Public Health England

Pubic Health England are a bunch of interfering, nannying bedwetting cunts.

After a few days of snow, freezing temperatures and strong winds from our brush with the ‘Beast from the East’ advice is to keep the heating up, wrap up, have medication on hand if needed and food in stock.

Well no shit…I wonder how much some Whitehall cunt sat in their office if being paid to think the bleedin obvious up?

Other pearlers for the couple of weeks every year it gets above 25 degrees…drink water..wear sun cream when in the sun etc . The extent for the hand holding ‘mother knows best’ bollocks, the constant drip drip into what people are eating, drinking , smoking is a whole industry catering to cunts who cannot think for themselves.

By all means offer advice, I understand Government departments have a duty of care regarding the elderly and vulnerable, but the effects of wearing a t-shirt in -5 degrees or drinking a litre of vodka and smoking 20 Richmond a day are well known. How the fuck we would have established the British Empire with these cunts around , Capt Cook would still be in docks filling out his risk assessment.

Warning: Australia maybe hot!

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator.

43 thoughts on “Public Health England

  1. I heard something about these busybodies on the radio the other day. Apparently they get nearly 4 billion quid of taxpayer money per year and employ 5000 people.
    What do these cunts do all day? Sit around all day thinking up new ways to state the bleeding obvious. I wonder how many are fat unhealthy cunts themselves? Now there’s a worthwhile FOI question they could answer the cunts.

    • Like the warnings intoned oh-so-fackin-seriously before FICTIONAL tv…
      “If you have a problem with any issue raised in tonight’s episode…”

      I have a problem with people who desecrate graveyards and ancient places of burial.

      That’s the only place the bloody scripts could possibly come from.


    • Drop into any NHS hospital and see how many fat cunts are there preaching a living well living longer script. How the cunts pour themselves into those US type 2 piece uniforms is beyond me. They must use a fucking shoehorn.
      Well, I am off for a beer tonight – a short walk to the most unfriendly boozer in Britain. Its a working mens club. One of those that has a best end and a spit and sawdust end. In the best end you will find 70 year olds nursing half a bitter listening to some cunt called Tony Manero (real name Ralph Smith from Pilling) looking adoringly into the crowd acting like Tom Jones and making a proper cunt of himself – but he has to be outstanding or the concert secretary will give him a shit review and he wont be back. Amongst that bunch of old cunts are the ones who cant do without a cig for longer than 30 minutes and sit in the heated outdoor (with TV) smoking shelter or have a vape whilst watching Tony perform his Bruce Forsyth / Des O’Connor greatest hits.
      Meanwhile in the tap room the sound of “fuck off you cunt” and “where is the dog tonight” (yes you can take your dog in – and the wife too). Last weeks Saturday night included some poor cunt who left his pint unattended whilst he went for a slash and upon returning found his best mate had wanked his Jack Russell into his half full glass and waited before he took a swig before the whole tap room burst into uncontrollable laughter (yes, that’s really true) – he took it in good part as his mate was, well, his mate and round here that’s what mates do for a giggle.
      Birds who wouldn’t even qualify for Crufts with a single tooth in their head dance along to anything on the juke box. Now why, you may ask, is what is a decent bloke with pretty good English values (in my opinion) be doing in this Dickensian shithole?
      Where could I get a pint of very good Warsteiner German brewed ale for £2.20 and a large Tanquerey 100 gin and a mixer for £2.70? The icing on the cake? They hate scousers, pikeys, anyone who doesn’t come from within their town boundary walls and that includes ethnics of ANY description.
      I can stand there and remain completely anonymous. Nobody will bat an eyelid at my presence on arrival or departure except a nod from the bloke who does my garden and occasionally the bird who cleans for me twice a week. As honest as the day is long and wouldn’t pick a penny up off the floor without asking if anyone had dropped it before putting the coin in the charity box (for homeless white people of course).
      Oh, and last week a couple were explaining the “new” game in bed on Sunday mornings called stickit. It consists of drinking as many beers / shorts / shots as possible, eating a fiery Indian on the way home and waiting till the morning until they had brewed a good fart up – at that point the other partners head is held under the candlewick bed spread until they cant suffer the smell any longer. The winner gets a brew in bed.
      Wish me luck 😉

      • Magic! I’m there!

        Tony Manero! 😂 I’m sure there was one of him up here too – unless it’s the same cunt!

        Folk at my WMC used to think Phoenix Nights was a documentary!

