Patrick Stewart (5)

Patrick Stewart is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he?

This griping turd with his permanent bell-end head has been stirring up support to attack democracy and have a second referendum.

Stewart is best known for playing a grumpy, pompous, aloof cunt in Star Trek: Next Generation. Nonetheless, he’s starred in plenty of other crap: He was a grumpy, pompous, aloof cunt in a Dickens stage show; a grumpy, pompous, aloof cripple in a sci-fi franchise; a grumpy, pompous, aloof cunt in the terminally wretched Waiting For Godot; who could forget his grumpy, pompous, aloof King Lear. More like King Cunt.

Despite living in Brooklyn, this opinionated prick wants to lecture British people about how wrong they were to vote for independence. This puts him in the same boat as Connery, Branson, Rod Fucking Steward and every other shit-eating, gold-toothed rat who emigrates but still wants to spout their condescending vomit to the ill-educated, little people back home.

Stewart recently married his girlfriend who’s 38 years younger than him. I’m sure, I’m absolutely sure, nay absolutely positive she married him because of his dazzling, wit, his shining patriotism and his dazzling, shiny bell-end head.

Fuck off Stewart, you lecherous, hypocritical one-trick pony. You’ve made a career out of your cantankerous, threadbare talent and you’re now letting it infest your politics. You’re 77 years old. The Grim Reaper isn’t too far away and if death is near I’d say, “Make it so.”

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

I never had much time for this smug bald bastard, but I especially disliked him after seeing that cringefest a few years back where he and that fat unfunny fuck James Corden made complete and utter cunts of themselves arguing like little bitches at some two bit award ceremony.

Now here he is, proudly showing off his complete and utter contempt for us plebs, and not giving one single fuck in the process. Especially made me laugh where he claimed Brexit was “fed by disinformation, untruths and outright lies,” as opposed to all other elections eh?

Went on to further demonstrate his complete detachment from reality by describing remainers as “having at heart the needs of everyone, not just an elitist few.” This coming from a group of people that flat out refuse to accept a democratically elected result.

Nominated by McBastard

57 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart (5)

  1. Here we go again, another superior self important intellectual giant telling us mongs that we are to fucking stupid to know what we voted for. What is it with ” stars and entertainers ” that makes them so important and all knowing, they PLAY and Make believe for a job for fucks sake, i hate each and every star/celeb with a passion that makes my blood boil with venom. Mr Stewart please FUCK OFF you smug CUNT.
    Need blood pressure pill now.

    • Well-cunted.

      It is astonishing and infuriating to see these empty-headed celebrities, who are the modern equivalent of medieval JESTERS, being valued so much by our cuntish media. Their every move (flashing their giant arses, talking about politics, opining about Brexit, etc) is meticulously reported by media cunts. What is really distressing is the fact that these glorified clowns have become opinion-makers and role-models for young cunts.

  2. I don’t dislike him as an actor but what does my nut in is when these make-believe merchants try to lord it over ordinary folk from their ivory towers believing their say means more because they are famous.

    If the cunts actually lived in Leeds/Bradford/Luton/Etc. you might give them the time of day to listen, however as they live (mostly) in the states, Switzerland or anywhere not touched by the reality of everyone else, then they can simply fuck off.

    It’s to be sure if they did live in a “Grooming Central Culturally Enriched” area or a “Jeremy Kyle Council Estate” they’d sharp change their tune and would probably agree with the sentiments of ordinary folk.

    • Agreed, everyone of these bastards who want to lord it over us on issues like Brexit and taking in 35 year old child migrants are normally the cunts who don’t have to deal with the consequences of being chained to the rancid zombie known as the EU or having a herd of peacefools running around.

  3. Who is this fucking wanker anyway? He’s just a prick who has made a name (and a load of dosh) acting in films for kids and nerds.
    The luvvy cunt needs to fuck off back to America and fucking stay there.

