Angela Merkel [5]


Angela Merkel is a typical Hun Cunt….

Merkel now tells us to ‘set limits’ on what we say, having ordered the prosecution of a comedian for mocking the president of Turkey…. What people should and shouldn’t say? Limits? Prosecution for a joke?

All we need is the chorus of ‘Sieg Heil!’ and Dachau to be reopened… And The Four Tops to belt out ‘But it’s the same old Krauts….’

Nominated by: Norman

70 thoughts on “Angela Merkel [5]

  1. The Edinburgh Cunt Festival starts today. So many cunts all in the one place. Where are ISIS when you need them?

  2. No so much “Do as I say, not as I do.” as “Do as I say, or else!” from Angela.

    Also since the failed coup in Turkey President Erdogan has taken the opportunity to shut down over 100 press agencies, declare a state of emergency (giving him executive power over all aspects of the country including the military allowing him to use it as he sees fit without seeking the approval of their parliament), sack and arrest countless military personnel (whether involved in the coup or not) and basically arrest anyone who dares fart in the wrong key.

    Prior to the coup he wanted a blanket ban on all social media in Turkey – which is no bad thing IMO with all the TwitFace fucktards on the planet – so long as the reasons were noble, these weren’t, he basically wanted to suppress his own nation’s right to free speech. How ironic that the cunt used FaceTime to speak to his nation when he was 36,000ft in the air shitting himself that the coup would succeed.

    I remember something similar to this back in 1979, where the miltary was annexed and the only news/press agencies allowed being the ones controlled by a President. There weren’t any mobile camera phones back then so dissenters were frog-marched out of the building and summarily shot.

    The country was Iraq and the protagonist was Saddam Hussein.

    Erdogan was democratically elected but I always get a bit twitchy when the “free press” of any nation is suppressed because then you can only get the views of the President, or the views/stories they want you to see, while all other views/stories are suppressed.

    When that happens a nation swiftly turns from being a democracy into being a dictatorship.

    Still, so long as it has Angela’s blessing, that’s ok then…

  3. Just because you were reported to your ISP for spamming and trolling, you daft little paddy cunt! 😀 😀 😀

    • The troll (aka Mummy’s Little Bender) is annoyed because Dio reported the troll’s IP address to his ISP for trolling/spamming. 😀

      Daft little paddy cunt. 😀 😀 😀

    • One day the meds will wear off and he’ll realise what an utter cunt he is and nominate himself for a cunting.

      • I think it may take more than that, as you know bullies and trolls are often people who have been emotionally damaged by some past trauma, the scale of the trauma is in portion to the moral fibre of the individual, so per individual it could vary from not being allowed to go to badminton, or being shared by a pedo ring.
        Our little puppy thinks they are safe due to the following factors.
        1, as members we can’t trace ISP
        2, anonymity as we think 3 accounts are bogus/ hacked.
        now not blowing my own trumpet but I have been admin on a few sites, one site I found a rouge invited peaple to use their laptop at meetings and kept their log ins to further their aim (military site private)
        on another forum I found a number of sleepers, they are false account’s (or lying cunts) that sit there and do nothing until the troll decides to attack, our troll has 3 accounts.
        Its up to the boss to ban and share.

  4. I’ll tell you who is a fucking cunt….
    Jim Parsons, that geeky wanker Sheldon in that pisspoor yank nerd comedy.

    I’m watching the cricket on a US stream and every break has an Intel ad, with the cunt being all geeky and nerdy.
    Isn’t he an 40 something, playing some wee lad?

    Dodgy character, I reckon.
    Is he a gayer too?…Bet he is

    • He is yes. All open about it which is de-rigeur these days.

      Yes he is in his 40’s. So am I and I look wrecked! He must have had a fucking easy paper round!

