Emmanuel Macron

I nominate Emmanuel Macron for a cunting.

Though the MSM conveniently choose to ”forget” this little detail, he is no stranger to politics or for that matter a centrist.

Until last year, this little worm of a human being was the Finance Minister lackey of the Socialist Francoise Hollande. Under their dubious tenure, France’s economy went further down the crapper and 238 people have died via ”Peaceful” people.

Also, like most typical Frog politicians, this maggot have the obligatory ”screw the British” mentality shared with the rest of his ilk; earlier this year on a visit to London, the bastard openly spoke of poaching talent from our country post Brexit and has, and I quote, stated that ”the best deal Britain could get with Europe is membership in the EU”.

Make no mistake, this miserable , conniving, two faced little shit stain is about as anti-establishment as the peaceful lot are tolerant of other culture. He is an unrepentant cheerleader/lickspittle of the whole EU/federal/globalisation agenda that is so beloved by the worthless maggots known as the political class and liberal imbeciles in general.

Noted Kraut EU cocksucker Sigmar Gabriel hopes Macron wins the election in order to, and I Quote again, ”put Eurosceptism back in its place”.

If Macron wins, the whole miserable path Europe is on will continue.

Just once, it would be good if the people of France grow some balls and do the right thing instead of the easy but doomed to backfire horribly option.

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister.

235 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron

  1. Can’t stand French cheese, it all smells and looks like head cheese. Pompous pretentious cunts.

  2. A bit of cheese before you go to bed deffo gives you weird dreams. Better than goin to the fucking pictures.

  3. Cheddar is ace…

    The McCanns are cunts… Their circus is nothing more than a ghoulish goldmine, and those two cunts are despicable and grotesque cunts… Milking a kid’s (cough) disappearance after ten fucking years?! It would have been both my sister’s (died of cot death) and my brother’s (died after being knocked down) birthdays this week… But do I shout about it? Do I fuck… The McCunts are scum, and I do so hope if there’s anything to find out, then it gets fucking well found…

  4. I always try and buy British, you’d be surprised at how many things like butter comes all the way from New Zealand.

  5. ……..Or at least non EU. I was in the queue at Tescos the other day and noticed the carton of grapes in my basket had “product of Portugal’ on it. Fuck that! I gave up my place to put it back on the shelf. If I can’t get non-EU grapes I’ll go without. Fucking EU bastards!

  6. Macron is a cunt as are the Frogs generally. They talk a good game but when push comes to shove they revert to type and vote in yet another socialist. They don’t have the bollocks to vote in Le Pen and then get out of the EU as they won’t do anything the Krauts don’t tell them to do.
    Their farmers have their noses too far into the CAP funds to get out and the townies are lefty cunts anyway.
    They will continue to get killed by peaceful types and get out yet another banner starting with “Je suis………” but think it won’t happen to them so more socialist government will be ok.
    I really hope I am wrong but won’t be holding my breath.

  7. Don’t buy anyfuckingthing from the EU if you can help it. I’m going to phone up Sir Nigel on his LBC show this week and suggest he leads a campaign to stop buying their shit. People will listen to him. Let’s kick those cunts in the bollocks before they fuck us over, because they surely will if we give them the chance. Total fucking bastards!

  8. A couple of months of not buying VW Group, BMW, Mercedes or any of the French or Iti tat cars would have them shitting themselves!

    I buy Jap cars and both of my last two cars were made 8 miles away from where I live!

    Reliable and cost buttons to run.

    Fuck you EU!

  9. That’s the fucking spirit! My BMW, Porsche and Ferrari are up for sale tomorrow. I don’t want any of you cunts buying them though. There’s bound to be some interest from the Camel driving community. I’ll dump them on those fucking cunts. They’re not British so they don’t count.

    • Sure glad two of my main collecting habits are not remotely EU based at all.

      Fuck the EU. The day that rotten, worthless dominion dies will be a good as feeling as sex.

  10. 158 replies and several hours later we are still cunting Macron and the EU.

    Yep, they are definitely complete and utter cunts.

  11. Boycotting is not easy.

    My hatred for Moroccans is legendary in my own head, but they do produce some of the best hash in the world.

    Some of it is even smuggled over in the shape of cadburys mini eggs, that have all been shoved up a Moroccan women’s cunt.

    I have smoked it plenty of times, but it just tastes like regular good hash.

    • If smoking hash affects your short term memory what does smoking hash do?….

      • It’s getting bad.
        One thing I’ve started doing is getting up to turn the living room light off and the room gets brighter.
        The fucker was already off.

        That’s happened a few times.

        Either I’m a total fuckwitt or this hash is really good.

