Rickie Doubleday

Once upon a time, a sad little man from Norfolk called Rickie, who’d tried really hard and failed at being a businessman, was given a computer. “Oh” thought he, “what could I use this for?” and he discovered blogs.

“This is wonderful” he thought because now he could tell the world all about the evils of cigarettes. So he found a blog and posted lots and lots of comments all about smoking. But the blog owner got pissed off with his endless rants and blocked him.

He tried a few more. They blocked him too. This pissed Rickie off greatly so he changed tactics. Then he found a blog run by a bloke called Dioclese. At first he was very restrained and praised Dio for his attitude to free speech, but he just couldn’t resist returning to his favourite hobby horse – smoking. Dio told him he should stick to the subject, but he took no notice.

It came to pass that a circle of bloggers Rickie had been annoying was formed and they shared information about him. It seemed Dio had got off light, because Rickie had lost the plot with many of the others, posting witty comments like “cunt cunt cunt” hundreds of times day! So the circle closed and they all blocked him.

And the circle were mightily pissed off and starting digging around. Seems Rickie was not so tricky and foolishly used his real name way back when.

Now Dio was admin on a blog called ISAC at the time so Rickie trolled it. It got many more readers than lots of the others, so Rickie could share his wisdom with nice big audience. But the circle closed again. Dio blocked him and displayed his name and address on the site. Rickie was furious!!! Now the whole world knew he really was a cunt!!! Not only that, they knew where he lived!

Then a brave terminally ill lady called Anna Raccoon discovered Rickie only lived just down the road so she popped in for a cup of tea and a deep meaningful chat. Anna confirmed that this really was Rickie the Troll and, from her experience working in mental health, confirmed he was a sociopath with deep feelings of inadequacy.

So in order to give him an outlet for his condition, Grandad set up a blog called “The Troll’s Lair” where some of his wittier comments were reproduced. Ironically, Rickie refused to troll it. Shame really.

So now Rickie hates Anna and Dio and Grandad even more and spends all his time trying to break through the block on ISAC so he can protest his innocence and tell everyone they’ve got the wrong man.

But they haven’t and he’s still an inadequate little cunt with sociopathic tendencies who’s failed in life and spends all his time pointlessly raging on the internet.

And the moral of this story? If you’re going to be a cunt, don’t use your real name.

Nominated by all the people he’s pissed off over the years!

136 thoughts on “Rickie Doubleday

  1. I dunno about everyone else but since Mr Doublecunt, said he would tell everyone on Twatter about our posts I have been really scared. I’m looking over my shoulder everytime I’m out and about, and I’m scared when the door gets a knock.
    When Rickie copies and pastes our comments and writes in capitals its more scary than the Mafia sending you a dead fucking horse. It’s only a matter of time before he unleashes… whatever the fuck he is going to unleash. Don’t know about you lot but I’m off to the Costa Del Cunt to lay low for a while.

    • The only thing Rickie will release is a dribble of spunk while he’s standing at the infants’ school gates and playing pocket billiards…

    • Sounds like you’re suffering from PHCS, Post Hilarious Cunt Syndrome. It’s quite common when a troll starts making threats that they are clearly incapable of seeing through. Ironically, the cure is a two week break in the Costa Del Cunt.

  2. I rather enjoy Rickie’s barely literate posts,but I am a bit of a cunt who has been known to mock the afflicted. However,Rickie promised that he was going to inform the authorities and the subjects of my Cuntings about my outrageous views….Nothing,fuck-all,a deafening silence from all of these people. I was expecting to be besieged by police,lawyers,reporters,hit-men and really just about everyone (especially the darkies.) No sign of the tsunami of opprobrium that Ricky promised yet…hopefully tomorrow,eh,Ricky?

    Now all this makes me suspect that Ricky might not be the influential Crusader that he claims to be,and indeed may well be just a sad,pathetic man who should really seek medical help. I hope it is a mental problem, Ricky,I quite enjoy laughing and poking fun at nutters You can tell your fellow sufferers that I mock mongers and then you and your fellow sufferers can join the unruly mob surrounding my house demanding justice. Go on Rickie,follow through on somethig for once in your wasted,pointless life,and “expose” me… I totally agree that I deserve it,and besides, I’ve been looking forward to it.

  3. There is a bit of entertainment value in him, it’s a bit like goat porn, you know its wrong but you have to look and laugh.

  4. This cunting could be name “The tale of a sad cunt, Richie Doublecunt”.

    Also good fun cunting.

