Ed Miliband [10]

The last who wants to be a millionnaire

Ed Miliband is a stupid hand gesturing, socialist tripe peddling, question dodging, nasally-voiced fucking bastard of a cunt. He needs his adenoids removing…

Is he a cunt?…”Hell yes!”

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Watched the opposition parties debate last night? I did.

Miliband won’t do business with the SNP, or the Greens, or UKIP, or the Welsh and thinks Cameron is a cunt and Clegg is a waste of space. The arrogant little shit still thinks he can form a government on his own and just in case he can’t, he’s shutting the door on anyone who will support him.

Is Miliband a too faced, politically naive little shit? “Hell, yes!”

Is he going to win 326 seats on May 7th? “Hell, no!”

Nominated by: Dioclese

21 thoughts on “Ed Miliband [10]

  1. David Cameron is a cunt. A spineless, hypocritical, lying, scaremongering cunt.
    A cunt too scared to debate his record of failure that he chickens out of debating head-to-head with what ought to be an absolute pushover of an opponent. This smug, entitled, Bullingdon Club cunt has the audacity to allege that he kept all his promises from 2010 when he did no such thing (why has the 2010 “Contract between the Conservative Party and you” mysteriously disappeared from the Tory website and archive?). This brazen cunt lies every time he opens his mouth, hides behind the Daily Mail and The Sun (both cunted previously) and only pops up now and then to cuddle a lamb (immediately prior to its Halal slaughter no doubt) or to try to attract sympathy by endlessly mentioning his dead son, like the desperate and cynical cunt that he is.

    Ken Clarke recently said that all the Tory personal attacks and dirty tracks would backfire on them. And even former Conservative Minister Portillo (has he been cunted? And if not, why not?) admits that the Tories have to lie about their intentions for the NHS otherwise they wouldn’t stand a chance of getting elected: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGkoC33C7EU

    David Cameron, former PR man for Carlton TV, is a cunt par excellence. He, Miliband and Clegg represent all that is wrong with politics – no convictions, no credibly costed policies, no credible positive messages, just glib spin, infantile scaremongering and barefaced lies. They are all cunts who treat the electorate with utter contempt, but in my opinion Cameron just edges it by virtue of his arrogant sense of entitlement.

    • “too scared to debate his record of failure that he chickens out of debating head-to-head with what ought to be an absolute pushover of an opponent” – Hear what you say Fred but Dumbledoor did point out at the end of last night’s massdebate that Cameron, Miliband and Clegg will be on Question Time in election week, so that rather makes the ‘won’t debate head to head’ from Miliband a bit pathetic doesn’t it?

      Or is Miliband so thick he doesn’t know his own appointment schedule? Actually he probably is come to think of it…

  2. Never understood the cuddling lambs thing. Lambs-you stupid boring little twats–you are doomed!

  3. Did anyone see those three silly bitches on the debate on the telly? Poiltical parties should be fiercely opposed to one another… Not giving it all that touch feely ‘all girls together’ bollocks… One can imagine Sturgeon, Wood and that Aussie getting pissed on white wine, slagging men (any men) off for hours and then dancing on the tables singing ‘I Will Survive’…
    Of course that spaz Ed Joined in… He’d have got more points if he’d viewed them as the silly cows that they actually are… I’ll say one thing for Farage: he didn’t fall for that love-in crap and he told the BBC exactly what they are and always have been (leftie PC cunts)… He should have put the boot in and mentioned Savile and Auntie’s other nonce protecting…

  4. Whenever I see Ed Milliband I always think of that character from Blazing Saddles…
    “Candygram for Mongo!”

  5. Ed miliband is a cunt, not the biggest cunt of the night though – that goes to the audience for clapping every stupid thing the three “progressive ” Bffs said. He didn’t even have the most annoying voice either, that too goes to the whiny aussie. Ed will get in I fear as even with Lib dem, ukip, uup support Dave still couldn’t get a government, that gives us five years of socialist Scottish government to enjoy with a pm who looks like a weasle and a pocket sized scotch feminist pulling the strings with our fragile economy in the safe hands of Balls.

    I don’t think I will enjoy the next five years very much.

    • The whole thing is a fucking charade. Armed with ‘manifesto speak’ they pitch up to endlessly repeat what’s in the shabby bunch of waiting-to-be-broken ‘promises’ they call a manifesto. Each of them studiously avoiding answering any question that challenges an assumption made on the back of frankly ridiculous spending figures.
      4.5 billion here, 30 billion there…Call any of these into question and the aggressive defense it ilicits gives the lie to precisely what they get so heated about defending. Fuck off you plastic brained, media-savvy, smarmy, insincere, unable to add up, whores-for-power cunts…

  6. I think all of them are cunts. I hate eds face with his massive nose. I also hate Cameron, you can see the blatent lies through his ugly faCe. But I agree with some of ukips points and I think I would’ve voted for him if he and his party weren’t racist.

    • I’d say xenophobic rather than racist. Maybe even patriotic? Project Fear want you to think he’s a racist but you can’t believe everything you hear about Farage – especially from the BBC.

      Mind you, there’s so much mud slinging going on at the moment that you can’t believe anything about any of them. Time we had a box on the ballot paper for ‘No suitable candidate’ IMHO…

  7. Well I totally agree with you on that. All politicians are corrupt one way or the other. Very difficult time not sure who to believe. Been listening to lbc 97.3 fm for the last 6 weeks non stop but haven’t been able to decide yet. anyway all the best everyone

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    Therefore anyone using the name to comment is:

    Not qualified for political commentary

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