘exploding fridge’ that caused it? That all went very quiet very quickly.

    And I’ve never even heard of a fridge exploding…was Mohammed cooking up something nice to take on the tube for ramadamadingdong?…..

  8. All too depressingly familiar Komodo. Good link. Been there done that but in the ’60s when this type of construction started coming in we all knew we were building problems for the future. Throw it up as cheap and as quick as poss and on to the next one. Social responsibility? Fuck that and get the boxes ticked. Forget what was learned over two thousand years of building.Go for the money.

    • That was the era of really crap concrete, wasn’t it? Not improved, in foundations, by the odd gangland corpse, I believe. And Lasdun, designer of rather shaky fortifications for the art world.

      • It is more than just rumour that half of the Richardson Gang are continuing to enjoy a date at the seaside in the concrete bastions of Brighton Marina. Brutalism (I kid you not) was the name of the game. Lasdun was a plummy cunt. Worked with him on the National Theatre. Still not sorted out the damp penetration.

  9. This enquiry would be better off investigating how many of those affected were in gainful employment.
    How the fuck this country is supposed to supply five star accommodation to those who contribute nothing into the system is beyond me. Initial enquiries found that the cladding met the required standards, however low those standards might be. If there’s fuck all going into the pot and more and more being drawn from it then things are going to get worse. Everything will be built out of the cheapest shit available. Just look at the state of the roads as a prime example.

    • One of my main gripes about immigration is that most if not all immigrants are allowed to get out of the system have not paid a penny piece into, whether it be benefits, NHS treatment, translators, legal assistance, or schooling.

      That plus there are so fucking many of them, that they seem to serve no practical purpose, do not behave particularly well, have greatly increased the local crime rate and are noisy, inconsiderate fuckers who have taken over our town.

      I have no problems with immigrants who want to come here and who have something meaningful to offer this country, who want to integrate with society and contribute financially for the benefit of all.

      This is not what is happening.

      • Spot on DTS. The word illegal should disbar all of the cunts from benefits, but it does not. I had immigrants who were served notices but were still ” entitled” to benefits. In the 16 years with H.O IAS and RLC received millions in “dump” and the medical expense went right off the scale. It is the corruption within that fuels this impotency.
        As a result of all those years in HO ( albeit medical ) I am the most negative cunt , and completely intolerant of gimmeegrants.

    • Yep, saw 6 of em down south near Lidls yesterday at 3pm, none of em working or in school. Two of the younger teen ones play fighting in the road and stopping the traffic, a skinny scruffy woman in the obligatory, eastern european, pink trousers, shouting and remonstrating with 2 thick set older males. Enriching?
      The Al-Beeb’s Romanian report – – – – “For the growing number of Romanians coming to Britain, the attraction is mainly the ability to work and earn more than they would do in their home country.”
      Cunting lying horse shit.
      Insert “not” between ability and to work is much closer to the truth

  10. 411,000 Romanians? There’s got to be more than that. They are all over the place in central London….. begging, picking pockets, nicking bags in pubs, shoplifting, the cunts are everywhere.
    They are pure fucking filth , fucking criminals , every single one of them. The women aren’t even fuckable…..ugly fat slags. What the fuck are we doing allowing these fucking scum in ?

    • I suspect the government has no fucking idea how many Romanian cunts there are in the UK. Would not surprise me if double or treble this figure as they are just fucking everywhere.

      My next door neighbour advised me today that if the useless cunts have not found work within three months we can deport them. But we don’t bother, seemingly happy to let this unwanted dross remain here to further erode the quality of life for us all.

      Of course if you are fortunate to be wealthy and live in a nice part of the country or in a nice neighbourhood it is less likely you we be affected by our Eastern European friends and can pretend that is not happening. The I’m all right Jack approach, and fuck everyone else.

      Isn’t that right Mr Sorros. And Mr Adonis (sorry, Lord). And Mr Blair. And Ms Miller. And Mr Branson. And Mr Hesteline.

      • Technically the rule is “EU citizens must be self-supporting.” After 3 months in the UK, EU migrants need to be either working, have a member of the family working, or have sufficient funds to live (and have full sickness insurance). If not then they can be returned to their home country.

        Hard (and expensive) to police of course, but Remainers can use it as a get out clause when asserting control exists if UK chooses to use it.