  5. Yup. That pretty much covers it.

    Daft little paddy cunt trolling (and cunting) himself now. 😀 😀 😀

  6. Sky news’, and I’m using the word news in its loosest possible application, Niall Paterson is a monkey faced porridge wog cunt who can’t talk properly. He “speaks” in a bizarre series of grunts, clicking sounds and whirring noises making him incomprehensible. You would have thought it essential for a news ( that word again, I’ll just say “the N word” in future ) reader to be able to speak the fucking language properly. Not so on Sky. He is far from being the only one too, Katie Stallard, Mark White, James Matthews and Jo Wilson have similar difficulties. While I applaud Sky for offering opportunities to those with the most severe speech impediments they really should have sub titles so that normal people can understand them.

  7. The BBC are still cunts…
    Headline on the news site? ‘Black Lives Matter protests stop cars and trams’
    Which is basically a load of student knobheads and right-on cunts disrupting Metrolink services…. These BBC cunts obviously see this as more important than terrorism and murder…

    The knife wielding psycho who caused so much damage in Russell Square is now -to the BBC – an official ‘non-story….’ First of all, they wouldn’t say that he was a Muslim Migrant (which he was/is)… Those gutless, bleeding heart cunts at the Beeb referred to the killer as a ‘Norwegian national of Somalian origin… A 19-year-old “Norwegian national of Somali origin?” Oh, you mean a Muslim immigrant? Just say it, you BBC cunts! Then the knife rampage by Somali Muslim in London now downgraded by the BBC to a “street attack”. .
    And today there is no mention of the RusselLSquare carnage on the BBC site…

    But ‘Black Lives Matter’? That’s different…The BBC should have a banner on their news website that says ‘White Lives Don’t!’ Because their total disregard and covering the facts about Russell Square proves that they don’t give a toss… And someone should tell these BBC bastards that their precious ‘Black Lives Matter’ mob revel in the deaths of police officers…

    • Yes I take complete offense at these “Social Justice Warriors” who are protesting on behalf of others (most of whom wish these fuckwits wouldn’t try to protest on their behalf by proxy because they do their cause – whatever that might be – more harm than good).

      Please notice that this all happened during the day, so basically a bunch of work-shy dole-wallahs with fuck all else to do with their sad little lives than disrupt folk who are trying to earn a crust.

      Yeah I’m sure that’ll endear the ordinary working bod to a cause which a) you know nothing about (but it beats working for a living, eh), and b) is based on a false notion anyway.

      Most of these SJW cunts, if you argue the facts to them, melt or shrivel up into their own little world of the righteous, a world which exists purely in their heads, along with the oppression which (whether gender, race or sexuality based) truly doesn’t exist but which gives them an excuse to get out of bed that day (as opposed to working).

      If you look on YouTube, for every SJW protest there’s a rake of “FAIL!” videos illustrating what a set of gormless cunts they are.

      My favourite is the one where there’s a BML protest in the states and a black guy calls out this white hick munter chick on what it is exactly that SHE personally is protesting against?

      After eloquently dancing circles around this welfare whale she basically “shows him the hand” and then states: “You just have no idea what it’s like to be black in this country!” – and waltzes off back into her own little fantasy world. Yes the guy she was ranting at was black!

      SJW’s are all cunts, disruptive drain on society cunts, and cunts who deserve to be nominated for an utter cunting! The cunts!

      • Good cunting, Norman. The BBC are indeed uber-cunts but the rest of the mass media are not any better.

        Did you know that 3 days ago wikileaks release documents linking Killary to ISIS? No? That is because there has been an almost total news blackout in the mainstream media. You would have thought the potential leader of the free world having connections with funding ISIS would get at least a mention on BBC, ITV, C4, Sky et al but absolutely sweet fanny adams, shtum, not a dicky bird, fucking nada. Instead it is up to “alternative” media to break the news, the media most of the sheeple have no clue about and can easily be dismissed as the paranoid conspiracy theory of cranks. What a set of cunts.

