Dead Pool [86]

Congratulations to Sir Limpy Stoke who correctly predicted that the comedian Ken Dodd of Diddy men and tickling stick fame would be the next dead dude.Dodd was 90 and had recently been in hospital for a chest infection and married his partner of over 40 years just days ago.R.I.P Doddy!

So on to Deadpool 86

Here are the rules (pay special attention to the first one):

1. Nominate who you think is the next cunt on the way out. You can have up to five choices. List your nominations in the comments of this post. It’s the current Dead Pool. Comments not in this post (e.g. in the previous one or other posts) will be ignored!

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a really annoying cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the previous pool (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.


My nominations (Shaun of the Dead):
Leah Bracknell
Marieke Vervoot
Stefan Karl Stefannson
Manohar Parrikar
Colin Butts

69 thoughts on “Dead Pool [86]

  1. Nice one limply you been deserving of a win .

    my usual please

    Dick Van Dyke
    James Earl Jones
    Freddy foreman
    Gary Glitter
    Angela Lansbury

  2. Oscar Pistorius
    Boy George
    Michael Barrymore
    Dick Dale
    Former Pope Benedict

  3. Now that the cunts boatrace is all over the web….justice may prevail

    John Venables
    John Venables
    John Venables
    John Venables
    John Venables

  4. The Dalai Lama
    Rupert Murdoch
    Alex Ferguson
    Neil Simon
    Nile Rodgers

    I took my Mum and Dad to see old Ken a few years ago. A proper comedian. I left just after Midnight but my Ma & Pa stayed until he was hooked off by the theatre-owners at 1.45am. He was ace.

    He explained that Happiness (Happiness, the greatest gift, that we posses) is an in-joke. He really wrote the whole song as “A Penis, a penis, etc.” It suddenly became rather funny.

  5. Carol Channing
    Empress Michiko
    Asha Bhosle
    Gina Rinehart
    Diane Feinstein
    (My tribute to Women’s Month)

  6. My usual

    Alan Alda
    Donald Sutherland
    Peter Allis
    Patricia Routledge
    Terry Waite

  7. Bastard Hell. I finally nap Doddy and find all you other cunts have slithered in and stolen all me other best noms. Shite.

    Rhonda Fleming
    Nicholas Parsons
    Giscard D’Estaing
    Val Kilmer
    Robert Duvall

  8. This is what I posted in the previous pool

    Appreciate the heads up DB. As the actress said to the bishop, “a fucking long time coming”. Thought I’d lost me touch. Had the old scarse cunt for years then other bastard cunts started robbing me orf him once he went in to horspital. Sodding fuckers. Came back to papa in the end though so screw the lot orf you.

    Knew him somewhat, quite a nice bloke, would always bounce a gag or two orf one another. Two tight to marry his long suffering partner but tied the knot at the end so he would’nt have to leave her any money but she could claim death benefit (2.5 grand) – touching. Doddy’s best gag? Actually what Jimmy Tarbuck cracked aboit him as a guest on the Inland Revenue Tour – cunters will recall his run in over non-declaration of earnings and his enforced tour to pay orf the bill. Also the publicity over his hemorrhoids.

    Jimmy Tarbuck:

    “You’ll see old Doddy’s walking a lot easier now. He’s been in and had the operation on his arse and while they were doing it the doctors found another five grand stuck up there”

    Avoiding all the “comic legend” crapola. The old cunt gag machine was ok but the earlier Diddy Man stuff with the kids and the Tickling Stick was deeply embarrassing. Would go doine a storm in Paedo Central – Telford – though.

  9. ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham
    Pedro Morales
    Terry Funk
    Harley Race
    Ric Flair

    • Sorry to inform good sir but you’re a tad bit late on your Billy Graham nomination, Dio beat you to the punch a feww weeks ago if i’m not mistaken

      • Different Billy Graham, ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham is a retired wrestlers who is still very much alive.

      • Apologies then M8, I had no idea there was a wrestler by that name

        I also know of a billy graham concert promoter he ran the filimore and winterland music venues in the usa but the cunt died ages ago

  10. Ginger Baker
    Pope Francis
    Sheldon Adelson
    Rick Wakeman
    George Soros

    Cuntgratulations Sir Limpy, well done

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