Fucked in Florence

Could the sirens sound more strident? May has spoken in Florence and the fate orf poor Blighty is laid oit clear and crystal. We are to be buggered, shafted and fucked.
Once again the Hunch Back orf Downing Street has proved herself no Margaret Thatcher who battled the graft and incest orf the EU and achieved long term meaningful reforms for Blighty in the snarling teeth orf the bureaucrats orf Brussels. Teetering orn her kitten heels, May, the old crooked back boiler, is twisted and guided by the malicious Sir Humphreys orf the Civil Service and, desperate sad day, the traitors within the Tory Party. Compared to May, Merkel looks like a Berliner sex bombe.

To mark the cards orf more callow cunters, the concept orf a European Trading Zone was dreamed up by Sir Winston after the war and backed by the Yanks. Churchill had saved De Gaul’s jambon many times during the war and considered him a friend so went to him first with the idea. Naturally old gallic conk poo pooed anything not orf his own creation so bided his time and then went running around Europe drumming up support for “his” brain wave. This became the Coal and Steel Community which Blighty was specifically not invited to join. To give them their due both the Belgians and the Dutch objected, thinking it a very rum show to cold shoulder Blighty who had recently given its all to save the world.

This then morphed into the EEC which Blighty subsequently applied to join in 1961 and was then most perfidiously black balled by old frog conk in league with the Blighty hating Kraut arse snake Konrad Adenauer. Recall as if it were yesterday the shameful headlines “De Gaul Says Non” (14th Jan 1963). Sir Winston stabbed in the back once again. Worth noting that the running boy for Blighty in this farrago was Edward Heath who likewise was shafted by old garlic breath whose principal object was to achieve French domination orf Europe.

Fast forward to 1973 and after many endless loop negotiations now PM Edward Heath will accept any crapola terms just to get in. Heath gets the bums rush and successor Wilson offers a referendum on membership in which he prudently stays out of the picture (unlike cunt Cameron). Re the crap terms we have been playing catch up ever since and eventually it’s the vote to fuck orfski.

As both De Gaul and Thatcher demonstrated the only way to get a halfway decent deal is to negotiate like a wog camel trader backed up by all the hit men in Sicily. Total intransigence is the only way to handle the fuckers. Yet May has already let most orf Europe sniff her knickers and park its bikes in her fanny. Easy or what?

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

53 thoughts on “Brexit

  1. Interesting and entertaining rant Sir Limply.

    I assume you are a baronet rather than a knight and are appalled by the likes of Goodwin, Green and Savile having the same prefix as your good self?

    Here’s a great quote from a Labour Prime Minister who wanted to stick up for the people of the UK rather than shill for the neoliberals in Brussels…

    You mention Wilson and Heath. 4-1 to Labour in that match-up, 3-1 head-to-head. I wonder what the likes of Michael Foot, Peter Shore, Tony Benn and Barbara Castle would make of the current Labour attitude to the EU.

    • Good post Cmate. Obviously I left much oit for the sake orf brevity. Might add a few lines at the end orf this section.

  2. My heartfelt congratulations to the last ever Tory Prime Minister of the ( once ) United Kingdom, for her prowess, resolve and complete fuckwittery in her betrayal of the democratic process.

    The arrogance and conceit of this un-fuckable idiot comes only second to her ( now ) most grateful admirer Mrs Adolf Merkel.

    How the Euro Pols must be howling in laughter , as the great betrayal sale continues unabated.

    We have “black holes ” in many budget areas, and face further devastating cuts, yet we are able to find £14 bn foreign aid and £20-40 bn bung money for the Euro Crats!

    Teresa May is indeed a figure that will live forever in history, as the cunt who killed Britain.


  3. Brexit means:

    1 Not leaving the European Union.
    2 Wasting vast amounts of UK taxpayers money, resources & time, pretending we are leaving the European Union.
    3 Persuading the UK electorate that Barnier & Juncker are ‘the adults in the room’ behaving very responsibly in the face of UK intransigence & unwillingness to engage rationally in a negotiated settlement.
    4 Paying the EU up to €100billion (10 years worth net payments) upfront before even starting to discuss a phoney trade deal.
    5 Having James ‘Lord Haw Haw’ O’Brian broadcasting 3 hours non-stop EU propaganda a day, frothing at the mouth about how thick and ignorant the British people are for wanting to be independent and have democratic sovereign control over immigration, finances, bananas, fish & vacuum cleaners.
    6 Anything but Brexit.

