Whoopi Goldberg [3]

Whoopi Goldberg is a cunt…

Apart from being an untalented in your face exhibitionist cunt, Goldberg is yet another hypocritical cunt who claims to care about women who have suffered harassment or abuse, yet she is another Hollyweird cunt who has her tongue firmly place up a n@nce’s arse…

How can this fucker have the nerve to speak at a women’s march, but say Roman Polanski didn’t commit rape on a child and defend him to the hilt?!! Polanski was/is guilty as fuck and the whole world knows it… I know wimmin are liars and change things to suit themselves, but this is taking the piss… A lover of p@edo Polanski speaking at a march against sexual assault?! Why don’t they just book Maxine Carr for the next one and have done with it? What a joke and what a fucking cunt Whoopi is… Fuck off, Momma!

Nominated by Norman

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  1. Havent heard of Harvey harassing this fucker. Wonder why?
    Talentless cunt. Ever so fucking twee. A disneyfied version of a black woman.

    • “disneyfied version of a black woman”

      Genius……. Absolute genius Cunstable Cuntbubble……. 😂👌

    • He was probably telling her to get out, she had the role and no need to do more than say “Thank you”

      The physical contact would have been the result of him trying to retrieve his pens, paperweights, cigars and other desktop ornaments she had slipped in her bag during the interview process.

  2. Is it safe on this page or are cunts going to be discussing the slaughter of animals like the last page……. I nearly melted reading some of that stuff……
    Anyway, Whoopi Goldberg is a cunt. I’ve always thought this cunt to be a cunt.
    And an ugly cunt at that, and deserves her place on the shelf, proudly sat next to the Flabbot and the Toshiba.

    I’ll probably open up a can of worms here but I don’t get why Marine Carr is treated the way she is. To my knowledge she wasn’t anywhere near the crimes when they happened (at her family’s house in Scotland I think) and if she covered up for the cunt beast that done the crimes, then maybe she was just scared shitless that her boyfriend could do that and could do the same to her.

    It’s not right that she has been turned into a modern Hindley. Cunts need a figure to point fingers at, and that poor girl copt it big time.

      • I read it fine as Toshiba as I have two fucked Toshiba laptops sitting on a shelf and after bricking themselves following “updates”, they are about as useful as the Flabott.

        Must be a beefed up mofo of a shelf to house the Flabott, even “the Continental Shelf” would shrink back into the Atlantic sea bed under the weight of that one.

        Rumour has it she carries a donor card, allowing the skin from her arse cheeks be donated to the Dr Martens factory, securing business for many years ahead.

    • Nah, Carr knew Huntley did it and what he did, she gave him false alibis while the cozzers were desperate to catch him and while the Wells and Chapman families were brokenhearted and in pieces… The bitch lied on the television as the parents of those girls were crying their eyes out… Then Carr gets rewarded with a new identity, income and lodgings for the rest of her life, and a marriage and kids of her own while two raped and murdered innocent little girls are buried in a Cambridge graveyard… She is a cunt…

      • Never have understood why lowlife scum who have either committed or have been complicit in evil crimes are rewarded with new and expensive identities, whilst the victims family always get fuck all.;

      • Agreed, Willie… Those two sick cunts, Venables and Thompson… They have been rewarded for one of the most heinous child murders in British history…. Neither will ever have to work, pay bills, worry about a place to live, rent, council tax, groceries and everything else everyone else has to deal with and struggle for… And when Venables gets out (again!) he will get his umpteenth ‘new start’ and all on the taxpayers nut… And I bet the piece of scum has a better house than Denise Fergus or Ralph Bulger… Britain is shit…

      • Just remember that those who identify who the murdering scum are, are themselves prosecuted. The law is not an ass it is a fucking cunt of the highest order. No longer fit for purpose.

      • She is a bigger cunt , because she knew of Huntley’s previous form at another school..