  4. Top cunting there,

    I was going to nominate the slap headed twat yesterday after reading about his Brexit vote intervention. Here’s another example of a warp factor 10 luvvie cunt preaching to the plebs about how to vote.

    What would this bald old cunt know about life in the UK under the Shackle of the EU Riech anyway? The cunt has lived in the USA for years so has no idea about the overpopulation, violence, health service issues etc etc that we have to put up with. Cunt of the highest magnitude.

  5. The Cunts still don’t get it. People have had enough of “celebrities” lecturing as if they are some kind of superior beings. What the fuck makes some actor/sportsman/singer etc. believe that they have the monopoly on understanding? I believe that Trump and Brexit were actively helped due to peoples’ distaste for celebrities who seem to regard themselves as more educated,more capable of understanding than the “common” people. Their subsequent sneering refusal to accept that they lost only confirms their belief in their sense of moral superiority.
    Personally I hope that Stewart and his fellow superior types keep up their hectoring and whinging,all it does is harden peoples’resolve to say “Fuck Off” to the self-congratulatory “Stars”

    Fuck them.

    • Amen to that Fiddler.

      These morons with their great liberal agenda just don’t get it.

    • If they’re so fucking brilliant at acting, how come they manage to turn so many people against the cause they espouse? Maybe it’s all a double cross – they’re secret Brexiteers!

      • No such luck, they’ve got their heads so far up each others arses you can’t see their feet anymore.

        They are that deluded and wrapped up in their right-on, liberal bubble that they have no idea what the rest of us mere mortals think.

        Like Fiddler says – fuck them.

    • More exposure for Blair, please, in that case. I’m thinking a feature-length cartoon for general release. Gibbering, gabbling, gesturing and gurning to the soundtrack of a chicken farm, but with subtitles explaining exactly what he is up to, what he is concealing, and how much money he is making from punting the EU to aspirant states and African dictatorships.

    • Amen to that Dick

      Nobody , Nobody even mentioned the ridiculousness of Hilary Clinton hawking her fucking book around the world including the UK ( called something like What Happened ?) She couldnt actually believe she lost so she wrote a book blaming russians and emails and lies lies lies. Not one TV presenter said ” Hilary , isnt it a bit embarrassing losing a 60 point lead in the polls and shouldn’t you really crawl under some fucking rock somewhere? ”

      No , they all nod along as she describes half her country as thick cunts and delusional fuckwits….. the arrogance is breathtaking

  6. Totally agree Mr. Fiddler. Every time the Izzard poof or the unwashed druggie Goboff go ranting about Brexit it gives my heart a little lift. All these self-important cunts are great propaganda for our side.
    Our special ace in the pack is, of course, the mega cunt himself……The Blaircunt!!

    • Haha, totally agree there FtF. Every time I see that pink-beret-wearing cock jockey Izwierd on the box pulling faces and calling everyone a wacist, it lifts my heart.
      The cuntus regalis Blair is equalled in his desire to sell out his country to the Fourth Reich only by the Currie-boning EU shill Major, and that scrofulous old windbag and milksop-in-chief Cable.
      What a trinity of traitorous fucktards.

    • She is pretty tidy. No doubt she married him for his cracking personality and looks, rather than being a poor musician almost forty years his junior, marrying a wealthy (almost-) octogenarian.

      Failed musician gold-digger marries crabby millionaire about to croak it, more like.

  7. Stewart is a libmong fuckcunt and very piss Poor James .T Kirk…..

    Another thing: I just don’t know what this world is coming to… Teenage laddie blabs to his parents that a sexy 20 something teacher has been shagging him and sending him starkers pics, saying it contributed to his declining grades?! If I’d been offered some sauce from a teacher like that, I’d have gladly sacrificed every school exam I ever fucking did…. Lads ain’t what they used to be…

    • Nice fish!

      What’s the yoof of today coming to.. I’d have been across that quicker than you could say ‘fuck me Dick Fiddler’ when I was 14..