  4. The fact reMayner Teresa got the job after 20+ cunted on here cunt Cameron fucked off says it all. It was always going to be a sell out, yet again the establishment and all the other cunts with influence have shat on the ordinary Brit. That slimy looking cunt Hammond has had a big part to play in all this as well, our country has a habit of shitting on the people that prop it up, how the hell are ex service personnel allowed to become homeless after serving this country yet some Somali cunt turns up and get a council house, how are old cunts who have paid their taxes kept waiting for an operation yet we find billions to send around the world to countries like India (who have tonnes of money).
    The ‘system’ is a cunt if your the ordinary man in the street trying to get as far as ‘They’ allow you to, has been since William the Conquerer and the Doomsday book.
    Give it a year of Facebook, Twitter, I’m a cunt get me in there, and The only way is Essex and the masses will forget and everything will carry on as before.
    By this time when ‘Brexit’ happens it’ll be so watered down no-one will remember what Brexit was supposed to be.
    My vote for leave will probably be the last vote I ever make. The cunts.

  5. Am I a cunt for saying I’d give Teresa one? It would straighten her back out anyways.
    After plenty of tooting, she’d get a rooting.

    • I wouldn’t give her one but instead I would gladly work the business end of a large and spiney pineapple in and out of her arsehole.

      Does that count?

  6. There is soooooooooooooooo much more trouble brewing. For one the Eurocunts aren’t going to accept Mays terms. They now think they have us in a half nelson and are going for a full pin down. They will push and lie and leak vile bile till something snaps. There will be NO agreement. The biggest fight we have is with our own gobshite traitors trying to overturn the result. But there can be no going back. The terms and conditions that would be foisted upon us would be unacceptable to most normal people in this country. Joining the Euro would be No1 and No2 would be a very large hike in contributions followed by fuck knows what else they could dream up. The only hope we have of coming through this is to realise that they will not give a fucking inch until we say ‘do you know what, fuck you. Pointless arguing with arrogant self serving cunts’. Come back when you have something intelligent to say. It will come to a point when even lilly livered cunts like Clarke realise we cannot carry on from where we left off before the vote. The goal posts have moved to another pitch. Blind cunts.

  7. Excellent cunting sir, skillfully highlighting the main traits of our ‘friends’ across the channel. The frogs have a terminal case of small dick syndrome and the krauts will never truly forget about us kicking their arse. Negotiation with these people is like a real life divorce where you give your wife the range rover and you keep the Metro. She thinks she’s got the best deal, but you know that the RR has an oil leak, a cracked gasket and the government is about to ban diesel (UK got the RR). They only let us in the ‘club’ when they knew joining would damage and diminish us (like destroying our coal industry). They also destroyed our Auctions industry, science (clinical trials bit), our fishing, they are chipping away at our ports (because they aren’t state owned), and are in the middle of having a crack at our financial services. And the ‘cunt behind the curtain’ in a lot of these endeavours? Michel Barnier. We are the abused wife.

  8. I see very little point in blaming Mrs May, if it wasn’t her it would have been another Establishment figure. The “Brexit” that most of us wanted was NEVER going to be delivered. If 99% of the population had voted for it,it still wouldn’t have happened. If the lovechild of Thatcher and Churchill had been in charge,it still wouldn’t have happened.
    We were only given a vote on it because our rulers thought that they could lie and intimidate the people enough to force a Remain vote,hence the increasingly strident warnings as it became a possibility that we weren’t doing as expected. Our true rulers believed that a Remain vote would finally silence the dissenting,troublesome British once and for all. I fear all we have done is set our selves up as an example. We will be punished,and punished hard for our “Mistake.”
    Now I’m no academic or expert in anything,but I do know when I’m being taken for a fool… It’s a case of give the plebs a few shiny beads,enough to quieten them while the land is colonised. I sometimes think that we are like the American Injuns,accepting baubles and trinkets while our country is quietly stolen from under our noses.
    We are no longer a Sovereign State,we are a small Canton in a United States of Europe. A few cosmetic “smoke and mirrors” concessions alter nothing,and people are kidding themselves if they imagine that we will ever be “free” of Europe. It’s too late for that.
    Brexit is an illusion, Cunters…It’s not going to happen.

    • An increasing amount of clever people on talk radio are now saying it will never happen. We are going to be truly fucked over.

    • Thank you Dick for drawing such a definitive line under this whole cuntish yet revealing chapter in our history.

