Dead Pool [67]


We have a winner!

Congratulations to Er Indoors for correctly predicting Glen Campbell would be the next dead cunt. I wonder if he’ll have a rhinestone coffin.

So the slate is wiped clean and we move on to Deadpool 67.

Here are the rules (pay special attention to the first one):

1. Nominate who you think is the next cunt on the way out. You can have up to five choices. List your nominations in the comments of this post. It’s the current Dead Pool. Comments not in this post (e.g. in the previous one or other posts) will be ignored!

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a really annoying cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the previous pool (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

Nominations are now open on this post only. Good luck.

Fred West’s Nominations:

Clive James
Denis Norden
Leslie Phillips
Liz Dawn
George A. Cooper


92 thoughts on “Dead Pool [67]

  1. Gord Downie
    Eberhard van der Laan
    Rayya Elias
    Leah Bracknell
    Stefan Karl Stefansson

  2. So the Wichita Lineman fell off the line. Never liked him and where I come from Glen Campbell is a place

    Valerie Harper
    Billy Graham
    Lord Carrington
    Pierre Cardin
    Vera Lynn

    • Wasn’t he also the original replacement for Brian Wilson when BW dropped out of the Beach Boys touring band in the mid-60s? Wish he’d replaced the cunt Mike Love instead…

      • Campbell was a great musician and singer and did play with the Beach Boys. Wichita Lineman is a beautiful haunting rendition of a Jimmy Webb song.
        RIP Glen. This cunt will miss you.

  3. I picked him a few months ago but dropped him as I have done with so many names.I have no patience.

  4. Sidney Poitier
    Kenny Lynch
    Iris Apfel
    Norman Tebbit
    Pam “fucking” Ayres

    RIP Glenn, karaoke won’t be the same without you.

    • Bollocks B&WC, Gordon Banks has been nabbed! You know nuffin abbaat it, nuffin to do with me guv.

      • Admit I will be sad to see him go with Stiles and Greavsie not the best. Which of the Charltons will peg it first?

      • Yeah he’s a top bloke, probably pulled off the best save ever. I think Bobby Charlton will be first, he looks like a miserable cunt.

  5. Billy Connolly
    Jim Bowen
    Stephen Hawking
    Desmond Tutu
    Burt Reynolds

    A right mix of the great and the good there.

  6. When me and another guy were held hostage during a robbery, we were told we would probably be killed, but were given one last request.
    The other guy stood up, and with courage and dignity said “I’d like to hear Achy Breaky Heart one last time.”

    Well I totally went to pieces and begged and pleaded with them to show mercy and fucking kill me first…..

  7. Emergency cunting requested for The Scottish Economy.

    The Scottish economy is fucked and the politicians of all parties are keeping very quiet about it.
    I think we are in recession and it’s as bad if not worse than during the Thatcher years.

    The evidence? There is not a word being said in the papers about this:
    1. National Savings and investments (subcontracted to Atos) are relocating to Sunderland, causing a loss of 400 jobs.
    2. Howdens engineering in Glasgow. Loss of staff. Engineering buildings being knocked down.
    3. 500 jobs at risk at McVities,
    4. Rounds of redundancies at other building and engineering firms,
    5. Diageo closing factories, relocation, redundancies,
    6. Aberdeen is a waste land relying too much on oil and American investment.

    The only vacancies in a lot of places are for care for the elderly staff, which is a noble profession but doesn’t generate any income for the country.

    There isn’t even the hope of technology making things better as they did in the 80s\90s because they don’t make any hardware in Britain any more.
    There are no companies like DEC, HP, SUN or Motorola in the UK now and software is dominated by large American companies.

    Fuck the SNP. Fuck Labour. Fuck the unions. Fuck the banks and fuck the fucking EU.

    • I’d heard from an unreliable source that Sturgeon is on her way out !!!!
      Remember where you heard it first ….

      Aberdeen is certainly fucked at the moment … there has been a demand from the Scottish parliament / government to put on a rates rise of 200 -300% on many business properties, with the money all heading to the Central belt where Sturgeon is trying to remain popular. A local businessman has just knocked down an empty office block that lay empty due to the downturn in the oil sector. They were looking for £110, 000 in rates per year for an empty building so be said Fuck You and it’s been demolished.

    • I’ve been worried about Aberdeen for ages.
      House prices are sodding ridiculous, yet the last time I walked along Union Street it had the demeanour of an exhumed corpse that had been left to warm up in the sun.

    • Caffy Newman off Ch 4 Lies
      Jilly Cooper
      Max Clifford
      Camilla Parkyer-Bowels
      Daniel Barenboim… Is he a PLO terrorist, or a Jew ??! Or the next Dr. Who? And how could anyone trust a man that dresses like that?

  8. Bill Treacher
    Julie Goodyear
    King Juan Carlos I of Spain
    Petula Clarke
    Jerry Lee Lewis

    Nice one Er Indoors

  9. My hatred of line dancing has now become so severe that my doctor has referred me to a specialized clinic that runs a twelve step recovery programme…

  10. Dobri Dobrev
    William Coors
    Mary Wilson
    Charlie Munger
    Jackie Stallone

    For clarity, that’s Mary Wilson Harolds widow

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