        Probably both, but i know my fellow cunters answer, so don’t fuckin bother replying ya predictable cunters.

        Fuck it’s bright in here.

      • You still smoke hash? Fuck me! I haven’t seen any hash around in years, its all bud these days. You never heard of hydroponics?

      • I’ve got all their albums.
        Not a fan of welsh music, but Kelly and his ever changing band are brilliant.
        New album out soon.

    • Absolutely the Moroccan fanny cured hash is the best if you can get it, with Nederhash coming in close second.

      At the moment I have some rare Nepal hash pressed into cakes as a free trial.

  12. my ex wife was French
    most horrible cunt i have ever met or will ever meet
    cracking shag though the dirty cunt

  13. Stinking bishop cheese, you cunts! Perfect. Just nail it down and eat it before it runs away and kills your cat/dog/hamster/any other pet you might have…

  14. I want to CUNT Most Haunted, its a load of shite thats past its sell bye date.

    I can’t stand the Bald Cunt who looks like Uncle Fester, apparently he’s a relation to Yvette Fielding so he’s on the payroll. Yvette Fielding screams all the time to add to the nonsence, then you have Yvettes Husband who was also a child actor trying to add to this fake meal ticket of a shite program!

    Most CUNTED!!

    • Most Haunted is even less authentic than those UFO documentaries that all re-use the same blurred footage of a seagull/meteorite/aircraft as conclusive proof of alien visitation.
      Load of crap…

  15. Well its happened cunters, uber cunt Blair is back in politics. We should have driven a wooden stake through his heart and shot him with a silver bullet the first time round.

    • This cunt definitely needs a cunt of the century award. He make little Timmy, last years COTY seem positively pleasant by comparison. Same as banana boat Milller, he is a multi millionaire who, instead of standing for elected office, will use his cash and influence to subvert the democratic process. My only hope is that his toxic presence will make a few remainiacs think twice about whose side they are on because I’m sure he will not persuade any Brexiteers to move the other way.

    • Mr Tony Blair runs a well oiled machine..He is slick and he has all the skills that are required to ease back into the limelight. He can purchase power, he can pull strings, and above all, he can rely upon the support of the Braun Cow of Deutschland.
      The trivial matter of a British electorate who are diametrically opposed to Blair’s return will NOT hinder this mans progress.
      Democracy will be set aside , a fanfare will sound, and the odious reptile will return.
      Blairs ride on the back of a donkey through the open gates, to the cheers of “Hosannah”, and the laying of palm fronds will herald the arrival of the antichrist.

      Votes and demonstrations will not stop this man, he is evil incarnate. A “cunting” no matter how well deserved is quite insufficient in this mans case, only a visit from the “peaceful ones” can end his reign.

      Isis….Isis…where are you now?

      • Agreed, he believes his own hype of ‘saviour’ of the British people from ’97 due to the fact the Tories were in a mess led by spineless grey man Major. He’s an arrogant, greasy puke stain with a messiah complex.

    • He can only be d/w using the Kid Mong Ill method – an anti-aircraft gun, or several of them…

  16. Lee Mckenzie is a cunt,
    She travels all round the world commentating on F1 in her sexy mild Scottish accent, she knows more about F1 than me and she’ll probably never get the pleasure of my company.
    Sexy bitch.

  17. Boys and girls, Sophie Ridge needs a proper good cunting!
    Now, I’ve never heard of her before, but someone shared a clip of her ‘interviewing’ Paul Nuttal

    This piece of shit must of sucked a hell of a lot of cock to get her own show.
    She obviously thinks journalistic integrity means arguing with every thing your guest says a la Monty Python

    On the subject of FGM, Nuttall was suggesting that something should be done given that there have been zero, none, fuck all prosecutions in 30 years since it became an offense in itself.

    I would of thought being of the sisterhood persuasion, ie having a cunt as well as being one, Ms Ridge would applaud an attempt to raise this issue, so as to stop this barbaric practice. Error Coco! Her come back to Nuttall was ‘so you expect 5 year old girls to drop their knickers?’

    Riddle me this cunters – Why are these cunts more interested in not hurting peoples feelings than dealing with something that has a horrific affect on people lives?
    Surely if someone had hacked at her lady bits with a blunt stanley knife, which probably looks like a ripped-out fireplace anyway, she would be keen to stop that happening to any others.

    • Good rant! Must admit I don’t know the “lady” in question, but her response on the subject matter was definitely fuckwit material.
      I think she well deserves the cunting! CUNT.

      • Excellent cunting, the liberal feminazi’s love to whine on about bullshit like mansplaning or gender pay gap but anything which calls out the peaceful’s on their barbaric religion is taboo and must be shut down.

