‘Useful Ginger Idiots’

I’d like to nominate “Useful Ginger Idiots and their unseen social engineering head patters” for a cunting.

While watching Country File last Sunday I was despairingly not surprised to see that the only native English looking male presenter (as I expected) Just had to be a ginger victim of school bullying. These hidden self important cunts in control of our entertainment and possibly indirectly our wold simply could not bring themselves to put a typical British male in a position of influence in front of their heavily lobotomised, passive, teat sucking audience, so instead they went off a found some useful ginger, freckled, victim of an idiot to stand in his rightful place.

I have noticed this prevalence of these ginger stooge, substitutes over and over down through the years where ever left wing, feminist, victimhood proper gander is regularly aired, from TV adds, bill boards advertising beds, to even train timetable covers etc. Everywhere you look the avoidance of real white male roll models is plainly evident.

I was at Asda (in England) yesterday and saw a poster with about eight children’s faces grinning, looking out at me, most of them were obviously of foreign origin and the two white boy’s, one was hard to distinguish whether it was a boy or a girl (possibly non binary) and the other was a freckled ginger with short back n sides and sticky out ears (no blond English white boys).

Possibly the biggest cunts however could be those who literally have not noticed this subtle long term erosion and in so doing actively endorse it and wish to vigerously inforce it.

Nominated by Blue Van Man.

63 thoughts on “‘Useful Ginger Idiots’

  1. Anyone seen the peaceful types with the weird ginger beard? Mainly older men and is a double cunting but sure they will have some kind of protected status and the obligatory ‘phobia’ in the near future.

  2. An excellent and unusual cunting, ginger has never been cool , the media have dipped their toes into the ginger and tried to make it socially acceptable?, I’m afraid it’s a curse!, think werewolf and your on the right track….. 😂

  3. ‘Beetroot Ed’ Sheeran is the classic ginger cunt who was bullied at school got famous….
    I recall an interview when the beetroot headed one went on about how he ‘wasn’t the most popular kid in the school’ and he now sees his fame and fortune as him now err ‘being the most popular kid in the school’… I’m sure a psychiatrist would have a field day… The ginger cunt also said (in a ‘so there!’ manner) that he sees getting to No.1 in the album charts as a ‘race’ that ‘he knows he’s going to win’, then adding ‘that’s all that matters’… The cunt has a childish attitude and a chip on his shoulder bigger than the CIS Building…. The joke is he is absolutely crap and even James Blunt is better than him (which isn’t saying much)….

    Another bullied ‘I’ll show them all’ ginger cunt? Chris Evans… OK, what happened to Ginger Bollocks at school wasn’t very nice (oh dear), but it was the genesis of a cunt…

    • What Beetroot Bollocks actually said about the No. 1 album spot was that it was a ‘100m sprint he just knew he was going to win, and that was all that mattered… As long as he came first…’

      Seeing other recording artists a competitors/rivals in a school race?! Obviously little Ed was mercilessly savaged during PE lessons… Oh dear, how sad, never fucking mind…. What a little cunt….

      • What kind of so called musician calls their album X or 5? Ed Sheeran is a tunelress cunt I’ve had a bad experience with gingers spotted a gram of pot to this ginger kid named chris, aren’t they all?! that was my mistake right there I know

        He was a bit of a loner felt bad for the bellend Well anyway long story short he claimed it was 0.9 FFS one point short! Keep in mind my grams were always on point on the off chance it could of been 9.5 with bit of stem but this is rare. Well no problem then i’ll give you another point dirty cunt said hes not paying and always came up with a dumb excuse when I pursued him. I just end cuttting my losses tired up seeing the cunt lie

  4. I like gingers. I’m married to one and I fucked several before I was married.

    Male gingers are cunts, I’ll give you that.

  5. I actually never felt inclined to attack gingers, even at school. However, let that not stop me from saying that Greg Rutherford is a seismic cunt. This fucker seems to think he deserves national adulation for repeatedly jumping into some sand. A misplaced arrogance from this fuckhead; not to mention the worst long jump champion in history.

    Fuck off Greg, you carrot-topped cunt.

    • Wholeheartedly agree with Rutherford being outed for a cunting. He gives off the attitude of “you better thank me coz I’m a national treasure”. Ginger and jumps in sand. Fill it with donkey shit

  6. My curse in life is my ginger stubble and sideburns.
    All I’ve ever wanted in life was stubble and side burns that matched my head hair.
    I have brown hair yet my face was ginger, scrap that, tangerine.
    Now the stubbles grey ffs.

    • Me too!!!
      I’m slightly luckier in that my hair although dark brown with grey coming thru my shitty stubble is grey not ginger!!

  7. Chris Evans ticks all the boxes for this category of cunt. Throw in Hucknal and Sheeran and the perfect triumvirate of ginger cunts.

