Peter Rabbit, the bully

I cant believe I’m actually writing this, but yesterday I had the misfortune of trying to keep up with what’s going on in this cunty world in the firm knowledge that something or other would make my piss boil. Maybe Junker the Drunker waddling about like the EU’s version of Sepp Blatter taking the cut out of everyone? No! It wasn’t that. Maybe Barnier looking about Downing Street like some elitist cunt being showed where Fagan once lived? No! It wasn’t that. Soros pumping half a fucking million into reversing the most attended democratic fucking vote this country has ever seen ( sorry Fred West )? NO!!

It that the fucking libtard snowflake cunts are boycotting Peter ” trap me / choke me / skin me / roast me / enjoy me whilst camping …Peter fucking Rabbit “… because it promotes…wait for it….. ” Food intolerance bullying ”

WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!! The wee imaginary talking rabbit whom we see most days in 2D form on our national roadways looking like some posh cunts miniature bear rug spread out before our eyes as we thump over it at 60mph…flings some blueberries at some other pixelated cunt on screen that doesn’t like blueberries……… and off goes twitter in a fucking apoplectic meltdown on food alergy oppression and bullying.

“My wee bairn has a food alergy….. we will boycott this until Disney apologises”

Fuck me! I’m a Scot and we have an intolerance to almost anything you can call food!
If some cunt threw rice at a Scottish Wedding we’d all come out in fucking hives and rashes, rolling about the floor dousing ourselves in whisky and Irn Bru! So fuck off you snowflake, neo liberal, inferiority complex suffering fucks.

Cunts pure and simple

If I get 6 months to live from a doctor then unfortunately there is also others with that diagnosis because I’m going postal.

If we tolerate this then I’m afraid its not our children next, we’re next, its accelerating at an unstoppable rate

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

100 thoughts on “Peter Rabbit, the bully

  1. Surely the worst part about the Peter Rabbit movie is that it’s voiced by that fat wanker James Corden? My little boy wants me to take him to see it, but the sanctimonious fatso’s voice enrages me terribly. Only the voices of the “Last Leg” cunts are more odious.

    • Apparently there are over 300 million guns in America,and yet no Cunt has thought to do the decent thing regarding that fat wanker Cordon. For shame.

  2. “You mangy Scots git! …that’s no ordinary rabbit! That’s the most foul, cruel and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on. …that rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide. I soiled my armor I was so scared!”*

    In my day the notion of a “bullying rabbit” was hilariously funny. Nowadays it’s homicidely serious.

    We’d be a lot better off today if the mothers of these snowflakes had exercised their right to choose and had these fetuses aborted.

    Well deserved cunting by the way.

    * I plead guilty to rearranging the dialog. 🐇. 🗡. 🗿

    • Tom and Jerry anyone?

      It was on this morning.

      Let’s start a Twatter storm to get it banned or moved to after the 9pm watershed

      • Ren & Stimpy got ruined… They turned it into an ‘adult’ cartoon… Which basically involved poofery and Ren & Stimpy fucking each other up the jacsky… It was called Ren & Stimpy “Adult Party Cartoon” and it was nowhere near as good as the original series…

  3. Fuck me what would today’s yummy mummies make of Batman and Robin openly smacking geezers in the mush complete with onscreen descriptions and “authentic” sounds?
    Well, as far as I remember, their victims were always white so it wasn’t that bad.
    However, still a bit much for today’s sensitive young Snowflakes.

  4. I’ve always thought an un-edited Biggles movie would be great. For those that don’t know, Biggless was a fictional utterly racist pilot. His dogs name was the n word!! Terrific.

      • Interestingly, Biggles Books ( Capt W E johns ) came with a glossary of terms in each book that would send today’s liberal elite into a state of apoplexy!
        e.g. German= Kraut, Sausage Nosher,Hun, Vile Creature
        Non White=….Well, moderation would not permit, but I guess you get the drift
        Biggles ( the character ) would have been an amazing member of this noble site, and would have made huge and appropriate contributions . In fact, if more people were like this fictional hero, none of this shite would be bothering us today. ( as far as Im aware Biggles didn’t have a dog ).

      • The first recorded use of the term “sandwog” was in letters of T.E.Lawrence, and he did have a dog called N****R

      • I used to have a labrador called Tyson. He was a black bastard who wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to the bitches.

