Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg luckily beats Lewis Hamilton (who is a much better driver than him) because Lewis’ brand new engine blows up and costs Lewis 25 points and Lewis also messed up a few starts and lost points. Yet the German only beat Lewis by 5 points. Realising he had no chance in the future he retires and I think it’s a bit cowardly, something I wouldn’t associate with the Germans.

Anyways Nico is a good driver and has his moments of brilliance but he is lucky to be World Champion.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

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    • If he would have refused to serve him because of his faggoty earring, I would have backed him

    • There’s a fucking dalek who works at my local Home Depot (think B&Q). Whenever I’m in there I avoid it like the plague. Even if its lane is clear, I’ll queue elsewhere even if that means I’ll have to wait for a while. I absolutely refuse to be served by some bint in a black bin bag with eye holes. Simply not going to happen. It expresses its freedom to dress how it chooses (or is told more like). I express my freedom to use whichever checkout line I fucking like.

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      • We quite often go ninja spotting at cheshire oaks. Not the oriental real ninjas (small, quiet, polite but trained in martial arts) but those (I’m guessing girls) dressed in black and only showing their eyes.

    • “Tesco said a duty manager served him in a ‘pragmatic approach’ to the problem.”

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    • The problem with this scenario is Tesco effectively accommodated the (outsider) employee, rather than accommodating their customer. That’s just plain wrong and completely indefensible for two reasons. (1) Tesco should have known this silly cow won’t sell certain products and thus should not have put said silly cow in that position. (2) Knowing Tesco sells certain products this silly cow won’t sell, she should not have accepted the position in the first place. Both parties fucked up and a genuine, straight forward, regular (sort of) customer was inconvenienced. Was this the end of the world? Did anyone die? Was massive hardship caused as a result of the thoughtless and irresponsible actions of Tesco and this silly cow? Well no, but this is how it starts. This is how OUR way of life is gradually eroded, little by little, to accommodate the beliefs of outsiders.

      I worked for a company over here who employed some towelhead. This guy stank. I mean he really smelled bad. I’m talking ‘hold your breath as you walked past him’ bad. Everyone else adopted a certain standard of personal hygiene, but not that cunt. Did management have a word? Hell no! That would be racist.

      This guy accepted a job as a Systems Administrator. A job which, at the time of a data centre migration project, required long hours, aggressive deadlines and being available at short notice to take care of system issues. This was known going in. Funny then that this cunt was allowed to fuck off for 30+ minutes multiple times a day to pray. Even when whole departments were waiting on a server re-build or whatever, this cunt would down tools and disappear. One time he was gone for over 2 hours. We found out later he’d fucked off to the local mosque. The other admins (systems, database, storage, network, etc.) were furious because several other people, including myself, had to pick up his slack.

      The punch line to this was as we approached the Easter period with still much to do, the boss effectively told all the admins we’d all have to be at work on Good Friday (which was a designated company holiday) to carry on working towards the migration effort. So beardy boy got a free pass to screw off time and time again on religious grounds AND get paid for it, but a Christian holiday was blatantly ignored because it was convenient to do so. The double standard was simply jaw dropping, but saying anything would of course have been racist. The boss was a massive cunt and so was stink fest beardy boy. It’s shit like this that makes it very, very difficult to put up with these fuckers.

      • Smelly cunts indeed.
        Try living above them. I’ve started making vomiting noises when I pass the Pez dispencers on the stairs.
        Well it cheers me up…….

      • My recently departed father in law didn’t fight the last years of WWII for this…..God rest his soul.

        They should come and work for me…..if they pissed ME off in anyway, I’d stick them on the bacon counter, non halal of course, until they fucked off and left.

        Then I’d give them their P45 wrapped in fucking bacon, as a parting gift! …….Cunts!

    • Unbelievable. Unless of course you live in the British Isles where for some reason this cuntish behaviour is accepted. Even more disturbingly, it is becoming commonplace.
      Sack the cunt for not doing the job they’re paid for, then deport the cunt for not working. Better still execute this piece of pig shit and stick their head on London bridge.
      Oh what’s the matter? Am I starting to sound like a muzzo now?
      They could always try and integrate into the British way of life.

    • Yet you go in an off license ran by Muslims for 5 generations they have no qualms about serving you alcohol, some people are just uppity cunts.

    • I was in Central London over the festive season. I headed to what i thought was an off licence to get a bottle of wine to take back to my hotel room. No fucking alcohol. Everything else you would think a newsagent/tobacconist/off licence would sell.

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      I fucking tell you, the big supermarkets will be covering up the booze like they currently do with the ciggies in the next few years.

      Where the fuck is my country going?

  1. Selling things to customers is what Tesco is all about. If they’re not prepared to do it, they shouldn’t be employed there. There’s plenty of normal English people who would like that job.

