Ian Payne


Ever since Colin “Already a Cunt” Murray left the Beeb the post of 5 Live’s Most Annoying Cunt has been left vacant. But not anymore…

Enter Radio 5 Live’s Ian Payne with his facetiousness, annoying voice, snarky “humour” and dumb photo on the Five Live website (check it if you don’t believe me) Payne has all the makings of a massive, stupid, annoying cunt.

Nominated by: Colin Murray’s Brain

4 thoughts on “Ian Payne

  1. Never heard of him – prolly got the job after using his mouth to measure the length of the knobs of BBC cunts.


    Hazel Blears is cunt. The no-neck thieving bitch is a typical Labour politician — Always bleating in newspeak and vacant clichés about diversity and opportunities, but really has utter contempt for working people and ‘wogs’.

    The filth Blears is a monster cunt. She has ridden the gravy train like a hobo addicted to oxo. The criminal cunt broke the law to avoid capital gains tax on a property she sold (bought with taxpayers money – £45,000 profit) yet was never prosecuted. Why?

    More recently the little bitch has set up a slavery scheme in Manchester, where unemployed desperadoes have to work for nothing cleaning the toilets of the rich. It is marketed by the cunt bitch as ‘opportunity’.

    Everything about Blears is cuntish, from her dull rat eyes to her stumpy subnormal flapping limbs.

    Hitler was right when he said the worst cunts in the world are the newly elevated bottom-feeders to the lower middle class. They are the most vicious towards the working class, and will do anything to keep them down, and they thieve from and exploit the working class without the merest pang of conscience.

    Hitler knew a thing or two about cunts like Hazel Blears.

  2. Hazel Blears is indeed a cunt of epic proportions, masquerading as a bona-fide Labour supporter of the people, this vile bitch is yet another closet Tory, whose only motivation is that of self-interest. In that of course, she is not alone, most of the vermin elected to serve the people rarely lose the opportunity to screw the system, exploit their expenses and flagrantly abuse their position. All this compunded by the fact that the harridan is of the ginger persuasion

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