  5. It’s the generalisations that make me laugh…. That nonentity assumes (or likes to) that everyone on here doesn’t work, when most of us do… A bit like when some cunt appeared here and strangely claimed everyone who posted on ISAC was bald and a divorcee (I’m neither)… But why this sort of thing matters to him so much is anyone’s guess… The ranting in caps was supposed to ‘intimidate’ admin into taking down that address… And surely someone so menacing, well connected and hard wouldn’t have to hide behind womens’ identities, like he did with Kath Gillan and more recently Serena?…. Nicking anyone’s ID is iffy, but stealing a lady’s ID is just weird and uber sick… That sort of sick shite is almost on a par with stalking…

    • He nicked Anna Raccoon as well

      And he pretends to be me quite frequently as well as Limply. Limpers and I post under different email addresses that we don’t use any where else. My original email now has a avatar of a big red square with ‘FAKE’ written in it…

      …and the Doubledick still uses it, the dozy cunt !

      • Did Doubledouche’s mother drop him on the head when he was a baby or something Dio?

        That’s the only reason why I think he’d still use it.

      • She probably tried to shove back where he came from. That would explain why he’s such a monumental cunt.

      • If anything, she probably tried to get rid of him once she realised what a cunt he was going to be.

        Then again, I’m still convinced that Doubledouche’s parents were siblings.

  6. Oh god, ol’ Dicky Double Digits From Norfolk, there’s a Blast–ard from the Past and a Rave–ing lunatic from the Grave. I sometimes wonder what ever happened to him…No I don’t I’m just trying to pretend to CARE about those less fortunate than myself (I’m told it’s a virtue).
    Mr G, Anna Raccoon’s incredible husband, is a gifted carpenter and keeps a supply of 300 year old French Wine vat oak staves to hand. That stuff is like iron, he made me a tobacco press out of it a whiles back and nothing but nothing will dent it. Stuff is bullet proof.

  7. The High Priest of Tedium…

    The Ayatollah of being-an-arse-hole-ah…

    Almost worth letting him post for the entertainment value.

  8. The rants and bollocks always end the same way…. In an obsessive tantrum about Dio (and sometimes about Chas C)… Dio’s holidays seem to be a major, seismic thing to the nonentity and his rants about them border on total lunacy…. Mind boggles, really…

  9. He is a cunt. He couldn’t play nice, so he got kicked off. Most people, even cunts, would have thought fuck it, but not the troll. The thought that he burns with rage on a daily basis more than outweighs the mild annoyance his juvenile attempts at trolling cause. Because, with each post the stupid cunt gets through, it’s not a victory for him, but another reminder of how pathetic he is. Also, when caught out by Anna Raccoon, he didn’t have the decency to apologise, or the bottle to say so what, go fuck yourself. Dickless Dickie, the cuckolded cunt.

  10. Occasionally some trolls, the clever ones, do add a bit of humour to proceedings.

    I can’t remember the site or the TwitBook page but it was for (horsey-faced) “young” (in quotes as they were all well in their 30’s – who bothered to post about their vacuous lives and their precious little cun… sorry cherubs) mothers to cheese off how wonderful their lives and kids were, perfect husbands (actually “partners” – yes, they all to a one called them “partners” – conceited cunts) and marriages…you know the usual one-upmanship LIES that make you feel fucking sick!

    There’d be a topic of discussion and the troll would appear, lob in a 50/50 grenade – being non-committal as to which side they fell on – knowing that it would split the field and the posters themselves would rip each other appart, disintegrating into name calling (the really cutting ones being about “ugly” kids, or cute ones “…are they adopted?”, etc.).

    It was fucking hilarious and the same troll used to do similar things on car forums, footy forums, etc., anywhere where there’d by a 50/50 or good split of standpoints. The genius of it being that after the 2nd or so page of posts, everyone had forgotten who’d kicked the hornet’s nest in the first place!

    Very clever, subtle and cunning.

    Alas Richard Doubleday is none of these things, intead being vapid, trite and pointless.

    I hope that last one really cuts deep! Cunt!

    • Nr Rebel without a Cunt: you used the word, ‘vapid’- reminds me of someone I used to know. Could it be?

  11. I love trolls they are so much fun to play with its fun to make them seethe with just using their own tatics on them 😊.

    But Rickie you re not very good at it but it was fun to read ,but still cut his heart out with a rust spoon.

