Generation Snowflake [2]

I always find a good cunting hard to pen, I find myself going off topic, overlapping and opening new horizons.

Well generation snowflake is a hot topic, I lay the blame squarely on those of you who have reproduced and can take no blame because I never have nor do I intend to.

So back a couple of month ago I and my Girlfriend undertook on a mission to rescue her off spring from homelessness and financial ruin, extracting him from digs where he was three months in arrears and a course that he had unbeknown to us had not attended for some time in the belief with his working ethic he would be snapped up by an employer and be able to pay his way (something he assured us he had been trying to the best of his ability)

Well reality strikes, after 3 months of fridge pillaging, shitting up the bathroom and general uncooperativeness, he has come up with a cracking idea…..he is not going to pay rent anymore but rent a room in his uni town with some friends in the hope of getting a job there (rewind to earlier in the year) mummy agreed to this insanity, I tactfully shut my mouth.

Well last night was the finale, I normally cook for the “child” but he offered too cook, taken aback I sat and waited for the feast to appear, at 20hrs I gave up and went down the chip shop and fed myself, after said feast I mistakenly opened his bedroom door looked at the filth strewn surroundings that he was wallowing in, the dirty plates, crumpled bedding, all kinds of food wrapper, discarded cups and bottles and I thought about his outspoken stand on global poverty and “old people”

So here my non son I will explain “global poverty and disease are normally caused by ignorance, you are poor because you can’t be fucked to apply yourself in the workplace, you buy shit that wont last 5 minuets and do not save, you like to draw my attention to the diseased starving in other countries, yet you fail to notice we are preparing to fight off a massive rat/cockroach infestation caused by your poor hygiene and possible ecoli outbreak when you mistakenly “snack on” some of your leftovers” and yes “Old People” are cunts because we try to hold you on the straight and narrow, be thankful your mother still puts out, because you my non son need a good slap round the head and a shake to liven up your brain cells, You truly are an ungrateful little cunt.

Bring back National service, so that they may be torn from there mothers breast and learn to fend for themselves and wash.

Nominated by lord benny

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  1. The worst part is that we shouldn’t “judge” this pathetic behaviour, “we were all the same” and “children can teach us a lot”.

    Fucking bullshit. As Red Foreman says “why would you want to be friends with a 17 year old, they’re idiots”.

    Well they are, and the ever growing numbers of these irresponsible overgrown adolescents having to be financially bailed out by their middle class parents (they are always the children of the middle classes) just proves it.

    If you haven’t read “Spoiled Rotten” by Theodore Dalrymple I thoroughly recommend it. He nails it down superbly!

    Spoiled selfish cunts!

    • And Lord Fucking Adonis, Lammy, Labour in general, the Green Talibannies & the Scotch Nazi Party all want to give these fuckwit know-nothing snowflakes THE VOTE at 16 ffs!!!

      I wonder why…?

      • For the same reason that Jewish cunt Barbara Roche facilitated mass immigration.

        They ‘want to give these fuckwit know-nothing snowflakes the vote at 16’ so that they can create their Marxist “Utopia” with less resistance. They want to eliminate the voting power of old “reactionary” Britons.

      • Flooding the country with Muzzie Labour /Corbyn supporting anti-semites was probably not the cleverest thing for a person of Jewish descent to facilitate, but that’s the dumb incoherence & wonder of the Libtard Left for you, ha ha.

      • Exactly.
        Muzzie cunts despise all that Libtard cunts stand for. And, given the chance, they will hang all these feminists, communists, “infidels”, trannies, LGBQTXYZ, etc. But in a colossal failure of logic, our Leftist cunts love and support the shite-headed Muzzies !

        The last time a Muzzie-Leftist alliance fundamentally transformed a society was during the 1979 Iranian revolution. Many Leftist and Marxist political organizations, e.g. the Mojahedin-e-Khalq and Tudeh, supported Khomeini’s revolution against Iran’s West-leaning, secular Shah. Once the common enemy was eliminated, however, Khomeini went after those lefty cunts with a vengeance and condemned his former allies as unbelievers and “infidels”. It has been estimated that between 15,000 and 30,000 Marxists, Communists and other secular leftists were killed by Khomeini’s order.

      • Labour willing to do anything to appease Muzzies, hence Telford, Rotherham, Rochdale, etc – sacrificing welfare of indigenous white children for libtard votes. But as you rightly suggest, Catweasel and his thick deluded cult would be first to be chucked off the rooftops once they’d ushered their Islamist chums into power. Only a matter of time now anyway.