  8. Of course Merkel should have done what the UK did with the EU referendum… She should have asked the German people, ‘Do you want these on the make medieval mentality goatfuckers here in Germany?’ But she didn’t, obviously… The fat old Fuhrer just said ‘I want them here and fuck you!’ Merkel has betrayed every single person in Germany and she has also shat on every German woman, as Merkel gave the green light to greasy arsed rapists to make their lives a misery…

    The place was better when that wall was still up, and Merkel was still powerless in that Est Berlin shithole…

  9. Aziz Ibrahim is a cunt…

    The ex- Simply Red and (he says) ex- Stone Roses guitarist is now milking his brief association with the Rosesand the guitarist of another huge band… First of all, it wasn’t ‘The’ Stone Roses that Aziz Ibrahim joined… Reni and Squire had gone, and without them there was no Stone Roses… He became part of a short-lived comedy act with the Roses name, along with that clown, Robbie Maddix…

    Now Ibrahim is all over the place, going on about how Slash wanted to join The Stone Roses and that he (Slash) was turned down because of his leather trousers… This isn’t news for a start… It was heard about 20 years ago, and it was a rumour then… Ian Brown just said ‘Fuck off! We hate Guns ‘N Roses! Redneck crap!’ when asked about Slash at the time… Even Slash himself says it was bollocks… It wouldn’t have worked anyway… For The Roses you need Squire, Brown, Mani, Reni…. It’s like all that ‘latterday Byrds’ bollocks… Fuck the likes of Parsons, Battin and all the others… The Byrds were McGuinn, Clark, Crosby, Hillman and Clarke…

    Aziz Ibrahim is using bigger names and ancient hearsay to get himself noticed and get clickbait… Should have stuck with that Hucknall prick, you cunt….

  10. Well I suppose mimicry is the highest form of flattery.

    Got nothing to say yourself? Plagiarise someone else. A lot easier isn’t it, especially for the hard of understanding.

    So you got cunted out for being a troll cunt, my heart bleeds but two wrongs don’t make a right, take your parents for instance!

  11. Definitely the most uneducated, boring troll cunt I’ve ever come across. You obviously don’t realise how stupid you are.

  12. Failed troll in failed trolling shocker.

    We will still be here long after you are gone and we will be cunting as much as ever.

    Better make the most of it while you can. IP packets flow both ways fella.

  13. Backdoors everywhere, not only the one you like getting smashed in by strangers in toilets but the ones that let people who know how poke around your PC.


  14. Have you ever seen a 2 year old throw a tantrum? Screaming it’s puny lungs out, flowing from it’s piggy little eyes a waterfall of tears and its nose a lava flow of snot as it rolls on the floor pulling its own hair out and thrashing about like some obscene spasticated cockroach zapped with bug spray?

    Remind you of anyone?

    • Thats unfair skidmark, children don’t have a level of proper understanding and will, so they don’t know any better.

      Although 30-40 yr old trolls living with their mothers shitting themselves and their stupid DOS attempts do know what they are doing. Pathetic cunts Piss Off!

  15. Fuck me, the lifeless spastic Doubledick has put a full shift in today. I suppose at least the toddlers in the local park don’t have to worry about him wanking in the bushes. At least with the nonsense he is posting, you don’t have to bother reading it, and just skip past to the genuine comments. He must be one lonely sad old wannabe paedo, but so pathetic even a five year old could fight him off. No wit or intellect, non threatening boring crap, I will may send links of his trolling to his family, then he can explain to them why he is such a cunt.

    • The troll cunt must bulk buy vaseline to keep up this wanking. Should be easy to find.

  16. Point is the troll cunt is powerless and will make fuck all difference to this site whatever it tries. Always a mistake to allow psychos internet access.

    • If I was his parent (God forbid) I would be deeply disapointed, ashamed and extremely concerned about his mental health and general state of mind. What I see here is a very disturbed child who is his own worst enemy and very probably a danger to himself and if it’s true about his paedophile activity a danger to children. I suggest this sad little troll cunt sees his doctor asap and suggests a referral to a psychiatrist because his behaviour is beyond abnormal and quite disturbing

  17. Do your family know of your little fun and games? They soon will. Like how you stole a woman’s log in to mince about like a child. I wonder how many of them are god botherers? It will all come out in the wash. They are going to love you…….