  12. Donald Tusk…again…is a cunt.

    In fact, these EU cunts are so bloody aggravating, pointless, boring, full of silly threats, oxygen-thieving…they make me think of trolls, especially the one that is currently such a frequent visitor to the sunny shores of Isac !

  13. RICKEEEY! RICKEEEEEY! Where is that boy?
    Get Ricky out of my pub Frank. He’s well out of order this time.
    Ok Peggy babe, as soon as I find the little scrote.

  14. Come on Vladimir.

    Anthony joshwa is a stereotypical cunt.
    This shite that we hear from “urban” boxers over and over about how they were hoodlums that got into fights in school and could have become a drug dealer if boxing hadn’t saved them.
    I hear that all the time from “urban” boxers and if it is to be believed, then any person that points out that “urbaners” are drug dealing, street fighting hoodlums actually hit the nail on the head and weren’t racist at all.

    Come on Vladimir.
    I’m not gonna tip you for the win, coz i’m a fuckin jinx, but come on, knock that cunt the fuck out.

    • I’m not sure about Anthony Joshua’s chances tonight.

      I watched him shadow boxing and the shadow won….

      • Come on Vladimir.

        Joshua is an overblown amateur who has never faced anybody with any real class and has never been more than 7 rounds.

        Bit then again, Vlad is 41………

    • I’ve booked my seat courtesy of Sky’s PPV service (robbing cunts).

      I love the boxing and went to see Joshua live.

      I’ll be honest, I have no idea how this one will play out.

      • I think that Joshua can do him. Just on the basis that if that Gypo did it, Joshua definitely can.

        I hope so because the Heavyweight division was dying a death when Wladmir was champion.

    • Good bout though wan’it!

      Could’ve gone either way, and nearly did several times throughout.

      I don’t understand Joshua calling out Tyson Fury post victory. The thing is Anthony – will Fury turn up?

      Batman suits aside, do you reckon he’ll actually rake his arse out if pikeydom to face you, or will there be delay after delay, after delay as he sorts himself out from some mysterious affliction (or habitual coke habit) until the whole thing falls through and you end up being rustier than a used nail left out in the rain??

      The obvious bout is against Deontay Wilder. Drag thee arse over t’Vegas and put a show on there. Wilder didn’t want to face Klitchko so why not?

      A cheeky purse would be in the offing there and you’d get a guaranteed pay-out.

      Either way, way to go champ! 😊

  15. Since we are talking about cunts ,can I put in a request to cunt Joanna Lumley again. This piece of warmed over dog carcass has made a plea for this ridiculous Garden Bridge over the Thames because it would be so beautiful and only costing £200million, and what else is there to fucking spend it on anyway?
    A more than usual complete waste of time and money, the Lumley fishwife and this poncy pointless bridge are well suited. She is an attention whore of course and no acting work on TV means she is going cold turkey for some publicity .
    She really is a boring cow..and I really wouldn’t.

    • This whole fiasco was started by Lumley and her pal, Thomas Heatherwick, some architect/design sort of cunt. It was put to Boris as some sort of vanity project where their rich pals could make money while the taxpayer footed the bill. Heatherwick’s firm won the design competition which is hardly surprising as the other 2 firms were told it was a footbridge and nobody told them it was supposed to have a fucking park on it. Boris has previous with Heatherwick as he gave him the design contract for the Routemaster bus. Meanwhile 47 million quid of taxpayers’ money has fallen out of some cunt’s pocket and nobody knows where it is. It smells nearly as bad as the Olympic Stadium scam and they got away with that one aswell.

    • I can’t stand that old bitch,a worse publicity-whore than fucking Katie Price. Daft old cow should act her age and realise that she is no longer an object of desire except,perhaps, to Burke and Hare.

      Dropped the Gurkas sharpish when the publicity dried up,spouting shite about that fucking bridge,making revoltingly twee travel programmes,doing endless “breathless” voice-overs and still trying to milk that utter pile of cunt Absolutely Fabulous.

      I’d like to take a bottle of Bolly,dahling,and beat you into your box with it….Fucking Old Trout.

      • Actually, for once, Suckdick got it right in scuttling the whole thing before it got built and Boris’s pals got stuck even further into our wallets. Credit where credit’s due for the Camel driver I say. I’ll be watching the cunt though, that’s my dough he’s fucking about with.

      • Citizen Khan only cancelled the bridge so He can build his own floating bridge on the Thames with a mosque at each end ,a camel rank and goat hire station to boot. The planning and build costs will be provided by us

    • Plastic-Bumley does NOTHING for me… I admit to one or two peccadilloes, all legal, but “distressed leather” is defo not one of them.

