Prince William [2]


Prince William is a Cunt for his gay magazine poof up appearing on the Attitude gay magazines front cover and for a interview… maybe to meet some gents too perhaps?

For me this marks the final end to the legitimacy(decency too) of the Crown. They have spit on their ancestors and destroyed their own honor.

Being a traditional Royalist, this doesn’t surprise me there’s more cousin shagging and race mixing in the royal family then previously thought so whats a little poof promotion. The last genuine link to Britain and it’s ancient genuine Royal ancestry, was Queen Elizabeth I… well mostly but basically she was.

Nominated by: Titslapper

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    • Haven’t heard of many christian hacker groups Mr.Bastard although there are a few of them. I think these trolls are just being annoying cunts reciting bible verses is a bit odd and unusual though I’ll give you that.

      As to why they would want to target ISAC is beyond me though, I still think its ricki double day and some of his butt buddies

      • He is the most likely candidate (cuntdidate?).
        Double the cunt, double the pleasure…

  1. I have to say our pet troll is up early this morning.

    Probably because it’s Bruncledad woke it up with a hot load of jizz up it’s jacksey.

    • Q: how does our pet troll know when his sister has her period?

      A: because Bruncledad’s cock tastes of blood.

      • Is the Eye away on vacation too? maybe he doesn’t know whats going on?
        These cuntfaced trolls are starting to really get on my nerves perhaps I’ll just go offline for a few days until this bloody mess is sorted out

  2. Consistency is good, failing at live everyday in everyway doesn’t count though.

    • Fuck me, that was a load of shit. I knew the god squad were a bit thick to believe in all that crap, but I think fucking Star Wars is more believable. I suppose you will find solace in anything when you are being molested by a trusted uncle….

  3. .I take it you are in frustrated preist mode, longing for your days as the favourite choir boy

  4. I take it you are in frustrated priest mode, longing for your days as the favourite choir boy

  5. I take it you are in frustrated priest mode, longing for your days as the favourite choir boy

  6. And Charlton Heston did say “Let my people go”
    And Tony Curtis did say “I am Spasticus”
    …or something like that.

  7. Little Tommy the failed troll was never invited to parties, he was ugly fat and smelt of piss. He would always try and ruin the other kids fun because he thought they would at least notice him.

    They did briefly notice him, look they cried , there is Tommy the troll, how they pointed and laughed and laughed and laughed at him

    • Don’t you even feel a little bit creepy stealing a woman’s login? Scum.

  8. 5 more days to go, you never know someone might let slip an address should be interesting, a question previous put forward was” why target ISAC”, well why not? you have women pissing on war memorials these days, so I would rather these morons stayed at home doing stupid things like this, rather than me risking a criminal record should I catch them doing something more creative in the street.

  9. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has to be cunted yet again. The very day he unveiled his new gay boy robocop on motorbike wannabes a nutter hacks to death an American woman and injures 5 others ( British, American, Israeli and Australian ) in a busy area in the middle of London.

    The perpetrator is a Norwegian citizen and is suffering from mental health problems. Nothing what so ever to do with Islam or terrorism. The fact that he is a muslim of Somali origin is just a co-incidence. The really frightening thing about this unprovoked and vicious attack is that it might cause a backlash against muslim communities. Adele is expected to start crying soon. Cunts……

  10. LOL @ “threats and intimidation” 😀 😀 😀

    Just because you were reported to your ISP for spamming and trolling, you daft little paddy cunt.

    • LOL @ “threats and intimidation” 😀 😀 😀

      Just because you were reported to your ISP for spamming and trolling, you daft little paddy cunt.

  11. Now, you don’t know who I am, but I know where you live, can’t do anything now, I work all week and Saturdays, but I will spend the evenings looking through the net, you do know I can get your house plans on the internet? Trouble is which person, let the fun begin see you on sunday!

  12. The piss poor troll will be tucked up in bed, getting his arsehole widened by his local vicar by now, the autistic prick. Doubledong!