      • My mistake, yes it belonged to Guy Gibson. I posted above that it was T E Lawrence….apologies. ( In moderation )

      • It was indeed, but in 1940s Blighty the N word was not associated with “person’s of colour” but just meant something black in colour i.e. a dog, wool, cloth etc
        I think it was Yank servicemen who imported the “other meaning”

      • Might also be one reason why the Dambusters film remake has never got off the ground (thankfully because it would no doubt be shit, like most remakes…)

      • And why one would never hear ‘The sun has got his hat on’ played anywhere anymore.

        Apparently the sun was tanning n*****s in Timbuktu.

      • Imagine the peacefuls in the room getting briefed on the mission and every plane would have a white, brown & black crew combo on board.

      • @MrB

        I’m not so sure that’s correct. To be sure n***** was in common usage among Americans of that time. In fact, there is a now off repeated story that in WW I General John “Black Jack” Pershing was commonly called “N*****Jack” because head had commanded “Colored” troops as a junior officer.

        However, (from my youth) I seem to remember Kipling using the word in a story.

      • “She kept referring to the East Indians as N******. No, no no. Those people are W***. The West Indians…they’re the N******”.

        British television comedy at it’s finest.

      • Portuguese traded with the people of the Niger delta, and the local tribe was the Neegah ( or similar sound ) Don’t know how true that is but its possible

  5. There were no food allergies when I was at school. The nearest we got was 2 Jewish whingers who tried to refuse to eat the sausages at dinner-time. The old English teacher who was overseeing the table brooked no such nonsense. They were told that they’d be served the same sausages for every meal until they ate them and he made them sit there until every last morsel was gone. No Snowflakery for old Mr. Sparrow, he’d served in the war,we were just never too sure on which side.
    I don’t believe most of this food intolerance shit,anyhow. It’s just an attention-seeking ploy by weak parents and spoilt brats. If kids were forced to just eat whatever was put in front of them,as we were,there wouldn’t be all this nonsense. Nobody died of a food allergy when I was a child,so I can’t see why they would now. It’s just parents raising sickly,demanding runts who shouldn’t be pampered. If I was on a plane and someone said that I couldn’t eat my peanuts because some child had an allergy,there’d be hell to pay. I’d demand that the child and it’s failing parents were immediately disembarked. Why should my flight be disrupted to cater for the delusions of Giles and Georgina and their “no great loss” child?

    Fuck them.

    • Well said Mr. F. When I was a kid you ate what was put in front of you or fucking starved. If there were any “food allergies” it was kept secret because we would have got hold of the little poof and shoved the said food down the cunt’s throat just for a laugh.
      Happy days.

      • I think we shared the same diet you and I , Freddie. “Take it or leave it “

      • Damn! Same here in the states when I was a boy. My parents were Great Depression children so nothing went “to waste”.

        Plus I got the lecture about how all they had to eat was raw opossum or raccoon or some such shit that wasn’t fit to eat and about starving children in some shithole country who would be happy to have my dinner…blah blah blah.

        The worst part was if I didn’t eat it warm at dinner I had it cold for breakfast.


      • As far as I’m concerned, slimes can eat all the Spam fritters in the world !!

        If they’re bloody lucky, they’ll get pink banana custard too…

        School dinners made me the Great British Sandwich Lover that I am today…

      • See, shithole countries have been recognised by America for years and its not just a Trump thing!

      • People are soft hygiene obsessed cunts i recall getting me and a mate fish and chips i had just finished work and had me usual shitty hands covered in horse shit and mud, he nearly had a fit when i ate it without washing my hands, dont know why he moaned they were clean when i finished. He is a chippy working with clean new wood and he scrubbed up like a surgeon before he ate it. Turned out he was batting for the other side.

  6. Let’s be clear – not liking a specific food is NOT the same as being allergic to it.

    Yes, Guy Gibson’s dog (in real life!) was called ‘Nigger’ but it’s been overdubbed in the remastered DVD release of the 1955 film of ‘The Dambusters’ as ‘Digger’

    Another example of rewriting inconvenient history. Orwell was right about the Ministry of Truth.

    I used to collect Robertsons’ jam gollies. Loved the little enamel badges. I had the full set. Now banned as racist together with the Black and White Minstrel Show which was shit but not even remotely racist.