      • I forgot that… She knew of Huntley’s ‘tastes’ and ‘tendencies’ yet the slag stood by him and kept schtum… She could have warned the girls or their families about him, as she knew why Huntley ‘befriended’ these little girls… But she didn’t… You’re right, she is an even bigger cunt…

      • She was strongly rumoured to have been rehomed in my area but leads and sightings have went cold.

        Great that you pay council tax to an organization that houses and hides these “pillars of society”.

        She wasn’t a pillar in Soham was she? She is not welcome in my neck of the woods.

        Stick her on Rockhall with that Rose West cunt, William Beggs, Venebals and all the other child abusing murdering scum and let them starve to death.

      • The minute I saw the two cunts being interviewed on Sly™, I knew it was them, said so right away.

        Same with that Shannon Matthews one, knew it was them.

        Just waiting on the result on the McCain’s to complete my “tri-cast”.

        My ability to spot these wrongun’s has totally spooked out the family. In occurrence of such events I am asked whodunnit right away.

      • Dr Death himself, likely the cause of more deaths in foreign lands than those that were committed by their “tyrant leaders” pre intervention.

  3. You know what would make this cunt really funny?

    If she were to marry a bloke called Leroy Cushion!

    Think about it… 😂

  4. The only reason hypocrites like Goldberg and Streep are defending Polanski, is because he’s a fellow luvvie. If he were a plasterer or a bricklayer, they’d be screaming for his genitals to be removed, roasted and served on a silver platter. She was one of the Hillary loving cretins who grandly announced that if Donald Trump became President of the United States, she would leave the United States, in the mistaken believe that they were SO important, they could influence the way the American people would vote. Turns out, the American people saw it differently. It’s now been about 16 months, and not one of those left wing dicks has moved to another country. I’ve seen on The View, and she really is a nasty, ignorant piece of work. Well cunted Norman.

    • They should start calling out the cunts that vowed to leave the US if Trump won.

      Think that Katy Perry was another one, Russell Brand really screwed her up…maybe it was a two way street.

  5. I have always belied that the Negro race is one of the fucking ugliest on the fucking planet. Need I say more ?

    • … race for life. No men allowed. That’s pretty ugly if you ask me. 🙂

    • And the trailer for that new Avengers film (No, not the classic Steed and Mrs Peel TV series, but that Marvel shite) is full of the cunts… That Black Panther lot hog it (there’s a surprise) and there’s loads of Zulu types stood behind Captain America and Co… Box ticking diversity shite at its worst… Oh, and that other Polanski loving twat, Scarlett Johansscunt, now looks like a 40 a day granny as Black Widow….

      • I watched that “Darkest Hour” last night and they even managed to get a western oriental gentleman in that. They even portrayed Curchill as a pussy whipped bumbling old drunk, a portrayal which won Garry Oldcunt and oscar. Go figure, eh?

      • I thought DH very disappointing. The portrayal of Churchill revolved around alcohol and cigars, a bad husband, an abusive boss and the whole conservative party hated him. I have read reviews by people far more cleverer than me siting historical inaccuracies. Avoid.

      • Yea darkest hour is utter bollocks. It’s sensationalized crap and the main scene at the end (on the tube) is just complete made up bollocks.

        The film was boring, despite the true story being anything but boring, the “true” parts weren’t accurate, the speeches were shite compared to Churchill (why they didn’t just say it as he did I don’t know) and “facts” were just made up and added to the story.

        Fuckin hollywood are cunts. … can’t even tell a true story without fucking it up.

    • Them rohinga muzzies take a bit of beating.

      All this talk of UFO’s, aliens etc being laughed at when the Ferengi have been here for years.

    • You Brits have no idea! Her cuntishness is off the sphinctor scale. She is cunt incarnate. She’s the kind of cunt other women call cunt.