      In fact, she looks like the very unconvincing tranny from Wire in the Blood the other night…

      Her fake ringpiece will surely drop into her Harvey Knicks.

  16. Remember the golden rule in football,
    Its not and will never be David Moyes’s fault.
    Moyes is a managerial genius who’s ten year reign at Everton was yen years of glory, trophy less , but still glory.
    Since then they fuckin footballers have continuously let this bug eyed genius down.
    Man utd players probably failed to realise the importance of Moyes and probably ignored his tactical genius.
    Not David moyes’s fault.

    They Spanish just weren’t ready to step up to his level, but that’s a given coz what do the Spanish know about football?
    Not David Moyes’s fault.

    Then Sunderland.
    He warned them after two games, two fuckin games, that they were in a relegation battle, but did they listen ?
    Did they fuck.
    Sunderland are now relegated, and guess what ?
    Its not David Moyes’s fault.

    • Moyes is a cunt…
      Moyes makes Frank O’ Farrell look like Rinus Michels…
      Moyes is a cunt…
      Moyes couldn’t manage a fish supper…
      Moyes is a cunt…
      Moyes makes Dave Sexton look like Bob Paisley…
      Moyes is a cunt….

  17. Eh, it was amusing to bait Doubledouche, for about 5 minutes.

    After that, there’s no sport it it because he’s such a pitiful, insignificant cunt who was probably tickling his balls at the response he got.

  18. I reckon this Rickie Doublechin cunt got his banjo string caught in his fuckin zip years ago and hasn’t been able to free it since. No wonder the tard is fucked up.

    • Its amazing how little the “banjo string” gets mentioned.

      We hear everything about nookie and body parts except for the banjo string.
      When i broke mine, i felt a quick “dunt” but carried on. When i finished my rooting, i got off of her and both of us and the bed were covered in blood.
      It was like a massacre.
      We both blamed her for coming on the blob and i went into the bathroom, wrapped my bleeding cock in a ball of loo roll and left.
      I kept that a secret for six years until someone brought up their banjo string breaking.

      Six years of wondering what the fuck happened that day.

      • Fuck me that’s grim. I wish you had kept that to yourself. Have you tried sand discing your wife’s fanny?

      • A banjo string or man string is where the underside of the foreskin attaches to the underside of the bell end , at the end of the shaft.
        It breaks when a boy becomes a man, so if any male cunters don’t have a clue what a banjo string is, then you ain’t a man. 🙂

      • I ain’t no doctor but that’s fucking bollocks. You need to get someone to have a look at your winkle mate.

      • Believe it or not, but i rooted plenty before i hooked up with the missus (not wife).
        This happened when i was sixteen.

      • Thanks for the explanation, Birdman. I’m a girl and don’t play the banjo. Sounds painful.

      • A bit nippy afterwards, but at the time it was nothing.
        Looked a lot worse than it was. 🙂

      • You’re a hoot, Birdman, we’ll be pleased to see you back home in Northampton. Don’t let the buggers get you down.

      • I really can’t wait to be back home in Northampton.
        Since i heard i was being sent home, its all I’ve thought about.

        The world outside my window seems more bearable now that i have my leaving date. 🙂

      • Can’t promise you the same exoticism as Gibraltar though. Weather is shit at the moment. We have a “Cultural Quarter” now though. Luvvies all over the place. 🍷

      • Oh there’s nothing exotic about Gibraltar and La Linea.
        If its not beach weather, then there’s absolutely nothing to do here.
        Even then, if the wind is coming of the Atlantic, the waters absolutely freezing. And i mean freezing, even July/August.

        If i have one problem with Northampton, its the lack of water.
        Billing Aquadrome just doesn’t cut it.
        So i’ll only miss the beach here, but i can live with that.

      • Yeah, a bit of a contradiction in terms really. Art galleries, wine bars, theatre. In Northampton? The red light district is about a mile away. So I’m told.

      • Art galleries, wine bars and theatre……. eh, that’s not as bad as I thought it would be when I read ‘cultural quarter’.

      • Fucking el Birdman, the same shit happened to me. I met this girl at a rave when I was about 16 went outside to give her a ‘rooting’ didn’t really notice much then gave her another one but if I remember rightly it felt ‘weird’ the second time. Had blood all over my clothes.
        I put some fucking glue on the fucker… Didn’t work though.