        Fucking great places! 😄

      • Indeed Rebel. Staple diet of we Northern folk, Think Royston Vasey (you are new round here aren’t you) and believe it or not the real name of Roy “chubby” Brown the most irreverent Northern comic still doing the rounds is indeed Royston Vasey – and not a lot of cunts know that 😉

      • Royston Vasey the town is based on the town of Bacup… And after going there I can see why…

        And Farnworth Veterans was a great working men’s club…

      • And he played the mayor in that show too and no fucker made the connection.

        “Why was Chubby Brown in League of Gentleman?”

        F’kin eejits! 😁

  2. If the government have a duty of care to the elderly perhaps they’d like to pay them enough to fucking live on!

    • Have you seen the contents of some the housing estates and projects in this fecking country, half wit doesnt nearly define some of them, suprised gov doesnt have to tell them how to breath and stay upright if it wasnt for the fact that they know snot runs downhill they wouldnt know if their head was on upside down.

  3. Good cunting. Off topic, just watching a proper film on the telly, Battle of Britain. I’m hoping I have a lovely dream tonight in which I am a Spitfire ace who gets on the tail of a Heinkel 111 crewed by Tusk, Barnier, Merkel etc. TALLY HO !!

    • These days you’d have to escort them to a safe landing and hand them the keys to the Bank of England.
      But at least you’d have some hard working, tax paying immigrants to wash your Spitfire.

      • Just give that machine gun on the left a bit more spit and polish Abdul, you’ll have to stand right in front of it, bit closer, bit closer……..


    No trans, no non-binary, no wheelchair users, no ADHD no halal food in the mess, no one in a hijab. What about safe spaces for the triggered? Why are only white men in charge? Where was the RAF’s diversity policy? Why no female pilots or prehaps some of the masculine looking ones identified as women? Not once in the film did anyone check somoeones gender pronouns: disgusting. Where was the apology for colonionism?

    Fucking disgusting ……..

    • Actually, Douglas Bader lost both legs before WW2 and fought in the Battle of Britain, although presumably not in his wheelchair.

      • Not from a wheelchair…from the cockpit of a Hawker Hurricane! No fucking legs and he’s flying a fighter and becomes an Ace. Bader was one seriously tough son-of-a-bitch!

        Even after being shot down and captured by the Germans…he tried to escape. No fucking legs and tried to escape!

        I wonder if some cunt today would have a handicapped placard on his stealth fighter…which is powered by electricity so as not to contribute to global warming…with a directional finder that always has a header towards Mecca for prayers…and a safe place ejecting seat in case he gets shot down…with a cell phone charger…

        Bring back the bloody empire!

        🇬🇧. 💂

  5. Just another bunch of sanctimonious Cunts who think that it’s their duty to hector people into adopting what they believe to be the correct lifestyle. I used to work outside most days,doing a physical job. I must have eaten double what the recommended rations are for most people. I still do.
    I have zero interest in government guidelines if aimed at me,but do think that fat lazy kids and parents should be forced to adopt a healthy lifestyle. No reason why my taxes should pay for porkers to lounge about stuffing themselves. If Public Health England introduce laws governing the louche behaviour of several other degenerate groups in our society as well as the obese,they’d have my support.

    Fuck them.

    • To be fair though, Mr F, the population of this country deserves every bit of government hectoring and being treated like a mug. Because we are as a nation (ISAC members excluded of course) a bunch of utterly worthless, spineless spastics. The very existence of “Saturday night TV” proves this beyonf doubt. As you love to say, “Fuck them.” Or, in this case, us.
      Fuck us.

      • Too many Gays on telly,that’s half the problem (the other half is the Coloureds). Even Crufts coverage has been hijacked by Clare Balding and Alan Carr. It’s a fucking disgrace. I’ve a good mind to enter my hounds in Crufts next year. They share my suspicions of certain groups and, with a command from me,would be capable of shifting the disreputables before they could spread their alternative ideas.

      • I reckon the only person on telly who isn’t a bent is Lorraine Kelly. And what’s about you “entering your hounds”? That’s disgraceful. And only a little bit sexy.

      • I’ve actually taken to sitting with a notebook whenever the telly’s on. I take a photo of the screen whenever a “suspect” comes on. I note the date,time and name. Come the revolution I will hand my dossier over to the relative authorities. Hopefully they will reward me with a nice uniform as a thank-you.
        “Entering you hounds”…only a little bit sexy? You’ve obviously never experienced the delights of a slobbery 8 inch tongue .

      • Indeed I have experienced the delights of a slobbery 8″ tongue. Luckily for me, Mrs Cunt Engine has the most appalling Downs’ Syndrome.

