The 3 Witches

3 witches

Did anyone see those three silly bitches on the debate on the telly?

Political parties should be fiercely opposed to one another… Not giving it all that touch feely ‘all girls together’ bollocks… One can imagine Sturgeon, Wood and that Aussie getting pissed on white wine, slagging men (any men) off for hours and then dancing on the tables singing ‘I Will Survive’…

Of course that spaz Ed Joined in… He’d have got more points if he’d viewed them as the silly cows that they actually are…

I’ll say one thing for Farage: he didn’t fall for that love-in crap and he told the BBC exactly what they are and always have been (leftie PC cunts)… He should have put the boot in and mentioned Savile and Auntie’s other nonce protecting…

Nominated by: Norman

18 thoughts on “The 3 Witches

  1. Eye of Bennet, tits of Wood,
    Fluff of Clegg, all to no good,
    Miliband talk, and Cameron spin,
    Farage neck, and Sturgeon’s wing,
    For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
    Double, double toil and trouble.
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

    With apologies to Shakespeare!

  2. Bennet is the worst of these three by a long way. The green party and anyone who votes for them is a cunt.

    The typical green party voter is a pot smoking student lesbian feminist who thinks they are so intelligent because they are voting for a minor party that everyone else knows is laughable.

    These greens get off too lightly, take some of these policies ; aim for zero or even better negative economic growth in order to reduce living standards, £71 (why not £70?) a week to everyone, remove all national borders because the idea of a country is racist, delay school until the age of six and increase childcare benefits to pay families for this and end all inspections- presumably in the hope the public won’t find out how badly these schools will perform and to give their friends from Al Qaeda and Isis free reign for more trojan horse plots.

    All this will cost around 300bn a year and that’s before they renationalise everything.
    Of course, savings will be prudently made by scrapping the entire armed forces.

    These are genuine policies that the monster raving loony party would be proud with. Even more worrying the fact that about 1 in 20 are going to vote for these idiots.

    Forget a vote for Ukip is a vote for Labour or a vote for Labour is a vote for snp,
    A vote for the Green party is a vote by a cunt, for a cunt.

  3. And Farage came across as the only one of them who has the best interests of the English at heart.

  4. I remember writing this from last time around when I was at the count :

    If you had stood the candidates in a line and picked them by appearance alone without knowing which was which, you would picked the Tory out as the only one who looked like he was dressed to appear in public. The liberal was the rather tired looking middle aged bloke in a crumpled, shiny M&S suit. The Green was, of course, the bloke with the beard and the UKIP man was the man dressed like Doctor Who. That only left the Labour candidate.
    Labour’s wife and scrutineer decided to give me a hard time. I had already decided I didn’t like them. Frankly they just seemed rather unpleasant and oily! She had the irritating habit of talking about us common counting scum as if we weren’t there, taking every opportunity to criticise and interfere – just like the rest of her party really

    As I think I said to Mrs D, Doctor Who is a fantasy figure so the Green bloke filled the bill perfectly as they seem to be living a fantasy!

    …and the SNP are cunts.

  5. Farage was only partially right about the BBC. Clearly their programme-makers are the most clichéd kind of lefties you could ever imagine, but the BBC News output is so pro-Tory it’s fucking hilarious. Maybe the cunts on the BBC Trust think that having leftie programme-makers and a pro-Tory bias in the News adds up to impartiality? If they do, they’re cunts as well.

  6. The current crop of Politicos who aspire to Number 10 are a sorry shower of shit, irrespective of their politics or policies/

    Apart from Nicola (mad Krankie) Sturgeon, who is a cunt.

  7. Well, I think were pretty much all agreed that the SNP are cunts. Unevolved, rabid, racist, ignorant cunts.

  8. The reason those three…things…got on so well, apart from the fact they all bare a vague resemblance to a human female, was that none of them are English. Which was a relief for those harpies, because they all seem to despise the English. In the case of Wee Jimmy and the sheep shagger, I suspect they have the skewed historical view their nations were attacked, exploited, and their people subjugated by the English. Nothing to do with the fact that their ancestors couldn’t fight for toffee.

    • Almost forgot. I really wish Bennett would either keep her nose out of British politics, or fuck off back to Australia. It really gets on my nerves when foreigners stick their noses into our business. And I give a fuck if she does have a British passport. If you’re not born here, you’re not one of us.

  9. And there we have it. Just read in the Express that the BBC have admitted that two out three of the audience members at last night’s debate were left wing scum. Obviously, we all knew that, but it’s nice that “Auntie” has confirmed it. Actually, I’m surprise they did admit it. So Dimbleby was telling the truth when he said that the audience had been carefully selected by the “independent” polling company ICM. They were carefully screened to ensure as few UKIP supporters as possible were allowed in.

    • Comes as no surprise to learn that QDM.
      Demonising Farage appears to be a popular tactic by the media. They don’t like the notion that Farage might actually be voicing the opinion of the English public on subjects like immigration and Europe.

    • “Just read in the Express” – I wouldn’t trust anything in the Express to be fact. The Express wrote this about the first TV debate: “Cool Cameron came out on top, but Farage kept up fight on EU and migrants”. The article then went on to describe in detail the reactions of viewers to the debate. Only problem was the article was written and the paper had been published BEFORE the debate had actually taken place…

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