Tracey Emin [3]

Tracey Emin is a cunt. Her latest offering of ‘art’ is a pink neon sign at St Pancras which says ‘I want my time with you’ That’s it. Oh, and its near the clock. Did some cunt pay for this?
Her crowning glory was an unmade bed complete with wet patch and used condoms.
How pretentious a cunt do you have to be to produce or appreciate this shit?
Emperor’s new clothes anybody?

Nominated By Cuntstable Cuntbubble

24 thoughts on “Tracey Emin [3]

  1. I have to say I like the contrast of colours and the Artist’s effort to draw your attention to the cunt in the picture to show it was drawn by a cunt.

  2. There was a bigger cunt who paid £2.1m for it plus commission. Now that’s a bigger cunt in my view. Damian Hearst and Tracey Emin are right up there with the top cunts and they are the cunts who promote it and buy it. I would add to that Banksy as total fucking arsewipes . Top cunting CC

  3. I never ever understood this kind of “art”. A pile of bricks? An unmade bed.?
    I once had time to kill waiting for my train in Edinburgh. I went into this cunt of a Gallery near the Mound and saw a string of buckets, suspended and going up a staircase. It looked like their was a serious leak in the roof! But No! It was art. Student types were viewing it from various angles, framing it in their hands, humming and hahrring, and using every ounce of their educated bonces to explain to each other how ” in man ” “cool” and I even heard the occasional “genius” and “amazing”.
    Now , this Tracey M&M is a bit weird. When I am confronted with a picture of her I immediately think she needs a bath and her hair brushed. (preferably with Harpic or some similar bleach ) A substantial lobotomy wouldn’t be amiss either. Cunt!

    • One of my tests for thinning out the dross when im in power is to make everybody walk through a gallery of Turner prize winners, any body that starts pontificating or sucking on the arms of their odd shaped trendy glasses is out and on the way to France, another is to subject any would be immigrunts to the sound of a Lancaster Bombers 4 merlins, if it doesnt move the hairs on back of their neck door is shut. Fuck me i do live in an odd universe in my brain, probably cos i is a cunt.

  4. Off topic: As predicted, druggie Ant McCuntlin just got off with a slap on the wrist, fined a meagre £86,000 – spare change to a talent free multi-millionaire public menace cunt of his magnitude.

  5. Definitely a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. 100% talent-free and indisputably fucking ugly to boot.

    Her face is reminiscent of a bulldog licking piss off a nettle whilst chewing a mouthful of hypodermic syringes.

  6. Our Trace from Croydon? Fuck me there’s a pair orf panties YT would decline to sniff.

    • Tray’s soiled knickers must be in the torturer’s toolbox, along with the good ole plastic bag and hoover drive-belt, topless images of Treesa the Lizard, and fragile glass catheters…

  7. Doesn’t the ugly old scrubber support the stripey Palace bastards? That’s cuntish enough for me.
    As for her “art”, if you can screw that much dough from a bunch of rich cunts and take the piss at the same time then good luck to her.

  8. Off Topic Alert.

    Anyone with access to ABBC news check out Comrade Corbyn speaking about the Syria Attack.

    Actually, look over his right shoulder at Abbott – the cunt is falling asleep! Seriously!

    What a fucking disgrace!

    Probably too much kung-po chicken at a free lunch somewhere, lying heavy, causing the snoozies! What a cunt!

  9. I’ve never understood art that doesn’t look like what it’s supposed to.

    Picasso’s stuff leaves me cold as it reminds me of my own poor efforts in primary school which was often mocked by teachers and fellow pupils alike (no soft shite tutelage in my day).

    I get Da Vinci, Michelangelo and other art that looks like the shit it’s supposed to. Dali’s stuff was clever because it was still detailed about the object matter just with a loopy slant (soft watches, etc.).

    I simply don’t see any point in “art” like this or Tiger sharks in formaldehyde, etc.

    Complete and utter waste of time and money.

    And the fact that cunts who produce it are arrogant cunts who exude cuntishness (rather than the more appropriate air of “getting away with it”) means that they should all be fucked off on told what cunts they are.

    In my Common Sense Party the grants/commissions these cunts get would soon dry up. And then they’re a UB40 away from flogging Big Issue rags (for which they’re underskilled to even that).

    Modern art is a waste of time for cunts who can neither draw or sculpt something that looks how it’s supposed to and who don’t have the smarts to get a real job! Cunts.

    Next up In the useless arts stakes: Poets!

  10. Tracey is not a cunt, well she might be but the real cunts are the people who go and view and\or buy the shit she labels art. What sort of special cunt would ever think she produced anything worth paying for?

  11. Tracey Vermin is a talentless cunt who says her latest ‘work’ in St Pancreas is a message about remaining in the EpUke. More vacuous shite from another cunt who isn’t affected by politics or even gives it a second thought and doesn’t give two fucks about anything other than making themselves look liberal. Fine when you’ve got so much wad you don’t know what to do with it. Cunt.

  12. Has had more cocks than a chickenhouse… Amazing, considering it has a fizzog like a blind cobbler’s thumb, the ugly cunt…

  13. I can’t honestly cunt someone who is coining it by selling pretentious bellends her total, warranted, bargain-basement, culturally dead junk, for 100 years’ average wages per item . Face it, anyone who looks like that pretty well has to scam for a living, and at least (I hope) she’s not sponging benefits.

    I would prefer to cunt obscenely rich and greedy cunts whose piles of excess cash are so high that they honestly can’t think of anything better to spend them on, having already bought half of London and three luxury yachts. Buying an Emin (Banksy, Hockney, Gilbert & George, and especially Hirst) should mean an automatic call from HMRC and sequestration of assets for the benefit of the armed forces.

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