Sam Allardyce


Sam Allardyce is a cunt.

Now I am more than a little frustrated at how Man United are playing right now (mostly shite!), but I have seen far worse (Dave Sexton and 86-89 Fergie, for a start!). But for Fat Sam to moan about United using long ball tactics?! When it comes to exciting and attacking football, Allardyce is hardly Cesar Luis Menotti, Rinus Michels or Tommy Docherty himself.

Fat Sam has always had the delusion that he is a ‘Big Name Manager’ – except he has won fuck all, whereas Van Gaal has won the lot in his time… He has inherited a sack of shit at Old Trafford though. Only those two porn barons (Gold and Sullivan) at ‘West Aiiiiim’ would see Allardyce as a managerial catch. Dodgy customers attract other dodgy customers (I remember Panorama).

So fuck off, Sam!

Nominated by: Norman

6 thoughts on “Sam Allardyce

  1. Any manager who has the tag ‘big’ before their name are cunts! Big Sam, Big Ron Atkinson. What a cunt Big Ron was. When he took over at Nottingham Forest, first game, the complete cunt went and sat in the opposing team’s dug out!

      • Atkinson was a cunt… His only saving grace being he signed Bryan Robson… Atkinson treated Sammy McIlroy like shite… Supresam scores a hat trick against Wolves and what does ‘Big Ron’ do? Put one of United’s greatest players of the 70s and 80s on his bike…. Atkinson also allowed BBC cameras onto the United coach for the 1983 FA Cup Final… It was because of this showbiz shite from Ron that Martin Buchan (legendary reds captain and still part of the squad in 83) had to get to Wembley by taxi… What a cunt…

        There was also Malcolm Alliison (aka ‘Big Mal’) of Manchester City… Another cunt…

  2. To be fair, I think Allardyce was only trying to wind people up with that comment. He’s had so much stick about long ball tactics in his managerial career, much of it unjustified, because he uses whatever system suits the abilities of the players at his disposal.
    Every club he’s managed thought they could do better without him, and every one of them found that they couldn’t. West ham will be no different.

  3. Time Magazine are cunts… Has anyone seen their ‘Most Inlfuential People Of 2015’ article?
    Kanye West? For being a egomanicalt, spoilt, slut screwing talentless cunt?
    Emma Watson? For being (yet another) celebrity do-gooding gobshite (it certainly ain’t for her acting)? And Reese Witherspoon: for (seriously, these are Time’s very words!) mastering Hollyeood…. What a load of wank…

  4. Firstly let me say that i approve hole heartedly of a cunt/cnut(SMS) site…..fucking excellent job chaps.As per Sam Pigrape Allardyce,words can barely describe this thick,fat and stupid or unpleasant person/cunt (oxford concise dictionary).In a world of horrible cunts “Big” Sam must be right up there with some of the greatest cunts in history.Surely his naughty behaviour at Bolton was a sign of this mans greed/stupidity,which begs the question of the F.A ……how cuntish are you to even employ this pig fuck of a man??…….have a nice day!

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