        Trouble is the UK does not register EU migrants as they arrive (surprise surprise) and therefore has no way of knowing how long they have been in the UK. Therefore no efforts are made to track or control this movement.

        Even if they did register migrants I can’t see them bothering to track them down and deport after 3 months – they can’t even get their act together enough to deport actual criminals let alone migrants who simply abuse EU regulations.

      • I find it difficult to believe we don’t know how many migrants we have. That is the Home Office’s remit and they are a model of efficiency. And as for Romanians, they are keeping the vital car wash sector going and no doubt contributing large amounts of tax and NI.

      • Willie S. … the only way the wealthy are ‘affected’ is by having these folk as cheap labour … that is those who have found a job ( albeit for cash in hand ). Why do you think they want them kept here. A dozen Poles living in a two bedroom house, virtually no overheads … of course they can undercut the majority of British workers with a family to keep.

      • If you look at the way Amazon warehouses operate you get the agenda for big business Remain. They are staffed by eastern Europeans mostly as the working conditions and management practices are Dickensian by UK standards but better than being poor and hungry in Romania.

      • Fully aware that the rich need cheap nannies and big business want cheap labour BMP.

        Unfortunately most of the 300,000+ a year do not fall into these categories

      • The richer ones won’t escape this so easily. The Romanians plus many other crims are headed South. Hampshire and Dorset towns here, are now begining to look like third world shitholes in the town centres, with weak lefty feminised councils, an absence of police and community officers and almost no control over the drunks and druggies, with plenty of Bogo-bogo smack dealers, weighing up their chances, the big shops closing, fronts boarded up, what a fucking mess immigration and globalism has made for us working class true Brits.
        Fuck the government, and it’s preposterous lovey propaganda that it tries to push down our throats, via the Al-BBC and MSM. Our eyes do not lie. There is going to have to come the time when we will have to resist this freefall to hell.

  11. Just think though. If you were a scouser at Hillsborough who lived at the Grenfell tower that went to the Ariana Grande concert.
    How much compo could you claim???

    • You wouldn’t have time to claim compo. As everyone knows , every Scouser is too busy at Anfield (having bunked in without a ticket obviously, those cheeky Juventus fan killing scamps) singing You’ll Never Walk Alone for the most recent banged up abroad cunt who has stoved in a foreign waiter’s skull for not bringing him his Lowenbrau rapidly enough .

  12. We’ve always been able to deport them after 3 months. You would have thought the remoaners would have made a big deal of that during the referendum. No they kept schtum because then they would have had to admit they had done fuck all about foreign ponces for years.
    Total cunts.

  13. Grenfell and everything connected to it is a true testament to how utterly fucked this country is. Greed from top to bottom, including the illegal sub-letting of flats and all the sponging incomers who take far more than they give, right down to the fact that the architecture itself is a crime against humanity and should be told to go stab itself repeatedly with an HB pencil.

    It should be a new symbol designed on to a new flag for this country, manufactured in China for 7p and sold for £19.99. Might help ‘stimulate the economy’.

    • If it’s self combusting, it would save a bit of trouble should anyone wish to burn it for political effect.

  14. They can have as many inquiries as they like. We all know the outcome…”Lessons will be learned.”
    Nothing but an excuse for sponging illegals to bleat for more compensation, politicians to score cheap points off each other,the barristers to milk the public purse and the taxpayer to pick up the bill for everyone and everything.

    • That seems to be the go to, get out of jail free card used by numerous public bodies from social services to NHS chiefs, usually followed by a golden goodbye and/or early retirement with a fat pension pot.

    • And still Still STILL Dianne Abbott and David Lammy haven’t simultaneously choked on chiggun bones and died in panicked terror, regretting their worthless, chip-on-the-shoulder lives.

    • Unfortunately predict you will be right on every point. A sad and inevitable conclusions for the taxpayer.

  15. Fucking yawn, its these sponging Grenfall cunts again….shouldn’t half of these money grabbing cunts been deported by now [another cunting for the home office] it beautifully illistrates why you don’t want a country full of imigrants and a weak government,what would have happened if this had happened in their own countries….it would have been carry on or starve to death, but no fucking free living and no fucking hand outs……move on Grendfall cunts it was a tragity then but ancient fucking history now….even Adelle and Lilly the musical mong moved on after milking the press, you cunts should do the same…..

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