    • Got my first hard-on watching the dancers on the Black and White Minstrel show. God, it was awful though; some modern telly is crap, but that was the pits. Needless to say, my parents loved it; the scars of my upbringing remain…

    • Interesting comment. I have been reading an article in which Himmler was fascinated by Orwell, and may have given him some strategies to apply in the formation of the Nazi State.

    • O’course the same group of twonks have no issue when the likes of Halley Berry plays Storm in X Men, etc.

  7. I enjoy rabbit. I like to give it a long,slow stew in the bottom oven of the aga. It comes out tender and falling off the bone. I share it with the dogs, The only problem is the odd bit of shot which can crack a tooth if you’re not careful. I actually lost a tooth due to biting down on a bit of shot in a pheasant. I used to know a bloke who went ferreting, we’d go out and I’d shot the rabbits as they bolted out of any unnetted burrows. Excellent sport.
    Does the film show the effects of myxomatosis on rabbits? It should. It’s important that children realise that rabbits are just vermin that need to be controlled by hunting or disease.

    • @Dick

      I don’t know if you’re joking or not…but I ate a lot of rabbit as a boy. My grandma fried it like chicken.

      I had a bunch of midwestern farmers on one side and southern hillbillies on the other side of my family. Plus I grew up in an area full of immigrants and blacks. So I ate all kinds of stuff when I was a boy…from crawfish and pig balls to hog jowl and collard greens. From menudo and lingua to blood soup and fish livers.

      Game was something the old timers relished. These snowflakes today would puke at the thought of stuff we ate. Christ, I remember eating fucking (calves) brain sandwiches with my grandpa!

      • No, General,I’m not joking. I enjoy rabbit and the odd hare if I can get one. Rabbit seem to come and go where I live as we have odd instances of myxomatosis. I still feed the dogs on myxied ones,but wont eat it myself if diseased.
        I enjoy most game..pheasant,grouse etc. as well as rabbit and the odd bit of venison if one of the rangers shoots one nearby.

      • OK…I wonder if you’re talking about what the old timers here used to call “rabbit fever.”. Very strict hunting regulations would not let ” rabbit season” start until after a good hard freeze.

        I ate some pheasant too! I lived near a National Park area and they used to allow hunters to come in and hunt deer. All the predators were gone so they had to have a way to thin out the herd.

      • During the WWW2 my Grandad and Dad (aged about 6-7) used to go out – with the farmer’s permission – and hunt pigeons and rabbits. The deal was that a brace of whatever was shot was left with Mrs Farmer for their table.

        Meat was rationed back then but my Dad’s table never went shy of a bit of meat (of some form or another).

        Today’s flakes think meat grows on shelves in ASDA (or wherever) and are probably allergic to real food anyway!

        Soft cunts!

      • Birdman has never forgiven me for taking the squabs out of pigeon’s nests. They really are delicious.

      • Was feeding friends peasant once she asked what supermarket they came from, wouldnt eat it when i said they came off the road, honestly some of the fucking twats i have had as mates, dont know who’s the bigger cunt them for being a cunt or me for having them as mates

  8. Having grown up myself in the 70’s and 80’s I genuinely don’t remember a single mention of a food allergy.

    I had a mate at school who had asthma, not the type of Asthma that Bradley Wiggins had, this was real Asthma and as a result he was slightly ‘tubby’ as he struggled with exercise as it affected his breathing, fucking weird that isn’t it, anyway he was about the fattest kid in the school but he played football and got pelted for not trying hard enough.

    My tutor at secondary school was a violent bully that threw the board duster and dragged you out of class by your ear lobe which happened to Cunty on many an occasion.

    Genuinely if I went home and complained it fell on deaf ears or was rebuffed with ‘you probably deserved it’.

    Bear with me on this, I would suggest the problem with ‘snowflakery’ actually has it’s roots in the 70’s although it took many many years to infest our society.

    My Grandad was a school headmaster who once told me that the Labour Government of 1970 sent an instruction to all schools that effectively said ‘if Jonny didn’t want to read then Jonny didn’t have to read’, previously Jonny got a thick ear.

    But as he said there were too many teachers far to long in the tooth to take a blind bit of notice.

    One of my favourite school memories is coming home and watching Blue Peter, Grange Hill et al. This reached its pinnacle in the early 80’s when BP treated us to spaz that was Joey Deacon.

