Radio 4


Radio 4 are cunts. And mostly Scottish cunts.

James ‘Nockerty’…It’s Naughty you cunt.

Sarah ‘How long can I string out this question for’ McGregor plus a fist full of other snippy accented, expatriate, enjoying the life down south, fried Mars-bar scoffing, booze raddled, ‘Rabbie’ Burns quoting toss pots whos’ names if I try and remember will make me chainsaw my face off.

And Mull of Kintyre can fuck right off. Enough already.

Nominated by: Fleaboy

5 thoughts on “Radio 4

  1. I noticed nobody could be cunted replying to your post ha fucking hah dickhead !

  2. Thought the post quite appropriate. Just doubt there are many punters on here that listen to the wireless let alone R4. Not wasted me shell-likes on the Nochtie cunt for a long while. Turncoat bite the hand that feeds…type scots expat scum.

  3. Oh yes. Drunk with a victory for independence and in a smack driven euphoria, they will descend on Nothumberland with the aim of carving out a Tartan Caliphate.

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