Cyclists are all cunts – especially the “club rider” cyclists, who think that riding 6 abreast down narrow roads, thereby holding up the traffic, or weaving in and out of stationary cars who are stuck at busy road junctions and scratching paint or banging into wing mirrors is part of the highway code.

They build cycle lanes for these cunts, and said cunts ignore them, preferring instead to piss off other road users with their antics.

I won’t even start on their ludicrous avacado shape helmets..

Nominated by: Toadspanker

Cyclists are all cunts. They arrogantly ride around on their victorian toys in the mistaken belief that they are “saving the planet”

Actually, all they’re doing is adding to the sum of human misery by not paying fucking road tax,riding on pavements, ignoring traffic lights and signs and putting everybody at risk from their stupid cavorting.

Just fuck off you healthy cunts !!

Nominated by: Anonymous

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  1. Pippa Middleton’s a cunt. I am not remotely interested in your life as a socialite or your tips for gracious living. in fact with a grandfather who worked down the pit, an uncle called Gary and a mother who made a living selling duty free Woodbines you are not even posh at all. Your sister may be the next Queen but that is if she can beat the track record for recent royal marriages. I will give it ten years before she is either on Prozac like Diana or ripped to the tits on drink like Fergie

      • Im a cyclist but consider the pavement riders, red light jumpers, night riders with no lights, and lycra clad racer types are the worst cunts on two wheels.
        But the most cuntish of cunts are the dealers that sell and repair bikes, these cunts will rip u off from dodgy bodged repairs to selling you some overpriced carbon cunt of a bike perfect for a fat middle aged cunt looking to have an excersise induced heart attack.

      • I am sorry, but I am a car driver and a cyclist and in general it is car drivers who are cunts, NOT cyclists. Bicycles have been around far longer than cars, so perhaps the government should put more cycle lanes on roads and that would solve the problem!!!

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