Political Correctness [4]

This is the end of our world as we know it. We aren’t under attack from aliens. Nor are we facing the prospect of a zombie apocalypse or another ice age. The extinction of humanity is already well under way and it’s only a matter of time before the world comes to an end. We are under attack from a well known sub-human mutant species who have plagued society with an absolutely atrocious and horrendous disease called… political correctness.

We live in a world whereby simply saying “hello” to someone carries the risk of facing a sexual harassment charge if you say it to the wrong person. A world where your life can be turned upside down by saying the ‘wrong thing’. The humiliation, the gossiping and the shit-storm that ensue through means such as Twatter or Fuckbook can drive an innocent and misunderstood person to insanity and even death.

One of the worst cases I have ever come across involves West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle and an uptight sports presenter. During an interview, Chris Gayle said to the sensitive old bint who was interviewing him: “I wanted to see your eyes for the first time, hopefully we can win this game and then we can have a drink after as well”. These were his exact words. In no way, shape or form can they be considered even remotely inappropriate. Well, not according to the members of the aforementioned sub-human mutant species. Not only have his comments been deemed ‘inappropriate and disrespectful’ he has also had to deal with the shit-storm from these mutants. On top of that he has also been fined just under £5,000. Yes, you did read that correctly. £5,000!

This mutant cult are gaining power rapidly and it’s only a matter of time before they take over the world and destroy it. In the next few decades the world will likely become a barren, desolate wasteland where anyone who doesn’t conform to their ways of political correctness and all the other shit that comes with it will be banished; either to the pit of eternal fire or sentenced to a lifetime of slavery and extreme torture. It wouldn’t come as much surprise if new devices that control what you say and what you see will be made compulsory and installed into everyone who is non-mutant.

It’s time to take action and fight against these far-left mutants which consist of SJWs, feminazis and various other snowflake cunts. It’s not too late to stop their path of mass destruction and vile brainwashing. They cannot be allowed to gain any more power and control. Let’s put an end to these cunts before it’s too late.

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  1. Ahh, the bane of my entire existence and my pet hate. I could say plenty of things about it, but seeing as I’ve run out of superlatives to describe my immense anger at this vicious, toxic ideology I’ll just say this: It will be the single most destructive force in society this century and possibly for many centuries to come as well.

  2. Political Correctness is a cunt and always will be.

    When I was a child I was always told that you could not call a black man a black man, but must refer to him as coloured. Now, I am reliably informed that I canot call a black man a coloured man, but must refer to him as black.

    Also as a white person under no circumstances must he be referred to as a n****r, which I can totally understand as it is a demeaning and derogatory term, however it is ok for one black person to call another by this name. I do not u sweat and the logic.

    It has unfortunately now got to the point where there is always someone offended by what someone else says. Top of the pops must currently be feminists (men hating women), Peacefuls (who seemingly hate the Western way of life but are all fucking here), our friends with strange sexual preferences or gender fluid (ffs) freaks, Remainers referring to me as a thick racist or sometimes an amalgamation of all of the above

    I have always been fairly honest and straight talking, and will continue to be so regardless of what people tell me I and cannot say. Over the years I have formulated my views and opinions which I consider to well thought out and relatively balanced and refuse to bow to the pressure of political correctness because it offends others.

    I am fed up that as a white middle aged law abiding tax paying heterosexual male who has always treated others with consideration and respect watching my country being ruined now being told to shit the fuck up and that my thoughts, opinions and words (however rational and reasonable) are offensive, outdated and inappropriate to others.

    I will tell these offended cunts something- I DON’T FUCKING CARE.

  3. I must go away and think about this for a while. The colossal scope of this cunt topic, reaching into every cranny of my existence, ever visible at work and lurking with pricked ears and binoculars in public places, is perhaps too much for me to cunt adequately. Complimentary reference to the opposite sex – banned. Objections to the effect of mass immigration – binned. Watch your nice televisions/ipods/paint drying: behave youselves and play nicely, children. Mummy is watching on CCTV.