      • She was my MP in Highgate. Saw her eating pork in a chinese resyaurant in Muswell Hill

  2. Not in my fuckin house. Two fled the nest, one left at uni. If ever I went into their rooms and there was any stuff on the floordrobe I’d kick it round the room into a pile and get em to ‘put it a fucking way’. Similarly if I come in and any dishes left in sink or stuff left out, we’ve got a dishwasher for fucks sake, next time they ask ‘can you give me a lift, have some money’ etc I say flat out No! You don’t do things for me i.e tidying up and not treating us like servants so I’m not going out of my way for you. Penny drops fairly quickly.

  3. I turn 36 in August and could theoretically have an 18 year old offspring but luckily have no offspring to speak of on account of the fact that I prefer to do women in the gink rather than the pink. No such thing as a bum baby.

    • Really Mr TITS? For heavens sake, WHY? Did it myself a couple of times, ages ago, just because it was dirty and we could, but to be honest, it didn’t do anything for either of us…

  4. Don’t get me fucking started….

    2 years ago, non son moved out (with quite a lot of financial help from me). Shortly afterwards, I couldn’t find the paint roller so asked She Who Must Be Obeyed if she’d seen it. “Oh, I gave it to [Her Son] because he hasn’t got any money”. 30 minutes later – LITERALLY 30 minutes – the little cunt rocks up to show off a brand new 600 quid set of golf clubs.

    But that’s OK, because this generation appear to believe they’re “entitled” to behave like spoilt narcissistic cunts who don’t have to take responsibility for their actions.

    Generation Snowflake + Generation Entitlement = Generation Cunt.

    • You don’t get much in the way of golf clubs for 600 quid. You should have forked out for a decent set and helped pave his way to the untold riches of professional golf.
      You have stolen his future you FUCKING OLD CUNT!

      I bet you voted Brexit too you raaaaay-sist.

      • Yea expats or “immigrants” as everyone else calls them are total cunts.
        They’re an embarrassment.

      • Fucking chavy rip off merchants, why the fuck would I want to go to a sports bar off the coast of africa? or do karaoke and play fucking bingo.
        it was probably the second shitiest holiday I have ever had only topped by “Hotel Botel Lisa”
        which turned out to be 6 industrial mooring boyes welded together with a few porta cabins on top, Tied up on the dunav in the industrial area of Buda ( fucking cheap holiday in Budapest, the dock side of the structure is made up to look like a boat, its only when you are on the other bank you realise what it is.

  5. I feel for you Lord Benny. I have had to put up with a useless snowflake cunt-child for the last 12 years. Although it seems much, much longer.

    Knobhead, as he is less than affectionately known can’t hold down any kind of job for more than three months, despite enjoying one of the most expensive educations that London has to offer. Either it feels ill and doesn’t bother to inform anyone that it isn’t showing up, or it just quits and doesn’t bother to inform anyone that it isn’t showing up. The result is always the same. It gets the sack.

    The first sign that it is no longer gainfully employed will be the distinct lack of plates, bowls, spoons and coffee cups from their usual place in the cupboards and drawers. The second sign is the electricity bill shooting through the roof and up into troposphere to the tune of about £550 a year extra.

    The reason for this being that everything in it’s pit is left switched on 24/7. TV,s (2 No.) XBox, Playstation, stereo, laptop, DJ equipment (they all think they are music producers), lights, which it has hung a platic bag over because they are ‘too bright’, the WIFI router that we occasionally get visiting rights to, an apple mac, printer and various phone and tablet chargers…… All plugged in and switched on ALL OF THE FUCKING TIME! The numerous extension leads it uses are humming like a male Welsh choir and I await the spontaneous combustion of at least one of these that renders us all homeless.

    Other signs are the ever present stench of weed by it’s pit door, the lack of housekeeping paid to it’s mother (now 18 months in arrears) and random melanin enriched fuckwits roaming around the house, helping themselves to the fridge and taking showers IN MY FUCKING BATHROOM.

    To say he is a useless cunt would be something of an understatement.

    It brings nothing to the party and breaks things on a regular basis through being a fuckwitted moron. It’s motto sems to be “Duh, it broke. Someone needs to fix it”.

    I have had to replace two power showers in the last 6 months. “Duh, it broke. Someone needs to fix it”.
    This could be something to do with it falling asleep in the shower with a can of coke in it’s hand for two hours at a time, helpfully flooding the shower tray until water pisses through the living room ceiling that I decorated two weeks previously.

