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Steven Moffat is a cunt. This smug, self satisfied, BBC royalty, nu-Who twat has ruined one of my favourite boyhood TV shows. His plots and stories are appalling. That River Song bollocks that lasted over two series (If she says “Spoilers” once fucking more….).

The frankly ludicrous story arcs and the substandard villains he has created. His terrible to non-existent use of classic Doctor Who foes (He has never written a decent Dalek or Cybermen story, and I dare say he never will!). Moffat claims to be a longtime Who fan, but I don’t think he gets it at all. His episodes of that Sherlock Holmes thing are also shite.

Been watching “Genesis Of The Daleks” featuring the great Tom Baker on The Horror Channel. That’s the real shit.

And that presenter on that particular channel (Emily Booth, I think). I’d really give that one…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

15 thoughts on “Steven Moffat

  1. Dr Hokum Cunt-Face

    Formulaic shite from the arses of ne’er-do-wells – standard plot >

    1. Feeble-minded white slag fornicates with blacks and talks like Mary Poppins (grotesque over-articulation) but with a Jamaican lilt.

    2. Daleks (supposedly with an IQ of 500) foiled by the slag pouting and shoving a used tampon up their plunger

    3. Dr Hokum whining and acting gay until suddenly turning into Rolf Harris (and going into enemy territory to rescue the slag on his wooden horse)

    If you watch it as propaganda and conditioned material for the fucking sheep in human skins that are stealing our air in this toilet of a country, it becomes entertaining.

  2. Who gives an actual fuck about some cunty waste of tv licence money shite-fi for kids??!!

  3. Like all previously half-decent kids TV programmes, this one has gone to the dogs. What a mindless load of shite now offered in the guise of “entertainment” for kids these days and often couched in political correctness.
    Should have retired Dr Who long ago

  4. Had it in me shell like that the BBC camp mafia cunt is working on a no expenses sequel – Dr Paedo, the intergalactic time travelling nonce. Will feature many well known faces at the BBC.

  5. The ‘comedian’ Sean Walsh needs a cunting. The single most unfunny cunt on the planet, and this planet has Russell Howard and Omid Djalili on it so he’s done very fucking well to top that mountain of cunt.
    Did you see that monk think on BBC he was in? Jesus Fucking Cunt it was abysmal. The cunt seems to think telling a really meandering, shit, ultimately unfunny story from his (probably annoyingly good) life, then realising he is getting no reaction, shouts and swears in a cunty manic way until the audience nervously and uncomfortably snigger at him constitutes stand-up. In all honesty the lad needs to die.
    That cunt John Bishop needs to fuck off too.

  6. Apparently Peter Capaldi has put his foot down: and insisted that there will be on flirting and Doctor as teen idol bollocks, no River fucking song (Huzzah!), more classic baddies and that the Doc will go back to his more moody and grumpy bastard past (like Hartnell back in the 60s)…. Well, somebody had to kick Moffat up the arse…

      • Moffat no doubt enjoys a spot of discipline to the arse. Just to mark your card there have been ongoing paedo rumours re William Hartnell for over a decade. Allegations only you understand but a BBC topic of speculation.

      • William Hartnell Sir Stoke? Surely not! I cannot recall any episodes when candy or puppies were proffered to his young assistants. I would agree that Moffat on the other hand bats for the other team so to speak. As to Capaldi, I anticipate some dark revelations within a year or two.

  7. Saw ‘The Mind Robber’ on telly this week. With the great Patrick Troughton as The Doc. Moffat will never come near to any of those classics…

    And didn’t Wendy Padbury as Zoe have a lovely arse?

  8. So this cunt trumpet has gone and made The Master a woman…. Roger Delgado must be rotating in his grave… And John Simm should just deck the brillo haired bellend. The sooner this cunt Moffat is removed from Doctor Who, the fucking better…

  9. First there was that River Song cunt: gun toting in underwear and a Nazi hat. Then there was Frances Barber in jackboots and an eyepatch. Then there was that dominatrix in Sherlock. Then there was Watson’s wife as a leather clad sicko assassin (also Sherlock). Now he’s got The Master (The fucking Master!!!) as a cross between Mary Poppins and another dominatrix…. Anybody else notice a pattern with this cunt?

  10. a cunt of many dimensions, politically correct garbage of the highest order , destroyed a legendary series with that king of cunts Russell T. Davies. May the pair of ’em hopefully disappear down some fuckin’ cuntin’ black hole never to be seen again….fuck off and die the pair of you

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