    It’s a fucking emetic fascist cunt, that’s what it is. Wait till the cunts crack mind control, though, and they will, if they haven’t already.

    More later, if I can tear myself away from the bleeding obvious. Where do you start?

    • They have already cracked mind control.

      Political correctness is the poison on which cultural Marxism thrives.

      Once they control the way you speak, they control the way you think.

      Resist the cunts who push this PC bullshit with fact and logic.

      It is their Kryptonite.

    • They don’t need some fancy electronic gizmos to manipulate the population. Much easier to plant seeds in minds, especially the young who can’t defend against it, and have the population police itself for transgressions against the ‘normal’ social code of conduct.

      The real cunt is the field of psychology. They haven’t done much to oppose this as far as I can see. They also didn’t seem to put up much resistance to allowing 50 fucking genders and all that bullshit, letting little children get confused and then surgically mutilating them.

      It’s a bloody disgrace.

      • And, alarmingly, it seems that Psychology has replaced Sociology as the cop-out degree of choice at the nation’s monkey-houses.

        While here, and a bit off-topic, I should like to uncunt Mad Kim Jong-Ill just a weeny bit. A veritable shite-storm has erupted around the fat buffoon. However, comments he made in the past about Obummer were spot-on, and worthy of inclusion on this site.

  4. I have just returned on the train from London. The carriage was half full. I saw three seats facing three others. Sitting by the window on one was a man. Sitting near the aisle on the other was a woman. I sat down opposite her. I observed that she was somewhat overweight and middle aged and as I sat down I gave a half smile and was going to ask if she were ‘of counsel’ as she seemed to be dressed in that manner. She promptly arose and moved to another carriage. On a half crowded train. In the rush hour. Avoiding a more than middle-aged rapist.

  5. no one here had better watch an upcoming programme this coming tuesday. i think its on C4 at 10 pm but not 100% certain. i think a few TVs could end up wrecked. its about the campaign to have statues of great figures from our past removed because they ‘ upset certain peoples’ sensibilities ‘. i think that afua hirsch woman will feature .piss will be boiled.

  6. Arch-Libfuck and preaching leftist cunt, Morgan Freeman, accused by eight women of sexual harassment? Well, well, well…

    But don’t expect any venom from the Me Too or Time’s Up celobrislags…. Simply cuz he black….

  7. People seem to be permanently offended and desperate to find things to be outraged about these days. I’ve adopted an attitude of not setting out to offend,but if I do ,well Fuck them. I’m past the stage of being worried about other peoples’opinion of me,and couldn’t care less if I do upset someone. There’ll be nothing that I want or need from those kind of people so what’s it matter if they take offence at my language or behaviour?
    “No man is an island” they say…well I’m fucking well on the way and it suits me just fine. I find myself becoming more and more contemptuous of most people and their weak kow towing to every self-righteous,prissy busybody. Easier to just tell them to get fucked and let them think,and say,whatever they have a mind.

    Fuck them.

    • Highly commendable P.O.V. Mr Fiddler.

      As a citizen of no consequence (old) and financially independent, I too have nothing to gain by humouring or appeasing these PC cunts in the slightest anymore. And will not.

    • Should have made clear that this was included; advertising being a major offender, but the social media are contenders too. I’ve watched a decent man’s blog being completely subverted…and he hasn’t realised it yet.

  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44247290

    If It is not confusing enough with the soft or a hard Brexit options Mark Carney is now talking about a Disorderly Brexit and a Sharp Brexit.

    Always thought hard Brexit means we leave completely and soft Brexit means we don’t, and remain.

    Not sure what the fuck Carney is on about.


    • I’ll tell you what he’s about Willie… he’s about…FUCK ALL!!!