  18. If you think “cunting” out the members of the forum is done by cut’n’pasting a bit of copy here and there, or with a few random keypresses then you’re sadly mistaken.

    Sounds to me like you’d make an excellent “Social Justice Warrior”: nothing original to say or do, just jumping on a bandwagon of pretention to feel good about yourself because it’s either that or a hot bath and a razor blade.

  19. Not confused about the troll at all.

    Dio has often sent me screenshots of the troll’s previous attempts to post which got caught in the spam filter. And of course they have the IP address on them.

    Daft litle paddy cunt. 😀 😀 😀

    • Talk about living in your own little world where self delusion passes for intelligence.
      Tragic, were it not so funny.
      And just remember, little Ricky or whatever, I am laughing at you, not with you…

  20. “Cunts you have been cunted”

    – yes, we frequently cunt ourselves, so that’s a big fat FAIL. 😀

    “Grow a pair of bollocks you cry babies and look at this bit of fun as revenge for all those public figures you have cunted”

    – no cry babies here, princess. The cunting of public figures is a bit of fun too, so your point is what exactly? FAIL. 😀

    “its the unforseen consequences mularky”

    – if you troll/spam, you must expect that your IP address will reported to your ISP. Oh, and you spell it “malarkey”. FAIL (and another FAIL for spelling) 😀

    “Cunting isnt just for you…..why can’t I cunt about., cunting is for everyone ”

    – of course cunting is for everyone, that’s why so many new people cunt here. FAIL 😀

  21. Nobody is being wound up though – the only person coming across as being wound up is you, princess. It’ll be all those anal ulcers keeping you awake at night. FAIL 😀

    • Cunt should have stuck to cebeebies, his intellectual level. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone go through a breakdown before, it’s been informative.

  22. Cunted? By you? In your dreams, you have been a minor irritation. You are too much of a cunt to be able to successfully cunt anyone else.

    You are a maggot on a carcass, carry on with your desperate efforts and I will carry on laughing at you.

    Go take a long hard look in the mirror and remind yourself that no one dislikes you as much as you do.

  23. Black lives matter UK are cunts.
    Imagine saving for years for that holiday of a lifetime, or just putting up with a shit job all year, looking forward to a week away from it all, to remember what life is all about. Then, a couple of yards away from the airport that is the start of your holiday, you are stopped in your tracks, and your holiday is ruined because some pathetic student and dolescum types are having their five minutes of glory. Any sympathy that people may have mistakenly had with their non cause has evaporated with only the BBC to trumpet the cunts cause, which is bullshit. Radio four had it as it’s lead article on the PM show, with the usual bollocks stats and figures but no story. Next time the cunts do it, and they said there will be more protests (yawn), let’s see how many crusties we can jump over in a challenger tank, Eddy Kidd style……

    • Can’t even really be bothered to give them a proper cunting, they don’t have a fucking clue, they need to go live in a country run by blacks where all the police are black. They would find out what police brutality was then.

      Fucking sick of hearing black lives matter from a community which is culturally adept at murdering and raping, robbing its own.

      Don’t like life in Britain, try Zimbabwe, Somalia, Nigeria or any of the other roots homelands.

      These cunts don’t know the meaning of oppression or victimisation, maybe the THUGS want to stop their intimidation of anyone unfortunate enough to come across them.

      Black lives matters is a racist movement, cunts to the last.

  24. Pray tell, exactly how have you “got anyone back” apart from cluttering up the site with repeated unimaginative cut and paste drivel? It’s hardly apocalyptic vengeance isn’t it? You even waited til the admin went off on (yet another) holiday because you wouldn’t have stood a fart in a hurricane’s chance of trolling otherwise. The impression I get from the other regulars is that you’ve given us all something to laugh at but it’s just become boring because that’s all you’ve got and there is no way you’ll actually admit to being utterly played out.
    Which you are…
    Now off to kip so I’ll have to read Vlad the Impaler’s life story again in the morning if I can be arsed.

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