    You may be wondering why I haven’t kicked it’s worthless hide out of the house. Well, actually I have. Four times, but it keeps coming back like a bad case of herpes because nobody else can stand living with it. Not even it’s own father.

    Now it is in for the shock of it’s life because the wife has finally put her foot down after 25 years of the sponging cunt living high on the hog at everyone else’s expense, mainly mine.

    It has until the end of the month to pack up and piss off. We don’t care where and we don’t want to know.

    Needless to say, when the last black bag of it’s possessions goes into the back of the rented Luton van, I will be changing the locks.

    This cunting is not exhaustive. Believe me.

    I left out the arrest warrants, the police going through the front door with a battering ram, the mouse and bluebottle infestations and the empty milk cartons put back in the fucking fridge.

    I could go on all day, but I have a job to do in order to keep the worthless cunt in the style that it has become accustomed to.

    • Forgot to mention. Nothing and I mean nothing is ever, EVER Knobhead’s fault.

      It is always because of someone or something else that it’s life is a laughable pile of shit.

      No personal responsibility, no drive or ambition. Just lame excuses.

      Fucking millennial wankstain cunt.

  6. I got a red face of embarrassment out of one of the apprentices when i asked him why he was bothering with the 4 years training as he obviously knew it all already. You are not allowed to criticise the wankers anymore you have to discuss it with em glad i dont have any, another one went ghost white when i told him he was a fat useless cunty faggot, made me feel cleansed after that outpouring of bile. They cant take it at all pathetic little fuckers.

    • Apart from stopping smoking at 30, the decision not to bring sprog into this god-forsaken basket case of a world was probably the wisest thing I’ve ever done, or ever likely to do. Along with not voting Labour since 1997 of course…

  7. Generation Snowflake are also pig ignorant and know fuck all… Millennials don’t know anything about the past, and they don’t even want to know… these little twats only care about what’s happening now and will rate anything in the last 10 years as ‘all-time’…. Hence cunts like Adele Arbuckle and Ginger Gargoyle Sheeran winning ‘all time’ polls and other such bollocks… Cunts attract cunts, simple as that…

  8. More Generation Snowflake all time fuckery…

    Best band ever: Errr… Ed Sheeran, and what’s a ‘band’?
    Best footballer: Cuntiano Ronaldo or that Barca/Argie dwarf
    Best Doctor Who: The woman one (even though she hasn’t started yet)
    Best Album: An Adele or Sheeran one
    Best TV show: Game Of Cunts
    Best Comedy: Some Millennial Yank crap or The Mash Report
    Best Female Singer: Adele
    Best Actor: No male actors allowed (Me Too)
    Best Actress: Cumbucket Lawrence
    Best Male Singer: Ed Sheeran
    Best Film: Black Panther
    Best Team: Gorton Globetrotters and Saint Pep
    Best Bond: The whinging Scouse midget
    Person of the Century: Beyonce (or anyone recent and black)

    • Oh no Norman. You don’t have a magoo in the family do you? I dread to think a sprog of mine coming home with that dreadful line. “dad, I got arrested for assault/possession/theft/nicking a car”. I can forgive virtually anything but coming in proclaiming I’m a Citeh fan would be the end of my world. I would rather remove my testes with a blunt Stanley knife than entertain a Bertie in my house.

      • I’m just sick of the ‘Best Team Ever’ bollocks that is spewed out by millennials, those BBC shite, and nu-footie cunts…. Didn’t both Mancini and Pellegrini achieve the same league and league cup double? So what makes Saint Pep any different?! Best team ever?! For that?! What about Brazil 1970 (and even 1982), Ajax in the 70s, Beckenbauer’s Bayern, United 68, 94, 96, and 99, Everton 85, Liverpool 77 to 84, Wenger’s pomp at Arsenal, the Di Stefano era Real or AC Milan 1988? The Bell/Lee/Summerbee side they had was better than this current lot and Joe Mercer was a better manager… Best ever, my red Newton Heath arse..

  9. Absolutely spot on cunting! Am in the same boat, except there are two of them….

  10. I said to some young snowflakes ‘ our generation gave you the Internet, mobile phones, global trade where you can buy anything you want etc, what has your generation given’? By the silence the answer was obviously fuck all. Oh, they have given us something, all the shirt lifters fronting telly, victim mentality,#metoo and all the countless NGO’S using you snowflakes to generate self serving support networks for you spiness existence. Enjoy the next war your setting up for yourselves, our enimies prefer the brown rather than the pink. Instead of practicing with a firearm like like we used to you should practice getting that Vasaline lid off in a hurry. Fuck you for making our nation’s weak you snowflake cuts.

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