Laurie Penny [3]

For an Oxford educated individual Laurie Penny is as thick as an uncut loaf! Usual adage applies: more degrees than a thermometer and not an ounce of common sense!

Usual “…immigrants are a net benefit to the UK economy…”.

Yes Laurie, yes they are, paying taxes into our economy to the sum of millions right now.

Alas, what no cunt then follows up with is the fact that those moneys “now” do not pay for houses, schools and hospitals “now” and the more it exacerbates the worse it’s going to get and impact more and more on the services available to everyone, which – unfortunately – includes those folk who were actually born and bred here (as much as that group is despised in this country these days).

It’s virtue signallers like her and her ilk which genuinely makes me feel unwanted in my own fucking country for fuck’s sake!

Also, when free movement of trade is mentioned, why does no cunt ever ask what the figures are, ratio wise, between the UK and the rest of the EU?

I bet it’s pretty much 1:1 for France, Germany, etc., the western European states. But I bet it’s 10,000:1 for the former eastern block/soviet states.

So Laurie Penny, you explain to me how the disparity of numbers IN vs OUT is even remotely fair!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

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