Trump’s Air strikes

I would like to cunt The Donald’s air strikes.

Where is the rest of it?

In an age where he could just about steer a tomahawk into the front door of Bashars shit hole in Damascus, the launch of not less than 107 took out a few empty buildings.

And what has Treeza and Macaroon done to cause any pain?

I’m sure Vlad and Basha are really feeling that heat from this one,

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26 thoughts on “Trump’s Air strikes

  1. Take down ass sad and hand Syria to IS and create another lawless shitehole, bad enough Hilary and Obomber financed the cunts trying to depose him and sent loads of weapons directly to IS in the first place. Donald was going to pull everything out of Syria a few days before the “chemical attack”, then someone got at him and here we are.

      • No, but he was my boyhood hero at Brough Park as he led the Newcastle Diamonds . Sorry to hear. Big loss.

    • Quite right sixdog. The U.S. and of course Poodle May, are supporting an organization that has opened a front here in Europe, as is currently blowing us up. The Sad sack of wet shit is bombing the fuck out of a regime that is opposed to ISIS ! And. the Barren Bitch is getting away with it!

  2. The bastards all agreed by “back channels” not to nuke each other. Arse to arse communications. Spoilsport cunts.

    • Course they did – there is no money in Nuclear war – the money is in renewables – and plenty of it too.

      I asked a guy who was shooting his mouth off about Syria – he was a proper know it all. I said what do you know about Damascus – he said it kills 99% of all household germs dead 😉

    • For motivation there’s that video of two whores pissing on DT in a Moscow hotel. Wonder if that involved his back channel too?

  3. According to some MSM reports, the U.K contribution to the sorry affair was 4 Tornado aircraft and a total of 8 storm shield standoff missiles.

    Old Vlad the Putin must be laughing all over his face at our military strength these days.

    In the days of 100years of the RAF it’s a sorry state of affairs when the French have more hardware and operational capability.

    • Not a massive amount more than we have – its nip and tuck on most equipment and personnel with the UK and France.
      Here is a handy little calculator for you to work out who could wipe who off the face of the earth in the shortest time – nukes are a bit of a waste of time – once those who have them let one loose its game over wherever you are

      • Interesting site Cunto. It doesn’t however address the fact that due to defence cuts, many of our assets are not operational. The Frogs could easily wipe us out. That useless twat who runs MOD needs a rocket up his arse

  4. I bet we’ve got more human rights lawers and diversity outreach councillors than all the others combined

    • St Linikunt and Lily Mong are already braced for the next wave of ‘children’ with five o’clock shadows and the latest smart phones.

      • And all looking rather well fed and well dressed to say the least……

    • Drop them all on Damascus or wherever. They’ll eat like corned beef, once they’ve been boiled and tenderised.
      Then they will return to the shit that they were to start with.

  5. Ffs the cross examination of the hunchback in parliament lasted longer than the military operation!!
    The only thing worth reporting was catweazel making a complete cunt of himself ( again) with his magnificent baldrick moment, according to jezzerbell we should in future get authority for action via the UN? Ah yes the UN where Russia has a veto and uses it frequently!! Fuckin cunning Corbyn……

    • Corbyn is a cunt. End of.

      Imagine this twat as PM, we’d might as well lie on our backs and let every cunt piss in our mouthes with him as leader.

    • No the best thing was watching Abbott over Comrade Corbyn’s shoulder trying her damndest not to sleep off that lunchtime’s gargantuan meal – and falling miserably!

      Half the time she looked like she was doing an impression of David Blunkett, trying to use her pupils to hold her eyelids up!

      Considering Corbyn was looking to score brownie points off Appeaser May, seeing that sight over his shoulder completely distracted my from even hearing a word he was saying.

      Funny as fuck but she is a fucking disgrace of a politician let alone a shadow front bencher!

      Useless cunt!

  6. Face saving operation , that’s all this was , and probably for the better

    The Donald looks like a tough cunt , May looks decisive and Macron looks hard as a French cunt can , but in reality they have bombed a few stockpiles with no Russian troops in danger.
    Everyone goes home looking like the winner, Russia can use their media to call the west all the cunts under the sun , who cares ?

    Removing these leaders in the middle east has come back to haunt all these silly cunts in the recent past , remember Gadaffi ? he said if he was removed then the gatekeeper of europe’s southern border would be removed and europe would be inundated with black African immigrants……… tara !! he was right cunts !

    • Absolute shit attempt at boosting their ratings at home, completely agreed.

  7. The idea of these politician cunts crying over some dead fuckers in the middle of a camel infested shithole just makes me laugh.
    Follow the money.

  8. I think it was a noble thing to do, after all it helped the poor “Rebels” who we clearly should be supporting against the Wicked Assad… Wonder who they are, the “Rebels” that is… strangely the press, certainly the likes of al bbc and sky arent very forthcoming. They are simply labelled “Rebels”, a bit like, you know, the cheerful characters in Star Wars and Robin Hood… a bit of digging will inform they are in fact a group known as Jaish Al Islam( Army of Islam ). Starting to feel less comfortable with this yet?? They are a salafist islamic grouping with links to Saudi. They have been holed up in Gouta for some time, and seem to effectively use the locals as human shields while they engage in the shelling of heavily populated areas of Damascus loyal to Assad.. you know, the sort of activity the press doesnt like when Assad does it. Islamic elements in Syria are strongly suspected of carrying out chemical attacks against other groups in the civil war.
    Nice to know who your “friends” are, isnt it?? They must be laughing themselves silly that the ridiculous libtard West have provided them with their own air force….
    Smash these mediaeval Cunts back into their regressive stone age world…..

  9. It’s not very often (in fact, never in the past) that I think similarly to Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon but on the subject of the recent bombing/missiling of Syria because of an alleged chemical attack by Assad, I agree with them. However, my stance is purely from a logical point of view, not from the ideological twattery shown by the two previously mentioned cunts. Here’s my reasoning:
    1. Assad’s forces had virtually taken the last area in Syria controlled by the Army of Islam ‘rebels’ and had no need to resort to a chemical attack.
    2. Any chemical attack would be counter productive to Assad, based on the hysterical reactions of the Western powers previously (see Sergei and Yulia Skripal and other ‘alleged’ chemical attacks in Syria.
    3. The ‘rebels’ are the only ones who would have benefited from a chemical attack, based on the resulting misplaced sympathy in the West.
    4. The only evidence of a chemical attack are reports by the White Helmets (Army of Islam controlled) and a video of some mystified children being rubbed down with wet cloths by Muslim pedophiles. Initially, I thought this had been filmed in Rochdale but then realised the children weren’t white.
    5. There was also the laughable photograph of a battered, gas cylinder, which was claimed to be evidence of the chemical attack. It was very similar to my blue, barbecue, LPG tank, only in yellow, so I think not.
    For the US, UK and France to resort to military attack, with no evidence of any wrongdoing, is symptomatic of modern Western society. Look at the witch hunts regarding historic ‘sexual abuse’ and the #metoo stupidity. The world’s gone faaaaaaackin’ maaaaaaaad (apologies to black & white cunt). We’re ruled by a bunch of useless cunts. Unfortunately, all the prospective rulers are an even worse bunch of useless cunts. Roll on the collision with Planet Nibiru.

  10. I seem to have the unconventional idea that instead of rocketing them we should have gassed the whole fucking lot of them and then played dumb about it, claimed it was a massive own goal perhaps?

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