      • I don’t love it as much as Birdman. Nice villages though. You only go to the town centre at the weekend if you want a knee trembler up an alleyway. We have more CCTV here than anywhere else, apparently, so your knee trembler os gonna end up on YouTube at some stage.

        Billing Aquadrome smells of poo, Birdie. It’s bang next to the sewage works.

      • Thank you Black and White Cunt.
        Thanks for the back up.

        It seems to be some masonic secret, dunnit?
        The last taboo.

        Six years i was worried about that, so i hope in some way our tales have lightened the load of cunters keeping this to themselves.

        Maybe i should go on Embarrassing Bodies and get Dr Dawn Harper to have a geez.

      • It’s a weird one girl Mr though Birdman, whenever I meet a new lady and things happen I get paranoid she break it again. Some women are too rough when it come to handling the merchandise.

      • No need to worry, Black and White Cunt, it only happens the once.
        Its breaks when yer cock has grown up.

        As i said, its the making of a man. 🙂

        Why have you adopted a Jamaican accent?

      • It’s the spell check and not checking before posting. Ha ha I see what mean though.

  19. I’ll tell you what’s a cunt, a cunt is the father of my daughters friend who has sat down beside me in a cafe (uninvited) and wont shut up.

    My daughter is in the arcade next door playing pool and I’m sat here on my phone looking up football and ISAC, and no matter how much i look at and read my phone, the cunt can’t take the hint and shut the fuck up.
    He probably thinks I’m the ignorant cunt, but i was sat here first, doing my thing.
    The cunts still fuckin talking.
    About KISS the soft pop group of all things.
    I’ve stopped nodding and he’s still talking.
    I’m typing and he’s still talking .

    This is my first real time cunting.
    He’s sat there annoying the fuck out of me and I’m letting the cunting world know as he’s doing it.
    I thought that i had perfected my reputation for being an ignorant cunt that “acquaintances” should just say hello to and then fuck off.

    He’s twisting my melon, MAN!!!!!!!

    • Eh, he must be the sort of cunt who is oblivious to anyone but himself.

      Just….. I know it may be tempting Birdman, but for the love of God, DO NOT say to him ”shut up you annoying cunt!”, odds are it would be more trouble than it’s worth to d that.

    • Murder him if you think its worth it or just pop a benny in his drink…valium usually does the trick and its practically tasteless

      KISS suck they are literally the shittest pop metal band ever

    • Tell him your tale about your snapped banjo-string and her coming while on the blob…it certainly stopped me in my tracks.

  20. ISAC is an equal opportunities site, if you walk and talk like a retarded liberal cunt you will be called out . White , black, gay, straight, trans or Tony Blair.

      • Blair deserves a public buggering by some crackheads and then being bitten all over by rabid squirrels.

      • And she deserves a good old fashioned industrial mincer for having him foist that ‘Uman Rights shit on us just so she and her cunt lawyer friends could make money.

  21. Was just watching a couple of internet videos of A.C Grayling.So far he is my choice for this years cunt of the year.He is a petulant pompous arrogant self conceited hypocritical sneering globalist traitor.I hope he sits on a rusty nail.

    • What were this bastard’s main comments then? He must be one hell of a cunt if you rank him higher (lower?) than Farron and that Miller whore.

      • Same arguments as Farron and Miller but in a more militant and condescending manner.

      • Ok, kill him with fire then!

        And feed his remains to some peacefuls.

    • I have to say that in general, cunts have upped their game this year

      Hard to believe , but it’s true

      • There are far too many cunts around.

        If only they could all be rounded up and sent to hell in an amusing and creative way.

      • If anything, cunts like that would probably like a rusty nail up the arse.

  22. can i cunt celebrity travel progs. fuckin hell . who cares?. theres literally 100s of em. some feckin celeb who you’re sick of the fuckin sight of gets paid shed loads to go on an all expenses jolly with untold ‘producers and directors’ in tow. all i can think for the few minutes i can actually stand of the shite is you should be paying for this not the other way round. the latest to jump on the band wagon is that fat bald Irish bloke who name escapes me for the minute, he’s been on a jolly to Java or some fuckin where and we’re all supposed to just lap it up. fuck off out it.

    • Especially the one made by the peaceful cunt who won bake off last year. Total shit but it ticked lots of BBC PC boxes.

      What was it called now?… Mustapha Shag in Bongo Bongo Land or something similar…?

      • Funny how none of the previous winners of the bake off were never promoted so heavily…… wonder why?