      Thinking about it I’d be up it today for sure, but more with the speed of an arthritic toad on Valium.

    • I don’t think I’ll ever figure that one out for as long as I live….. the hell is wrong with these boys?

      • If I’d have smashed that when I was 14 in Newton Heath I’d have been a hero for all time and achieved legendary status amongst my mates…

      • He probably identifies as a poof; it’s the trendy thing to do these days (apparently).
        Can probably also smell a bit of kompensayshun for fucking up his exams.
        At his age, I would’ve pumped her so full of love custard that her back teeth would’ve been floating. And bragged about it to all my mates. Who’d have thought I was a fucking legend.

    • What a lucky twat. He got laid, and scored a Maccy Dees and a bag of weed! The other day, they gave some teacher in London a million quid because she managed to communicate with her 57 varieties multi culti class. World’s gone mad….

    • Sex in a barn. Fuck that shit. You get prickles up your arse and there is nothing more unbecoming than rolling off a haybale with your mick in the air. Not that I speak from experience of course.

    • Totally agree was my boyhood dream to have all my bodily fluids drawn from my body by a hot older bird. Fucking spineless little pansies

  8. I never understand why silly old men who spend their time applying make-up to their fucking ugly faces like teenage chav girls have the nerve to lecture anybody about anything. This old fool (and he is fucking ugly) is just another example of elitist condescending old bastards who always know what is better for everyone else – I call it Blairitis.

  9. * Caveat*

    If you’ve got high blood pressure/ short temper/ heart condition and voted to leave the 4th Reich, don’t watch the short interview betwixt Marr and Jean-Luc Picunt. It won’t help hearing his oily, purring complacency chuckling about how his “two most famous characters” would have voted to Remain.

    What the fuck❓ Someone show this delirious cunt some Euthanasia literature.

    • I saw it live, and couldn’t help thinking he’d been coached by Nigel to say all the wrong things, ha ha.

  10. Two most famous characters?

    Well he did play Sejanus in I Claudius, a noted Imperial lackey and Picard did become one of the Borg collective that one time so I suppose that’s not too far off the mark.

    • You’re right, he was assimilated by the Borg. And I reckon that if the crew of the Enterprise had known how much of a cunt he would become, they’d have let the Borg fucking keep him.

      • At the risk of coming across as some kind of Trekkie, which I am most certainly not, those episodes where he was a Borg were the best ones in that series.

  11. Stewart is a complete self absorbed opinionated cunt of the highest order. The pompous schmuck is always acting when he’s not acting. Everything he does he behaves like he’s in a boring shit play like Twelfth Shite or shatbeth. Fucking dome headed old cunt.

  12. Patrick Stewart, you cunt, think your a serious Actor? Your famous for recycled sci-fi and comic movies. Feel free to fuck off back to LA.

  13. Ladies, gentlemen, poofs, trannies and non binaries, we are living in unique times indeed.
    For the first time in human history we have rich cunts crying because the poor cunts are going to get poorer . How fortunate we are to have rich cunts like this slap head laying awake at night worrying about cunts like us.
    It brings a little tear to my eye, I must admit. 😢😭😭

    • I blame Trudeau. And all the other young Prime Ministerey cunts around the world. Jesus fuckin’ Christ, what with Macs and Trudeau and the New Zealand Prime Minster who is too pregnant to make a decision but is out pressin’ the flesh with Mac’s (and shortly Merkel, while making inconsequential remarks about EU Free Trade Deals and smiling out one side of her mouth and speaking with the other.
      Young Cunts need to get acquainted with the Jarhead side of Business.

      • Quite apt with R Lee Ermey passing yesterday. In his mid 40’s when Full Metal Jacket came out and still looked like he could “gouge out you eyes and skull fuck you” if he felt like it.