      Real name: Caryn Elaine Johnson. Number of ex-husbands…3. Number of WHITE ex-husbands…the same. Formerly involved with WHITE Phonywood cunts like Ted Danson. This hypocritical cunt wouldn’t suck black dick if you put a gun to her head.

      The Disney remarks.are spot on. She appears on the American TV show the View. Disney owns the Network that the show is on. There along with her Comrade-in-cunts Joy Behar…a cunt almost as cuntish as Whoopie and well deserving of her own cunting…she offends millions of decent people every week day.

      Disney also cast her in a live production at the California Adventure Park as Califa…Queen of The Amazon Island of California. I wonder how she survived as the amazons were suppossedly black and there was no white dick anywhere on the island.

      And of course she defended that cunt Polanski…as if drugging an underaged girl and having sex with her rather than physically overpowering her is somehow ok.

      The only problem with this well deserved cunting is that no cunting can do justice to this cunt. She stands alone atop the dungheap in a world of shitty cunts.

  6. She is one of the unfunniest cunts to have ever been committed to celluloid.

    I liked those PG Tips adverts though.

    *Note, I got into an argument a year or two ago about this. I’m not saying all black people look like chimps, that would be racist, I saying she does, which she does.

    So there.

  7. I can honestly say, hand on heart that I have never seen this monkey performing it’s tricks on TV or film.

  8. Unfortunately can’t quite match you Skidmark.

    I have had the “pleasure” of seeing her in just one (of her attributed 170 films), and in which she was so unconvincingly shite decided not to bother with any more.


    QDM, we picked up your BFB nomination and have scheduled it.

    Next time why not make it easier for us and put in the right fucking place?
    You can’t miss it. There’s a fucking great big red button on the RHS of the page!

    • Couldn’t agree more quick draw.

      Alarm bells started ringing for me when this “benevolent trading organization” decided to form a military.
      We have NATO, why the fuck would the EU need it’s own military.
      You’re right to say that these remoaners are the same as the EU cunts themselves. Neither have ANY respect for democracy at all.
      Once they get control of Europe’s militaries there will be no going back and no more meaningful votes for ANYONE.
      Maybe a token vote for an EU puppet to provide the public with the illusion of democracy, but certainally nothing of any real importance.

      Lefties are anti democratic cunts.

      • They want an EU army so it can deployed in uppity EU countries in the future.

        We are aware that in civilised countries it is not the job of the army to protect the government from its own people, but a multinational EU force on the other hand, hmmmm.

      • Yea and it’ll be easier to set troops onto populations if those troops are stationed in countries other than their country of origin.
        If the Spanish have an uprising, they can send in polish troops. If there’s civil unrest in Poland they’ll send French troops.
        They’re clever cunts … but not as clever as they think.

      • Yeah, but let’s face it, sending French troops into a situation where they may have to fight would be like buying a poodle and expecting it to be a great guard dog.

      • Thank fuck we are leaving, we would have got “the dirty work”.
        They are shitting themselves at the thought of us leaving, that’s why Macron is “suggesting” we can forget all about it. Like they are doing us a favour? Cunts.

      • That’s the thing, if there are protests etc in say France against the EU, then the EU will send in the troops as ‘peacekeepers’ and the French government can say ‘it’s not us it’s you the protesters that caused it’ and avoid any blame for troops on the street.

        All pretty obvious to me, has nothing to do with a traditional role of a standing army to defend its own borders but solely as a civil unrest countermeasure, like a military Tonton Macoute.

      • EU “army” will be nothing more, nothing less than the IVth Reich’s Gestapo; used to crush any internal dissent.

      • Yep, quite. Also your indigenous police force being subordinate to it too becoming no more than useful idiots in the EU’s ideological war against its own people.

        The local police orgainsing you, marshaling you, ensuring curfews are enforced all under the watchful gaze of well armed foreign soldiers from the safety of their tanks and armoured vehicles.

        It is all about power and control, for our own benefit of course, as western economies lose their grip on dominance in the world to make sure the people do as they are told.

