65 thoughts on “Jonathan Freedland

  1. Why do you keep hiding in the guise of Sir Limply anyway ? Do you not think that you would have been sussed out immediately from the start of your sad trolling campaign. Do you really think for one nano second that the people who frequent this website would believe Sir Limply would spew such nonsense, bullshit and extremely illiterate text. FAIL FAIL FAIL

  2. This is all getting a bit silly. There is nothing wrong with writing a critique of the great and the good in the day to day language of millions of people. Bono does not need the Troll protector of cuntards to defend his “honour”

    There are few mild “porn pics” from time to time, but I suspect most have seen a vagina or two in their time, so not sure what your outrage is ?

    Cant you just fuck off elsewhere?

  3. Done and dusted
    Kippers and custard
    A suprise in store
    For the troll next door.


  4. Ok, answer me a question then. You claim Dio has posted threats and personal information about you. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t , I couldn’t care less. Why though didn’t you report that to the relevant authority? Surely such behaviour would amount to breach of privacy and intimidation? Your petty rants and claims on here are not going to resolve your issues about it.

  5. I’d just like to say that I’m not suffering from keyboard Tourette’s, it’s that the little faggot troll has had his posts deleted. Yay??

    • The “fun” has been “beginning” ever since you started trolling and yet there’s zero evidence of any real success or lasting damage.

      Big fat fail #8.


  6. It’s his rambling self-justification that marks the cunt out as delusional at best and an unhinged narcissist at worst.

    Firstly he says it’s “revenge” for Dio publishing “a real address” – untrue, of course, though the troll’s IP address was reported to his ISP. So that’s big fat FAIL #1.

    Then he accuses Dio of “grooming” users of ISAC. Really? “Grooming” adults? How does that work then? It’s only vulnerable kids who can be groomed (although the troll would know all about this with his conviction for possessing indecent images of children). Big fat FAIL #2

    Then he says it’s because ISAC posters “hide behind fake names”. But so do 99.9% of people on every forum and blog on the internet, from Mumsnet to Spivey. Only on Facebook are “real names” encouraged – and yet their own best guess is that between 80 and 140 million of them are fake. Big fat FAIL #3

    Then he says it’s “revenge” for cunting public figures. If public figures felt seriously aggrieved by Freedom of Speech, you can bet that solicitors letters would have been received by WordPress and forwarded to the site admin. Big fat FAIL #4

    Then he says he’s cunting us to give us a taste of our own medicine, but since we frequently cunt ourselves, that’s big fat FAIL #5

    The truth is, the cunt doesn’t know why he’s doing it. There’s no moral or ethical justification, he’s just a sad little cunt with too much time on his hands. He knows he’s failed already because he either has to leave of his own accord (big fat FAIL #6) or waits to get booted (big fat FAIL #7).

    And he evidently hasn’t grasped why he’s being permitted to remain for the time being. Doesn’t he realise WordPress has well-practised and extremely effective policies in place for tracing and dealing with cunts like him?

    I’ve posted this several times already in other threads and the cunt has always deleted them – proof (if proof were needed) of the truth of what I’ve said and the fact that we’ve got under the extremely thin skin of this daft little pedo cunt.

    Come on, cunt – delete this too. Prove to me that I’ve got you worried

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