      • Brexit is what Carney is playing as his get out of jail free card. The reality is that we are now reaping what he has sown by his pumping or should that be priming the economy with fucking shit loads (£80 billion of quantstive easing) he has sorted it that the rich are now asset rich rather than cash rich and the banks don’t need our cash they have Carneys free loans from the taxpayer. the nation has a credit ticking time bomb and if interest rates were to rise by just 2% the country would be totally fucked. Carney the economy is your doing, for me the brexit vote was a revenge vote against the bollocks you and your chronies have fed us over the fucking years. But no because you believe we are stupid and you with your Harvard and Oxbridge education are clever it has become your excuse for your shit economic policies. I cannot wait for you fuck off back to Canada to live out your days in a suburb of Winnipeg.

  9. I think Christopher Hitchens sums it up pretty well.

    “My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line and kiss my ass.”

    • Agree Liberal

      Big fan of Christopher Hitchens, and very much enjoy his style. Straight and to the point- talks a lot of sense. Doesn’t care who he offends in the process.

      • Not being funny WS, but you do realise Christopher’s been dead for 7 years? Maybe confusing him with his similarly un-PC minded brother Peter…

      • You are absolutely correct RTC, confused Christopher with Peter.

        Perhaps I am losing my marbles. Perhaps that would be preferable to being sane in today’s ridiculous and pathetic world.

      • The late, wonderful Christopher Hitchens also said, “When someone says to you, ‘I’m offended!’ I reply, ‘So what? That’s not an argument.’ Being offended is not an argument.”

        God’s tits we need people like that more than ever now.

    • Next time I’m in Sainsbury’s, I shall ask them why they are breaking Elf&Safety regs by selling soiled bog-roll.

      I shall point them towards a pile of unsold copies of “The New European – for the 48 carat CUUUUUNT”

  10. Ive tried to think of something intelligent to say on this cunting but i cant do it, i go from zero to nuclear in milliseconds with this subject nothing intelligent comes out just piss like acid and a red mist like a peasouper. We are fecked, perhaps isac could form a commune in the woods with a big sign on gate “FUCK OFF CUNTS ALL”

  11. Being politically correct doesn’t make you correct, it makes you appear as an ultra sensitive pansy who wants the world to sing to your tune.
    Either that, or you’re a pawn….

  12. Unlike the wonderfully temperant cunters on here, I delight in being intolerant toward just about everybody, but especially fucking peacefuls. Oh, and Um Bongos. And Romanians. And young lefties. And wimminz. This list could be rather long!
    I did tell a woman a joke this week that was so malevolent that it made a young woman cry and enquire what was wrong with me…

      • She had a fair point actually, Mr F. Shall I relay the joke to you?

      • Very well then. This first bit is not the actual joke: my Mother died last year in terrible circumstances. Her house caught fire and she died of smoke inhalation. The next day I found her jet-black corpse, which was understandably rather harrowing and made this cunter’s already dark outlook on life as black as pitch. Anyhow, she was a marvellous, proper old school racist that despised anyone with a “touch of the tar brush”. So to the joke: we were discussing old people racism at work, and I made the rather witty point that my mother ended up significantly blacker than those she despised. A trifle on the nose, don’t you think?

      • That has to be one of the most perfect examples of black humour I have ever encountered.

        That having been said, you have my sincere condolences Thomas.

      • Why thank you. I also outdid myself at the funeral. As you know, people always say “if there’s anything I can do?” to which I said (to someone I didn’t like), “anything you can do? To make me feel better, you mean?”
        “Well, yes” they said.
        “You could give me 50 quid.”
        “What do you mean?”
        “I’d feel better if you gave me 50 quid.”
        At this point, I stepped into his personal space with my hand out.
        “Give me 50 quid”.
        It was fucking brilliant…I did that over a dozen times to various people in the space of two hours during the wake.

      • @TTCE…I know I shouldn’t but that has me pissing myself laughing.

        PS..sorry about your Mother.

    • Suspect most of us on here have similar lists TTCE. Find most things seem to piss me off these days, resulting in me spending more and more time at home, with both tv and radio off.

      Very well done on the joke telling episode, must have been a cracker.

    • A dozy cunt at my work was saying how nice it was to see all the nationalities of kids pouring into the nearby primary school, including 5 yr old peacefuls already wearing hijabs. I said to the cunt,don’t you think it is odd they feel the need to protect the modesty of small children from the lascivious gaze of the infidel,yet it seems these days that the majority of convicted rapists and paedophiles come from that community?. The stupid cunt was apoplectic with rage.