      • Turdeau’s recent trip to India just about sums up how popular he is. Having upset the Indian PM with his attempt at vote grabbing with Sikhs in Canada, due to his supporting a Sikh group campaigning for an independent state in India, the Indian PM refused to meet Turdeau at the airport, and instead sent one of his Ministers to greet Turdeau and his achingly right on family. Then Turdeau managed to piss off the entire country by he and his family continually wearing traditional Indian dress. He was ridiculed to fuck and told multiple times that Indians don’t wear those clothes all the time. The most pathetic thing, was that he seemed oblivious to that fact that he came across as a patronising twat. It’s possibly the first time that India couldn’t wait for a state visit to be over. All he did while he was there, was embarrass Canada.

      • I blame Hitler. If he’d concentrated on winning the war instead of fucking about exterminating Jews then we wouldn’t be having to put with all these cunts now.

  14. It’s a good job I was sat down when I read the news that the bearded tranny Conchita Wurst had revealed that it is HIV positive, I fear that if I’d been upright I would have been likely to swoon and cause myself a grievous mischief due to complete surprise. Cor blimey, strike a light, stone me, cripes, etc. etc.
    Fucking diseased deviant.

    • That’s what happens when it bounced up and down on assorted, diseased man-wurst.

      Even the media refers to this deviant as ‘she’. Fucking freak of nature should have joined a travelling circus.

    • Fucking thing looks like a Danube dockhand. Hope all its bits shrivel and drop off.

      Had two years of the cunt on posters in the Vienna U-Bahn when I was there. I think it won a competition for wailing ?

  15. Yep, Stewart is, without doubt, a 24 carat cunt. What really annoyed me was his comment that Captain Picard and the X Men would have voted to remain in the EU. Really, dickhead? Do you think we’re eight years old or something? First of all, neither Picard nor the X Men are actually fucking real. They’re fictional characters. Second, even if they WERE real, they wouldn’t have voted either way, Because Picard was FRENCH and the X Men were AMERICAN. That means they would have been ineligible to vote, due to their NOT BEING FUCKING BRITISH. Not that it matters, because like I said, they ain’t real. Can you believe the arrogance of these fuckers, calling it “The People’s Vote”? It’s not the people’s vote. It’s the; “We’re Whingeing, Rich Cunts, Who Can’t Accept That The People Have Voted, And Demand That They Vote Again. And Again, Until We Get The Answer That WE Want, Vote”.

    He calls himself a Socialist. Of course he is. He’s a multi-millionaire, he can afford to be a Socialist. I’m sick of all these multi-millionaire celebrities telling us we voted wrong and that we should have a second referendum. We don’t want another referendum. We’ve had our say, either accept the result or fuck off! Branson’s the worst. A billionaire who lives on a luxury island, to avoid paying tax in the UK. In my opinion, if you don’t live and pay tax in the UK, you have no right whingeing about the result of the referendum. You certainly have no right trying to subvert democracy. And if you’re THAT in love with the EU, pick a member country that’s staying in, and fuck off to live there. Otherwise, shut the fuck up!

  16. Top cunting. This chrome-domed thespian arsehole can go and lubricate his own head with KY and insert it in his own back passage.

    What makes this cunt such a fucking expert on the EU? Like many Remain luvvies he probably thinks it was a vote for the UK to leave Europe, so we become our own continent.

    Kojak-headed roll-necked cunt.

  17. Having read this thread top to bottom I have absolutely nothing further to add …..
    A spot on cunting ….. 👍

  18. He’s not just a bit of a cunt; he’s alot, nay, a COMPLETE AND TOTAL cunt.
    And during your cunting, you forgot to mkention his wooden, grumpy and aloof portrayal of Captain Ahab (a grumpy and aloof cunt, to be sure, but he even managed to fuck this up by use of his non-existent acting skills).
    The fucking cueball-headed wankstain needs to keep his libtard EU-anus-tongueing opinions to himself, lest some worthy forcibly removes his head, inserts their fingers up his nose and uses it as a bowling ball.

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