Gut fat cunts


That’s right, FAT, not “obese” or “upsized” or whatever other don’t stress and stigmatise the damn greedy pig cunts euphimism is used. Last straw is the news that more millions of NHS money is to be wasted on gastric bands (aren’t Chas an’ Dave a gastric band?) in a futile attempt to stem the tide of bloated arses and diabetes flooding this once great nation. Will the cunts scoff less MacDonalds and slurp fewer Red Bulls and vodka? This is on top orf the reinforced ambulances and wider kazhi seats and wider doors ect ect that pcdom is rolling out at vast expense across the NHS and council housing.

Recall the days orf the Depression and the General Strike. Plenty of slim fillies around then. Fat is not beautiful. Eat less you pud’n shagging cunts.

Each new version of a motor is bigger than the last to squeeze in more gut and standard clothing sizes have all been ‘upscaled’ so that modom no longer has to wrap her cunt in clingfilm and suck in her blubber to squeeze her arse into that size fourteen. Bollocks on the table, as a time served old aristo one admits to the possession of an arse right regal generally encased in a pair of ever expanding plus fours but a way to go before I can’t lever it into me old Bentley. Enjoy me vitals and fuck orf the lot of you but I do not object to being called a fat old cunt. Par for the course donchaknow. Yet if one dare’s to return the favour to some gross slapper with her benefits goldmine fat brats taking up ten seats on the bus one is booted orf for “inappropriate behaviour”. One has one’s seniors bus pass so fuck orf. Fucking fat fascist cunts.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

8 thoughts on “Gut fat cunts

  1. One should not be too hard on the fat bastards, who are getting gastric bands fitted. It is at least a sign that they are prepared to acknowledge and combat their vile lust for pies, whilst on the flipside, those unfortunate enough to be born with a medical condition which produces obesity will get an opportunity to have a normal life.
    Its the NHS money wasted on reducing / enlarging tits that makes me question where the money is wasted.

    • Liberal cry baby pinko cunt. Those unfortunate enough to be born with a medical condition which produces the desire to shove pies down their gobs should be fitted with padlocks. More effective and cheaper.

  2. Celebrity Suicides. Celebrities who commit suicide, whether deliberately or accidentally through overdoses etc, are self-obsessed attention-seeking cunts of the highest order. As are their friends and relatives who, in the immediate aftermath of their bereavement, still find time to go on fucking Twitter and broadcast their grief to every cunt on the planet and ask for “privacy”. You’re on Twitter, you stupid cunts, you don’t fucking deserve privacy!. Still, it’s a small mercy that Robin Williams didn’t throw himself under a commuter train and inconvenience several hundred people while his remains were scooped off the track. NB. If Stephen Fry has tweeted about Robin Williams by morning (I’m posting this at 1am), then he should be cunted automatically for his incorrigible RIP tweets: fuck off, Fry – no one gives a toss about your “dear, sweet” chum. Mind you, we can be thankful that when Fry inevitably tops himself, at least the cunt won’t be able to tweet about his own death.

  3. We are becoming a nation of stagnant, morbidly obese, sofa surfing, pie scoffing, coka-cola addicted cunts. The NHS doesn’t stand a chance…and that’s without all the old cunts living longer ‘cos medical science now keeps us alive long enough to be so feeble we end up being abused in care homes. Then there’s the media making me feel guilty cos some cunts are stuck on a mountain in Iraqistan. What the fuck can I do?…Oh I know, give all my money to send relief-aid. Me? Me? Fuck it all I’ve had enough. Whatever happened to the good old days? Oh yeah I remember..Black Wednesday, The three day week, The Troubles, The Exxon Valdise, Vietnam…I am a miserable cunt.

  4. The NHS doesn’t stand a chance because it wastes money on administration and is overstretched due to Britain bending over backwards to provide care for all the Eastern European scroungers, providing rehab for the smack heads and pre and post-natal care for all the little chav-slags who have discovered spawning brats is a lucrative career path.
    The old cunts, who actually paid into the system get chucked to the bottom of the pile.

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