  13. I was in an Ice Cream bar recently with my girlfriend and her 15 year old daughter.

    She’s far from easily offended and not PC.

    A family of Peaceful’s came in, one girl about 5 and a boy maybe 8 or so.

    They got served and as they came past us to sit near by my Tourette’s kicked in and without warning I just pointed at the girl sort of passively and said ‘wrong’.

    She was wearing a hijab. I have absolutely no problem with the hijab, I was born and grew up in Blackistan so i’m So used to it I hardly notice it.

    However I’m very aware of its symbolism. It’s worn to hide a women’s modesty in the presence of any males outside the marriage once that female has reached puberty or it’s worn to assert that women’s identity as a Peaceful.

    My girlfriend had a bit of a go at me saying I was out of order and ‘you can’t say that’, I explained the above and stood my ground saying IMO young girls should be allowed to be just that as there’d be plenty of time for religious oppression when she was older.

    I went further and said ‘why can’t I say that, I wasn’t being offensive and was just stating an opinion as I would do if the child was obese’.

    ‘Well she may just like to dress like her mum’ was the reply and that was ok with her.

    Really I said and would you let your daughter dress like you at 4/5 years old.

    Well no but but erm it’s not quite the same. Apparently.

    And there we have it. The power of the leftists that have taken over the media and institutions, they’ve created an atmosphere where people actually think it’s wrong or offensive to express an opinion that’s contrary to the narrative in fear of being branded some form of ‘IST’.

    However having a go at Christians is fine.

  14. Soubry is a lying fucking bitch. Fucking ugly whore needs a good slapping.

  15. Yeah Cuntstion Time is particularly steam inducing of the urine kind this evening.

    And where the fuck did they manage to get this audience of flakes of all generations???

    Worthing, obviously the place where cousins go to marry!

      • My tattooist is in Worthing and I have to say it does appear to me that the Brighton cunt overspill has reached alarming proportions. I avoid them at all costs. As an aside, my tattoo fella ain’t the typical tattoo type he surfs, he worked in the music industry, has a real family, hasn’t got billions of tats all over and encourages meaningful tattoos that tell a story about life not random hijacked tribal shite or pointless technicolor cartoons which are ON TREND.
        But agree that Worthing is a suburb of Brighton. Oh and for a laugh check where Brighton is in this list. Green Cunts my arse. https://www.letsrecycle.com/councils/league-tables/2016-17-overall-performance/

  16. Morgan Freeman is a (Admin edit) cunt. Go on sue me then, I think I can handle you most comfortably.

    Admin edit. John Calvin’s Ghost. We don’t care if he sues you. We don’t want him to sue us.

    • @Admin:
      Just out of interest, has any representative of any famous cunt who’s been de-bagged and radished on these hallowed pages ever contacted you with some sort of cease and desist order?

      • I have thought that too TECE, given that cunters cunt some of the most narcissistic cunts on the planet that google their own names 10 times a day to see what everyone else is saying about them, it stands to reason that people like Blair, Lineker, Allen et al must be aware of ISAC.

        Obviously not Flabbot though as she has no clue how to switch a computer on let alone use one.

      • If Blair reads this, he hasn’t improved his behaviour as a result! More likely one of his protection officers (paid for by his loving ex-electorate) gives it a scan from time to time for a little light relief from working for the cunt.

        But I have the impression it’s been a lot harder to find details of his comings and goings lately, which may have something to do with this, if the mods will allow me –

      • Put Carter Ruck into the search feature under the brick wall on the header. I remember Dio writing about them getting in touch regarding some Cunt MP who sent photos of his small willy to people.

  17. I don’t believe that I will ever see the end of political correctness in my lifetime. It has Europe in an icy death grip, with the worst part being the indulgence of Islam. Why? Because it will greatly assist in the end-game which is the destruction of Western civilization.

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