    Fuck me the day after that was it, Joey Deacon was indelibly marked on the nations conscious for ever.

    I’m 47 and still call cunts Joey’s and sometimes I’ll even do the action if their cuntitude warrants it. Granted it doesn’t always go down well in meetings but there you go………

    Justin Lee Collins used to do a program called ‘Bring back……’ one week it would be Grange Hill the next Dallas and so on, if you’ve not seen them I’m sure they’ll be on YouCunt anyway I say ‘Bring back the 70’s and 80’s and throw these snowflake cunts in to the middle of of live Bernard Manning gig at the Embassy Club and see how long it is before they spontaneously combust.

    • I’m the same age and the day after the first That’s Life show (presented by children’s defender Esther Ranzen – who never really knew Sir Jimmy) which featured Deacon, any act of idiocy or thickness was met with a resounding: “You fucking Joey!”

      After a while even some of the non-PC teachers would use it to chastise instances of general ignorance or buffoonery.

      Could you imagine that now? All the cunts running for “safe spaces” (and that’s just the teachers)! 😂

      • I guess you don’t have to over think the entire Joey Deacon episode too much to see that these fucking libtards really don’t understand that there’s a huge section of society that simply don’t think like them but they just don’t see it.

        Jesus Christ on a fucking hot rod who the fuck thought foisting this spacker on a nation that was still watching The Black and White Minstrel Show, Bernard Manning and even had that unfunny cunt Lenny Henry taking the piss out of himself, would somehow help to challenge the nations prejudices towards the disabled, fuck me they even got marked out on Grandstand or World of Sport when they got to sit by the touch line in those Sky Blue 3 Wheel spaz chariots.

        Rebel, do you still call cunts Joey’s……..😂😂

      • I’m 47 too! Yes Joey is still very much part of my vocabulary obviously along with appropriate actions.

        In fact I’ve just had a couple of practice goes just now!

        Still with me after all this time and better than ever, best add it to my CV skills section, guaranteed to impress a modern HR person.

      • 😂😂😂😂

        I’ve actually found myself calling my Kids Joeys at times and then had to check myself, they haven’t a clue what a Joey is but it always makes me have a little snigger, I said snigger, to myself.

        I’m going to brush up on my actions later too Dick. Love it👍

      • World of Sport…Dickie Davis, those were Saturday afternoons with my dad while my mum was at work. Then Sunday, you had that old geezer with the pipe that went walking, Out the town or something like that.

        What were them three wheeler things called or who made them?
        Used to be a hoot when the ball ricocheted off them, made a better thud than the advertising boards. Bet the cunts inside shat themselves if they had dozed off with the heater on, Cozy cunts!

      • Jack Hargreaves was the out of town series, nothing like that will ever be made/shown again, pipe smoking on screen, well I never! I am sure he even showed how to make a pipe in one episode, shock horror!

        Don’t forget the Saturday lunchtime wrestling with Kent Walton grapple fans! Seconds away round 1.

        The good old days. Has Dickie finished painting that ceiling yet?

      • Jack Hargreaves, that’s the cunt.

        Makes them new modern day cunts that tour Britain today for the ABBC look like pussies, driving between locations in case they get caught in the rain.

    • The school I attended in the mists of prehistory contained no food allergy sufferers, and about 1 in 50 were noticeably obese. Our parents had all been through the war, and that probably had a lot to do with it, in addition to the universal practice of chucking kids out of the house to develop resistance to the local allergens and bacteria. One or two had asthma, and one was a mate of mine. Who took up smoking at 14, and was never bothered by asthma again.

  9. The tragedy about all this is that some cunt has taken time out of their day to moan about a children’s fictional character purely to score virtue-signalling “likes” from like-minded simpletons.

    This is a product of westernised self-loathing promoted by the group-think mantra of (anti) social meejah.

    The Ayatollahs (both from within and without) must be continually pissing themselves at how weak and – more importantly – weak-minded western society has become.

    When the time comes for the overthrow of democracy and the adoption of Shariah Law across the west all the “peaceful” cunts need do is say that it’s “waycist” not to adopt Shariah Law, then just sit back and watch the feminatzi and LGBTQXYZ “rainbow” brigade fall all over themselves to support it.

    Doss cunts!