      • I wonder had we not been leaving the EU, where they would have expected their new army’s heavily discounted weaponry to come from?

        I’m sure that cunt Clegg let slip about the new euro army years ago.

        Given we were in the EU at the time of the Falklands war, where were our European neighbours then?

        Cunts wouldn’t back us then nor in the future without NATO booting them up the arse. Even then, I think its still voluntary.

        I recall France getting involved in the Libya stuff despite steering clear of the Gulf for some reason I never delved into at the time.

    • Excellent Quick Draw

      Understand that fucking bitch Gina Miller founded this group some time last year.

      As you say on top of the insults already directed at Brexit Leave voters they then add further disrespect by claiming to respect the democratic vote. A bit like the old proverbial “with all due respect……”.

      In 2016 given the choice I quite simply voted to Leave the European Union. One of two options I was given. Had I also have been given the choice to leave and be poorer, I would also have chosen that option. Had enough of Project Fear by that time by (as I suspect most people did) and did not believe much of the propaganda that the Remain were continually spouting out. Still don’t believe many reports indicating that everything is doom and gloom.

      Clearly these BFB pompous upper class fuckers who between them have probably never done a proper hard days graft in their lives feel that because they have money this somehow entitles them to greater say than the average working person. The “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” is the quote that instantly springs to mind.

      I often like to watch reruns of Nigel Farage’s speeches in the European Parliament, and remind myself how the nasty corrupted unelected fuckers in charge of European Union have in recent years openly shamefully, brutally and disgracefully treated the member countries leaders and its people in order to maintain their failing project.

      I for one dream of the day the EU project finally dies, and that we can take back control of our own decision making. Sadly, I fear that I may not live long enough to see Britain return to being a great country again, as those currently in government (and in opposition) have no pride or fight, and each are clearly not up to the job. Hundreds of thousands of UK servicemen died for this country, our fucking useless politicians are happy just to give it away.

      Anyone who is against independence and is still fighting for us to stay in the EU is in my books a traitor and when all is done (and they lose) should have the grace and decency to fuck off.


      • I enjoy watching re runs of farage in the EU “parliament” *scoff scoff* and I too look forward to day when there is no more EU, the arrogant cunts. Their arrogance will be their undoing eventually.

        Very, very, dangerous people.

      • A survey carried out in 7 key EU states asked respondents how much confidence they had in the EU. Only ROI and Spain had net confidence in the EU and overall 52% said they had no confidence against 42% with confidence. The least confident country was Italy where 71% said they lacked confidence against 27% who had confidence.

        The majority of Europeans do not want the EU, at least not in its present form.

      • @ Willie. I attended the Massed Bands of the Royal Marines at the RAH Saturday. Elderly audience. Yes. White . Yes.. Those of a Peaceful Persuasion None. Rastas. etc None

        One Indian family with a portrait sized picture of grandad who was an ex Royal Marine now deceased, Who stood and applauded and waved the flag for Rule Brittania!

        Oh Forgot. Not a single fucking snowflake in site.

      • Been to confrontational and aggressive the military for the cunter generation, also would involve parts of the body they dont have, a backbone and back of neck hair. Prob ably if some had attended they would have gone out in tears to apologise to our dusky mates for the Empire and slavery, self flaggelating with a tofu whip, finishing in a healing circle of candles and song protected by a herd of bull dykes.

      • My biggest fear is its collapse after we pay them forty billion or / and whatever else.

        We won’t get a refund on any “prepayments” and I can’t help but think once the other EU members see GB leaves and survives, others will follow leading to the downfall.

        Germany and France being last would remain as EU “on paper”, just to get any money we agreed to pay to “the EU” for as long as they could milk it.

        I’ve just thought on a cuntish thing…..if we pay a lump sum and annual payment for trade or whatever arrangement’s, we should be entitled to charge financial penalties to the cunts if any others leave too, as these other countries freeing themselves would not obliged to us under the EU any more and we could lose out.

