Brexit [2]

May has made the UK a laughing stock all over the world. She and her cabinet colleagues (with the possible exception of David Davis) are nothing more than an embarrassing bunch of remainer 5th columnist cunts. Who’d take us seriously now negotiating trade deals, etc?

Along with the EU fawning media and its leftard commentators asserting the UK is obliged to pay a ‘Divorce Bill’, they are selling us down the river, with drip drip estimates ranging from €36billion to €100billion.

But where on earth did this absurd notion of a divorce bill come from?

It beggars belief that the UK taxpayer, having poured £10s of billions net into the EU over the last 40 years, should now be expected to pay anything at all on leaving!
5th columnist EU supporting Financial Times reckon €100bn would be about right. Really? 10 years net membership fees upfront for fuck all?

Besides, the EU accounts have not been audited and signed off by a recognised accounting firm for years. If anything, the UK is probably due a sizeable reimbursement! What about the considerable UK stakes in EU assets (property and other profligate investments) not taken into account?

And why do they call it a divorce? Most divorces (apart from those involving Peacefuls and Morons) do not consist of 1 versus 27. It’s more akin to leaving a club. But what sort of club charges a member (who has paid heavy net membership fees for next to nothing in return) a fortune to leave said club? If anything UK should be due a refund. Unfortunately it seems a sizeable proportion of the electorate has been brainwashed by everyone from T. Bliar to Lord Haw Haw, aka James O’Brian, into accepting the opposite!

Our Establishment and negotiators are still overwhelmingly Remain, soft as shite, and totally lacking balls and experience. Cunts all, pure and simple.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

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  1. Sadiq Khan-Uber Cunt.
    I know this Ultra Left Ultra Cunt has been done to death on these hallowed pages, but i just felt the need to point out to The Peaceful Mayor of Londistan that as i live in the West country, he does not represent me or hold any jurisdiction over me whatsoever, so is there any chance he can stop fucking commenting on Brexit and get on with mayoring over his Caliphate instead of speaking for us all outside the capital?
    I only ever go to the London-State when i have no choice (although i love playing spot the whitey bingo when I’m there) but i find myself continually subjected to news of his opinions about the capital which for some reason affect me 200 miles away? We have a mayor thank you very much, though fuck knows who that is, who represents my interests (apparently) so stop speaking for me, so stop wafting about pretending you are the lord mayor of England.
    I could not give a h’penny jizz about Uber, although i suspect some fairly heavy bungs were paid for his decision, but i don’t care mainly because:
    A: i have a car, and
    B: i don’t want to be anally raped by a Turkish immigrant on the back seat of a 1985 Datsun Cherry.

    So Sadiq, stop speaking for me, and stop imagining that everything that happens in the Ghetto matters a monkeys wank to me in other parts of the country.

    PS: just a couple of final points, the next time a London peaceful goes on a peaceful cuddling rampage, remember it was you you said London is a working example of many cultures living together peacefully (clearly not) and Multiculturalism works (no it doesn’t), also please remember the next time you are interviewed about a Terrorist attack, the word your looking for is “Muslim” you Uber cunt!!

    • Of course we must remember that the £30,000 donated by the GMB to Khan’s election campaign has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on his decision to shut down Uber. It’s a pure coincidence that the GMB just happen to represent the black cab drivers of London. I am sure that there is no vested interest involved, or any sort of conflict of interests, or that any undue influence has been bought by this unsolicited donation whatsoever.

      Just wanted to make that clear. Khan is quite clearly whiter than white….well, browner that brown anyway…

  2. May says just another 100 more years then we can have brexit, what a fucking load! It should not take five full years for a country to leave a political bloc. They’re claiming that this is some sort of super complex process that requires detailed logistical planning to complete. All told, they’re coming up with every excuse under the fucking bloody sun to drag their feet on this, What this proves is that democracy is a horrible system of government. Even when the people vote for something, there is no guarantee that it will actually get implemented thanks to the full of shite government May is a lying dog faced cunt and I hope she burns in hell

    • Far from super complex, we just do nothing and on 29 March 2019 we are no longer members of the EU. WTO tariffs drop in – which hurt them more than us – free movement stops and we stop giving them money. There is no ‘divorce settlement’.

      I just don’t understand why we hold all the cards and yet we’re throwing in our hand?

      • Because of our inbred faggotry. Can you imagine any EU cunts facing off agains the Thatch. No fucking way.

      • And selectively fucking off EU migrant chancers – who we so desperately need to sell Big Issues and wash cars – and replacing them with home-grown lazy cunts (benefits dodgers) wouldn’t draw a tear from my eye either.

        If they want to fuck our lot off from those cuntries then it’ll be a big stretch to take in 1/2doz from Bulgaria, the same from Romania and 20 – say – from Poland. But I’m sure we’ll cope as we fuck a million of those cunts off! Let the rest of the EU enjoy them!

      • Yea they’re all weak cunts.
        I think May even said that we’d offer our security cooperation ‘unconditionally’.
        “Strong and stable” my fucking arse!

      • You’re right Mr D, we must not allow our knickers to get into a twist. We have a fantastically strong hand, which suggests to me that the Cunts holding it on our behalf are either too wimpish to play, or more likely are shouting “out” when they mean “stick”.

        It’s time to call their bluff and leave NOW!

  3. I’ve never understood how it only took about a year from the “Fall” of the Berlin Wall to the reunification of Germany. Surely pulling out of the EU can’t be so much more difficult than reuniting an entire country?

    • You can thank Roger Waters Dick, Every one in germany were forced to listen to Pink Floyds The Wall after that they just said fuck it lets knock this fucker down then its getting in the way anyway. Bring the fucking Wall down!!Ahhhhh! Mauer Fick dich

    • I saw some labour cunt on the news this morning arguing that if we left the eu, imigration and most other policy would be decided by billionares, big banks and multinationals. Typical traitorous ‘soft brexit’ anti democratic remoaning cunt knows nothing about the cunt-fest that he’s defending.

  4. American football players kneeling when the star spangled banner is played? Ignorant cunts. I would refuse them re-entry into the US.If they hate it so much why don’t they FUCK OFF.

    • Usual anti-Trump posturing by millionaires “down” with the common man and their plight.

      Even though it was the common man in the US who voted Trump in!?!

      Out of touch, overpaid, thick as castle wall (even though they all went to college and are now also bachelors, masters and doctors – no doubt) cunts.

  5. Corbyn now suggesting EU transitional deal could last up to 10 years! So it will be €100billion we’ll be in for then.

    Surely that money would be better spent on any number of barmy pet Labour Party projects?

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