I would like to cunt the Argentina team. Fancy posing with your big ‘Malvinas’ flag now, boys?!

Stick it up your arses, losers!

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

Never been interested in sport and glad the World Cup is over and we can have our TV back (apart from the Open golf and Coomonwealth Games and the Tour de Farce of course!).

Brazil and Argentina both humiliated. Almost worth letting the Germans win just for that.

Football sucks.

“Don’t cry for me.
No Malvinas
Stick your flag
Up your arsehole”

Nominated by: Dioclese

16 thoughts on “Argentina

  1. To quote what our lads were singing after the argies disgracefully blew the crap out of the Sir Galahad with froggie missiles during the Falklands campaign, “You’ve got to look on the bright side orf life”……..And for me the bright side is that our pathetic shower orf shite never made it beyond the first round of the World Cup. Spared us at least humiliation by the argies and the krauts.

  2. That Malala is a fucking cunt. The filthy little corner-shop rag-head was supposedly shot in the head with an AK47. Bullshit!

    The ugly mustached cunt, with a face that smells of shit and dog cocks, is a figment of CIA propaganda (the Disney section). The cunt Malala has always been a stooge. She was used by the filth at the BBC for years to promote fuckmupery and ‘rights’ for Khaki bitches.

    The worst thing about the filthy little cunt Malala is the affected ‘Virgin Mary’ expression (obviously long studied and practised). I bet the dirty cunt has a small zoo at home of animals that fuck her, while she shoves 18 inch dildos up her arse.

    Fucking cunt.

  3. Not a fan of the Germans either. But I was sick of hearing “Maradona this” and “Messi that” every five bloody minutes (Neither is as good as George Best!) … Messi as player of the tournament?! What about Robben or Rodriguez? I think those bent FIFA cunts had Messi earmarked for that gong before a ball had even been kicked… It’s over now, but it was miles better than that shite in South Africa four years ago…. As for England, they have Milner, Henderson, and Welbeck in their top 20 players squad? Why bother fucking turning up?!

    What’s all this women’s golf that’s all over the goggle box at the moment?! I know TV is getting worse by the day, but women’s golf??!! What’s fucking next? Women’s Snooker?!

    • Women’s snooker with them wearing open gusset pants. It could be on after Big Brother (the slag and fag show).

    • Got on nodding terms with George Best whilst shuttling over to Belfast City. Very gentle man with the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen. Destroyed by the drink you see. Very sad. Pity about his son Callum.

    • It’s always annoyed me that Maradonna has always been portrayed as a footballing genius. He wasn’t. He was pretty good at football, but his defining moment was in the ’86 World Cup final, when the dirty little spick pushed the ball into the English net with his fucking hand. So he’s actually just a cheating cunt. Since then, all the little shit has done is get fat and smoke crack.

      I’m really pleased they lost yesterday, although we could’ve done without seeing that fat kraut, Merkel, jumping up and down. The look on the faces of the Argies was brilliant. Though the way they ignored fans trying to shake hands with them as they trudged up the stairs showed what bad sports the Argies are.

      And the subsequent trouble, both in Rio and Buenos Aries, shows what graceless fucking scum they are.

  4. My father drank in The Brown Bull: and he used to see George Best and Brian Kidd regularly… The old man said that Best wasn’t flash or arrogant in any way (and he didn’t have to pay a bird to shag him, either!)…. A far cry from today: So-called ‘football superstars’ who aren’t fit to clean Bestie’s boots, hiring entire nightclubs to keep the ‘riff raff’ out, acting the big I am and paying well over the odds for Poundland prossies…. Yes, I am talking about that fat, useless, greedy Scouse cunt, Wayne Rooney…

    You are right about that, Sir: Callum is a total bellend… When asked about Darfur, he thought it was a fashion label… Thick cunt…

    • I used to live next door to George Cohen. He might have won the world cup, but he had the same house as my dad – a 4 four bed detached in Worcester Park.

      Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris had a paper shop after he retired from Chelsea. Footballers were footballers in those days not multi-millionaire media whores…

      • I lived about 2 miles away from him, but all through his time at Man United, Eric Cantona had a 3 bedroomed semi in Worsley… Cantona did not go for the Hale and Alderley Edge mansions and grandeur a lot of his teammates did… Contrary to the image the press gave him Eric was a down to earth and approachable lad… No flash car with blacked out windows, no entourage of toadies, no agent to wipe his arse and no skanky WAG in tow (his old lady was a teacher at Mcr University, she was nice…). How times have changed…

    • My last memory of Bestie was watching him walk down the corridor with a shoulder bag leading to customs and security and then out to a waiting car. On the flight over it was difficult not to ask him about his health problems which had been in the news for weeks so he talked about that quite openly. He had flown to London for a check on his liver and the possibility of a second transplant. The first one had been compromised by his continued drinking.
      As he walked out he left a pall of sadness behind him. Everybody felt it. A few weeks later he had his final illness.
      There is no doubt that he had the gift of footballing greatness about him, at his best the touch of an angel – and there are not many I would say that about. The bugger.

  5. How would that Beckham cunt feel after parading his numpty kids in Argentinian gear for a photo shoot.

    • Has Beckham forgotten Diego Simeone, and the media lynch mob that followed France 98? Just like how he forgot how the Stretford End stood by him after that World Cup: when the judas cunt fucked off to Real Madrid… Nobody likes the krauts, but even they are preferable to Argentina…

  6. I wonder if Rihanna is the first brass to blow an entire World Cup winning football team?
    Then again, Merkel might have beat her to it….

    • Merkel is supposed to be a nymphomaniac – which is somewhat ironical since she has a face like a wasp stinging a slapped arse.

  7. I wish they would shut the fuck up about The Falklands. The UK should just flatten them for the cheek of it. The people voted and wanted to stay British, so shut the fuck up

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