    • @Queeksdraw

      It would appear from the tone of Admin’s post that you are both genius and cunt at the same time. (Something I have suspected all along.)

      🤔 😁 😛

    • I like being awkward. But if it helps, I will do it properly from now on.

  10. I thought that wizened old troll penis Cable was still in hibernation but has come out with “older voters in EU referendum had white nostalgia”. Well who with any sense of British values, traditions,national identity and successive EU toadying governments fucking wouldn’t.

    The public have had the lefts multicultural dogma and forced social engineering foisted upon them for years and the referendum served cunts like Cable a massive shit sandwich without the bread.

    • Conveniently forgotten by Cable – older voters have life experience and mature judgement. And if he’s that keen on young cunts he needs to fuck off and make room for them. Stellar cunt.

      • Exactly!

        Takes the piss out of the “older electorate” when he’s a fucking coffin dodger himself!

        Vince you deluded auld cunt, take a butchers at your own boat-race! Not so much Justin Bieber as the baddie out of Poltergeist II is it!

        Yes, you, you interfering, traitorous, auld cunt!

      • He was on R4 Today this morning. Humphries was giving him stick for a change. Was he playing the evil-racist card? Errrmmm…

  11. Fraud investigators probe family’s claim for up to £1m of public aid ‘after 15 relatives claimed to live in one flat destroyed by Grenfell fire’
    Notorious ‘crash-for-cash’ fraudster Masi Naqshbandi is one of the relatives

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5487931/Kensington-council-launch-fraud-probe-Grenfell-family-claiming-1m.html#ixzz59T2MoWDC
    What a shock,some of the claims are slightly suspicious. Who’d have guessed?

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5487931/Kensington-council-launch-fraud-probe-Grenfell-family-claiming-1m.html#ixzz59T24hJXQ

    • Free hotel accommodation, £300 per week “for necessities”…bet the thieving Cunts are still claiming their benefits. Every fucking claimant from Greenfel should be given a one-off, take it or leave it offer of accommodation in Hull and told to take their sponging arses off to the local dole office. No more pandering to them. Personally,I’d just deport any one of them that dared raise their head above the parapet.

      • If I refused two offers of housing, i would have gone to bottom of list, so should they and also be liable for hotel bills there after with their housing benefit. They are as bad as the fraudsters in the articles linked as they were made feel entitled when their initial chants & demands were met.

        I took a really poor property years ago to avoid the 2nd choice in the slums which when refused would be back to bottom after 5 years and that wasn’t even London.

        The rivers of Grenfell need to stop flowing now, there’s been so much giving that I bet nobody has been keeping an accurate account of costs.

      • No no Dick. Scotland. Scottish liebour are berating the swivel eyed lunatic and the keeza lezza Dugdale says they need more gimmegrants. That being the case lets ship a few hundred thousand oop North. Strange how we never experience jiggas who stop in England for a brew on their way up to Jockland. Oh, its ok, we aren’t stopping, just calling in on our way to those nice welcoming scotch folk. We have been personally invited by Scottish liebour with jobs, houses and benefits aplenty awaiting and a “welcome in the hillside”. From what I hear the gimmegrants in Scotland are about as welcome as an English Morris dancing troupe jamboree. They (mostly) hate the English with a fucking passion based on personal experience not anecdotal “my mate says” tales. Quite how or where thousands of ethnics and boys with beards will fit in to areas like Glasgow with its endemic historical sectarian hatefest is a not an unrealistic question. Low skilled, no skilled uneducated blambos who would contribute nothing to the economy or the country would just exasperate the weird jock notion that having Indy from Britain but willingly shackle itself to an unelected EU would be a step forward. But please Keeza, feel free to have as many as you think would bankrupt you because as sure as eggs is eggs they wont come to roll their sleeves up and contribute to your new chapter, they will shirk, thieve, take and expect everything free. As you hate we English the importation of hundreds of thousands of cunts who also hate us but love our benefits should add up to a match made in heaven. Mind the children, dogs and sheep though. They have a great taste for all three.