        The most idiotic one I heard of recently was some cunt on Sky bitching about how air conditioning units were sexist. Apparently they are being set too cool in office workplaces, men can cope better and women find it harder to work. Nothing to do with the fact some might be lazy cunts

      • Sophie Ridge is one of the skanks who “work” for Sky “News”. Where Kay Burley is an haged old ginger gobshite Ms Ridge is blonde and considerably younger. But still a gobshite.

        New for today is a report that the government wants to make internet companies pay for policing “hate crimes” online. The reports starts with ISIS spreading propaganda with their online videos. Fair enough, but it soon goes down hill. Next up is some gollie complaining about a bunch of pissed up cunts making monkey noises in a snapchat video. Mildly unpleasant if you are a gollie but most would just brush it off and certainly far short of what I would call a crime. Last up some professor fuck face of some university somewhere reporting that you see spikes in race hatred online in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. Such things as suggesting the peaceful ones fuck off back home and criticising the governments immigration policy.

        Hang on just a fucking minute! Sky News are conflating ISIS propaganda videos with criticism of government policy? Is criticising the government going to be classed as a hate crime now?

        Fucking cunts.

      • Fuck me Skid, you must have a very strong constitution to stand that much of her bile!
        I could only manage about 1 minute before being apoplectic with rage.
        If that is the kind of shit Sky News pumps out, I’d be getting through about 4 tv’s a week if I watched it!

      • It’s actually because men are prepared to suffer a bit of cold if it there is a chance of erect nipple through lacey bra and sheer blouse!

      • Well if it’s anything like my house, the females of the house (both wife and daughter) both have a 1deg tolerance between being “freezing” and “boiling”!

        The thermostat in my house is operated more like a DJ’s scratch-wheel than a temperature control!

        And – call me a chauvinist if you will – but neither of them have learned that if you’re hot take your fucking jumper off, if you’re cold put a fucking jumper on!

        O’course if you dare come close to mentioning this then you’re the cunt!

        Some days when me and my lad walk into the house it reminds me of when I left Manchester airport when it was -2deg outside, to then walk out of the air con foyer at Dallas Fort Worth airport and being hit with 30deg temperatures!

        And they’re sat there in light, sleeveless tops, moaning it’s hot…FFS!

  18. You have to admit that this needs a cunting, and possible investigation by trading standards.


    its almost like a filipino bride.

    • Pissed laughing at that one Lord Benny! Its like having a roof over your head but with no fucking house underneath. Lol

      • A top product-cunting. If the BBQ gets out of hand, I hear they’re selling petrol-filled fire extinguishers as a backup. “Bricks Not Included”. I’m off to polish the patio door on my submarine.

  19. The arch Remainer CUNT Tony Blair wants to make a politcal comeback to frustrate BREXIT. Does any one know the address for his campaign fund as I wish to donate to make sure he gets involved. Everytime that lying murdering bastard opens his mouth on the subject he reveals to more people the tyranny of the EU established order if which he is a main beneficiary. Go Blair you utter cunt.

    • Hopefully the Labour Party members will still stick by Jeremy Corbyn if this is a vain attempt by Tony B.Liar to try and get back at the top of the Labour table and then lie and connive his fucking way back into power.

      Proper Labour supporters couldn’t abide the B.Liar champagne socialism era, his broken promises, as well as slight of hand legislation and policies he put through! THE CUNT OF CUNTS!

      And Mandy and Campbell all in tow ready with their begging bowls ready to fill up on more EU gravy.

      Here were some of B.Liar’s greatest hits:

      1) WMD LIES!

      2) Broken promises on university tuition fees!

      3) Broken promises on privatising parts of the NHS!

      4) Migration increasing to hundreds of thousands net per year.

      5) Never ever, ever trying to get the EU to revise it’s open door policy on freedom of movement, leading onto…

      6) Never saying boo to a goose about Poland’s EU membership knowing full well that there would be a mass exodus from there to here (even though he was advised and told dozens of times over – he didn’t care cos he was alright Jack)!

      7) Never once pilloried the indigenous “peaceful” communities even after 7/7 which basically gave radical “peaceful” cunts a green light to spout terror without any fear of retribution.

      The big issue is that the snowflake cunts who have no idea who this cunt was back in the day, or exactly how much of a cunt he was, are now of voting age and will probably believe his Messiah-esque drivel – you weak minded cunts!

      In fact during Brexit one of these ill-informed snowflakes actually stated: “The evil tories forcing tuition fees on students and privatising the NHS!”

      That was until Peter Hitchens advised the wet cunt that actually it was LABOUR who had done those things and the shock and horror on the cunt’s face almost had him running for his safe space!