      Brexit only serves to highlight the terminal decline of our once ingenious and influential nation.

  9. I agree with much of the above. I’d also venture to suggest that dissatisfaction (to put it mildly) with May’s half-hearted handling of Brexit will most probably lead to a huge resurgence of UKIP (Aaron Banks is urging Farage to stand for Leader again), thereby splitting the Tory vote at the next GE and undoubtedly allowing Comrade Steptoe into Downing Street.

    Ironic that Cameron only called the referendum to shore up Tory support which was drifting towards UKIP and, despite Leave prevailing, it now it looks like the Tories will still be losing a lot of support to UKIP at the next election. Of course it could have been handled a lot better by Cameron (in fact it could have been handled a lot better by a five year old) – a simple In/Out referendum with no indication of the terms on which we would Leave was deliberately vague and encouraged millions of Leave-voters to interpret the terms of Leave in millions of different ways. But then it was also Cameron who was cockily strutting around Brussels before the referendum arrogantly telling anyone who would listen that “Remain is going to win 60-40, maybe more”. This current generation of Tories are brainless, entitled cunts par excellence, interested only in the party, not the country.

    • Agreed Fred, what a total farce the Tories have made of this. Cameron should have had the bollocks to try and sort it out, instead he ran off like a spoilt cunt who didn’t get his own way.

    • Spot on, Fred.

      Support for the tories will surely haemorrhage.

      And, yes, a lot of dissatisfied tories will head for UKIP: I am so TOTALLY pissed off, I certainly will…

      Who else is there ??

      Flabbott, Chukka-Boot-Lips et al., and the loathsome cablecunt (and greenies, but no-one really takes them seriously).

      We desperately need Nigel back: I’m a cunt, cos I don’t even know who leads UKIP at the moment.

      Is it F, or does it by any chance still have a black eye ?

  10. Like Fred says above if Nigel takes over as UKIP leader it will only harm the Tories, we need a new party that will simply put common sense as the priority.

  11. The prospect of Merkel losing the German election would be symbolic. Sadly, I don’t think that is going to happen.

    Interesting to read earlier this morning that Macron is already facing a great deal of ire from protesters and polls in general. Who would have guessed that smarmy cunt was just another shop-soiled Blair?

  12. EU will implode within 5 years. But not before our cunts have handed them the equivalent of 6 years net payments (€60billion) to piss down the khazi…

  13. Every time the Catalans or anyone else threatens the EU, it comes to nothing, whether in France Spain or Italy. I don’t think this will either, money talks, German money louder than most.
    So May is doing a shit job, probably is, but for those who hate what she is doing, what would you do? How would you have run this thing?
    Just tell them to fuck off and accept it or what? Where are our bargaining chips, and what would the result be for those in this country who live on a fine line financially. Will they accept more austerity or will we suddenly be hugely richer ?
    Corbyn doesn’t know tits from teacakes which is why he shuts up so how could we have sorted this better?

    • “So May is doing a shit job, probably is, but for those who hate what she is doing, what would you do? How would you have run this thing?”

      The problem started with Cameron calling a simple In/Out Referendum with no indication of terms so everyone could interpret it in a different way – which means most people will be disappointed. The question(s) should have been more detailed than a simple In/Out. There should also have been a published threshold to stop both Leavers and Remainers saying that a “narrow win” for the other side would be considered “unfinished business”. The other thing they should have done was prepare a Plan B. The cocky cunt Cameron was so sure that Lynton Crosby’s usual strategy of lies and scaremongering would secure a win for Remain that no Plan B was ever put together. Total fucking dereliction of duty from the useless pigfucking cunt.

  14. A glimmer of hope this morning that Farage and Banks are going to start a new party, thus dumping the losers and loonies that are still in UKIP at a stroke.

    Apparently there are lots of MEPs willing to go with him (unsurprising) and mutterings from Tory and Labour leavers showing interest too – which I’ll believe when I see it. Sticking 20 or 30 ‘new Brexit party’ MPs in the House could prove highly entertaining given May’s non majority.

    Further glimmer that the yoof are beginning to see Corbyn as the liar he is and turning away from Labour. I’ll believe that when I see it too…

    • There’s no way on earth that any Labour-voters would ever join up with any party connected to Banks and Farage – that’s just wishful thinking. I also don’t see how it gets rid of the loony element of UKIP – wouldn’t those fruitcakes simply join the new party?

      And the new party would only succeed in splitting the Tory vote to the benefit of Labour.