    • The infidels are so stupid, we will steal their history and their country and they won’t see it as they are too busy fighting their stupid fools of children who will never be capable or want to fight us in the final battle.

  10. Admin, I’m not sure that saying that the only part Idris Elba can play is that of “buck ni@@er” deserves moderation; does it? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the rules?

    • The straightforward N word is moderated on this site as it is on pretty much most other internet sites.

      The term you used ‘Buck N’ has worse negative connotations ranging from an insult through to meaning a prison rapist, depending on which dictionary is consulted.

      Do you really not understand why we moderate such language?

      Not sure which of those choices you meant to describe this actor but either way such comments are not doing this site any favours. Keep going and it may not be long before the site is closed down (involuntarily) or administrators quit.. it’s not worth the fucking hassle.

      One admin has quit recently and another is very busy with work so that he rarely admins. That currently leaves two, if one more were to quit then there would really be only one active remaining.

      • Given the increasing querulousness of the female twittersphere, it’s probably only a matter of time before the word ‘cunt’ is itself made illegal. Something needs to be done about these cunts.

      • ACWCC, I simply said it was the only character he could ACT, so I wasn’t describing any specific person in that way. As for the term itself, I just meant it to describe a macho mandingo type, which (at least to me) isn’t an insult (might even be a compliment!) and doesn’t describe (or imply) rape.

      • “Our blog. our rules”

        Feel free to fuck off if you don’t like it.
        We don’t care -we’re cunts.

      • Your blog; your rules. Sure; I’m absolutely fine with that. I’m not trying to start any kind of argument. A clarificatory discussion, yes, but not an argument. Which rule in the “important stuff” section are you saying I have broken? In what way is it breaking the rules to say the only role a person can ACT is…? I’m a great admirer of this site, so I’m genuinely not trying to be an awkward cunt; I just really don’t get it.

      • I assume Buck was a monetary reference to the worth of his acting ability and not a substitute for fucking blah blah.

      • I just meant it as a synonym for muscular and macho. I’m normally quite proud of my vocabulary and use of language, but perhaps in this instance I’m a thick cunt.

  11. Aren’t we lucky in the West that we have nothing better to worry about.

    A good dose of Venezuelan economic hardship or foreign invasion (oh wait…) is required to wake these dozy cunts up.

  12. My grandad had a black tom cat called nigger, no one thought anything about it, there was a shade of paint you could buy called nigger brown, no one bothered about that either. Too much sensitivity now, and too many people with nothing better to do other than whine.

    • The only bit about it that pisses me off is that people of a certain colour believe it is “their word” and they use it willy nilly and scream an attention complain if someone else says it. Its either offensive or not. Maybe we should get even and “claim ownership” of some words that we could deem offensive. Obviously, please & thank you wouldn’t hurt them.

      What about bruv or innit? Could think up some meanings to ban those off the menu.

  13. I have shot and snared many a rabbit, and sold them to the local butcher too. Unfortunately I found that the smell of the guts was enough to put me off eating them (happily that doesn’t work for venison). Later in life I derived much pleasure from lying in wait and popping them through the head with a slightly enhanced air rifle. None of them ever threw blueberries* at me. My response would have been final if they had.

    Turning to the question of Peter Rabbit, the character in the book was a career criminal, a daring and professional vegetable thief. Who would seriously expect him to have qualms about hurling fruit and mocking the disadvantaged?

    * Dead giveaway that this is an American perversion of Ms Potter’s charming books for very young children. Blueberries have never featured in the English country garden.

      • So now Peter is a thief, lifting berries from the local Tesco Metro?

        That must surely mean that Peter is a well trained pet belonging to a cheddar man?

    • And as for that song “English Country Gardens” by Percy Grainger…
      He has some very interesting biographical details, involving a Scandinavian bird and a “special rubber cape with a hole in it”

      But I doubt that any rabbits were frightened, someone once wrote that they have “disgraceful habits”…

  14. As I have said before: it won’t be nukes, disease, religion, racism, Big Don, or Brexit that will destroy the western world… It will be women… Stupid bloody brainless wimmin… The sort of cunts who think having their knee touched is sexual assault, the same cunts who want (white) men wiped off the face of the earth, the same cunts who paint their pet dog or cat’s claws with nail varnish, the same cunts who give their kids horrendous names like Kanye and Princess, and the same cunts who think fictional Beatrix Potter character, Peter Rabbit, is a ‘bullly’…. Fucking cunts!