      That’s the perception we now also have to counter if the Prince of Darkness attempts his return. The perception of voteable aged generation snowflakes who think B.Liar would be a saviour when us ordinary folk know that he’d just be the same cunt he was for the 10yrs he was in power, not to mention the untrustworthy cunts he’ll fetch with him again to keep him there!

      Fucking CUNT!

      • I’ve always generally considered myself non-violent. However, if I’d been around in WW2, I would NOT have been a conscientious objector, and very sadly I fear that a violent reaction is increasingly the only way to d/w this tsunami of gross cuntitude.

        If Bliar, Campbellend and Mandelbumfiddler all died horribly, I frankly couldn’t give a toss, ma fellah cunters ! Add on Sorarse, Vermin-Verhofstadt, Jean-Junction Juncker et al. and it would be a bloody fine day for democracy…

  20. Macron is a return to Vichy Government. Le Bosche are returning, this time without their panzers. I still can’t believe that the organisation that runs Europe has been able to slide this odious fuckwit cunthole into prime position and none of the fucking onion noshers seems bothered. It seems that the adage ” if you can’t change the mind of the stubborn people, then change the people” is true! Swamping France with all the shit of the world has certainly given Macron and the other cunts the edge. Divide and conquer…..? They certainly fucking well have , the Bastards.

    • Yes a tactical move to try and garner support from undecideds who would currently vote Le Penn because they’re as fed up of the EU experiment and “peacefulness” as we are!

      Macron chucks this out (having already parled with Juncker, Tusk and Verhofstadt that it’s just a bit of vote grabbing smoke and mirrors) hoping the undecideds will then vote him in.

      And then he’ll do…NOTHING!

      Dear France,

      Unless you vote Le Penn nothing will change.

      You will be ruled by the EU until the “peacefuls” have enough numbers (breeding 8:1 so not long) to force you to accept and adopt Shariah Law.

      If you decide to play it (un)safe then I’m sorry, when you do get taken over by the “peacefuls” there’ll be no future crusades from Blighty to help you out, we have enough “peacefulness” of our own to deal with.

      Your choice.


      Rebel without a Cunt!

      • Tony Blair.
        Could the reason he wants to preserve the EU is because all his past shifty dealings within it will be exposed if it falls apart.
        Damn right he doesn’t want a hard Brexit.

        Surely even Labour voters will tell him to Fuck off.

      • I see SKY-fucking-News (c) are giving the Blair cunt a platform to promote his EU agenda. They are cunts of the highest order.

    • Even Guy VerminHofstadt pulled this one out of the hat a month or two ago… I think they are actually getting a bit scared, because if ther is a Frexit, eu will really start to go down the pan. Marine will dump on Muffley Merkel in the same way the latter has threatened to dump on us.

      • I hope Marine does.

        Even if she doesn’t I think the EU has at the very most 10 years left.

        All it takes is one of the cuntries with a shagged economy to go to hell and then the divisions will expose themselves.

        And that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing!

    • A cynical move to steal some votes away from Le Pen. As if a 20% lead in the polls isn’t enough for him. Greedy cunt.

      • And when know he’s being completely disingenuous when talks about the EU reforming.

        He’s one of their stooges and the EU does not want to reform.

        Are the people of France stupid? How are they buying into his bullcrap so easily?!

        It’s like they have some form of Stockholm Syndrome.

  21. …..And talking of Sky,that old cunt Martin Tyler deserves a monumental cunting.
    Martin,when you commentate on a footy game,I like to hear “A” passes to “B”,”great tackle”,”good save”,”e.t.c”,NOT some crap drivel about a player”s Twatter or Facefuck rantings,and behind the scenes alleged rumours,e.t.c……………………CUNT……………..Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • Tyler is one of the biggest cunts in the history of football on television… Eclipsed only by Chinny Hill, Wolfman Keys (with Randy Gray), and that immortal all time cunt, Elton Welsby…

  22. Does it seem odd to anyone that international workers day is market by a bank holiday? How about marking it by a day at work, you lazy cunts!

    • Bugger that, it’s nice to have the odd day off like this.

      • If you get paid for it.

        For some it’s an enforced “no pay” day.

        Even benefits cunts get the money for it! Cunts!

      • Now they definitely should not get paid on Bank Holiday.

  23. Cannot believe this slimy piece of snail-shagging, garlic chomping, Burgundy gargling, Merkel puppet of a cunt has won the French presidency. Time to get on my spaceship and head out to the further most point of outer space. Planet earth and humanity are well and truly FUCKED. Adiós, amigos. CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS​.

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