I would like to cunt quidditch – not the game in the Harry Potter films but the ‘sport’ played in the real world by cunts.

It has its own official rulebook a world cup and a UK premier league is about to start up. The game is non contact and mixed gender so ideal for student types.

It’s another way for snowflakes to escape the awful world they find themselves living in. What better way to forget Brexit and The Trump than to run around with a broomstick wedged between your arse cheeks.

Wikipedia have a page on it if you can be arsed.

The tidal wave of cuntishness continues.

Nominated by: Mahatma Koat

15 thoughts on “Quidditch

  1. Frankly Rickie, you have just proved that it is you! And you have been ratted out like the spineless low life you are.

    Reading your posts is like watching a rapidly deteriorating mental illness in written form, keep it up, it is really quite funny.

  2. I quite like watching young females run around with a stick shoved between their pissy flaps. My bestest most favourite filth site may even have its own tab dedicated to this sport. Its proving to be quite difficult to smash one off at the moment whilst the Mrs is at home on xmas holiday, and my I phone has already had one mid crank trip down the shithouse this Christmas, so I will try and find “polish anal quiddich bukkaki frenzy” when she returns to work.

  3. That fucking Victoria Beckham is to be awarded an O.B.E. for her services to fashion and charity.So much for the Queen and her awarding honours to “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” speech.

    First off, Victoria Beckham ranks alongside me for the amount of charity work done. i.e. none,zilch,fuck-all. Everything that cow does is to advance her and her repulsive children,the only charity work that I can see that she’s done is take on that retard husband of hers. Her fucking children look to have inherited the Monger gene too.
    Secondly,noone in their right minds believes that the bitch does anything other than steal the credit for “her” designs. The slag couldn’t design a toilet seat to shit through,never mind a dress.
    Thirdly, the pig-faced,powdery-fannied harridan might aswell have been awarded her O.B.E. for her glorious singing career,it makes about as much sense as trying to convince people that she is a charitable clothes designer.
    Fuck her,fuck her dopey husband,fuck her special-needs kids and fuck her parents for inflicting the witch on an unsuspecting nation.

    • In hindsight I might have been a bit harsh on Victoria,apparently “Posh Spice takes it up the arse”,so at least she has one redeeming quality.

  4. ‘Non contact’ ? Of course in the ‘real’ quidditch players can get killed and have to face cunts such as Dementors. Harry Potter would consider this version soft as fuck and wouldnt associate with the pooves and snowflakes who play it.

  5. I do find it slightly amusing that Rickie is telling us to get a life when he is trolling a website to the same standard a 12 year old would.Tell you what Rickie when it is light again tomorrow morning get out of your mothers basement and have a walk in the sun.Will do you good.Especially if you fall into a ditch or get hit by a lorry.

  6. The gay has made this game their own its a way of trying to get straights involved so they can a change them to the life of the gay,Stay clear,for fuck sake stay clear,Its an entrapment tactic by the gay,Avoid at all costs ,Stay safe boppers.

    • Do you suspect the Biggins could be behind this new grooming game, ANDZ? He’s a crafty poove,that one.

      • Oh yes dick,Biggins iv’e heard has brought a fuck card to be added to the rules you have a yellow card a red card and now a fuck card,If you are given the fuck card you are sent off pitch to a little shed which will be placed always on the left side of the pitch in their gay will await ,I recon you can guess wot you have to do then,Its a sick fucking world dick its a sick old fucking world.

  7. If you are ever bored, like i was one day last week, look up quidditch the “sport on Wikipedia.
    Utter nonsence, especially the gender rules, but entertaining reading.

    What ever happened to chavs ?
    You could always count on them to put a stop to fannies acting the cunt…….

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