  8. Thanx everyone for your feeds
    However ginger people in general are not what I am bothered about.
    It’s those useful ginger idiots and other useful mugs like them that are being purposely and with much contempt used to literally attempt to manipulate and alter our attitudes, standards and ultimately our actions in harmony with whatever the hidden Orwellian agenda may be.
    Similarly the Nazis also used these very same methods to indoctrinate and manipulate their population into committing all manner of traitorous/horrendous acts in the name of their beloved socialist dictatorship, arce crack of a system.
    Therefore these hidden Orwellian Cunts in high places today are (in like manner) also taking full advantage of these virtuous, victim, useful idiots in order to manipulate and pacify/weaken/pansy us too. Using the equally stupid useful idiot BBC, CNN, Hollywood and the rest who for their loyalty will unsuspectingly (just as in Nazi Germany) ultimately end up with the indignity of also suffering the very same fate they themselves worked diligently to create. CUNTs

  9. There’s Anne Robinson of course.

    This cunt looks like she’s been dug-up, buried, then fucking dug-up again.

    • Thats the “lady” who likes to fuck young men isn’t it ? Perhaps thats why she looks dead and dug up..

  10. I think jocks, sportsmen, sportswomen and anything to do with the hero worship of these feckless fuckers needs a good cunting.

    Day after day I hear these fuckers on the radio and TV proclaiming their heroic deeds like running round a fucking track or splashing around in a pool like cunts. The people interviewing them all fawn around them like total fuckwits.

    The nation admires these drug taking, tax dodging cunts while continuing on in the dull little world they all exist in. Sticking junk food in their faces while watching theses cunts.

    The fucking Brownlee Brother appearing on ads for tea and cheapo superstores? fuck off the both of you and drown yourselves with your bikes stuck up you arses.

    That ugly boxing girl from Leeds trying to convince me to buy some rubbish while looking like something from a lesson on pre history and the dinosuars..fuck off.

    Womens football, rugby, golf and tennis. I don’t give a cold dead rats ass for the mens game let alone you silly fuckers running around.

    Heros? really? my heroes are the staff in A&E, my heroes are the soilders risking life and limb and even the bin men who collect my trash are higher in my book.

    In short, I don’t care if you race cars, kick balls, throw sticks or even run round like pricks, you’re all cunts and that’s an end to it.

    • Year what a bunch of self important, vacuous cunts achieving nothing that really matters to anyone except the cattle that makes gods out of m.

      • These vacuous cunts make a fucking fortune from sponsorship, interviews and promotions. Rumour has it that most can mint around a million a year for just being “average” and those gold medal winners can make tens of millions sucking a piece of fucking Quorn!
        Fuck me!

  11. I can understand sports stars of the past being called heroes…. Bobby Charlton: survived an air crash, helped England to win the World Cup, first Englishman to win and lift the European Cup… Now it’s cunts like Grannyfucker Rooney and John Terry… My old man had a garage off Chapel Street in Salford, and he used to drink in the nearby pubs with Brian Kidd, Nobby Stiles, Pat Crerand, David Sadler, John Fitzpatrick and George Best… They didn’t mind drinking with working men and fans and they were sound blokes (my dad said Willie Morgan was cunt though)… Same went for Robson, Whiteside, McGrath, Moran and McQueen in the 1980s… Imagine the overpaid, manicured beard. tattooed prima donna whoremongers of the Premier League doing that?… No, me neither…

  12. Chris Evans has been mentioned and he is a super ginger count who needs to find some new material, so play some new shit you lazy ginger count…

  13. The wife is a red head, so I have to tread carefully.

    The female ginger is a different breed to the male ginger, so we have Boudicca , female ginger known for killing off a few precursor EU itosspots, and then male ginger Neil Kinnock known for sucking off EU tosspots

    There must be a dominant ginger tosser gene that is only present in the male

    • It certainly is present in the Kinnock Klan, Fucking treacherous cock sucking cunts.

  14. Neil fuckin lennon
    Gordon fuckin Strachan
    Little fuckin cunt out of Harry Potter
    Toyah fuckin Wilcox
    Gordon fuckin Burns
    Bonnie fuckin Langford
    Angela fuckin Lansbury
    Cilla fuckin Black
    Nicole fuckin Kidman
    That cunt from Modern fuckin Family
    Sarah fuckin Ferguson

    The cuntishness is in both sexes.

    • I used to fancy the arse off Toyah Wilcox when I was younger, but her “music” was and always will be indescribable shit…

      • Me too Mr Bastard. I would have given anything to fuck her.
        I saw a clip of her topless in some TV play a long time ago. Phwoarrr.! juicy…real juicy.

    • Gordon Burns isn’t a ginger… The one from The Krypton Factor…

      More ginger cunts…

      Rupert fuckin Grint
      Kris fuckin Marshall
      Mick fuckin Hucknall
      Lily fuckin Cole
      Gary fuckin Megson
      Carlo fuckin Sartori (useless cunt)
      Carol fuckin Decker

      • Gingers I would jump…

        Karen Gillan
        Gillian Anderson
        Christina Hendricks
        Judi Trott (Maid Marian in Robin Of Sherwood)
        Tiffany (crap singer, but was a fit un)
        Sian Gibson
        Belinda Carlisle (well in the 80s anyway)
        Leanna Decker
        Alexandria Karlsen

      • Yer right, it was Nicholas Witchell that i meant.
        Sorry, Nicholas fuckin Witchell.

