Angela Merkel [5]


Angela Merkel is a typical Hun Cunt….

Merkel now tells us to ‘set limits’ on what we say, having ordered the prosecution of a comedian for mocking the president of Turkey…. What people should and shouldn’t say? Limits? Prosecution for a joke?

All we need is the chorus of ‘Sieg Heil!’ and Dachau to be reopened… And The Four Tops to belt out ‘But it’s the same old Krauts….’

Nominated by: Norman

70 thoughts on “Angela Merkel [5]

  1. On second thoughts maybe someone shit their pants again, that’s the trouble isn’t it, shit always dribbles out of a well worn arsehole.

  2. Childish cunt, more shit to share with your family via email. A Savile victim perhaps?

  3. The thing about tinnitus is you adjust to it, at first it’s annoying but after a while you don’t notice it, your brain tunes it out. It’s still their but you pay it no attention and get on with your life. The same way we have become immune to a pointless droning cunt, annoying at first but the cuntings continue.

    No cunt will go uncounted, even the pointless wastes of oxygen who are so desperate to be noticed they will do anything for a bit of attention.

  4. I’d hope that even the biggest cunt that has been cunted would be able to put up a better reply than any of the child like gibberish and God sucking claptrap you tried with, Dicky dickless.

  5. Your big gay persecution complex is so sad, but ultimately I hope it will end in a successful suicide attempt. Stupid little paedo.

  6. How the fuck is this site secret? As for bedroom loners, I think you were looking at yourself when you wrote that. You are a sad fantasist, lonely because you are a fucking sociopath with no likeable qualities. How can you come to terms with impersonating a woman by posting under her name? You have no answer for this, you creepy freak scum. Good luck explaining that…..

  7. If he wants it secret, why does he advertise it on all his other blogs and social media accounts…? FAIL. 😀

    And he’s not the one with convictions for possessing indecent images of children, YOU ARE, you daft little paddy cunt. 😀

    You failed before you started: either you have to leave of your own accord (FAIL) or you wait to be booted off and blocked (FAIL). 😀

    The funniest thing about your adolescent-level trolling is the rambling self-justifications which are always changing. Firstly you posted some crap about addresses being published (FAIL), then you made up some stuff about Dio “grooming” the users of the site (FAIL), then more recently you said it was “revenge” for the cunting of public figures (FAIL), now you’re tiny delusional mind has invented more nonsense about Dio wanting to keep the site secret (FAIL)…. 😀 😀 😀

    I’m losing track of all your fails, they’re coming so thick and fast.. 😀

    But by all means stay as long as you wish – any truly sophisticated troll would be long gone by now as they would know that the longer you hang around the more of a digital trail you leave… (FAIL). 😀


    You mean “fucking well KNOW it” surely, you illiterate little cunt? 😀

    So you’ve really not given any serious thought as to why you are being permitted to remain…?

    Think about it, you daft little paddy cunt. 😀

  9. “Honestly years and years of reading blogs never a bit of banter from another family member or relative,no colleagues nothing personal, its all blog mates with daft names they don’t know in real life”

    Yup – that pretty much describes 99% of blogs, fansites, etc etc.

    This isn’t Facebook, you daft little paddy cunt. FAIL. 😀

  10. O’course that depends on your view on whether or not they deserve to be cunted.

    I do, that’s why I cunt them. More than happy to explain that to them in person but doubt I’ll ever get the chance as an able bodied white man in full-time employment because I’d be seen as a security risk.

    If I had a couple of hooks and one eye (from a bomb making incident gone wrong) then I’m sure I’d be welcomed into the cunts inner sanctum with both arms, or hooks, as the case may be.

    It’s called free speech. Plenty of folk call me a cunt, and to my face. It’s much deserved but it’s also water off a duck’s back.

    So why do you think you’re the champion of the cunted? Who appointed you chief cunt-slayer?

    Answer is: no one.

    You have a personal axe to grind because you were outed as a troll cunt. That’s fine, we accept your protest (asinine as it is) but please don’t dress it up as you defending the honour of those cunted, that’s just utter bollocks!

    You basically got burned for being a cunt and this is your attempt at a retort. Thing is, if you were smart (which you quite clearly are not) you could have easily trolled on here, chucking the odd grenade in here and there, and have gone completely unnoticed.

    Unfortunately your churlish behaviour identified you as a snivelling cunt from the off, O’ defender of the cunted…

  11. so diaccording to the troll, dio and eye have been removed as admins. don’t know how that could happen since it is their site. We all know dio is on hols, cos he said so, and I rarely see eye on the site, if ever. this leaves two questions. Who posted Norman’s nom of fat frau merkel? and why did they not ban the dullard troll while they were here? pass me the tinfoil hat please

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