    • Get used to it. Won’t be long before all cashiers are muzzies and refusing to sell all sorts. Tesco, or any other supermarket, haven’t got the balls to reprimand the “offended” muzzie cunt so this will carry on.
      Fuck me, who would have guessed that supermarkets sell alcohol and a cashier had to take money for it.
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      • It probably will.I saw an experiment in the US where a radio show host went round several Muslim run bakeries and asked them to bake him a gay wedding cake and surprise surprise they refused.Now the media wouldn`t dare report that much easier to berate the Christians than those following the religion of peace tolerance and progressiveness (cough)

      • Could the more legally astute among us confirm or deny that it is in fact illegal to refuse to accept legal tender in the UK? I think it is. Hence, refusing to sell booze would be secondary to refusing to accept payment for it. That being the case, the muzzie bitch should be in jail. Just sayin’.

  2. Lewis Hamilton is a whiney little bitch who complains when Mercedes don’t let him win, pouts on the podium and then stomps off like a stroppy five year old if he doesn’t get his way….All the fucking time!

    Its a team sport, you pathetic man child!

    • And when he wins he acts the “rock star” and gets surrounded by whatever black slebs he’s being fucked by that month…….

  3. ….I wonder if the Beeb will run the Muzzie cashier story tonight?……..I doubt it…….Baaaaaaaah

  4. Fucks sake… Elton John, Mariah Carey and cunt Geldof are arranging a tribute concert for George Michael.

    Let the grief-fest begin! A pooves version of the Princess Diana mass hysteria beckons.

      • Trust that smelly flea ridden Irish cunt, Geldof, to jump onto this grief-fest like a huge bogtrotting gobshite leech… ‘Sir’ Elt we all know about, and Mariah Carey is a massive cunt who needs an entourage of about fifty servants/slaves to scratch her itchy arse… The Froggies guillotined cunts like her…

  5. I take it Dickhead Doublegay’s family have left him to rot in his own pissy pants.
    Good on them, maybe suicide will be next………..

    • Don’t worry about the prick, his sad posts will be gone soon. It’s obsessed with this site for some reason. Best ignored…..

  6. Oh look everyone. Ricky Doubleday is back from a UK wide tour of disabled toilets.

    Hi Ricky! Still sucking disabled cock like your hero George Michael? You little cum sponge bitch.

  7. Talking of nuisance’s, got my first cold call in over a week.
    Tried to play the game by starting off by repeatedly shouting what what what , followed by ten who are yous, then loud whistling until my throat cracked and then put by the telly speakers full blast.
    Only got 1 min 44 seconds out of the annoying cunt…….

  8. Haha , the doss cunts sat by his computer replying instantly.
    That’s some devotion to being a troll.
    Maybe commenting on here gives him the illusion he has balls…

      • What I don’t get is the pretending to be somebody else already here… It was obvious that wasn’t Dio… Just as it was obvious that previous attempts weren’t Sir Limply, Chas C, or Kath…

        And what was all that ranting about going to public school and knowing famous people?! Seriously, who gives a fuck?!… It’s absolutely insane that a grown adult behaves like that…

      • Maybe, if that’s his real name, he’s the Richard Doubleday that went to Guilford school of acting and appeared in coronation st and game of thrones.

        Not that I’ve been checking or anything ( bored/got a cold/insomnia), but if it is , he’s a weedy looking cunt……..

  9. Well , on ye go. Give us a cunting.
    All yiyve done is copy posts and leave random letters .
    If you’ve some cunting to do, well cunt on, I’m listening.

    Sad little cunt………..

    • Think it’s got to be someone people know Shaun,not just some pathetic little nobody who nobody knows or cares about. My old terrier’s got more chance of someone mourning him than poor,sad Rickie.

  10. Sir Jackie Stewart is a cunt,

    Typical jealous old fart, always criticising Lewis Hamilton for this and that, he is scared his 3 WDC will be eclipsed by Lewis next year. He is at every fucking race prancing around the paddock hoping to be interviewed by desperate cunts who can’t find anyone else more important to interview. Lewis can be a twat but no one caw not deny his driving ability, and in my opinion he is the best British driver ever. No one cares about what you’ve got to say Sir Jackie Stewart, you had your day now fuck off, try and have some class like Sir Stirling Moss you bitter fucking cunt.

    • Jackie Stewart is s cunt.
      Him , David Byrne and myself all come from the same town, but me and Dave never invite him to our homecoming rallies……

      • F1 is not my thing, but one day that James Hunt filum was on, so i gave it a geez.
        Excellent filum.

        MotoGP pisses all over F1, they little fuckers are crazy……..

      • MotoGP boys are a bunch of prissy euro faggots, Isle of Man TT and other road races now that’s proper headcases.