        I always got them mixed up due to them having the same face.

        Tough luck against the fascists of Madrid tonight.

        Lukaku is gonna prove to be alright, i think.

  15. Amnesty international are outraged at a Policia kicking out at an invader.
    The invader was one of many invaders who stormed the European border in Ceuta last night.
    The footage is quite frightening. Not only are we being invaded but we now know our border control is utter fuckin shite.

    But anyway, who the fuck are amnesty international?
    And why do they give a fuck that a copper kicked some cunt storming a frontier with no papers.
    That’s why borders are there.
    I will not be permitted to cross a border in that fashion, and if i tried, I’d be happy that a kick was all i got.
    If i was a Spanish tax payer, I’d ask for the money the government spent on guns to be stopped.
    Might as well arm them with inflatable bananas.

    Anyway, back to amnesty international, i know they are a group of dogooding cuckold cunts, but who the fuck are they and why is their voice louder than mine?

    Somebody who knows anything about amnesty international cunts, please cunt them.

    • Amnesty started out as an organization standing up for people wrongly imprisoned abroad and similar situations.

    • What i meant by “who are they?” was WHO are they?
      Who pays and pulls strings?
      Who is being paid and pulling strings?
      Is there a recruitment office?
      Are they well paid?
      How do they have carte blanche to pick on any cunt they want?
      Are the regulated?
      When they speak, who do they speak for?
      How much donations is spent on staff?

      Why does the world need them?
      Why does the world listen to them?

      Are they pro terrorism?

      • Amnesty Costs UK Taxpayers Six Times More Than Deportation birdman just think about that. Illegal immigration is one of those issues that seems so simple, you wonder why there’s even a debate but of course It’s not like legal immigration, where people can point to the law and say “It’s okay because it’s legal.” Load of bullshit

        We are being asked to tolerate foreigners breaking our nation’s laws stabbing people, running crowds of people over, raping women and children, blowing people up, throwing corrosive chemicals on people and the only pathetic arguments I hear is “its sad to deport them or punish them or they don’t know better” fuck off you sad lefty cunts just fucking eat shit anddie

      • If you look at video footage of last nights invasion, only one Policia/pitufo challenged them and all he done was kick out at one and swing and miss with his baton, yet these amnesty cunts are outraged.
        Years ago the outrage would have been illegals invading a country, but nowadays the outrage is for not letting them trample through borders willy nilly.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, why the fuck did i bother going to school?
        Everything i was taught about how the world works has been tossed out the winda.

  16. Glen Campbell dead.Am out so wont be uploading deadpool 67 for an hour.

    • Don’t know if he wrote it, but Gentle On The Mind is definitely in my top twenty favourite songs.
      Dean Martin done it better though.

      ‘That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag rolled up and stashed behind your cow-ich’

      Wtf is a cow-ich, Dino? 🙂

      • I know now its “couch” but when i was the size of a crisp packet, i heard “cow-ich”, and since then i always sing cow-ich.

        Have a listen to Dinos version and you’ll hear it.
        Or maybe it was just me.

        Do doodo do
        Do do do
        Do doodo do
        Do do do

      • I thought Both sides now was a joni mitchell song, still think judy collins did it better

      • God bless Glenn cambell….
        won’t bore you lads but my dad met him at the 1971 British open, said he was an absolute diamond!! , I grew up listening to him on my dads record player, had a massive catalogue of hits, gentle on my mind, clouds, Wichita linesmen and rhinestone cowboy to name a few….. 👍👍

      • ‘Where’s The Playground, Susie?’ ‘By The Time I Get To Phoenix’ ‘Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife’ ‘Both Sides Now’ and my favourite ‘Galvseton’… I grew up listening to him too… My mum was a big fan…

      • Played Galveston and clouds at my dads funeral 4 years ago..
        I always knew what he would love to hear at his send off…
        Campbell was his idol…..
        god bless them both…..

      • Clouds?? I’m a silly cunt …
        Both sides now….
        excellent song…..
        Galveston too

      • He wrote Both Sides Now?
        Another great song.

        Admission time, i love the Paul Young version.

      • I think Joni Mitchell wrote ‘Both Sides Now’… But Glen’s version is the best… Judy Collins did a good version of it too… Glen also played on quite a few Beach Boys records…

  17. Got my heart broken by a ginger and to this day whenever I see a ginger lady in a crowd I think it is her for a few seconds (Maybe because my eyesight is pretty shit).

    • Same ginger whores are mini divas beware of their fiery cunt attitude and uppity personalities

  18. In fairness I was looking at the pictures of the Newcastle paedophile ring and there were no gingers in it. There was a token woman in there, but no white men, another example of typical white british males not being represented

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