      • I was glad to read of the end of one cash cow in the termination of services from CSTUK (complimentary support teams UK).

        On investigation, i could not find any details lodged with companies house.

        I did however manage to find a website which had a sparse amount of information in its various sections such as the “press” and the “blog”, which given the media activity around Grenfell, I find rather strange.

        They do list the treatments they provide with no prices, however when the “May Tree” is being shook…prices go up. These treatments are not cheap.


        No wonder they don’t have time to leave hotels to view possible homes, they are all booked in for the lists of various massages and therapies.

        Now, how to find out how much they coined in during their trip on the gravy train.

    • 15!?! Fuck off!

      Any illegals should be granted the gift of free air fair to insert shithole here and if that’s too much for their family to bear then we’ll pay for them to accompany them on a permanent basis!

      All this fucking gushing over grabby cunts!

      I feel for the one’s who lost one of the 71 actual deaths (as opposed to the 400+ initially reported by grabby cunts when the fire was still going) but the rest can fuck off!

      How much money did the poor cunts of Workington in Cumbria get after all the major floods there off HM Govt? I bet “fuck all” is the answer to that one.

      That said each family interviewed said: “We just need to sort it out with the insurance company and go from there!”

      Which is the right answer!

      The problem with Workington though is that:

      a) It’s not in the cunt capital.
      b) Most of the folk are non-ethnic.
      c) None were “peaceful”.

      So with social impediments like that HM Govt no doubt felt more than justified in giving those (actually legal, working and paying taxes) people the two-fingered salute.

      Fucking grabby cunts! Any money pissed away on the Grief-fell “peaceful” contingent is only going towards the cemtex slush-fund.

      Today’s handout = tomorrow’s Manchester Arena!


      • Everyone should read those links fully, but this part really got me…

        “An uncle from Afghanistan is also receiving taxpayer-funded aid from the council. He is said to have registered his driving licence at the Grenfell flat last month, eight months after the fire.”

        Eight months after?, bets he claims to have been there pre BBQ and “forgot” to update the DVLA.

        Glad there’s progress catching the fraudsters but not enough considering costs outgoing.

        Pity the Dudd will be throwing everything at the “nerve agent attack” giving the peacefuls a nice big window to “line up their ducks” for the next tantrum.

    • This fucking bullshit makes me want to puke – it is a symptom of the large vein of bullshit running through the country’s backbone.

      I suffered a wildfire at the back of my house that consumed my shed which was full of stuff having moved into the house 2 days before – did any cunt come running to me to offer suitcases of cash? Did they fuck and, if they did, I would have told them to fuck off and get a life.

      These money grabbing should be told to fuck off.

  12. That cunttrumpet Cable was on the news. Apparently, older people voted Brexit out of nostalgia for a time when there were no black faces. Yes we voted Brexit to keep them pesky West Indians out.
    What a fucking wazzock.

  13. Liebore tranny “ladies officer” says it would be happy to see trannies on all female liebore short lists, even if they were only men dressed in a frock.

    Carry on Corbyn, mate. The more you continue down this road to lunacy the less support you will get from normal people and liebore will be reduced to a party of peacefuls, w@gs, poofters, tranny freaks, men hating feminazis and children who still believe in your marxist utopia fairy stories.


  14. Liebore tr@nny “ladies officer” says it would be happy to see tr@nnies on all female liebore short lists, even if they were only men dressed in a frock.

    Carry on Corbyn, mate. The more you continue down this road to lunacy the less support you will get from normal people and liebore will be reduced to a party of peacefuls, samb0s, p00fters, tr@nny fre@ks, men hating femin@zis and children who still believe in your marxist utopia fairy stories.