    • jackie stewart is a walking talking corporate tart. he’d open the local Poundland if the money was right. stiill, it beats working.

    • Nah John Surtees F1 and old motorcycle GP champion is the guy and he still ain’t got a knighthood unlike moss but there again would likely tell them to fuck off.

  11. And that Bernie Eccleston needs a kick in the bollocks, fucking cunt has almost ruined F1. They need to scrap all the tracks except for Silverstone, Spa, Suzuka and maybe some others like Monaco (only because of tradition). Whoever the cunt(s) are who designed these tracks which actually make overtaking difficult needs to be tied to the back of an F1 car and dragged around for at least 7 laps.

  12. Hello fellow cunters, I have only been on here a few months so I don’t know who this Rickie Doubleday or whatever his name is. Can someone just give me a little info on him please. I wasn’t sure what the fuck was going on earlier when I came on here and saw a load of nonsense, I knew it wasn’t Dioclese but it seemed to be someone with a large chip on a large chip on his shoulder.

    • Being a newbie myself, this was my first encounter with the troll.
      He had many chances to post his grievances, but chose to act like a weirdo.
      Very strange behavior, going online to try and annoy people , even though he has nothing to say……….

    • Well GB, the quick explanation is that Ricky Doubleday pissed off a bunch of people over on another blog and was quite unpleasant to a nice lady who is suffering with cancer.

      The nice lady in question actually had the gonads to go round to Doubleday’s place and call him out on it in front of his missus.

      For some reason, Doubleday has decided that any friend of Dioclese, or this site is fair game and will pop up from time to time waffling on about disabled toilets and posting incoherent crap in a pathetic and failed attempt to annoy the adults who post here.

      Basically he is a sexually inadequate and pathetic troll who, as far as we can tell has a thing for noshing off his Bruncledad in facilities equipped with Doc M pack bathroom furniture. Probably because this gives him something to hold onto / bite into while the various male relatives use him as a spunk sponge or bugger him senseless.

      Please note that he does live in Norfolk, so Bruncledad is not so much of an insult, more of an actual living relative.

      You will know when he appears, because he hijacks other people’s accounts and posts complete gibberish, completely out of keeping with the styles of writing that you will have come to expect from your pals here.

      Fortunately Dioclese is pretty hot on this and sorts out the fake posts fairly quick.

      The person I feel sorry for is his wife, who we are told is also suffering with the big C and has quite clearly married a cunt who spends his days wanking like a safari park chimp over the Doc M section of the Armitage shanks catalogue that she bought him for Christmas a couple of years back.

      She is the innocent in all this.

      He is a massive, massive cunt who should be treated with complete and utter contempt like that other massive cunt Chris Spivey.

      Hope that helps.

  13. Anybody been to Northampton when Silverstone is on ?
    Its like the center of the universe.
    Every hotel is fully booked at extortionate rates and people rent out their houses or spare rooms to cunts from all over the world.
    I don’t get it, surely F1 is better viewed on the telly.
    “Oh, here they come, and there they go.”
    “D’ye fancy a can of, oh here they come again and there they go”
    As i was saying, would you like me to get you a, oh here they come again and there they, ahh fuck it”……..

    • Been to Silverstone Birdman, it’s actually quite good watching it live. I know what you mean though you see a lot more when watching it on the tele. The fucking traffic leaving is a cunt though, then again traffic is a cunt wherever it is.

  14. Liam Gallagher is a cunt… Getting all indignant at some Twitermong telling a George Michael joke… Nowt wrong with genuine George fans being upset… But a bit rich from someone who refers to Man United fans and players as ‘Munichs’..

    • What did he say ?
      I’m having trouble getting into NME and Metro, like many other places. The only place i have access to just now is The Sun , The Mail and the Guardian.
      World wide web my arse……

      • “It better not be true about George Michael,” Gallagher wrote on Twitter, where he has 1.4 million followers. In a since-deleted reply to that tweet, a Twitter user by the name of @Migualez then made a joke that referred to Michael’s 1998 arrest in a public restroom in Beverley Hills, California.

        Incensed by the response, Gallagher directly replied to the Twitter user, writing: “Your [sic] a massive cunt good job your [sic] a nobody as if be coming down your chimney and volleying you in the face.

        OK, but if you laugh at air crashes you can’t pull someone else up for taking the piss out of the dead…

      • My girlfriend was a huge George Michael fan is was upset by news of his death so I thought I would pay tribute to him by walking into the toilet after her and wanking myself silly next to her.

      • Cheers Norman.
        But doesn’t “coming down your chimney and volleying you in the face” sound like something George Michael would get up to when cottaging ?

        Again cheers for answering, my connection is either slow or nonexistent at the moment. It took me four goes to reply to you.