      • My dog is ultra-friendly and will approach any fucker. He can get a little “lungey” though, which can be a little disconcerting to certain people as he’s pretty big (Giant Schnauzer). His lunge pattern is entirely predictable and easily controlled, until I see a peaceful or a fattie and then I can use him to “herd” the undesirable against a garden wall or similar. It’s my fond wish that one day, due to a serious of hilarious coincidences, he causes an entire family of disgusting peacefuls to fall into a muddy pigsty.

      • I wouldn’t let that Carr fucker anywhere near animals. Fucking dirty weirdo cunt.

  6. Another load of cunt, why the fuck when have a bit of ‘Weather’ hot or cold everyone panics and the cunts on the weather forecasts are having a wank abaaaaaht it, this really is a nation that seems to be full of a lot of pansy cunts and cuntesses.
    It’s like people who run when you get a bit of rain. It’s water you cunts. Common sense is rare these days and why the fuck they put ‘Contains Hot Liquid’ on a takeaway coffee says it all. The cunts.

    • Cambridge has an open air pool which is open each summer. Last summer , watching, it started to rain while people were in the pool. Very nearly every daft fucker left the pool to seek shelter! ?? Stupid Cunts.

      • What about cunts that go to the beach and sit under a parasol all day?
        When I went to Turkey with an ex girlfriend, I’d be in a fuckin rage all day, every day coz she’d be hiding under the parasol while I had no cunt to share a pedalo with.
        On the second last night we did have a threesome with an Irish bird, so when you way everything up…………

      • I banged an Irish bird once, let’s say I was a bit under the influence and it didn’t last as long as I would have liked. She was fine as well, what a useless cunt I was that night.

      • I once had a shag on a pedalo in Magaluf bay. The young lady sat astride me as I pedalled, blocking my view of where we were going. Only when we heard an old Spanish angling cunt shouting some form of abuse (or possibly encouragement) did we realise we’d drifted towards Palma Nova and were in full view of a lot of gesticulating landlubbers. A hurried withdrawal (in both senses of the word) took place and I had to have a wank in the beach bar toilet, as my balls were aching. For the record, I went for a swim the next day and was given an underwater wank by a not so young, Manchester lady. There was a lot of that going on there and still does, apparently.

  7. There should be no public announcements for the “Hard of Understanding”!

    Does no cunt believe in Darwinism anymore?

    Thick cunts are a missed opportunity to cull the masses and remove thick genes from the pool!

    Alas at work I am often asked to explain things for the “Hard of Understanding” when the reality is that the fuckers should be sacked for being useless.

    Unfortunately most bosses/mangers are so gutless (for fear of tribunal hearings which – these days – always seem to err on the side of the feckless twonk employee) that they’ll keep them on ad-infinitum. They’ll continue to fail and then good folk fuck off because they’re fed up of doing 1.5 people’s job (their own and half of thick cunt’s) and having no recognition or remuneration for it.

    So you’re left with the “Hard of Understanding” barrel-bottomers (who’ll never leave cos they’re useless) eventually get promoted through longevity rather than ability.

    The reason why big business and public sector establishments fail so badly is because cunts like this have been promoted through longevity rather than ability, when a good old sacking of shit personnel oftentimes works wonders for productivity (and also the morale amongst the actual workers).

    Truth! Irie!

  8. Chim, chimney
    Chim, chimney
    Chim, chim, cher-oo

    You cunts are going down to Division Two….

    • No mate that was the Tommy Robinson video from earlier on…

      Chim-chin you out!


    • That said though (and Joe Hart is a clown), if any cunt is offended by what went on at West Ham today, then they are part of the problem that exists in today’s football…..

      It’s about time football supporters properly stood up to these greedy corporate slags that are killing our respective clubs…..

      West Ham fans, I reluctantly salute you…..

  9. This is not a particularly good cunt, mainly because it is clear that it is posted by horrible stinking breath smokers. Fuck me, have you seen their teeth, and as for their fucking fingers! Their hair and everything they handle is fucking stinking. Anyway, over to you.

    • Not a smoker SotY, the cunt was about PHE and others pushing a nanny state agenda and interfering in peoples lifestyle choices, smoking being one. If some people need a leaflet on how to take a piss with somebody to hold their dick they may as well put on the incontinence pants, fuck off to the care home and dribble into their chicken soup.

  10. “We’re just trying to save lives” Bullshit.
    4 fucking billion?! Bullshit.

    These people want power amd security and that’s it. Cunts.

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