    Edited due to moderation

    • Yeah, but yer refusal to suck his cock has ‘racist’ written all over it.

      I’ve had the pleasure of rooting a few ebony babes, but one really sticks in my mind. When we would be “getting jiggy widdit” she’d always ask if she can do this for me? , can she do that for me?…….. It was a bit off putting. Made me feel like a slave master……..

      • I’ve rutted a couple myself. One of them smelled rather strangely as if she had never used a washing machine in her life.

        Another was pretty feral. I went for a dump and asked her to clap and hum every twenty seconds to which she obliged. When she asked why, I explained that I liked hearing the cadence of her rhythm. I didn’t want to tell her it was because if her hands were busy she wouldn’t be nicking anything.

      • Even as an ex matelot who has seen and engaged some pretty fucking ugly bints over the years the thought of riding a black horse never appealed, ever. I would rather have a ham shank.

    • If anything it’ll teach millennials that he was PM in the Second World War and not the First but will probably still think Thatcher was a concentration camp commandant who had a side line stomping on puppies.

    • Its mothers day, if you are not a mother by biological means or by official adopting you can’t celebrate it, simple.

      Also, we have Mothers day for females, Fathers day for males…. simple!

      Two turd burglars officially adopting a child can only celebrate Fathers Day, not Mothers day as none are the child’s mother by adoption so suck it up and go try inventing your “own non parent day” such as Legal Guardian Day or Absent Parents Day….Cunts!

    • Oh fuck no!

      We’ll have months of that cunt on the idiot lantern if he’s pegged it!

      I’ve only just gotten over the ABBC’S gushing over Chinny Forsyth!

      He was alright but of his time. As a kid me Mam and Nan would count the minutes down if he was on the box later that day!

      I didn’t mind him but him being on always seemed to clash with good stuff on one of the other two channels like Benny Hill or The Goodies!

      RiP Ken Dodd. I hope those souvenirs are waiting for you in the Diddy Land in the Sky from all my tears of missing some great TV – especially the real boobies on Benny Hill!

    • R.I.P Ken, you crazy cunt!

      If any peacefuls block your way up there with their troops of virgins, knock em down to hell with your tickle stick!

    • Always thought he was crap even as a child. Listened to a repeat of one of his shows on Radio 4 Extra the other day; yup, it was still crap! But the Scousers are all gonna have orgasms rabbitting on about his “comedy greatness” and how all Scousers are hilarious… I think I’ll go into aestivation until it’s all over…

      • He was, as someone said, of his time. That time being before he started singing. As I remember before his sodding tickling stick and diddymen, too. He used to be a comedian, but went downhill for the money.

      • Talentless unfunny cunt if you ask me. Can’t blame him for trying to avoid paying tax to the useless cunts in Government who just splash it on useless shit.

      • I always had my suspicions about Doddy,all that Diddymen and tickling sticks. I was amazed that he had never,apparently,visited the same toilet-blocks as George Michael.

    • I can’t wait to see the Richard Ayoade ad covering this HSBC event! 😁

    • When we get to UK we get job in bank with our online diploma and once in job, we steal from right under stupid infidels noses.

      Don’t worry about getting caught my friend, the infidels let you keep all your fingers and lock you up and make you watch Sly TV for years instead.

      The stupid cunts also tell you locked up for 10 years but they let you out before halfway, the infidels can’t count so that’s why we easy take their moneys.

      • Funny enough, Whoopi steal from stupid infidels bank, big moneys but she sucker for white infidel meat and follows stupid order to give big cheque to nuns instead.

  15. This sums up the world of slebs for me.

    Some say the end is near.
    Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon.
    I certainly hope we will.
    I sure could use a vacation from this

    Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of freaks

    Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call L.A.
    The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
    Any fucking time. Any fucking day.
    Learn to swim, I’ll see you down in Arizona Bay.

    Tool – Learn to Swim (1996)

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