      • I took up that very point with ABBC. Guess what they said, was it
        (a) I was right and they would sack ragbhead immidiately.
        (b) Fobbed me off with a load of bollocks.

        Tough call I know but play the game for a bit of fun.

  23. Jesus fucking christ all fucking mighty… Dr Who, set in London in the early 1800, s with a cast of fucking foreign cunts black brown yeller and fuck knows what fucking else. The Fucking ABBC indoctrination programme has really pushed my fucking buttons tonight. A right load of liberal cock sucking shite, an abomination, a fucking insult .
    Cunts ABBC CUNT Dr cunting Who, cunt black bill the lezzer in fact cunt every cunt.

    • A cast of foreign buggers in early 1800’s London?

      Oh I get it, the ABBC is trying to rewrite history now, because I’m pretty sure that was not a thing back then.

      As for Bill the lezzer……. that just shows that the whole show needs to be put down now.

      • Agreed…. It looked more like 1980s Moss Side than 1800s London… And of curse the cunts had to slip in the ‘Jesus was black’ line… What a load of complete snowflake bollocks…

      • How the fuck can they prove Jesus was black? I don’t think he was anyway.

        And a daki pie salesman? In any age? Especially in the 1800s?

        Remember when Dr Who was a sci fi show and not a politcal correctness agenda?

      • What the ABBC are trying to do with tonight’s episode is say ‘Hey! It was always like this! London was always full of w@gs, and migrants are ‘Okaaay!’ ‘

        Well, they can fuck right off… Apart from The Doc and George Dawes, does every character have to be picked from banana tree or be a parking stanley?… That one last week about the killer robots… The family that ran the place were parkies, and the little lost kid was also a parky… Even the white bloke in it (Ralf Little) is a massive snowflake libmong cunt in real life… It really is a load of libtard cunt…

      • I had to pause reading that going “wtf is a parking Stanley”?

        Over and over,
        Parking Stanley?
        Parking Stanley?
        Parking Stanley?
        Parking Stanley?

        Haha, classic, Norman. 🙂

      • Oh god, they’re not even trying to be subtle.

        Oh well, guess I won’t be watching it again in a hurry, this PC bullcrap is just obnoxious.

  24. The EU are right cunts.
    It only took a couple of minutes to come up with a ‘fuck Britain’ strategy for the forthcoming talks on us leaving the club of corrupt cunts. Like little children, they piss and moan rather than try and find a solution that will benefit all parties. Of course, the remoaners will defend their position, crying ‘what do you expect?’ Well, I would expect an institution that recently celebrated its sixtieth birthday to act like a mature group of politicians. Fat chance with those cunts, proof of nothing else than we are better free of these twats.

    • They all just said what Merkel told them to say. They have been working on that shite in Berlin for the last year.

    • Unsurprising and typical of the EU, it’s their whole mantra when it comes to us.

      And you know what? If we had voted remain last year, they still would have fucked us over for daring to question and consider leaving the EU. Look how that cunt Hollande wanted the EU to punish Poland for ”not behaving correctly”.

      Fuck the EU

      Fuck their divorce bill

      Fuck doing a deal with them.

      Go to WTO rules, sure we would have to do the tariffs but so would they, and they trade a lot more to us than we do to them. Fuck their rules and demands.

      I want to the EU to die.

    • Project fear Mk2. Oh my god, I didn’t believe it last time but if they’re saying it again it must be true😱
      Go fuck yourselves you vitriolic shower of delusional cunts.

  25. Fucking right , fucking bunch of Nazi cunts. Now they’re talking about a united Ireland. What the fuck has it got to do with these Nazi bastards? The Ulster Proddies must be regretting listening to the Pigfucker now. Yeah, you paid for that pamphlet, read it, and voted the way you were told. Muggy cunts.

    • So let me get this straight, the want to fuck us over on NI to get a united Ireland in the EU?

      What the actual FUCK?! Last I checked the EU cannot do this shit, they do not have the right to fuck with countries like this.

      EU unity, a unity of fucking cunts more like.

  26. May has been on the campaign trail up in Jockland.

    Nuttall has been up in Hartlepool.

    Corbyn has been in…….. Bethnal Green.

    Fellow cunters, this is why Corbyn will (hopefully) get annihilated at the Election – he doesn’t connect with voters outside of London and the Islington set mentality.

  27. Sorry but seeing all those smug EU cunts together with their smug, satisfied faces openly talking of fucking us over and trying to stir up things in Ireland is a major league piss boiler for me.

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