    • To the point Norman.Brill.

      Woman’s comment on the future of cloning “We don’t need men anymore”. ( Stupid cunt. It works both ways )

      • Dead right, Asimplearsehole… Only wimmin would think an inoffensive fictional rabbit from a kids story was real and a bully for throwing blackberries… What are the demented bitches going to say next? Iggle Piggle is a rapist? Spongebob is a chauvinist? Torchy the Battery Boy is a threat to society? They really are insane mind boggling cunts…

      • My wife rolled over to all this PC shit years ago so that is why we don’t speak. Honestly wimmin have no fucking insight. She was watching that cunt show Emmerdale, ( with all the poofery and PC shit ) and I made the single mistake of lifting my head from the paper and saying “Yuk” ( at 2 guys tongue lashing ) She went fucking ape, and said “Honestly….It’s normal ”

        I tell you Norman…you are dead right.It’s fucking wimmin that will fuck the world.

    • Spot on, Norman. When wiminz take control of a society then that society is doomed. The excellent Black Pigeon Speaks lays it all out for you here;

      Wiminz are also responsible for the epidemic of food allergies. When first born a baby has very little immunity to pathogens and this is termed a Th2 state. As time goes by and the bairn is exposed to pathogens it’s immune system starts to produce antibodies and eventually it’s immune system will switch to a Th1 state. In allergic kids, this switch does not occur properly.

      Scientists don’t fully understand why this happens. Some have postulated it is genetic however this seems unlikely as genes don’t change so quickly. More likely it is because of increased domestic hygiene, over protectiveness and decreased family size ( only children are more likely to suffer from allergies as they are not introduced to pathogens by siblings ) All this is down to wiminz. They scrub the home with disinfectant and bleach. They don’t allow their precious offspring to go out to play with other kids and they want small families because they want to have “careers” instead.

      In truth, it isn’t really wiminz fault, they have been told to do these things and being incapable of thinking for themselves they comply.

    • Too right Norman, there was one phoned into LBC the other night for property advice with the in studio expert after I think it was Andrew Pierce…

      She was querying the law regarding a house she really liked and was “allegedly” considering buying but….

      it was advertised as having two bathrooms however on viewing it, she found the downstairs bathroom to be a WC & basin…

      “What are my rights, is this legal, surely this is illegal, blah, blah, blah.

      Presenter said they probably should have described it as one and a half bathrooms like in USA or called it a toilet / washroom.

      ” But what can I do?, what can I do?, what can I do?, surely I can do something?”.

      They answered similar again talking to each other then moved onto the next caller. Cringe worthy.

      Trust me, this bitch wanted advice telling her to take the seller to court for compensation or get the house for free as not described.

      She could then look for another misdescribed home for her portfolio, I bet she was a success already all in her own little head as nobody else would have such business acumen.

      Utter cunt of society

    • This is costing the Public £1,800 . Amazing from a Council that says it’s broke.

      • What the fuck are you doing looking at buzzfeed? And what the fuck are you doing distributing this filth? Links to are fair enough but buzzfeed?! What next, the fucking guardian?! I feel all dirty now…..;-)

      • I wanted to create ultimate impact Skidmark ,and you don’t get much worse than buzzfeed .

      • Mind you, on a recent trip to Brighton, the badges would have been helpful. Ive never seen as many q….. and w……. fuckwits………deviants …tw…… FFS!

        I may be asimplearsehole, but it’s fucking mine and it’s staying that way!

      • We need loads of badges that just have the words

        “Fuck off, cunt”

        on them…

      • Only doing what councils do best, wasting money. Your money, that’s why the cunts spend it like it grows on trees. Cunts.

    • Fuck me, if I ever come across some wanker with one of these badges they are gonna get told to “fuck off cunt.” No confusion there I trust.

      • I used to live in Brighton, well Hove actually and the place is a cunt magnet. They are so cunty they even have a green party MP, Caroline Lucas. It doesn’t get much more cunty than that.

      • Go see MP person at their surgery and ask person why they are wasting money when examples of health & safety such as potholes that wreck your car on your daily route to work etc are not being addressed. If nobody questions it, this will carry on and get worse.

        These snowflake cunts are trying to bankrupt this country.

        When’s that punish a snowflake day happening?

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