  13. Double postings! triple postings! and quadruple postings! you trolls are just pissing in the wind at this point, what abunch of uncreative and unfunny shit you boring cunts come up with.

    Don’t you useless bellends have something better to do either then making abunch of posts with empty spaces and gibberish spelling taking up the page’s.

    Your whole trolling operation is bloody stupid, so basically you’re here because you think dio and the eye are nonces(or something incriminating) obviously bullshit because wheres the proof? exactly you don’t have any!

  14. The cunt acts like his name has been pulled out of a hat, and that he has done nothing to deserve it. Little cuckolded ponce, like a gayer version of Ronnie Corbett in Sorry, living with mum, and the cunt couldn’t get laid with a claw hammer and a screwdriver. Sitting alone in his bedroom, slowly wanking to pictures of kids while pushing a drawing pin into his only descended bollock. Sad little prick…..

  15. Let me know when the troll cunt is firmly back beneath his bridge. Nice work, thanks for spoiling the site for a week or two.Cunt

  16. Funny things TCP/IP Packets, the contain much more information that people think they do.

  17. Well as far as I am concerned it’s back to business and I have a busy weekend ahead of me so I would like to cunt a number of cure charities.
    Dr Jonas Salk discovered a vaccine for polio, he made no patent on it and shared the cure, fair play to him ethically sound but lacking in business sense, it rather annoys me that since that time charities continue to rattle their buckets at me and pharmaceutical companies search for a breakthrough on less debilitating deseases, it sort of makes me think, is there more money to be made in reducing the symptoms than curing the desease? Make of it what you will they are cunts!

    So it the troll Sunday is a date ok!

    • Cunts from cancer research collect money to fund the development of new treatments, yet when they become available, they are too expensive for most people. Fuck charity.
      Does anyone else feel annoyed that the NHS is being forced to offer PREP, an AIDS barrier drug, at a cost of four hundred quid a month, to promiscuous gays to have unprotected sex? Before long, I reckon you will be able to get leather chaps and butt plugs on prescription….

  18. Jared Leto is a cunt…
    Most definitely the crappest Joker ever.. None of Cesar Romero’s flair and enthusiasm, none of Jack Nicholson’s talent, and none of Heath Ledger’s menace… Leto really is a shite Clown Prince Of Crime….

    The rest of Suicide Squad is bollocks too… Deadshot is black (that Will Smith cunt, when Deadshot is white int the storied), that silly cow, Margot Robbie, acting (badly) like she’s in a Carry On film, and that talentless Delevigne slag, just being irritating as usual… These DC films have really been shite…

    • Nice to see you up and cunting Norman, I’m all cunted out right now, what with all this trolling shite

    • I gave Batman V Superman another chance, now that the 3 hour plus extended cut is on the net. The added scenes mean it makes more sense but it’s arse numbingly long and Jesse Eisenberg is still crap. Gal Gadot has rather grown on me for some reason though…

  19. Sounds like some cunt strayed too close to the fire and is now squealing like a stuck pig because *they* got burned rather than their quarry.

    If anyone sounds haunted tis you, you sad little cunt!

    Oh and by the way, all these threats of plod and “Oh, won’t your family be SOOOOOOO disappointed in you!” – yeah, they would cos I’m much more of a cunt in real life and they’ll be horrified that I’ve toned it down when I post on here.

    As other *real* posters have said, if you cunt someone be prepared to cunt them in person should the fat lady sing. Well, all the cunts I’ve cunted on here, I’d fucking relish the chance to do it in person!

    However you, whichever site it was, must have cunted or acted like a cunt out of turn and when that’s been flipped on you, you decide to act like an imbecilic child by posting utter shite on here.

    I wouldn’t care, I could half forgive you if your retorts/protests were either humerous, educated or well authored, alas they’re none of those, just sad. I would say deeply troubled but the Samaritans already have enough on their plate, so I’ll just stick with sad.

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