        Again, world wide web my arse……..

    • Some folk are destined to be cunts the moment they slide out of one. Yep Liam Gallagher, that’s you me auld cocker!

      It’s gets to summat when that piss-stain can become indignant on someone else’s behalf.

      When those cunts were in their pomp in the early to mid 90’s, some of the shit they said/did – amongst today’s twittermong generation – would have had them running for their “safe spaces” quicker than you can say “she’s electric”.

      Also, because of the twittermong generation, news programmes are really struggling to find any cunt in person to eulogise about the plethora of the recently departed (I’ve tweeted so that’s me done – and another mai tai over here please).

      Today R5L were on about Carrie Fisher. They managed to precure that always available Star Wars shill Anthony Daniels (who is a classically trained Shakespearean actor who is NOT merely known for being C3-PO…well there was that “I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle” film I suppose). Fair enough, they did work together on 5 films.

      But the next cunt they dragged out of their arses was a woman who knew absolutely everything about Carrie Fisher including her mental health, addiction battles, generosity to all men, blah blah blah! All based on the fact that Fisher had signed an autograph for her once at one SciFi/Star Wars convention (no doubt at £50 a pop).

      Fuck’s sake ABBC, try and do some fucking proper journalism in 2017! And don’t get precious on certain groups of the populace based on race, religion or lifestyle. Anyone can be a cunt from any background so feel free to report as such! Don’t forget, I pay your wages via a stealth tax and I demand satisfaction!

      • Typical shite in the obituaries thing the B(lack)BC put on yesterday…Loads of stuff about Bowie, Prince, Ali (that fucking Parkinson footage again!),and Alan Rickman, but one second (a photo and caption) for Johan Cruyff: one of the greatest footballers who ever lived… I suppose the lazy cunts couldn’t be arsed digging out some footage of the Dutch Master at the 1974 World Cup…. And poor old Rick Parfitt… Now he’s been eclipsed in the griefjacking chain by George Michael and Princess Leia (you’d think she was real the way those fancunts go on!), none of the Twiitermongs give a toss about Rick now… Cunts..

        And if they show that fat cunt, Corden, with George Michael one more fucking time…

  15. More celebricunt news… Taylor Swift apparently made a 96 year old fan very happy when she visited him at Christmas…

    Did she sit on his face and he died a happy man?…

  16. Debbie Reynolds has been rushed to hospital.Christ at this rate there will be no one left !

  17. Ready for a laugh ?

    Al Jazeera’s latest put down of Donald Trump is about the fact he only sleeps for four hours a night with no naps.
    They spoke to a “sleep expert” , who warned that his lack of sleep could be dangerous when being president, and lead to making the wrong decisions.
    Everyday i hear nonsense being spewed from the left, but they really are clutching at straws now…………

    • What bullshit if there is a crisis a President needs to be able to stay up for long continuous periods of time.The fact he is on 4 hours a night means he will be better equipped to cope in such a situation whereas Killary probably takes half an hour to be hoisted out of bed in the morning.

    • From the memoires of many former Presidents 4hrs would be seen to be luxury.

      Most Presidents try to catch up on sleep during dead periods of the day (during travel, etc.). I’m sure Donald Trump does this himself already and so, if anything, is as qualified – if not more so – than a career politician.

      Another pointless news story to shock/horror the twittermongs who think everyone gets 16hrs a day sleep just like them (before they get down to a hard day’s tweeting and liking).

      The “one world view” of press reporting is driving a nonsensical mantra into subsequent fucked future generations so that they’ll all go for the (so called) liberalist option to hand back the power to the socio-libero-globalist cunts.

      By the time they realise what they have done to the world it’ll be too late and the liberalist society they craved – ruled by a world group 1984 style (who will be watching them and any dissent dealt with Shariah style) – preventing them from “tweeting” and “liking” (unless to support the world view) and with a blanket ban on candles just in case anyone dares hold a vigil against the world view (their only weapon having been emasculated over the intervening years).

      Snowflake cunts!

  18. Apparently Zlatan Ibrahimovic listens to a lot of Reggae whilst training, so he has gone up in my estimation. I can forgive him for playing for Manchester United, Rastafari Zlatan I and I is not a cunt. Ah wah di blooclaat ah gwan.

      • When Owen scored that winner in that 4-3 Manchester Derby, I felt dirty… Cheering an Owen goal… Was loving the City fans in tears, but did it have to be that mercenary Welsh dwarf who scored such an epic winner?…

        Zlatan may love himself, but at least he plays the game like a man… Unlike a lot of other foreign (and English) shithouses and diving cunts (usually witnessed at City or Arsenal)…

  19. Formula one is a bag of shite and all the drivers and fans are cunts.
    Should be called
    “formula forgone conclusion”

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