      I don’t see Steptoe as a liar either – I see him as vague, muddled, clueless and an eternal protestor. If we’re talking about lies, it’s the Tories who have cornered the market in big barefaced and thoroughly shameless porkies as all their public pronouncements (contrasted with the legislation they pass) since 2010 amply demonstrates.

      • Student loans? That was a lie
        Supporting Brexit? That was a lie
        Leaving the Single Market? That was a lie
        Lifting the freeze on working age benefits? That was a lie
        Imposing a maximum pay cap? That was a lie
        Not raising the small business CT rate? That was a lie

        He’s a politician. Of course he’s a liar. All politicians are liars. I know you’re politics are more left than mine, but take off the rose tinted glasses, Fred. Yeah, the Tories U-turn and backslide. I accept that, but they’re no worse than Labour so let’s see it like it is and slag off both sides. They’re all at it!

        As for Labour or Conservative MPs defecting to a new party, like I said I’ll believe when see it!

      • His brownshirts do most of the lying on his behalf – the biggest lie being “Jeremy is a man of principle”. Ha!

      • After all, Steptoe had apparently been anti-EU all his political life, except when it came to the crunch last year and he campaigned for Remain.

        Is this switch to mealy mouthed career politician (as witnessed vividly on Andrew Marr Show this morning) genuine, or is he still the wolf in sheep’s clothing? I’d plump for the latter.

        Either way – still a monumental cunt of the highest order.

  15. Hello ladies and gentlemen of the cunting community. I enjoy reading your comments, especially these political ones. I’ve voted in every election going since the early 80’s. General, Local, Proportional Rep and everything in between. My belief was that the strong in society should look after those who weren’t able to do so themselves. It seem now that yer working man in this country looks after anybody and everybody from propping up the rich to paying for those folk who can’t actually be bothered to work, bless their hearts. As for Brexit I voted leave cos I don’t think it right that a bunch of unelected politicos can just march in and tell us what to do. Did we not fight a war about that sort of thing back in the 40’s? Anyhoo you’re right – we are fucked. And we’re being fucked all ends up from anyone who wants to gave a go. “Roll up roll up come and fuck Britains electorate up the arse!!” Basically career politicians know fuck all about work and the fine people of this country who keep it going. “I work 14 hours a day” says the Right Hon Sir Cock Knocker of Dreamworld. So do I mate but I bet you’re not on 7:50 an hour lugging oily engines about with a fucking pallet truck, or stacking shelves. Twats and bullshitters the lot of em. I will never vote for any of these self serving bullshitters again. Where’s Cromwell when you need him? Read his parliament speech ” In the name of God, go” Rant over. Cheers 😀

  16. People who voted for Brexit did so because they were fed up of being lorded over by a bunch of unelected twats who told us not to moan about the influx of people from the “Johnny come lately” countries even though the disparity of numbers “there to here” Vs “here to there” is thousands to one.

    And a lot do come here because we are a soft touch.

    They wouldn’t give Cameron that, that one thing, and there wouldn’t have been the need for Brexit. Even sovereignty over our laws could’ve been rescinded and we’d have probably accepted it just in order to fuck off pointless EU immigration.

    The reason why the cunts in the EU want free movement is because it generates a mean level of existence as the poorer migrate to the richer areas, making those areas poorer until it becomes an equilibrium – which is what all globalists want because when everyone is the same there’s no need for conflict as there’s nothing to gain from it. The globalist leaders and uber rich love this because they get richer and the masses become easy to control.

    So it went to a public vote and we voted out because we were fed up of continually getting the shit end of the stick from the rest of the EU.

    Not one of the cunts (outside of UKIP) wanted that. Even BoJo and Pob had looks of horror on their faces when they realised that they’d “won”.

    Sir Limply describes the post WW2 shenanigans perfectly, but – to be honest – there has always been a deep seated resentment/jealousy of Britain basically because continental Europe has won fuck all since 1066 – especially against us!

    They were jealous of our Empire, our industry and the riches that entailed.

    The short memoried twats also did there utmost to exclude us at any turn for anything even after the Entente Cordiale with France in 1904.

    Funnily enough they sharp wanted us to be fully included just 10yrs later!

    Post WW1 the French again did their utmost to make sure we were kept away from the table on any trade deals amongst the other European nations for fear of us using our success and becoming *the* major trader (with all of our foreign assets) – which we would have done given our acumen.

    Roll forward a generation and yet again we’re forced to chev in against the hun. What with the blistering defence France put up against them it’s a wonder we were needed…cough…ahem…

    Still, London made a nice home for General de Gaulle as leader of the “Free French” until the battle was won and *then* he busied himself making sure he was on all of the right podiums with equal billing alongside Churchill and Ike.

    So he goes back as a “hero”, becomes President and then makes it his mission to exclude us once again while bolstering a blossoming Franco-German consortium in order to become THE players in Europe. At least the Vishy traitors were up front about their allegiances!

    We get in under Ted Heath (which that cunt knew was selling away our sovereignty even back then) and then what you saw was British manufacturing plummet while German manufacturing thrived.

    We now do fuck all. We are a country of service industry fuckwits (of which I am one) and it won’t be long before RoW realises they can get those same services elsewhere at a fraction of the cost. Then we’re proper fucked.

    Brexit was – should have been seen at least – an opportunity to leave that corrupt organisation, which only tolerated us because we were rich enough to bolster their coffers, who only ever gave us even the time of day when they had one hand out to ask us to contribute more money. Which – like fools – we did, and once said money had been paid it was back to the Franco/German cold shoulder.

    Unfortunately Brexit has never been seen as an opportunity by any of the main parties or their quisling MPS just a hindrance.

    And it is with a mindset like that, that we guarantee a worst of both worlds Brexit: a poorer trade deal (even though we should be smacking them across the face with “trade deficit” at every opportunity), and still having to accept every backwoods scumbag from everywhere – who are all doctors, professors and businessmen aren’t they (according to the Socio-globo-libero meejah).

    Well you pull into Toddington services on the M1 any day of the week. All of those barely road-worthy “RO” plated cars full of doctors, professors and businessmen, eh! The richer ones even have tents set-up on the grass verge. You can just feel the economy growing when you see sights like that…

    Brexit is a cunt because I’ve never felt more let down by or ashamed of my country and the double-cunts who pretend to run it! Cunts!

  17. I wish Maggie would rise from the dead, bite May’s head clean off, boot it into the dustbin, and then unleash her fury on Steppenfuhrer Merkel, Grannyfucker Macron, that pisspot Juncker, and then feed the Banana Gob Slag to the dogs….

  18. By the time we’re out of the cunty EU I’ll be nearly 36. I voted out at 28. May has also just thrown away alot of money on these cunts and if we keep our borders open too there was no point in coming out. Politicians listening to the public vote is never going to fucking happen

      • And the Krauts complained about us using chemical warfare on them.

        It seems we emptied out the Elsans from our more sophisticated planes over their Farterland…

  19. Agreed.

    Am more than certain that from the word go, this has been a 1000 per cent stitch-up of the foullest order.

    Knives, chainsaws and jackhammers OUT for May asap…

  20. Poor old May, she never wanted the job.
    It was a setup by the cuntservatives hoping that a woman at the helm would have less abuse thrown at them than a man would by the uber cunts in the EU.

    It’s not backfired yet though.

    Jean-claude-jackoff Junker and his shit eating boyfriend Michel backdoor Barnier, think they will beat us.

    But these euro cunts seem to forget we’ve never lost to the fucking cunt french, or the cunting germans, we barely even know countries like belgistan or luxembourgistan even exist yet that cunt comes out with shit like this:

    The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says Brexit will be used to “teach the British people and others what leaving the EU means”.

    Fuck you you pan-europeanist islamofacist shit eating euro cunt.

    The British may by cunts in yours eyes, but in a few years once we break the shackles of the EU and continental europe is over run by the muslim cunts, you’ll do like you ALWAYS do, and come begging to the British for help.

    Well, fuck you, you cunts!
    Your cheese stinks and your beer tastes like piss.

  21. Boom boom boom sorry trying not to fucking shout .ive been told i can be a bit very paitriotic towards old blighty (uk) especially when im halfway up a like to cunting add that im fucking sick of all this brexshit bollocks so much so im thinking of starting a campaign after all ive got the cunting voice for it.simply titled bollocks to brexshit i think as some cunt said of recent that we could still chose to say bollocks to brexshit as it wont work.espescially with that barmy puddled cunt theresa may offering another 20 billion they aint got.its clearly time to fuck off now i think.what you say merkel my dear? Gutenheim! have now offered to help even more refugees in germany with basic needs but ever since i mentioned better access to washing facilities e.g SHOWERS theyve now all fucked off cant think why.

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